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Are there any politically engaged poets out there?

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Message Roland Michel Tremblay
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It is true that many poets were born out of necessity, from the trouble times they were living in. Poetry was then the only acceptable way to fight, because it could be less evident about what it really meant. It was often an indirect attack leaving the real target unaware, and so it was published when it should not have been. Yet, it was significant and meaningful in many ways.

I am surprised to discover that the concept of "Engaged Poetry" does not exist in English, in French it has its own entry on Wikipedia under "Poe'sie Engage'e". Are there no engaged poets in America right now? Is it not time to correct this oversight? I bet they already exist, they just go unnoticed. It is time to dig them out, I'm sure they wrote interesting things lately, considering what is happening in the world.

Engaged poetry means a poet who puts his or her art to one cause. It invites the reader to think and to act about something important, be it philosophical or political. It is designed to bring some awareness about certain issues, in ways that ordinary poetry cannot.

You know, I wonder when was the last time you read some poetry, if you ever did. I know why it bores you to death, most poets are all about flowers and love, and perhaps peace if they were born in a certain decade. This article is about showing you that engaged political poetry can still be a powerful tool against whatever you are fighting for.

Here are a few extreme dark poems which might restore your faith that there are other mediums by which one can reach out, and poetry is one of them. You might wish to give it a try, it is highly therapeutic, because you can truly let it all out, and you might not need a psychoanalyst then to sort yourself out.

True, most engaged poets are mad and end up in an asylum. So be it, I am one of those, I cannot deny it. Here are 15 poems making a case for freedom. The first one is about democracy, the second one about globalisation. The rest is self explanatory. Get motivated! Get inspired! Poetry can be powerful!

The angel of destruction

I had a hard look at you. Once set free. You've got wings. You can fly. You can talk. You are as free as the air. I finally connected the dots. You must be an angel! I had a hard look at you. Such blinding colours! That white, it is so white! That black, it is so black! That no monitor could ever display. We just don't have the technology. I finally understand. You must be an angel! I had a hard look at you. You are so lovely. You are so lively. So much love you require. So much love you give. You bright up the whole area. You made it your own instantly. Took such an important place. You have absolutely no predator. You would eat anyone alive. You are that powerful. Nothing can kill you. You will live long past my death. Yet you were born yesterday. Yet you act like you own the world. I know now. You are an angel. I had a hard look at you. Why do you need to obliterate. Everything that you come across? Why is it that your only purpose in life. Is to shout at the top of your lungs. Alienate us all. Be so out of control. Jump everywhere. sh*t on everything. sh*t on me! And they call me a freak of nature. It makes sense. You are the angel of destruction. I had a hard look at you. I suppose. If no one can tell. If you are a man or a woman. You sure must feel. Only attracted to yourself. Who is this great looking angel? When I look in the mirror? Let's tear it down. Just like I abolished everything else around here. I get it. You are the angel of destruction! You will destroy us all. But you're such an angel. You are so attractive. So loveable. We let you do it. With a big smile on our face. Whilst everything around us. Crumbles to dust. With no predator whatsoever. You will annihilate us all. Just like this pretend democracy. The angel of destruction.

Nothing to fall back on

I have lost my identity. Everything I could have been about. My history, my culture. What I could have built. What I am. Nothing to fall back on. Is all there is. All there will ever be. Deep down, nothing else. But a lost of everything. I have no meaning. I do not exist. What a lost for all nations. For anyone struggling to survive. With nothing to fall back on. No more traditions. No more teachings. But a vague memory. Of what might have been. With nothing to fall back on. Assimilation runs high. Everyone will speak that language. Everyone will live here. And make no mistake. The take over is absolute. The supremacy of something meaningless. Of no purpose. Has taken over my life. I can no longer go back. I am either something other or I am nothing. Worse. There is nothing for me back home. There never was. And so, what exactly. Would I fall back on? I am lost. As if I never existed. Living so independently. From everyone and everything. I might as well be dead. There is no turning back. There is nothing anymore. There is no more my nation. There is no more my culture. This is globalisation for you. With nothing to fall back on.

Message to the next humanity

My name is Mark Anthony. I am 10 years old. I live in Chislehurst in England. Everybody has fled the country except me. I ran away from the people running away. This message is for the next humanity. I am carving it on a gold tablet. Made from melted jewellery I found in many houses. My dad showed me how. I am hiding it deep within Chislehurst caves. In the hope it will be found in the future. I survived the nuclear bombs. It was the third world war within 100 years. Some people lived long enough to witness them all. Most of them did not survive the last one. I am not expecting to survive the flood. We managed to destroy the environment as well. But this had nothing to do with the wars, I think. I have about two weeks to live the radio says. We had bad leaders. They did nothing to stop the war. They did nothing to save the environment. My dad told me that it was because of the energy crisis. We had no more petrol. So we had to go to war. Against bad people who would not give it to us. Why would they not give it to us? I think petrol is also what destroyed the planet. So I'm not sure why we needed it for, I hope you will figure out the solution to this problem. My dad always said.
That we would eventually discover. The theory of everything. And it would solve all our problems. We were not quick enough. There was a man called Einstein. But he died before figuring it out. He was the one who invented the bombs. So he must have been the most evil man ever. Maybe you can start there in your new world. We spent a lot of money in armies. It did not save us. My sister was always saying. That there never was a real democracy. I don't know what democracy means. You should find out though. I think it is important. Well, my humanity blew it. I hope that my message to you. Will give you a head start. You might wish to build spaceships. And go live somewhere else. It is the only way I can think of. For you to survive. We were so bright. We knew everything. We still managed to destroy ourselves. Not once, but twice. As if to make sure no one would survive. I wonder if you could do better. And sorry. I think we have pretty much used all the metals. And all the other resources. Hopefully by the time you will read this. It will be like a new planet. With plenty of trees. And new continents. If you wish to find any trace of us. I think it is better to dig. At the bottom of the oceans. Because this is where we used to live. Before the flood. Some people say the flood was caused by the Bible. The Bible was some book we had. I just know that it was also responsible for the wars. But my dad said it was the melting of the icebergs at the poles. You need to look into this, I'm not sure. Ice melts when your civilisation becomes too advanced. It seems simple, but it took us a long time to understand it. We could have saved ourselves apparently. We could have froze back the ice at the caps. But we didn't and I'm not sure why. Maybe you will. And don't forget. Find the theory of everything. Solve the energy problem. It could save you. And help you find a new planet. It is hard to get there. We never made it. Though we tried. I guess you would not be proud of us. Oh well. We tried our best. It was not enough. We had a nice life once. I think. My parents were never happy though. They suffered at work. My mom was saying that she was completely alienated. I'm not sure what she meant. I know it has nothing to do with aliens. You might wish to make sure. That people are not alienated at work. My mom refused to watch TV as well. She said it was the only way to remain peaceful. She would not read newspapers. It was all lies, she said. I don't know how long it will take you. To invent television and newspapers. But perhaps you should not watch TV. Or read newspapers. So maybe you should not invent them. Music used to calm my mom. So I guess you should invent compact discs. And re-invent a musician called Amadeus Mozart. My mom used to say. That it is the only thing we ever produced which is worth saving. The only genius we ever had. I wonder if my CDs will survive the destruction. I will join our collection with this tablet. I won't include the Mozart's CDs though. I hate classical music. CDs are made of lasers. I hope you will find a way to listen to them. We have no more use for them. Now you know what to do. You might survive. Please, do remember that. Mark Anthony was here... I did have a smashing time. Playing video games. From the day I was born. Now there is no more electricity. I don't understand why we didn't simply. Create a game universe to live in. I guess we were not as intelligent as we claimed to be. Let's see how better you will do. At solving your humanity's problems. No one would listen to me for a start. So no one will listen to you. It is not as easy as you think. Good luck, you will need it, and... Farewell!

We are no parrots!

I find it so funny. That you finally look into a mirror. And cannot even recognise. That this reflection. It is yourself. You are just like a parrot. A bird that seems highly intelligent. Who can talk. Especially repeat what he hears. And yet. Will never make any sense of what he hears. Could not even look into a mirror. And understand that this reflection. It is himself. Over and over again. All over again. No matter how many times. I show him the mirror. He will never understand. That this reflection. It is him and no one else. Hello! Hello! He will repeat. To this new comer unto the scene. And that newcomer. Is the perfect reflection of himself. As it is himself! Is it you? This reflection in the mirror? Can you recognise yourself? I got the feeling. That when you were listening to yourself. Watching yourself from afar. You could not recognise who that was. Can you look so bad? Can you be that bad? Is this me? Is this myself? Never would have I thought I was like that. And yet. This is me, this is you. This reflection in the mirror. It is ourselves. We can no longer deny it. We can no longer hide. We have reached that stage in our development. We should have reached that stage in our development. That we can recognise this reflection in the mirror. It is ourselves. Are we not more intelligent than parrots? Can't we look into a mirror and realise it is us? Can't we have our own opinions about things? Can't we decide where this world is going? You have opinions! You are not a parrot! Voice your opinions! No way should you hear something. And just repeat it endlessly. You are no parrot! You are not a weak mind. You can think for yourself. You can express an opinion. Come on! Tell us! What do you think? Forget everything you heard before! You are more intelligent than that! I don't want to hear what someone else said about it! What do you think? Tell me! Tell us! Don't you have an opinion for yourself? Can't you make up something all by yourself? Do you have to be a parrot? Come on! Break out! Break free! Express yourself! You do exist! You do exist independently from anyone else! There is no need to repeat what everyone else says. Take control over your life! So. Is this you? This reflection in the mirror? I sure hope not! As it looks nothing like you! I just hope you will realise this. And finally make up your own mind. And tell us your own opinions from deep down inside of you. I am no parrot. I know that. You are no parrot. Remember that. We are no parrots. And now let's find out who we truly are.

The last taste of freedom

I don't really expect you to understand. What the last taste of freedom is. You would first need to have experienced freedom. And you never did. No one has ever tasted freedom. Because you can only realise. What freedom is. The day you lose it. What most people don't understand. Is how easy it is to lose freedom. That it can happen on any day at any time. So fast, you will never know what you had. But then you will get into this reality. You will understand what freedom is. And from now on. Only in your mind will freedom ever exist. I don't expect you to understand. It is such a complicated thing. And yet such a basic thing. Freedom, this is all we are all about. I don't expect you to understand. I don't even understand why. Why such a concept can be so meaningless to you. Then again, you have never lived before. I do not have to worry though. You will one day understand that concept. You will one day only live for that concept. It will then only be in your mind, it will be your escape. The last taste of freedom. Is already past. No more will there ever be such an idea. But in our minds. I don't really expect you to understand. What the last taste of freedom is. You would first need to have experienced freedom. And you never did. But you are about to. And soon thereafter. It will be gone forever. Only if you let go, so don't.

One way or another, we will be free

For a second there. You really thought. You could stop me. By charging me. With all but nothing. Just invention. Just like it is. When living. Under such tyranny. At that last second. You wondered. What am I thinking? Do I really want to go through with this? Make such a precedent? Enter this world. Where one simple thought. Can become such a danger. That it needs to be declared guilty by trial? And sent to prison for eternity? Might as well admit it then. What you truly are. As the prosecution. The almighty. Thought police. Which will bring order. A new order. A new world order. Of the such. Never seen before. There are only two ways a trial can crack. Either I change my plea from not guilty to guilty. Or you drop the case. Offering no evidence. Somehow you always wait till the very last second. Before the trial starts. Hoping I will change my plea to guilty. But you don't understand. You will never understand. Freedom cannot be negotiated. Rights cannot be negotiated. It leads to civil war. And you better believe it. We are ready for that. No matter how ready you think you are. You are not. History tells us that much. Humanity always prevails. Just push it a little bit further. And see what happens. You believe I am on trial. Humanity is on trial. And humanity cannot plead guilty. Humanity can only be right. There was only one way this trial would crack. It was for you to come forward. And admit that there was no evidence against humanity. You might have hurt me in the process. You might have hurt humanity in the process. It remains that. I am not guilty. Humanity is not guilty. We never were to begin with. You are guilty. And you will pay. Time to celebrate! It is a cracked trial! This is a new day! I am free! You are free! We are all free! Let's enjoy life! Let's enjoy freedom! The very one we thought we lost. We will never lose freedom. Because it can only lead to a cracked trial. If not then. It's called a civil war. One way or another. We will be free. Just push it a little bit further. And see what happens. One way or another. We will be free.

How desperate we are

Please. Let me move aside. So I do not stop your great ascension to the top. So you can get all that you truly always wanted. So you can have all the power ever to be. So you can become as rich as you always dreamt of. I was not aware. I did not understand up until now. I don't know what I was doing. I was in the way. I was stopping you. I was a threat. I had not realised how desperate you were. To be honest. I don't really care. You are quite welcome to be as desperate as you want. But when this ascension to the top. Is made at my expense and suffering. It is. When I have to get in the way. When I have to stop you. When I have to become a threat. When I have to destroy you. I am well aware now. I do understand. I know what I am doing. I am in the way. I will stop you. I am a threat. I will destroy you. I understand how desperate you are. Somehow. I don't think you are fit for this. I don't think you should get to the top. I think you are one of the worst kinds. That if you get there. We will all suffer for eternity. There will be a war. It will end in bloodshed. That is how desperate you are. And that is why. I need to be as desperate as you are. In preventing you. From amounting to anything. I think this city is looking for street cleaners. I think it would suit you very well. This is how desperate you are. To reach the top. This is how desperate I am. To prevent you from reaching it. Power should never be given. To the ones who want it. Power should be given to the ones. Who never request it. Power should be given to the ones. Who most deserve it. Then no one should stand in their way. This is how desperate we are.

I am an American, no longer

Hoopely dih doh dah. I just don't know who I am anymore. Everything that I have always been about. Has just been re-written. For the better or the worst. Am I liberty re-incarnated? Am I total freedom as I used to be? Am I all about making sure. The people who govern me. Will not turn my life into misery? Or have I just been. Played for a fool? Hoopely dih doh dah. I just don't know anymore. As overnight. It just turned out. That I am a criminal. When in the old days. I would just have been qualified. As a citizen. Time changes! Oh they do. It is so sad. And yet. I have no excuse. Because I let it happened. I didn't say a word. I did not even realise. It was happening. Hoopely dih doh dah. America is gone. I don't really care. Because I never thought it could happen. And now it has happen. And there's nothing I can do. It was great while it lasted. The only country in the world. Where freedom meant something. Now it is all gone. And nowhere on this planet. Will freedom ever mean anything. Ever again. Hoopely dih doh dah. It was something huge. It was something great. Whilst it lasted. Now it is all gone. And I can only cry. Hoopely dih doh dah. America used to be something. Now it is gone. There is no more hope. There is no more land of freedom. There is no more promised land. We are all doomed! I used to be an American. I can no longer afford to be. I am now just a human being. Struggling to survive. In this merciless world. Hoopely dih doh dah. I am an American. No longer. Hoopely dih doh dah...

One More Rule

I'm full. So full of bullshit. I don't know where to start anymore. I have so much to say. To denounce. To bang your head with. All that is wrong with you. With all that you do. Where do I start? There is no structure! The more structure you feel there is. The more chaos there is. More rules and regulations! More laws! More of just about everything! Can only lead. To utter destruction. As we're going completely wild. In the background. Trying to figure out. What this life is all about. Where do I start? One more rule. And I swear. I'll just break everything around here. Is this it then? Is this the only way out? Do we have to be Crowned Anarchists. Rejecting just about everything. In order to have a pretend existence? And have a chance to freedom and happiness? Is this what it takes? While you are incapable to stop. Making more rules? And turn them into laws? Are you the only blind man on this planet. Incapable of seeing the chaos you bring us? Where do I start? One more rule. And I swear. I'll just smash everything around here. Enforcing that law is where it begins. It is one thing to write stupid laws. That no one wants. It is another to enforce them. To such an extreme. It becomes meaningless. It makes you question existence. And if it is worth it at all. To even be alive in this world. None of us are criminals. The logical conclusion is. You must be a criminal. Where do I start? You say I cannot go out? I say I can and I will. You say I cannot do this? I say I will do this no matter what. It is forbidden to do this. I say it is natural and I will do it. You say I will pay for the consequences. No I won't! Because you will understand. How futile all of these rules are. And that no one in their right mind. Could follow any of them. You're neurotic! You're a freak! Where do I start? One more rule. And I swear. I'll just shatter everything around here. Why don't you just leave us alone? Why don't you just let us breathe? Why don't you just get out of here. And never come back? No one asked you to be here. No one wants you here. All those rules and regulations. None of us wanted them. Why do you even exist? Is there a need for you around here? Because no one can see that need. What you do for a living. Is useless. It is not required. Once you're gone. We will all cheer. No matter how you ended up there in the first place. So why don't you just retire? Where do I start? One more rule. And I swear. I'll just destroy everything around here. One more rule. One more regulation. And I might just go totally berserk. And kill just about everyone around me. And I feel I am but one. Amongst millions who feel the same. So back off! Start un-ruling! Start un-regulating! Before it is too late! Before it get's out of control! Before we start committing suicide! So. Where do you start? One more rule. And I swear. I will shoot you! I don't need more rules. I need to live!

No righteous people ever

They come from everywhere. Right out of nowhere. Right in the middle of the night. All those righteous people. Who know everything. Who know best. Who will tell you all that is right. And all that is wrong. Oh yes, they will be convincing. They know the truth and all of it. They will tell you what is evil and what is not. They know everything. Or so it seems. I am sorry. But there are no such people. No righteous people. No one who knows the truth. Who can tell me what to do. What is right and what is wrong. I am sorry. There is only me. You will not confuse the issue. You are as lost as I am. You may even be more lost than I am. I cannot take the chance. Better ignore you altogether. No righteous people ever. That is my philosophy. How did you ever get to the point. Of believing that you were so righteous? That you detain all the truth about this world? I don't know. I don't know how it would be possible. I don't know how you could believe it possible. I just know that I need to be wary. Move away from you. Let you continue on your self righteous path. Without involving me at all. We are not on the same mission to the truth. As I have found no trace of your truth anywhere. You are lost. Just as I am. And so, I'm afraid. I better ignore you. No matter what. There is no such thing as. Righteous people. There is but only me.

No truth anywhere

Typical. That as soon as I find some sort of truth. Which I feel might be the truth. It is instantly destroyed. By some other devious truth. Coming from nowhere. Will I ever find any kind of truth in this world? I wonder. Perhaps it is just not possible. Forever condemned to never find any truth. In anything. Because everything is so distorted. So manipulated. So out of this world. That simply no truth will ever come to be. Why should I even care? Who cares for any kind of truth? Do we need it in order to survive? Could we not somehow just be happy. In our ignorance? I wonder. I had enough of any kind of truth. Any religion or philosophy of life. No matter how powerful it seems. How right it feels. I had enough! I need peace! I need total emptiness! Not thinking anymore. Vegetative state. Contemplative state. Perhaps then some answers will come. I had enough! The truth is. I only wish to live in peace. I just need to live in absolute freedom. Have the total liberty. To do nothing. To think nothing. To believe nothing. That is all I ask. So thank you for your truth. However. I couldn't care less. I am totally free. To think whatever I want. To do whatever I want. Whenever I want. And I will. That is the only truth. Worth considering. There is no truth to be found anywhere. I know that now. I am free from any truth. I am totally free from you. I am free! Because we are all ignorant. There is no truth anywhere. So. I will free myself from any truth. I will free myself from any of you. I am free!

From such a place to speak

From such a high place. Reached suddenly overnight. To speak anything. And the world will hear. What then. One should say? Drinking all night? Being forever a zombie at work? Living more in one's head. Than in any sort of reality? From such a place to speak. Should not be wasted. Knowledge of what. Is really going on. Is required. Intelligence is compulsory. To get any message across. In ways. Which are not seen as threats. And yet. Are the seed of revolution. From such a place to speak. So far reaching. To be heard worldwide. That the smallest detail. Of one's life. Becomes public knowledge. So instantly. Is one big missed opportunity. To make yourself a target. And be destroyed. From such a place to speak. One should speak. Suffer the consequences. Until the next one speaks. From a high place. And the next one. Until we all speak in unison. From any place. Even from such low places. Until we take control. Of our existence. Until we take control. Of existence. One, after all. Can only speak. From his or her station. So speak. Make yourself heard. Take action. And make it happen. Never have such words. Been so important. As today. We are used to live in the past. It is happening right now. And forever happening. Again and again and again. And will forever happen. Never grow to be complacent. If you had the chance. To speak. And didn't. Well. To history. You will mean nothing. History will even wonder. Where you even aware? Perhaps even guilty? Or completely blind? And a fool? From such a place to speak. You do need to speak. And find a way. To be heard. And find a way. To operate a change of power. And find a way. To make it happen. It all starts with. Speaking it all out loud. So speak! And make it happen!

You just don't care, you have to go

Whatever you say. Whatever you do. I don't care. Be my guest. Go about the world. Talk and talk and talk. About the world. It seems. You were born for it. To talk and talk and talk. About the world. You could convince anyone. That whatever we are doing. Is simply. The way to go. Is simply. Just right. Whatever you say. Whatever you do. We don't care. We are all way too busy. With our own little. Insignificant existence. To pay attention to anything you do. You take it as validation. I tell you. I take it as suicidal. You don't hear a squeak. No one is telling you. That you are about to fall flat on your face. And yet. You are about to fall flat on your face. I guess you just don't care. So why. Should we care? Well. We do. I would not even trust myself with such decisions. And yet you do trust yourself with such decisions. I would not trust anyone with such decisions. And yet we do trust someone, anyone, with these decisions. What has this world come to? We cannot trust anyone. And yet. Someone is going ahead with all these decisions. I wouldn't trust myself. Therefore. We can trust no one. I guess you just don't care. So why. Should I care? Well. I do. First of all. You need to go. I don't want to hear about you ever again. You have been there way too long. Probably because you are such a good speaker. You could get yourself out of anything. And yet bring this world to an end. Out! Out! Out! I guess you just don't care. But I do. Let me think about this. Let us think about this. Let me reconsider what's happening. Let us reconsider what we should do. Never mind what happened before. Seems to me that it was all fabricated anyway. I never trusted you, rightly so. Let us stop for a second. To consider what's happening. And where it's leading. What to do. Someone has to stop you. I guess you just don't care. But we do. That's not what I want. That's not what we want. I want to do what I want. We want to do what we want. I guess you just don't care. But we do. And we will do what we want. Not what you want. So you may not care. But we do. So you have to go. Out! Out! Out!

Such a life of freedom

Are we not all dreaming to be free? Are we not all dreaming of absolute freedom? And then we look around. We are chained to death. And yet. Through it all. Can't you feel such freedom? Are you not free? To do whatever you want? You could quit right now. Whatever it is that you are doing. To tell them all to get lost. Enjoy life. Such a life of freedom. Here are such horizons awaiting you. We will get there. You will get there. There is nothing that can stop you. Such a life of freedom. Emancipation. Anticipation. Actualisation. Creating one's existence. Such a life of freedom. That such artists. Could never be recognised. Because they are the very spark of life. The very reason everyone exists. Without ever. Being able. To make any decision. To feel. To inspire. To create. What life is all about. Such a life of freedom. I one day. Woke up. I one day. Threw it all out. I one day. Started to live. I one day. Left everything behind. I one day. Made the necessary sacrifices. I one day. Decided to live. I one day. Took a plane for god knows where. I one day. Decided I would start to live. I one day. Lived for real. Such a life of freedom. It wasn't easy. It was mad. In retrospect. I am afraid of what I have done. That is why you should not think. You should act. Right now. Such a life of freedom. Is awaiting you. It is ready to be lived. To be experienced. By you. Forget everything. Do not listen to anyone but yourself. Make that crazy decision. Start to live! Such a life of freedom.

I will motivate a whole planet!

I will motivate a whole planet! To break free! To find absolute freedom! Even if I have to die trying. Do I need to say more? Is this not your deepest desire? Perhaps wishing for happiness along the way. Some peace. Some great feeling of well being. To top it all up? The freedom. To do whatever you want. Whenever you want. Such a high price to pay. To even exist. Should not even exist. You are free! From the day you were born. You are free! From this moment. You are free! Right now! I will motivate a whole planet! To break free! To find absolute freedom! Even if I have to die trying. Such a desire to live! Such a wish to exist! Bring it all up! I am ready! You are ready! We are ready! To welcome it. To welcome anything. To break this routine. To break this loop. No longer will it be the same! We will finally experience. All that this life has to offer! Get outside right now! Look at the sky. Look at the stars. Look far over the horizon. It is all there awaiting you. Just wish for it. Express what you want. Ask for it! Right now! Nothing matters anymore! Nothing exists anymore! Just you. Just the universe. Just your creation. What do you want of this life? What do you want of this universe? It is all yours. It is all your own creation. Go for it! I am mad. Completely mad. You are sane. Completely sane. I live all over the universe. I created the whole universe. So. You better get mad soon. You better start creating your own universe. You better start. Living all over the universe! That is it. I have said it all. There is nothing else for me to say. I have told you. You understood. You know what you have to do. Get out there. Create the experience you truly wish for. Create the world you always dreamt of. Just wish it. Believe it. See it happening. That's it. That's all. I am free! I am happy! I am peaceful! I am out of reach! This reality, I created it. This experience, I wished for it. But now. I am going to wish for so much more. I am going to start living for real. I am going to create the world I want to live in. And you will do just the same. And this will revolutionise everything! I will motivate a whole planet! To break free! To find absolute freedom! And I will succeed! We will succeed!

This engaged poetry is an excerpt of the book "I am Awake!", which is available for free online on the website of the author Roland Michel Tremblay:
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