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Compassionate Resistance - #5 Conspiracy Theory

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#5 CONSPIRACY THEORY: The courage to think critically

The other night, on our local news, there was a report about the flooding at Qualcomm Stadium following days of torrential rain. The stadium and the shopping centers in Mission Valley were built on a flood plain. Everyone knew this was a floodplain and that sometimes floodplains flood. But the way the reporter told it, the reason the stadium and shopping centers flooded was because environmentalists had held up channel clearing in Murphy Canyon Creek. No one said a word about the developers who pulled strings to build in a flood plain the first place, or the fact that the City has known about this situation for years and could have done the necessary impact review long ago. I wonder how many people watching that report caught the insidious way that the developer-controlled media used this event to disparage environmentalists. How many people asked themselves, What do environmentalists have to gain by insisting on ecological safeguards versus what do developers have to gain by disregarding them?

Does it matter if we'd rather not think about whether or not what our government/media/military/corporations tells us is the truth? We have so much to deal with just trying to survive, what difference does it make if we're not being given the real story? And, isn't it possible that sometimes we're not being told everything for our own protection? We can't possibly investigate everything ourselves, so we just have to trust that our government is protecting us. So maybe some people make some money along the way, but basically people are good and they wouldn't do something that would jeopardize our country and the American people. Right?

If we are going to build a resistance movement, we are going to have to confront those thoughts, in both ourselves and our family and neighbors. A good place to start is the official account of the events of September 11, 2001. Has any part of that story ever seemed suspect to you? When you watched the twin towers collapsed at freefall speed, over and over again, did you wonder how that could happen when the planes hit the upper parts of the building. When you heard about Building 7 collapsing later that evening, did that seem strange? When they showed photos of the Pentagon, did you wonder where the debris from the plane was? When they displayed photos of the 19 hijackers on TV that day and identified Osama bin Ladin as the perpetrator, did you wonder how they got that information so quickly?

If we question the official story told to us by the 9/11 commission, we are immediately labeled conspiracy nuts. Everything else we try to do will lose credibility. So there's not a lot of motivation to "go there". Even progressive media sources like "Democracy Now" avoid the subject of 9/11. Liberal intellectuals who speak and write extensively about the crimes of the Bush administration, yet depend on government grants, remain mum. The few politicians who have dared to question the official story have not been re-elected. Investigative journalists Gary Webb and Hunter Thompson, who dared to touch the subject, have paid dearly -" both were "suicided". Ah, but that sounds like just another conspiracy theory"

Fear of repercussion is not the only factor that compels otherwise intelligent people to avoid questioning the outrageous inconsistencies in the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. There are so many levels of fear involved: fear of acknowledging that Americans could have been so universally duped; fear that there are human beings with so much power and totally lacking in moral restraints, who could pull this off; fear of seeming paranoid; fear of fear itself. We have so many nice rational reasons to just letting sleeping dogs lie"

I don't pretend to know who was actually responsible for 9/11 or if it was in fact a conspiracy, but by publicly questioning the findings of the 9/11 Commission and THEIR conspiracy theory, I have been labeled a "Conspiracy Nut".   I think that 9/11 was a test: a test to see how willing American's were to deny the obvious when it was too uncomfortable to acknowledge it; a test to see how easily we could could be controlled by fear; a test to see if we were willing to relinquish personal freedom and our innate sense of morality in order to protect our personal comfort zone.

When I was writing my daily blog, "CPR4Democracy" between 2003 -" 2005, I asked a lot of questions that no one wanted to answer, not just about 9/11. I asked why the investigation into the anthrax attacks was suddenly dropped when the source was attributed to a U.S. government lab. I asked why we were attacking Afghanistan when the supposed hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. I asked why were attacking Iraq when they had no WMDs. It seemed like no one was listening.

But here in San Diego, one woman read an article I'd written called "Qui Bono", that listed how everyone on the 9/11 Commission had profited from the 9/11 attacks and the two wars it justified. And she was motivated by that article to find out more. I suggested that she read a book written by Dr. David Ray Griffin, a shy theologian who asked a lot of questions about the things we were being told about 9/11 that didn't make sense in a book titled "The New Pearl Harbor". She began to tell others about the unmistakable inconsistencies in what we were being told took place on that terrible morning in September 2001. Since then, Nelisse Mugga has built one of the most active "Truther" groups in the country ( Every month 100 or more people show up at their meetings at Joyce Beers Community Center.

What drives people like Nelisse Muga to work relentlessly to educate people about something they would rather not know about? I suspect it has something to do with how much they love their freedom and the realization that if we don't start asking questions, we are going to lose it.   They know that 9/11 wasn't the first BIG LIE foisted on the American people, although it might have been the most dramatic. And it wasn't the last. Our collective willingness to deny what our eyes can clearly see has opened the door to a continuous barrage of assaults on our democracy and our future. Here are two of the most pressing, in my opinion.

Chemtrails: Almost any day, in almost any part of the WORLD you can look up in the sky and see planes laying a grid of cloud-like trails across our skies. They are doing this in plain sight and hardly anyone questions it. If you do, you are labeled a "conspiracy nut" and that shuts most people up. But who is doing this and what are they doing? The cost of this global operation boggles the mind. Who has this kind of money and who has the power to do this throughout the world without answering to any government? If they are doing something good, why aren't we being told about it? "What in the World Are They Spraying" ( is an excellent video to get you thinking -" I promise you will never be able to look up in the sky with innocence again.

BP Oil Spill -" so you think that somehow, magically, BP capped their "leaky" well and all the oil in the Gulf of Mexico disappeared? This disaster is still unfolding and its consequences are so far-reaching that it boggles the mind. Maybe that's why we're not being told anything. Do your homework and use the internet and you will learn that oil and gas continue to pour into the Gulf through fractures in the sea bed. The Gulf Loop, a critical part of the ocean conveyor system, has by some accounts stopped. Possibly the entire Gulf Stream has stopped or slowed and this could be what's causing the brutal winter in Northern Europe and could usher in a mini ice age.

It's overwhelming and yes, and it's depressing. Once you realize the scope of the deception we are under, you start to question everything. That doesn't make you paranoid -" it makes you prepared. If something doesn't make sense, consider what hidden agendas are behind the message and who benefits? You can't have a resistance movement if you are afraid to acknowledge who and what you are up against. Only the truth will set us free. Be certain that you will be mocked, perhaps even threatened in your pursuit of the truth. No one ever said resistance was easy, but the alternative will be far worse.


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