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The Need to Rethink Theology in America

It is rather laughable to listen to Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and all of these loyalty-driven fools who think our self-inflicted "recession" is "very likely over" (1). The conservative right wingers "think" that the entire world revolves around Wall Street. Actually, they would claim to "know" that much.

It would seem that the majority of Americans have been so poorly raised by their parents as to not understand how Wall Street works as a cheap gambling operation that allows people to get rich by doing nothing constructive.

The People still tend to believe that the economy actually revolves around a gainfully employed labor force. Even Henry Ford knew that it made no sense to hire people at an income level where they couldn't afford to buy a new Ford. How could we have come to be so ill-informed?

At the top of our economic heap, the human labor force is downplayed and ignored, never mind that we have nearly 15 million people unemployed in the U.S. and that another 215,000 people joined those ranks during the recent month of August (2).

We are still failing, just not as rapidly as we once were. We continue to confuse "progress" with "failing at a slower rate" (3). So, while some are wining and dining on Wall Street, unconcerned with who will feed the 15 million families of the unemployed, we continue to fail as a nation and as a People.

As for "failing at a slower rate," we cannot even make that claim. The month of September saw the loss of even larger numbers of jobs, 263,000, to reach an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent. If laid-off workers who have settled for part-time work or have given up looking for new jobs are included, the unemployment rate is closer to 17 percent (4).

Actually, it is worse than that. Dean Baker reports that "job loss had been 824,000 greater through March of 2009 than had been previously reported. It means that job loss averaged almost 70,000 more than originally reported for each month over the year from March 2008 to March 2009" (5).

To make matters worse, personal bankruptcies have soared to nearly a million in number (6) and unemployment now lasts longer than unemployment benefits (7). In other words, in terms of economic reform to deal with the "recession", we are looking at a "Mission Not Accomplished" (8). Indeed, if Russia had done to us what right wing conservatism and Wall Street has done to us, "We would kill them" (9).

Dan Froomkin, one of the few journalists with an honest handle on the Bush administration, even warns us that "Unemployment of this magnitude and duration also translates into ugly politics, because fear and anxiety are fertile grounds for demagogues wielding the politics of resentment against immigrants, blacks, the poor, government leaders, business leaders, Jews, and other easy targets. It's already started. Next year is a mid-term election. Be prepared for worse" (10).

Those who abide and promote our mindless statue quo know essentially nothing about human rights and democracy. Over the past two months, nearly half a million people have had to face life-changing loss of income. At the same time, Wall Street has not had to change a thing with the Bush-Obama bailouts in hand.

Some 80 percent of those currently unemployed think that they will never see their old jobs come back. In this, they are likely correct, simply because that old job market was maintained by a definable level of corruption in the system, corruption which would also have to make a come back in order to restore the jobs market.

Likewise, over 80 percent of Americans say that the Obama administration hasn't done enough to deal with the unemployment problem (10). The bulk of the American people, however, are no longer accepting of such utter incompetence and overt corruption. That explains why the Republicans were removed from office last election. The return of capitalism as we have known it over the past few decades will never be seen.

There is simply no way out of conservative right wing incompetence and corruption, simply because it remains so entirely mindless and devoid of human values. In other words, conservatives no longer know anything about how to think, having sacrificed their minds at the altar of Abraham's Roman "god". As a result, the economy is going to continue its downward spiral into the toilets of right wing tradition, right along with the Obama administration and its failed agenda (11).

Indeed, as we might have known, the economy is only going to get worse until corporate America is held accountable for creating the current crisis. One wonders why anyone bothers anymore. We could, you know, just sit around and wait for the inevitable. That is, however, just not part of human nature, no matter how much sense it might make.

No, we cannot just sit around and wait for events to take place. Indeed, if we did such a thing, those events would likely not take place. We must continue playing our chosen roles as we approach the 'End of Time' for both western religion and capitalism. Certainly, there can be no meaningful human change if those who created the current crisis remain in power and in control. With regard to meaningful change, "the political will simply doesn't exist" (10).

But, our situation does create an argument as to HOW we spend our time from here on out. I think that the time has arrived where we waste our time attempting to figure out how to fix a socioeconomic system that is already beyond fixing, beyond redemption and repair. We best be spending our time on some realistic spiritual ground (there is more than enough of it around), attempting to define just what we mean by human rights and just how a democracy would function under a human rights banner.

In other words, if we continue on as we have been, i.e., naive about the current depth of our corruption and trying to fix an unfixable system (when in truth we need an entirely new system), we could end up on the bottom without a clue as to where to go next ... except to welcome anarchy and crime in the streets. We best be addressing the requisite ideas to restore human rights and democracy in this nation ... and then taking our new democracy to the world.

I do believe that meaningful human change at the level of "Why" questions, the realm of theology, is our only hope to save and re-establish ourselves as a People. We must come to recognize that a global human rights-based democracy is required even to save our Earth. We must get spiritual about our existence on this planet. That is why the upcoming change will be global in scope and millennial in context.

We are talking global human revolution here and we really ought begin preparing for the inevitable. It is soon upon us. In recognition of the upcoming millennial change, we need to reconsider what we mean by American theology. It is reasonably clear what must be done.

We need a handbook of human rights, something along the lines of Paine's "Common Sense". Such a handbook on human rights needs to be written for a global human audience is really all about human rights, their origins in nascent Christianity and their implementation, at the expense of Rome, in Jefferson's Democracy.

Such a handbook would be about the relationships of human rights to western legal (religious) systems and eastern ethical systems, and their derivation by dialectic synthesis of complementary eastern and western values.

Such a handbook needs to consider the role of conceptual evolution in natural science as the basis for natural philosophy in driving cultural evolution. It would be about the role of science (via the post-Newton Industrial Revolution and the post-Einstein Informational Revolution) in moving the human race from the tribal to the national to the global levels of human organization, creating the need and demand for human rights on the global stage.

Such a handbook would be about the integral role of human reason in defining everything with merit in the human world. It would be about Jesus, the Father of Human Rights, and Jefferson, the Father of American Democracy (12). It would be about Jefferson's God in "the Will of the People". Eliminate everything Roman by re-establishing the separation of church and state. Any good handbook would be about the human rights-based path to Deity and Heaven - right here on Earth.

Given what is left of the global marketplace, it is important for people all over the world to recognize and recall the ideological bullshit inherent in their own cultures and how the fact of globalization has come to pass during their and our lifetimes as a result of human cultural evolution.

With human rights and democracy now being requested on a global basis, any handbook on human rights ought be simple, informative and entirely human, devoid of corporate and Roman content. Jefferson and Franklin, in demanding the separation of church and state, knew precisely what they were talking about and what they were doing. Rush Limbaugh does not have an intelligent clue.

We ought consider having a national contest aimed at revising and updating Thomas Paine's "Common Sense." This little pamphlet was passed around the colonies until it was ragged and it did more to stimulate the American Revolution than any other effort. Are there any Thomas Paine's out there? Of course there are. Let's hear from them and get them into the mainstream press.

Jefferson's genius was embedded in his recognition of Jesus as the Father of Human Rights, which prompted Jefferson to become the Father of American Democracy. Jefferson was, as we all ought be, an American theologian. Screw everything Roman. No instituion on Earth has known less about Jesus than the Roman Church, after 1700 years, no less.


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Well Said 3   Valuable 3   Must Read 1  
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