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A plague of cowardice!

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Message Peter Lawlor
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"Great spirits will always be violently opposed by mediocre minds"

Every time I hear some media pundit, analyzing our economic problems say, "both parties are responsible" I want to thump them in their windpipe! 

I mean good lord, where were these people for the past three years? One obstructionist move after another by the Tea Party led GOP..the party of "Hell no!" The party of "You lie!" How many times do these hate filled, ignorant republicans have to say their agenda is "to make Obama a one term president"?  How many times do they have to flip flop and fight against ideas that they recently supported, simply because president Obama decided to agree with them? How many times do we have to see racist signs wielded by gun totin' morons who spout off about the constitution, but have no clue what is in the document? Or how many "lie of the year" awards have to be given to conservatives by Politico for their 'big government takeover, socialism' B.S. created by manipulators like Andrew Breitbart and spread by the media arm of the GOP...Fox news? What does it take before most of the media has the guts to simply report the obvious fact that it is predominately the GOP that is guilty of lies, hypocrisy and obstruction?!

Trying to create this false equivalency is not moderation or balance it is cowardice! It is bad enough that so much of the media gave the Tea party non-stop coverage for their paranoid, psychotic behavior and helped legitimize them in the first place. Of course the president, by simply sitting back silently as they screamed their lies and hate for over a year, allowed those lies to take root. Allowed this angry, ignorant minority to flourish.

Now to be sure, the democrats have their problems not the least of which for many is cowardice. Worrying more about re-election than doing the peoples business. I still am fuming about the president putting the foxes back in charge of the wall street hen house. But that's another story. However these problems pale in comparison to the paranoid rage, lies and obstructionism coming out of the GOP.

I wish the president would take a lesson from someone like FDR. Remember the WPA? Government stimulus spending helping pull us out of the great depression taxes were 80% on top earners in 1948 and unemployment was 4% and the economy grew steadily. You just have to educate the people. FDR gave a speech in 1936 about many of the exact same issues we now face and the exact same lies by the GOP. He drew a line and took on the GOP and their corporate masters. President Obama should take this lesson from history. FDR exposed the corporate agenda and they hated him and he said "I welcome your hate". 

I realize that the corporate hate for president Obama is made more virulent by the added hate of the racists in the Tea party. But it is a hard fact and you must understand that compromise is not an option and appeasement is the cowards way. Mr. president, just lay out a big bold plan that offers what is actually best for America and challenge the republicans to oppose it! You have facts, history and a majority of the people on your side! 

These ignorant right wing ideologues deny climate change, don't believe in evolution. They chant their 'kill granny', 'birther', 'nazi', Obama hates whites and loves terrorists lies as they threaten succession and using their 2nd amendment options to save "their America". That would be the America where white MEN ran things and women and minorities knew their place.  I mean this collection of corporate shills, racists and paranoids should be laughable.

They claim if we just lower taxes on the wealthiest 2 % and avoid regulating wall street we will create jobs all this as corporations pay no taxes and record record profits! Their answer is to pray down the deficit  and call for cuts to seniors, children, vets and the poor, to pay for maintaining breaks for the wealthy. This is the same battle we have been fighting in our country since unions were allowed to organize and social security was created. The only difference is that what was called the 'moral majority' a few years ago, is now called the Tea party and they have joined forces with greedy corporatists, and now control the SCOTUS and thinking aware people are not laughing.

Right now the GOP is pushing a variety of lies about the economy, like 'Obama bailed out the banks', or Social Security is going broke and adding to the deficit. They find a number of ways to obscure the facts as they claim that stimulus spending does not stimulate the economy. Even though time and again history bears this FACT out. 

The big kahuna right now is, 'if taxes are raised on corporations, job creation will suffer'! Of course they ignore that for the past ten years historically low taxes and in many cases, NO taxes on corporations has not created jobs. Let me not mince words.


Please Mr. president, don't be afraid to call a lie a lie! Counter with the facts. One of the Tea party's favorite lies was the "big government takeover of healthcare" nonsense. When the media finally reported it was a known lie created by republican operative and Fox 'news' contributor Frank Luntz and fed to the tea party by corporate Koch brothers handlers IT DIED! Of course since it is the tea party, it may well rise again just like the birther lie. It seems these people are immune to hypocrisy.

Perhaps one of the most surprising lessons on recovering from a weak economy comes from one of the "axis of evil", Iran. With sanctions and other problems, they have suffered like the rest of the world. Yet recently they have been recovering at nearly a 4% growth rate. The main reason? They cut oil subsidies and used the revenue to stimulate their economy.

Meanwhile, in most of Europe they keep cutting spending and watch things get worse. Here in the U.S. As republicans fight to protect subsidies for oil companies and tax cuts for the rich, our economy is pretty much flatlined which of course suits the political agenda of the GOP perfectly. "Make president Obama a one term president".

I mean not only is the truth obvious, but this has all been played out before. More than once! Don't media outlets do research anymore? It is so simple. Republicans represent the wealthy and their agenda is to help the wealthy maximize profits and create a plutocracy. Which of course means destroying the hated Social Security and medicare. 

President Obama, it seems almost delusional to keep trying to cater to these Tea party thugs who OBVIOUSLY have no interest in helping improve our economy. Helping put Americans back to work would not help their goal of making you a one term president. Many of us have lost a measure of confidence in you because you seem unwilling to fight for us. You have not clearly and simply articulated what it is that you 'are' willing to fight for. I think if you draw a line and clearly state a plan... You will be re-elected easily! However I am convinced, if there is one more capitulation like the single payer giveaway, or the tax extensions, or allowing the Tea party to manipulate you over the debt ceiling the Tea Party will get their wish in 2012. Weakness is not rewarded.

Mr. President, we pray for your success. But please realize the republican party will never support or cooperate in any way with you. I believe that nothing less than the future of our democracy is at stake. If anything was ever worth fighting for, this is.

" If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you" R. Kipling

But enough of the doom and gloom. Since I really do believe in the old axiom "leave 'em laughing", let me end  with possibly the most concise, smart, simple, funny, HONEST take on the 'tax the rich' debate EVER! This should be required viewing for all Americans.
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Love learning. Hate stupidity and intolerance. First let me say that I am not a professional writer, although I have written a couple of screenplays and even sold one some years ago. I am however a professional actor and a member of the screen (more...)
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