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25 Unfounded Myths Being Spread About Bernie

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The only thing we have ever asked for as supporters of Bernie Sanders in this campaign is to have a level playing field to compare Bernie's issues stances, consistency, and track record. As the political revolution continues to build steam, increasingly some Clintonites are really getting aggressive and deliberately spreading myths that need to be debunked. We have hit stage 3 of Gandhi's progression: First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win. Here are the most common myths and why they are wrong. And to my fellow Bernie supporters, remember to take the high road. When confronted with lies and hatred, turn the other cheek and respond with facts and love.

Myth 1: Bernie is too far to the left
Myth 2: Bernie is unelectable
Myth 3: Bernie will split the vote
Myth 4: Bernie doesn't deserve our support because he isn't a Democrat
Myth 5: Bernie can't get any endorsements
Myth 6: Debates don't matter
Myth 7: Clinton won the debate
Myth 8: Bernie is weak on foreign policy
Myth 9: Bernie is a gun nut
Myth 10: Bernie only appeals to progressive white men
Myth 11: Bernie is not strong on LGBTQ issues
Myth 12: Bernie is anti-woman
Myth 13: Bernie is anti-immigrant, anti-Latino
Myth 14: Bernie is racist
Myth 15: Bernie doesn't have enough experience
Myth 16: Bernie's supporters are bad for the party
Myth 17: Clinton is just as progressive as Bernie
Myth 18: Bernie won't be able to work with Congress
Myth 19: Bernie can't get things done
Myth 20: Bernie is too old
Myth 21: Bernie is a Socialist
Myth 22: Bernie is too far behind to catch up
Myth 23: Bernie can't fundraise
Myth 24: Bernie's proposals are too expensive
Myth 25: The campaign is over, Clinton has already won

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