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Americans Murdering People & Dear Children In the Middle East and Africa Hasn't Mattered - Not Yet!

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Yemeni Girl
by Rod Waddington

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What Doesn't Matter Yet
The genocide of many millions of innocent men, women and children in their own beloved countries by American military action has up until now hardly mattered to the great majority of Americans. Sooner or later, this ultra massive American destruction of human life on Earth not mattering to seemingly insensitive Americans will come to attention of the world at large. And then the awakening of an infinite feeling of unmitigated grieving will come down on the American psyche like a sledge hammer of shame.

What Does Matter Now
The 'why me worry' mode which permeated American society throughout the twenty-first century ended with the slowly arising concern produced by the dogged worries and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a happy-go-lucky consumer society was already thrown into turmoil by the ugly and disturbing issue of deadly racist violence tearing at the social fabric of American life. Racism has come to matter in a more deeply unsettling way than during those serious challenges and conflicts of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Why? Violent death repeating itself over and over again with racism as a determining element. It has been made to matter! Insisted upon mattering.
In a analytic sense, the wanton killing of African-Americans has been humanized by the photos on placards carried during protest marches. Photos of innumerable victims of police gunfire are etched in the memory of millions of Americans, Americans, who would rather stay part of that 'wana be silent' majority.

Isn't It Racism 'Over There' Too?
Right now it doesn't matter to most Americans that their government's present long ongoing regime control wars in the Middle East and Africa have been bringing death to a great many innocent people. Many Americans are probably not even aware that their soldiers have been killing real men and women and precious children during the many years of American military action in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan (and by proxy ISIS in Syria).[1][2] It doesn't matter in the same way it once didn't matter if an innocent African-American was shot to death by the police. But what if the racist element in America's shooting of innocent Africans in Africa becomes forced to the forefront of the news as has police shooting innocent African Americans in America? Something will become unraveled inside the USA.

What's In a Number?
When CIA controlled mainstream media report any kills at all, it is just the number of terrorists killed, just as in earlier decades they reported the number of communists killed. The number is a dry fact, a statistic.
A statistic does not usually awaken feelings of sorrow or regret.

Besides, its always a number of terrorists 'bad guys,' if the viewer still believes what CIA controlled, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, New York Times, Washington Post and the tabloids tell its audience.[3]

Let's See Some Photos!
Be good if Americans were shown photos of people their soldier killed, like they were once showed photos of the My Lai massacre of Vietnamese mothers in a drainage ditch clutching their children desperately trying to hide from Americans shooting them. Be shown photos of the millions of beautiful Iraqi, Somali, Yemeni, Afghani, Libyan men, women and children taken when they were still alive and smiling before Americans put them to death - smiling photos, charming photos, like the charming photos Black Lives Matter protesters compassionately show the American public to see how heartbreakingly beautiful young African Americans were before they were shot to death or choked by police in criminally bizarre circumstances.[4]

Because They Now Matter
Thanks to protestors having made public and police aware and reminded of the human reality of the charm and nobility of each individual African-American, whose life was brutally ended by deadly police discriminatory violence, incidences of police killings of African-Americans seem to have been somewhat reduced.[5]

Concern for life is increased along with a now painful familiarity with a little of past victims' lives, their faces, smiles and personalities. Many millions of Americans are now able to sadly picture in their minds eye now familiar countenances of many African-American victims of criminal police shootings thanks to the efforts of Black Lives Matter protestors, who are often greatly spurred on by grieving family and friends of the murdered victims.

If Americans Had to Look at Their Faces
If Americans could be made to look at pages and pages of thousands of photos of nice happy folks, handsome men, beautiful women and charming children of all ages who have had their lives brutally ended by American military action in their countries, their lives might well start to matter to Americans, and it could somehow eventually result in Americans lessening their murderous interventions to control governments in the Third World.

Racist Killing Anywhere Should and Will Come to Matter
In America today, if an African-American is murdered by the police, it will cause a lot of consternation, anger and outraged public protest, and the attention of most Americans, while when even a large family of Somalis are drone strike murdered by Americans in their own African country, it will not matter at all to the vast majority of Americans. And these murdering drone strikes are happening all the time and have been going on for many years without mattering to Americans, and years ago the American regime control war in Somalia blocked drought relief and caused a million Somalis to die of starvation.[6] This wasn't reported, certainly not seriously because it wasn't something that was supposed to matter.

Just across the Red Sea in Yemen, many tens of thousands of precious Yemeni children have already starved to death, died of cholera, or been blown to bits by US made and managed missiles.[7] The 85 thousand Yemeni kids already murdered were children of beautiful tan color same as was African-American 12 year old Tamir Rice, shot to death by police while playing in a American city playground. Just as Black Lives Matter activist let Americans see Tamir's happy smile when alive, let Americans see a few thousand smiling faces of now dead Yemin children, also victims of American racist firepower. It is the American public's cruel indifference that makes Americans guilty of genocide. As Martin Luther King once said, "comes a time when silence is treason." Americans were, and still are, silent, because the lives Americans take overseas just don't matter to them.

Two million men and women have been murdered by America's invasions and bombings of once prosperous oil rich Iraq in illegal wars of massive destruction and racist genocide, and deadly sanctions in-between the wars took the lives of half a million infants and children under five.[8] Their precious lives have been orchestrated not to matter to Americans. Yet, each Iraqi life taken by Americans has a story around it, no less tragic than each of the lives of African-Americans slain by police, we in America have come to know something about, thanks again to civil rights activists' intense efforts to inform the American public.

Lives of America's Professional Soldiers Matter
What does matter somewhat to perhaps most Americans is the occasional American soldier killed in some Middle Eastern country because they see his or her photo shown on the TV newscast or in the newspaper, with name, rank and home town, accompanied with unctuous praise, for having given his or her life 'to protect America from those who would harm America.'

TV news commentators tell viewers in a poignantly serious praising tone of voice that fallen American soldiers were protecting America. Protecting America by making war in some poor non-caucasian small country on the other side of the world? Do they think about what they are scripted to repeat. Do they themselves believe what they are repeating about 'protecting America,' superpower America, superiorly armed America? Would it matter to them, if they realized what is said is skewered in intent to cover deadly crimes by Americans overseas?

Since America's ruling class of capitalist investors profiteering from war must make the lives of American soldiers appear to matter, in Washington DC there is that Vietnam War Wall of names of the fifty-eight thousand Americans who died while failing to keep Vietnam from having a government run by a communist party, as it still is today. (Died criminally accomplishing nothing but grief all around)

While his government insanely took millions of non-white people's lives overseas, Rev. King in anguish, held his fellow Americans, and himself, responsible for that continuous horrific death and destruction in poorer countries by Americans "refusing to give up the privileges and pleasures that come from the immense profits of overseas investments." (The imperialist mainstream media that today obsequiously hails King as a saintly patriotic American, in 1967 vilified King as a traitor until he was silenced one year later in a pool of his own blood. See: Verdict King Murdered by Gov. Conspiracy Blacked-out by Wall St. Owned CIA Controlled TV & Press

What is it about Americans?
Why have Americans behaved so ruthlessly, so heartlessly, in and toward so many many smaller nations of non-Caucasian population?
American film maker Michael Moore once presented a rather severe discernment.

In 2012, just a few hours after the news of the Newtown school massacre broke, perceptive film maker Michael Moore, in a video, addressed Americans as the sort of "sick and twisted violent people that we've been for hundreds of years, that it's something that's just in our craw, just in our DNA". Americans kill people," because that's what we do. We invade countries. We send drones in to kill civilians. We've got five wars going on right now where our soldiers are killing people--I mean, five that we know of"[11]

Are Americans 'Sick and twisted violent people with killing people in their DNA?'
The majority of Americans as seen walking around or interacting on TV, especially those smiling contentedly in commercials enticing one out of a thousand viewers to pick up the phone and place an order, don't seem to fit Michael Moore description of "sick and twisted violent people" with 'killing people in their DNA,' which seems tantamount to a description of criminally insane psychopaths.

Americans directly or indirectly involved in committing crimes against humanity, as well as those involved in covering them up and/or excusing them and blocking any horrific evidence of those genocidal crimes becoming known by the American public, are all just earning a living like the great majority of Americans, who go about their daily salaried or wages-paid occupations to put food on the table, pay the rent and put the kids through college. What's happening on the other side of the world seems not to matter, almost as 'none of their business.'

Of course, from the point of view of the tens of millions grieving over their family members mercilessly killed in their own countries by Americans, yes! Americans do seem to have killing people in their DNA, for they go on and on and on year after year with their senseless killing and maiming.
Americans long ago replaced the British and French as the leading racist plunderers of the so called 'developing world,' who are now America's allies in America's racist neo-colonial wars.

It's Just Business
Moore's description certainly fits the criminally insane wealthy and powerful investors in weapons and wars headquartered mostly on Wall Street. For them all the genocidal killing of innocent men, women and dearest children is just business. 'Nothing personally meant, just business,' as the Mafia saying goes. By their evil way of thinking, many people and children are born destined to die violently so someone already wealthy can make money on his or her investments. No reason to make a fuss over it. Its just business as usual when money is to be made, and everyone has their own destiny, some lucky, many more not. But is there not a racist element in that their money making wars take place in non-white nations and by American led invaders from nations of white majority population?

Some American professional soldiers murdering innocents in their very own towns and villages are under the impression that they are serving their country, the United States of America. Inevitably, Americans aware of the truth will somehow get to pull these professional soldiers aside, and explain how wealthy American investors on Wall Street have been profiting from having war lords representing their businesses interests control the economies of Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

When and How Will Racist Genocide Insanity by American Military Overseas Come to Matter to Americans?

Let the reader allow an old man a bit of conjecture regarding a possible breakthrough regarding how "

American Overseas Racist Genocide Will Come to Matter Along with Other Insanities Which Today Don't Matter. They will come to matter as connected to other insanities no longer tolerable.

China, or better said, Chinese civilization is back as a most powerful return to intelligent management of the Earth's human and financial resources, and the present chaotic Western private capitalist military enforced racist neocolonial world order is on the brink of being outmatched by a confident non-belligerent peace oriented system of sensible mutual cooperation.

Remember what happened in the Soviet Union after it destroyed its economy in an attempt to match the American arms buildup and costly failed military intervention in Afghanistan. The great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, kind of imploded, was plundered by home grown capitalists, shrunk in size to a Russian Confederation, and thrown in chaos financially for two decades.

The United States of America Probably Has Already Damaged Its Economy Irreparably. Already in 2018, the American Defense Department's budget of $649 billion was larger than the combined spending of the next seven largest militaries, China, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Russia, UK, Germany which totaled only $609 billion.[12] In 2020 it was over $715 billion.

How Many Other Insanities Don't Matter to Americans Today That Must Eventually
Shouldn't it matter if trillions of dollars are wasted manufacturing nuclear weapons that are never used because they cannot be used without destroying the world?

Shouldn't it matter that all that mega enormous amount to money could be used to improve life in the USA, confront the climate crisis and save the planet and humanity from a cataclysm?

Shouldn't it matter how millions upon millions of people with skin color of various hues have met violent death during the five centuries of European and Europe's descent nations' bloody military enslaving and exploiting capitalist colonialism in Asia, Africa and the Americas? (In 2009, Gadaffi, addressing the UN General Assembly as Chairman of the African Union said it mattered, and that Europeans owed Africa alone 66 trillion dollars)

Shouldn't it matter that the colonial powers arranged two world wars, the second of which bringing death to 3% of the Earth's human population? Certainly not to Americans, who armed Hitler and made an gargantuan amount of money on both wars.

Shouldn't it matter if there is thermonuclear war to give Americans and Europeans the chance to stay preeminent in economic and military power above the rest of humanity is being planned?

'Not Mattering' Obviously Has Been Breeding More 'Not Mattering.' Can commercializing and monetizing life itself lead to oblivion by making people and a society oblivious to its preparing to self-destruct?

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