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21st Century Serfs and Slaves

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was criticized on Monday for saying that taxpayer money for contraception would save the states money. "At a time of financial crisis, Nancy Pelosi's solution is to kill future taxpayers," said the American Life League.[1]

Regardless of one's own personal convictions surrounding the question of contraception or even Ms. Pelosi, let us consider the implications of the statement from the American Life League, that of “At a time of financial crisis, Nancy Pelosi's solution is to kill future taxpayers” --- can we ask the question, “Does the American Life League and other conservative organizations regard our children – or the potential children procreated by a society with little or NO access to contraception and family planning information – as nothing more than servants (indentured slaves) condemned to pay for the excesses of the wealthy elite who have systematically gutted the regulatory laws and legislative oversight that would have prevented the economic disaster we now see in the early months of 2009? Apparently, this is exactly the case.

For years, authors and editorial writers who have been largely criticized as delusional paranoids, have echoed the concept that through our society's obliviousness, we have allowed the elite to create a world in which the vast majority of humans are little more that feudal serfs. Serfs that are not the property of royalty as in the days of old, but the indentured servants of the wealthy elite through a global corporate conspiracy. While rational people would dismiss these charges as paranoid conspiracy theories, more and more comments and actions of those commonly referred to as neo-conservatives tend to support these accusations. Case in point, the article and comments first referenced above.

In the forward to her book, The Phenomenon Of The Republican Serf, KimAnn Schultz writes;

I also address a modern-day Serfdom that exists by virtue of its lethargic non-response to the dark side of power. These Serfs have become the bread and butter followers of the authoritarian culture …........... that flourishes in our nation and in the world around us. For authoritarianism to exist in its varying degrees and incarnations, there needs to be an eagerly obeisant segment of society willing and able to lay itself down at the feet of those leaders who have too easily bowed to corruption and self-serving cults of personality. [2]

Is Ms. Schultz correct, is there a obeisant segment of society willing to lay down and pay homage to self proclaimed leaders? Do we allow extremist commentators and leaders of special interest groups from both the far right influence our thinking so much that we blindly accept everything they say as “gospel”? By the silence that comes from ignoring or being oblivious to these extremists are we not complicit in allowing them to influence the minds of others that mindlessly vote their puppets and proxies into high public office? Have these puppets and their masters destroyed the very safeguards and regulatory systems that protected us from becoming subservient citizens instead of free men and women? Sadly, the answer is yes to all questions.

Of course there is the old saw that history often repeats itself, for example consider the following quote;

Today Christians stand at the head of our country. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit. We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press — in short, we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of Liberal excess during the past years.

This statement could have come from any one of dozens of far right leaders, all seeking to energize a conservative base and pull the wool over the eyes of their followers. The statement could have been made anytime in the past several years, but in actuality it is from a speech delivered by Adolf Hitler, circa 1922-39. [3]

A study of history saddens me to realize how such a great people such as those of pre WWII Germany could allow themselves to be duped by a megalomaniac such as Hitler but then again as I look at the current financial catastrophe I am equally saddened by how many in this country have allowed themselves to be duped into following political as well as theological leaders down a path that has lead to the current situation. In their lust to gain and retain numbers, many ministers have delivered sermons that support an idealogical or political stance rather than to deliver sermons that promote faith in God and Christian ideals as taught by Jesus Christ. These well meaning but misguided clerics have contributed to creating a modern day serfdom by failing to abide by the concept of rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's while rendering unto God what is God's.

Reading commentary such as Ms. Shultz's [2] one can see how that not only our ministers but political leaders as well have created a religion of mass consumerism and materialism that in itself makes it's constituency “serfs” those that like sharks in a feeding frenzy blindly run out to the local corporate “big box” store, the local super store, to buy the latest high tech gadget that was mass produced and sold at retail to the masses of serfs at unrealistically high markups. In the last 20 months or so of the first decade of the 21st century our gross domestic product is based on what we buy and spend rather on what we produce as was the standard in the 20th century.

As a minister, I am so saddened to see some of my peers consistently delivering the message that implies that if one does not follow modern day Hitlers then those people are somehow less than Christian and un-American. A message of hate and division that does everything but spiritually uplift the congregation to God but enslaves the congregation as little more than trainable animals, i.e. “sheeple”.

Of course no Christian wants to be labeled as un-Christian nor does any American want to be accused as being un-American, but then again no one should want to be a slave of a global corporate/Christo fascist regime that seeks to reduce America to a third world economy and Americans enslaved to masters that want us to work from the cradle to the grave to support their lavish lifestyles, as well as to reduce our wives and daughters to no more than baby factories whose principle purpose is to create an even larger population of clueless serfs dedicated to supporting the regime.

At 51 years of age, I can remember the time when Protestants openly and relentlessly attacked Catholics (RCC) for the church of Rome's doctrines regarding reproductive health, that as they claimed (Protestants) the RCC was hellbent on world domination through sheer numbers. They (Protestants) claimed that by encouraging their congregations (Catholics) to have large families the Roman Catholics could eventually have control of the world through population numbers. But in the 21st century we see Protestants no longer criticizing the RCC but doing the exact same thing that they (Protestants) once accused the Catholics of.

Through failed reproductive health educational programs we now have in America a demographic of young people that are in the child bearing years that are either uneducated or confused by misconceptions and find themselves in the position of raising large families. And due to a failing public education system and a theological based home and sectarian school system we now have large numbers of children graduating into the adult secular world that can quote the bible front to back (in the case of sectarian educational systems) but yet they have no clue how to think for themselves and many are doomed to mundane jobs wherein they are little more than mindless automatrons that like sheeple follow their “shepherds” without question.

In conclusion, if we are going to be parents we must educate ourselves in all things and then take responsibility for teaching our young to THINK, to develop their minds to be more than something used to play the latest computer based game, their ears for something more than listening to an IPOD. We must also remember the old African adage that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Even for those of us who do not have children or our children are grown adults helping to raise and educate the children of our neighbors, is an act of paying it forward as those children are our future. The babies of today will be our police, fire, medical, political and secterian leaders of tomorrow. We all will be at their mercy so why not instill in them concepts of community, service, love as inculcated by Christ, and not to be as blind “eagerly obeisant segment(s) of society willing and able to lay itself down at the feet of those leaders who have too easily bowed to corruption and self-serving cults of personality, 21st century serfs and slaves

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