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Sci Tech

Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 3)

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Category 1. New hydrogen physics (a.k.a. “cold fusion,” more generally Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR, “hydrino” physics, and other water-based energy sources. Copious technical and other information about this research may be found on these two diverse websites: www.lenr-canr.org and www.blacklightpower.com as well as our own site, www.infinite-energy.com. The upshot of this energy-from-water field is that within ordinary water there is a heretofore unimaginably large energy reservoir that may be as great as 300 gallons of gasoline energy equivalent within each gallon of plain water! This energy would be non-polluting, would have no hazardous radiation, and would, in effect, have a zero fuel cost. Only one cubic kilometer of ocean water would provide energy equivalent to all the known oil reserves on Earth. In responding to a special plea by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the White House requested from me a technically-based Memorandum on this topic in February 2000. This 8,500-word Memorandum, “The Strange Birth of the Water Fuel Age,” was submitted to the Clinton Administration and later to the Bush Administration. It is now posted on www.infinite-energy.com. It asks for a review of the substantial evidence »in particular the copious evidence developed over the past 14 years in U.S. Federal laboratories »for this category of anomalous new physics energy. Unfortunately, apart from polite “Thank You” notes, no discernable action has been taken by either administration. The 10th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10) was held near and at MIT in August 2003. Actual public demonstrations of excess energy production in electrolytic cells occurred at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Wall Street Journal science journalist Sharon Begley attended ICCF10 and wrote a fine column in the September 5, 2003 issue of WSJ, “Cold Fusion Isn’t Dead, It’s Withering From Scientific Neglect.” Among other surprising technical developments at ICCF10 was the presentation by a well-funded Israeli corporation, Energetics Technologies, which appears to have made enormous strides in overcoming some of the problems with the low-energy nuclear reactions phenomenon. Isn’t it time that the experimental data from this significant field of scientific work is reviewed by an unbiased panel, unlike the rush-to-judgment hostile group in 1989, which inexcusably botched that investigation? Why aren’t the many politicians who have been informed about this taking action? Are they perhaps fearful of the all-to-common “sneer review” from the Scientific Establishment?

Category 2. Vacuum energy, Zero Point Energy or “ZPE” for short, aether energy, or space energy. These are descriptions of vast energy sources from the vacuum state. Information about this most radical and paradigm-shattering physics and technology research can be found on websites: www.aetherometry.com, www.energyscience.co.uk, and www.aethera.org. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa in the Toronto area obtained three US patents on an astonishing technological device, the so-called Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGDTM) reactor. In its several embodiments, it already produces kilowatt-level electrical, thermal, and mechanical output power. A Quicktime video of one such device, working in 2003, may be viewed at www.aetherometry.com/cat-abrimedia.html . Successful testing of the PAGD by outside parties, including Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Ontario Hydro, regrettably did not lead to commercial arrangements to further the development of this scientific wonder, which has been meticulously documented in the three United States-granted Correa patents. (Uri Soudak, former Chief Technology Officer of IAI, is still involved with the project here in the U.S.) The Correas and Dr. Harold Aspden, IBM’s former chief of patent operations in Europe (from 1963 to 1983), have provided convincing theoretical explanations, based on concrete experiments with a variety of fundamental phenomena, all of which illuminate how this unsuspected vacuum state energy can be extracted by the PAGD reactor. The advent (possibly in only 2-3 years) of self-sustaining electrical power-generating units in the multi-kilowatt power range appears to be only a matter of gathering a relatively small amount of engineering/scientific development funding, in the low several tens of million dollars range.

Category 3. Environmental energy, i.e. energy from sensible thermal energy (in particular, energy of molecular motion), through significant extensions to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Proceedings of an important scientific conference dealing with this subject gives great insight into this work: Quantum Limits to the Second Law: First International Conference on Quantum Limits to the Second Law (San Diego, CA, July 28-31, 2002), Professor Daniel P. Sheehan, Editor, American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings, #643, 2002. A strong consensus of a significant number of the scientist attendees, as reported by the author, is that it will be possible to make utilitarian machines that convert the thermal energy in the environment to useful work, without a lower temperature reservoir to dump waste heat. This would be in direct contravention of the supposedly sacrosanct Second Law of Thermodynamics. These devices would be nearly perfect “free energy” machines. Accurate simulations of such devices have been carried out and the results published in peer-reviewed journals. Some of the authors predict that such prototype devices could be reduced to small prototype units within five years.

The foregoing brief descriptions of the three categories of New Energy identified so far is only the tip of the iceberg of the verifiable and testable information that is available on these energy sources. It is amenable to critical and precise scientific review. Of course, if the Scientific Establishment trusts only in its textbook theories and if disbelieving people of good will who have the means to move this work forward choose “not to look through the telescope,” the consequences will be that these wondrous technologies will not be developed as rapidly as they could have been otherwise »or they may not be developed at all! This has been and will be a monumental tragedy for virtually every category of human experience, all of which would be transformed by these now apparently “unwanted” discoveries.

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The deeply disturbing human tragedy here, is that several weeks after first writing and sending out this extraordinary document, Dr. Mallove was brutally murdered. On May 14th, 2004 ; while cleaning a vacant rental property belonging to his parents in Norwich, CT…. Dr. Eugene Mallove was beaten to death by unknown assailants. Shortly after the terrible event, the Connecticut authorities announced that a suspect in the murder was apprehended, and a short time later, a second; and the crime was widely reported as being apparently “solved”. However, four years later in 2008… The suspects have not yet stood trial for this crime, and only in June 2008 have the Connecticut prosecutors requested DNA material from the suspects. This can be verified from the below linked “Norwich Bulletin” article dated June 4 2008: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/crime/x1427984682/DNA-tie-sought-in-2004-murder-of-scientist-in-Norwich .

When this investigation is examined at face value with only the facts available to the media, it could appear to look much like a case of the “Usual Suspects”… The two being already incarcerated for unrelated burglaries, and according to the defense lawyer for one of the suspects, the Police have little to accuse the men on but jail-house hearsay and a report from a non-credible witness. Whether there is more evidence unknown to us and being kept from the media by the prosecutors can only be conjectured on (as is often the case with murder investigations). But one thing is certain: In over 4 years there has not been enough evidence collected against these two suspects to bring them to trial. Whether this is in itself evidence of something or someone else being behind it, can only be termed speculation. Nevertheless, despite the lack of any strong evidence either way, there are many in the free energy community who do believe, or at least strongly suspect, that this was the case. However there also many who knew Dr. Mallove personally who do not believe it to be more than a tragic and horrible example of what could be described as being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”… And perhaps another terrible proof of the most hideous aspects of our modern society becoming ever-more apparent.

The author never had the honor to meet Dr. Mallove, but he has spoken with those who did. This was an extraordinary man; one who stood for honesty and accuracy in science, and for creating a better world for all mankind. He is sorely missed by the free energy and LENR communities, by hundreds of his peers and thousands more all over the world. Yet his legacy, and his dream will eventually someday be seen and experienced by all… When the world is finally freed from the chains of fossil fuel. Or, to put in into Dr. Mallove’s own words in the Letter:

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“…A world of abundant, clean, and safe energy from sources that have no centralized geopolitical control.”

Please read the entire Letter linked above; and consider for yourselves if there is a connection: Between his forthright and fearless stance for his convictions; his call for honest scientific study of important world-changing energy technologies…. And the void and silence created by this great man’s tragic death.

But let us all please note that in the end, it is not the controversy or circumstance surrounding his murder that is of prime importance: It is rather the deep loss that his beloved family and friends… And a world he was dedicated to helping… Have endured. A memorial website for Dr. Mallove has been established to celebrate his life: http://www.eugenemallove.org .

Dr. Eugene Mallove left us a legacy that is being built on by many good people of social conscience all over the planet.


The Panacea Concept: Building Our Children A [better] Future

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The Open Source Energy movement has a world-wide base that freely encompasses and embraces many views and opinions. Yet all who work within this movement have a common theme: The promotion, development, and the dissemination of information regarding highly important “new” technologies that could change our world for the better. One of the largest and most successful of the groups within the movement is Panacea-BOCAF, a non-profit organization that was prominently mentioned in the second article in this series as a champion and main developer of the Open Source Rotoverter technology. “RV”, and many other devices / technologies, could save us untold amounts of fossil-fuel produced energy today if widely implemented.

One such technology that is being pursued by Panacea and many others is known as “GEET”. Based on the work of inventor Paul Pantone, a GEET system uses a special “reactor” vessel heated by a modified Diesel or Internal Combustion Engine’s exhaust (and electrically and magnetically “boosted” to create a plasma effect) that allows virtually any organic waste to be broken down and converted in usable fuel. This is then mixed with small-percentage amounts of petroleum-based oils of any type (including waste motor oil) to efficiently fuel Diesel or internal combustion engines… The result is very high “mileage” and very low emissions from the engine (because the special Reactor captures and reuses unspent fuel; with amazingly efficient results).… All by using existing-design engines without too much modification needed. Fun anecdotal stories about using banana peels, orange rinds, catsup and mustard… Nearly anything organic to fuel an engine abound when talking about GEET. This technology has taken some criticism over the last few years, and the inventor was even once imprisoned for problems associated with his investors. Yet there is clear proof that the GEET concept works and would be an excellent alternative to fossil fuels alone; especially for the agricultural sector which has large amounts of organic waste cheaply available. Greatly helped through the efforts of Panacea-BOCAF, there have been over 100 successful reproductions of GEET ; many of them done in France which seems to have embraced the technology more than other countries.

Also mentioned in the below interview is “Hydroxy”: This is the use of “water gas” or “HHO” / Brown’s Gas as fuel created by the disassociation of water into its hydrogen and oxygen components. Hydroxy is now used as a mileage “booster” for conventional fuel; and possibly in the future it will be used alone to power an internal combustion engine on nothing but water. For more on this, see the Panacea site or the author’s previous articles on the subject: http://www.opednews.com/articles/life_a_jibbguy_080524_more_on_brown_s_gas_.htm .

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Is a writer and activist in the field of alternative energy. A partial list of his articles can be seen here (or by Searching OpEd News): http://en.wordpress.com/tag/windisch-steve/ He is also the Admin of The Free Energy Facebook Group, all (more...)

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