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Amnesty guaranteed for all army deserters, our true heroes!

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Message Roland Michel Tremblay
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Beyond you, a whole world needs to be saved. We are at war. This war is illegal. Our leaders are being prosecuted for war crimes against humanity. This genocide has been accomplished by soldiers who were following orders. It has screwed their mind up, they can no longer live with their own conscience. So, when they decided they had enough of killing people and faced being killed for no reasonable justification, and that they simply walked away and decided to face either the electric chair or a seven year hard labor sentence, we have to consider them the real heroes of this war. We need to give them amnesty. We would have done the same, just to be able to live with our own conscience.

No pity for the guilty. It takes courage to face a death sentence over continuing an illegal war and genocide. More courage than most of us will ever show in our lifetime. We have not been brainwashed into becoming killing machines, trained to forget to think and simply follow orders. Who do you think killed those one million plus Iraqis? Your sons and daughters, and they are still at it, and far worse, against their will, against the will of the whole planet. It has to stop! Sooner rather than later.

I don't need to be reminded that I am dying now, we don't need to be reminded, that we are dying now. And that it is all in-house, pure self-destruction, and that there is no need for it. Are we a dying civilization, desperate to strike wherever we can, while we can? What a great bully we are, unable to see the full consequences of our actions. Shame on us all!

If we could only change our perspective, change our collective will, that we will do well in this world. And go about doing it and save ourselves, and save the world. We can, and so we should. No need to bring about destruction and death to this world, because this is now what we are, great destroyers of worlds. I so wish we could justify it, but can we? I can't, can you?

It is in our power, and if it is not, it should be in our power, to change the world. It is, after all, in the Constitution. Or has it been erased from it... I can't keep up with all those patriotic laws, because, oh dear, I'm so unpatriotic, and dear me, I feel it might save me not to be. To be a patriot nowadays is tantamount to be a traitor to one's nation and what it stands for, and has been standing for, for centuries. Who are you? What do you stand for? Do you really stand for this mass killing?

This is not the first or second world war, this is not the Nazis trying to take over the world in a surprising successful manner, to establish a dictatorship over us all. This war is not about saving us, protecting us, against a foreign power trying to control us and eradicate our freedom and our rights.

This illegal war can only have one purpose, ensuring that the dollar will still be the currency of the world, that rich oil and gas corporations will have full access to all natural resources in the world without having to pay fairly for it. This war cannot be justified, unless we wish to be called evil, a nation taking without asking what does not belong to us.

Fair trade, fair play, diplomacy, adapting to what the world throws in our path, sensibility and compassion, compromise, is what is required in this world at this time. Iraq has got oil, Afghanistan has got drugs, we need those for whatever reason. Well, we will just have to pay for it in honest trade. And whoever produces it, will just have to profit from it. Not us after taking it over against all international laws.

At the moment, we pay much more than it is actually required through these wars, for something we need not pay so much for, and for profits that would not benefit any of us. Let me stress this again. If we were to pay fairly for those resources, it would cost us far less than what we spend in wars to acquire it all, against the law.

The difference resides in the fact that once the costly war is over, paid by us all, it will only profit corporations who spent nothing toward these wars, except financing political parties. Only those corporations will profit from these wars. Oh, they remain so clean that way! But oh so dirty they are, and so much destruction they bring about. That no political party ever should be able to benefit from any outside monetary source ever again. First law to pass. And gone will be all those lobbying groups who believe so rightly that they can buy their way of life, not ours.

I understand Iran might possibly have nuclear weapons, or might soon have nuclear weapons. And that no matter how bad the depression might be, we will have to annihilate them to ensure our security. This is a recipe for disaster. It can only bring us to sink further into the black hole.

We will have to accept that Iran will become a new nuclear power in the world. We have no choice. We cannot commit another genocide and annihilate 70 million Iranians. We will simply have to learn diplomacy and fair trade. Then Iran will never be a worry again. This is the only voice of reason.

Come on! We do not need to start a Nuclear Third World War over Iran developing a nuclear weapon, it would be the end of us all. We can only accept it and trade fairly. Because then, it would not be Iran we would fight, it would be Russia and China. Are we ready to die over a few billion worth of oil? When we don't even need oil to survive in this world?

It is time to take radical decisions and move on to cleaner energies. It is time to stop those rich corporations from controlling us and dictating our destiny. We are almost there, almost past the need for oil and natural gas, almost past the need to fight and go to war over natural resources. If we can just continue a little longer, until some sort of breakthrough in science, or simply a radical law about moving to cleaner energies, not requiring all that we are fighting for, then humanity will survive. At least a little longer. Can we just be reasonable and stop those useless wars? Already we have all the solutions we require, there is no need to fight over any of this. There is no need to die over any of this!

I get angry when I hear of how certain people will call deserters traitors. When I hear that some righteous bastards, who did not enroll into the army in the first place, feel the right to assault army deserters. When us, the people, could consider executing or sending to prison young soldiers who showed a conscience. Most of them are already gone anyway in their mind, for the rest of their life. They already went for a tour of Afghanistan or Iraq, there is no need to send them for a second round of mass killings, from which they might never return.

This is not a war about protecting our families, our nation. To ensure we will keep democracy and freedom. We have already lost all that, through no fault of our enemies, and we dare hope that new administrations will bring it back, but we have no guarantee. It seems that it will be business as usual, and that it might only get worse. Oh dear, is there no hope in this world?

Imagine, a traitor to the nation, who decides that after killing so many people, and escaping so many times a certain death, that he or she can no longer live with his or her own conscience. These people are already dead, they have gone mad, never again will they function normally in society. Their onlook on life is totally new, unexpected. They know what is going on, what they have done. They suffer from what we have done to them. Brainwashing, perhaps even packed them with drugs, in order to make them the perfect soldiers, killing machines necessary to accomplish the genocides of the new millennium. At a time when there was no need for any of it.

So civilized we thought we had become, and yet, it is just more of the same. An immature humanity still being dictated what to do by a few bad men. No hope for peace, when we are the attackers, when we are all about pre-emptive strikes against targets that show no threat. We are as bad as the Nazis, we are the evil ones in this war.

The last deserters who were executed were from that era, the Second World War. I would not be talking like this today if we were attacked and we were defending our nation against an evil force. I would feel that deserters had it coming and were an example to the rest of them, to the rest of us. Freedom and democracy, after all, have to be saved at any cost. And if a generation has to be sacrificed to ensure their continuity for the next generations to come, so be it.

But there you are. We have already lost everything we could hope to be fighting for. There is no more democracy, there is no more freedom of any kind. And none of it was a consequence of those wars. Explain that!

Those wars are not only illegal, they have no purpose other than making oil and gas corporations money. A soldier today has the duty to speak against it, to walk away, to become a deserter. But I know how difficult this is. There is a whole hierarchy in the army, which is why these feelings need to be felt and addressed higher in the hierarchy. You can either save your nation, or be a participant in its total annihilation. We are near collapse, on every side, about everything. The next few years should be interesting, if we can survive them.

This is an illegal war. There are serious talks about prosecuting our leaders for war crimes against humanity. This is not conspiracy theory, this is reality. Any deserter has a strong case to make. These are no criminals, they are the ones with a conscience, they are the ones who already had their life destroyed. Never again will they ever function normally in society.

None of them should be prosecuted, all of them should get amnesty. And most soldiers should follow their example, and higher up in the hierarchy, is where this all needs to happen. So speak up, for the people under you, you are their only salvation.

When your leaders make irrational decisions, when your leaders are risking the very existence you are there to protect, you have to speak, you have to denounce it, you have to protect the ones under you. Amnesty is logical, necessary, obvious.

And I am now talking to all those judges who will preside over these courts martial. Do not be evil, be human. These kids, our sons and daughters, who had the courage to face far worse than it would have been if they had simply lacked courage, to walk away, and continue to kill mercilessly, those are what this nation requires. Those are the soldiers with a brain and a conscience that this society needs. At most, I suggest a community order, a few hours unpaid to help veterans of war, they certainly need it, for what we made them suffer. Certainly not a prison sentence, in the circumstances.

And the way we go about recruiting new soldiers, is so immoral, so unethical, that it has been reported that there has been a high suicide rate amongst those army recruiters. Let's face it, an army capable of developing and offering the most violent PC game downloadable for free over the Internet, who will stop at nothing to get our sons and daughters to sign up for the exciting life of killing people and get killed, when there is no real necessity for it, can only be called entrapment. And so they do entrap many of us, desperate enough, too clueless to realize what we are signing for. Oh dear, I feel despair.

Because this is where it becomes all so unethical and immoral. The contract those soldiers have to sign. It is for life that they give their soul and body, because once signed, that contract, they no longer belong to themselves. They no longer have any freedom. They can no longer break the contract. There is no provision for such a thing. If they break the contract, it is death that awaits them, or sentences that are more extreme than the ones we give to murderers.

No one in their right mind, in normal circumstances, would ever sign a work contract with any company, stating that they give themselves entirely to the company for life, and that there is no way out. One month notice is all that is required on both sides to terminate such a contract.

It is immoral and unethical that the State should offer such contracts to any soldier. It is not reasonable for anyone to give up their entire existence to anyone or anything, no matter what the circumstances. This is against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Any soldier, just like any employee anywhere in the world, should be able to break the contract of employment within a month's notice, two at most. Otherwise, I call upon this planet every single union that exists, those same unions supposed to protect us, and let them state what should be, and if it is acceptable that one signature should doom forever the unthinking and misinformed entrapped person for life.

We would not expect anyone to sign their life and soul to any company. We should not demand it from our soldiers for the nation. It is not reasonable to ask for a signature, and then own their existence until we see fit to let them go. This is contrary to everything we stand for, freedom, equality, fraternity. These soldiers should have the same rights as anyone else. One month's notice, two if they are already abroad killing people. After that, total freedom, just as it should be. Especially when considering our immoral and unethical ways of recruiting them in the first place.

Then, there would be no more deserter, they would know that they can get out of it all just like any of us can get out of any job we ever sign a contract for. Who knows, maybe there is a way to shoot bullets in the air instead of at people, or sending a rocket a few meters away from the real target, for a month or two further, until finally here comes freedom again, and feel the escape from it all? Maybe there is a way to minimize the genocide? And live with oneself afterwards?

All those things going through my mind! Saving myself, saving people, as some sort of salvation. Can I still reach heaven? No, it is too late for that. I should have thought about it before giving up my soul to my country, a country so powerful, that it never required me giving up my soul to it in the first place. Not at this time when there is no threat, and when there never was a threat to begin with.

Considering how disloyally and in bad faith the army recruits new soldiers, I feel, I fear, we have to put a stop to it. If the government so strongly feels that it requires more recruits, let them justify to congress that conscription is essential. Let them convince us that this war is justified, somehow, if they can.

We all know it is not, we all know it is all a war for profit, and that none of us will ever profit from it, and that our duty is only to kill more people and avoid getting killed. None of us know why! None of it makes any sense!

Amnesty, it is amnesty that we need to guarantee all deserters. We need to invite desertions, breaking of an immoral and unethical contract that goes against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am also talking about The United Kingdom here, not just the United States.

Let us be free! Let us free the world! Let us be fair, let us listen to reason, let us understand and be compassionate! Let us recognize our real heroes of the war. Let's guarantee amnesty to all deserters, let us guarantee amnesty to all future deserters!

We understand you! We would have done the same. The future will prove you right. And hopefully you will be allowed to come back and live a normal life, despite all that we made you suffer, without good justification.

The Germans were not coming this time, God only knows why we put you through all that. But our leaders will pay for such lunacy, I can assure you. Your dad, your mom, your brother, will respect you again, they will see you for the hero you are.

I'm so sorry, I'm so guilty, we are so guilty, please forgive me, and please, forgive us all. We were so wrong, but, we were so misguided by our leaders. It is no excuse, I know, we should have seen it coming, we should have known better. Never again should we be so blind. Never again. Especially when the Vietnam War already taught us all that we needed to know about the future, and yet, we remained blind to it all, condemned forever to make the same stupid mistakes, with far reaching consequences. We will never learn, we have only ourselves to blame.

Welcome home son! Welcome back to your own country! Welcome back to normalcy, after the horrors we made you suffer. We admire and respect you for the decisions you made, for realizing none of this was acceptable, or justifiable. And now, we will help you forget, we will help you accept, that none of this was your fault. You were only following orders. You will still go to heaven, or else, none of us will ever reach heaven.

That's a promise. Total amnesty, even from God, or else, none of us deserve to be saved. Because none of this was justified, none of this was even legal as per international laws in the first place.

I'm proud of you son! I only wish I did have the guts to do the same, walk away, to desert, once I would have realized what was truly going on. And now, let us deal with this court martial for you, let us deal with those judges, let us make them understand exactly what is going on, what has gone on. And here will come, from the whole world, an amnesty for you all!

And now, we will prosecute the real criminals of these illegal wars. We will seek and gain, the maximum penalty for such real crimes.

The war is over. Amnesty for everyone, because we were wrong, we acted against the law. You were right. Amnesty for all deserters, you are our only true heroes in this war. Only you decided to walk away against what was inhuman, against everything we are supposed to be and claim to be fighting for.

There will be once again this world of freedom and democracy where happiness is possible. And this time it will not be a pretend world, that could so easily be overturned. It will exist and last, because we have no choice now but to rewrite the Constitution, and make it a written new Constitution that no despot will ever so easily go around to redefine, everything that we are, that we stand for. One man should never again have that kind of power, to destroy everything that we are! Curse forever the name Bush, for generations to come! Never again should a Bush come to power, or have we not learnt our lesson?

This flag will once again be respected, and people will once again cry proudly whilst looking at it, and understand what that flag truly means for the whole of humanity. True democracy, true freedom, peace, love, emancipation, the right to happiness for all! Resources for us all!

No one will go starving in this world, no one will ever feel despair, because we are all the same. And if managed with fairness, forgetting any kind of monetary market, there are enough resources for everyone in this world. We all deserve a happy and fulfilling existence. Never believe anyone telling you otherwise, never mind whatever else that might be happening in the world. We are all free, and we will all lead a happy existence.

Just think such a world, and make it happen!


"Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living. But one has to wonder, is this irony?" RM
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