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Can We Please Stop Pretending that Christianity is Anti-Socialism? Please? Pt 1

Author 9066
Message Gregory Paul

No one is more expert such as it is than Jay Richards at trying to sweep Christocommunism under the theoeconomic rug. Yet he and Robertson's French and Sekulow fall flat on their faces in their efforts. That should be no surprise. After all, isn't kind of funny how if the capitalist road is the Christian way it did show up until millennia after the Bible was assembled? And if the Judeo-Christian deity truly were pro-libertarian then, rather than the Bible including all that socialist nonsense don't ya think that Acts would read something along the lines of "the wealthier believers righteously used their monies to further increase their fortunes, and all had to provide for themselves to avoid being impoverished. Thusly a few believers were wonderfully bestowed with tremendous treasures, while many had little, but all shared a deep love for the redeemer. For this is the way of the Lord for his flock on earth"? That way the Intelligent Designer would not leave it to a bunch of proDarwin atheists to detail the marvels of full blown capitalism in the 1800s and 1900s.


But wait, there's more. Richards tries to pull off another lulu. He actually tries -- and I'm not making this up -- to deny that Ayn Randian libertarianism has made deep inroads into right wing socioeconomic thinking, including theoconservatism variety. That lie is made absurd by all the Ayn Rand signs that grace Tea Party rallies. He dismisses my evidence of theocon Randism by repeating my list of antisupernaturalist Ayn Randians, such as Penn and Teller and Michael Shermer. But those guys were cited just to show that a number of atheists are members of the Rand movement that has made such inroads into theoconservatism.


Richards says that just because House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan told the Weekly Standard in May 2003 that "I give out Atlas Shrugged as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it" does not establish that the Catholic Republican is deep into Ayn Rand's hyper-individualistic socioeconomic message. Are you serious Jay? Ryan has gone to the trouble of posting web videos that among other things laud her books for being "the kind of writing that is sorely needed," and that contend "Ayn Rand more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism" ( And Ryan does not merely praise Rand, he is a man of Randian action -- the low Federal budget, low taxes for the wealthy, low regulations, anti-union scheme he proposed went a fair way to make her libertarian dreams into national policy. Lutheran Republican Senator Ron Johnson considers Rand' s works "foundational" to his views. Baptist Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul openly admires Rand (, so does his Presbyterian son and new Republican Senator Rand Paul ( Methodist Rush Limbaugh describes Rand as the "brilliant writer and novelist" as he gushes over her promotion of unrestrained self-interest ( And let's not forget David Koch who is as Randian libertarian as they come. Chances are good that he is an atheist -- he funded the Smithsonian's Hall of Human Origins which is all about Darwinian evolution over deep time -- but he has had enormous influence on the Christian right with the vast monies he has poured into theocon causes when he thinks they will aid the overall libertarian project.


Born again presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is a fan of Rand devotee Walter Williams who and I am not making this up thinks that folks should enjoy the freedom to sell off their body parts for money ( Need an arm, anyone? Eurolibertarian guru Ludwig von Mises wrote to Rand about her "masterful" Atlas Shrugged, ending with "I warmly congratulate you" ( Bachmann takes Mises to the beach. While basking in the sun did the Republican congresswoman notice how his pro-libertarian classic Socialism loathes the "utterly negative" teachings of Jesus because Mises thought "the clearest modern parallel to the attitude of complete negation of primitive Christianity is Bolshevism," and "the religion which called itself the religion of love became a religion of hatred" (for more see click here)?


Bachmann follows the man theoconservatives most adore, Ronald Reagan, in esteeming the great libertarian and Pinochet supporter Friedrich Hayek. Although not directly anti-Christian, he was a godless agnostic. And it was Reagan who made the nonreligious groupies of Hayek, Mises and most of all Rand -- Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan -- his key economic advisor and head of the federal Reserve respectively.  


It's not like the great majority of Christoconservatives have to be publicly proud Randian/Miseans for their views to have crucially influenced the economic politics of the Christian right. Not even denouncing the atheistic version of libertarianism as has Richards protects does that. Assume for the sake of discussion that the 19th century inventor of social Darwinism (more accurately social evolutionism because the biologist Darwin was not particularly interested in economics) Herbert Spencer and its 20th century uberpromoters Hayek, Mises and Rand had never existed. Nor anyone else along the same lines. Would political Christoconservatism be backing extreme libertarian economics along with working to ban abortion and discriminating against gays? Not likely.


When the libertarian Tea Party minority that pretty much runs the GOP these days vociferously refuses to compromise their principles in order to promote individual economic liberty and make government inconsequential in American's lives while shouting down and condemning the majority that oppose their extremist positions, they are working right out of the absolutist Randian playbooks Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead and The Virtue of Selfishness. They are not getting it out of the Bible that tells true believers of its words that forming socialist communes is more than fine, and advises them to pay their taxes to authoritarian governments.


Here's what it comes down to. If Richards, French and Sekulow and their ilk are right that the Christian God they suppose created us all thinks that the laissez faire capitalist economics are the best for humanity, then the Intelligent Designer is backing the version of capitalism that comes the closest to replicating the amoral, often brutal bioevolution (that actually created us), and that as all damn well know is driven by healthy doses of greed and lust for the extraneous material stuff that we are genetically programmed (by bioevolutionary natural selection) to crave. To put it another way, God agrees with the God hating Mises and Rand who took the social Darwinism concocted by proevolution Spencer to its secular extreme. Or, Richards et al. are wrong and all the Christocapitalists like himself are in a whole lot of trouble with the God they think they are worshipping in case one exists. Because there is so much pro-socialist language in the Bible including the Christian section, those who claim that socialism is ungodly are literally and obviously committing blasphemy! Being an antisupernaturalist myself either option is fine with me, but the Biblical evidence favors the second option.   


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