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Presidents Day! USA Honors 12 Commanders-in Chief Prosecutable for Wrongful Deaths in 26 Nations

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- George H. W. Bush I was responsible for 100,000 Iraqis retreating from Kuwait, being shot in the back from the air. Among them were may refugees.
- Bush I ordered an invasion of Panama, US forces killing up to a thousand Panamanians.
- Bush I ordered the bombing of beautiful and wealthy Baghdad back a century incomprehensively targeting the understructure of the cities utilities.
- As previously Vice-President under Reagan, Bush was involved in tightened relations with Saddam Hussain. Did Bush, subsequently deliberately lead Iraq into actions that led to war in the Gulf, with the aim of achieving military pre-eminence in the region, and a New World Order founded on the threat and use of American military force? Former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark, who made a 2,000 mile journey through the war-torn Gulf, provides the most convincing evidence yet that this is the case, in his book The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf, a scathing indictment of America's foreign policy leading up to the war, of the war's devastating  human and environmental consequences, and of the Allied war crimes committed during the attack on Iraq.
- Already as Vice-President then as president, Bush I worked toward a corporate U.S. goal to transform Yugoslavia into a Third World region, a cluster of weak right-wing principalities with the following characteristics beginning in ernest after the death of Tito, to make that republic of six nationalities  incapable of charting an independent course of self-development; make its natural resources completely accessible to transnational corporate exploitation, including the enormous mineral wealth in Kosovo; to create an impoverished but literate and skilled pop working at subsistence wages, a cheap  labor pool that would help depress wages in Western Europe and elsewhere; to dismantle petroleum, engineering, mining, fertilizer, pharmaceutical,construction, automotive, and agricultural industries so they no longer offer competition against Western producers; to abolish Yugoslavia's public sector services and social programs, using the same 'shock therapy" imposed on the former Communist countries of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union; to replace the social wage with a neoliberal global free market; eliminating local banks access to Central Banks and IMF sabotaging local production a process that would deliver still greater wealth and power into the hands the speculative investment banking industry led from Wall Street.[6]
- Bush I would have to answer for the crimes committed by CIA while he was Head of the CIA.

- Bill Clinton can be indicted for firing a missile into the metropolitan home of a one-and-half year-old child as part of his sudden killer air strikes on Baghdad's center killing a total of six, including a well known poet immediately after individuals were arrested and only accused of attempting to assassinate former US President George Walker Bush in Kuwait. Further self-indicting himself, President Clinton announced that he ordered precautions to "minimize loss of innocent lives." Twenty-four missiles were fired into a large crowded city and only eight people were reported killed, so apparently the US military succeeded in following his directive.
- Clinton ordered an air strike that destroyed only pharmaceutical factory in all of the Sudan on a CIA report that it also made explosives.
- B Bill Clinton ordered Serbia bombed for 78 days, from 8,000 to 9,0000 or more sorties. More than 500 civilians were killed. Nearly everything was struck, causing massive destruction and disruption; besides known or suspected military sites, power plants, factories, transportation, telecommunications facilities, vital infrastructure, including roads, bridges and rail lines, fuel depots, schools, a TV station, China's Belgrade embassy, hospitals, government offices, churches, historic landmarks, and other targets in cities and villages throughout the country.
- Under "acts injurious to citizens of another country" as crimes against humanity would fall the entrapment of Latin Americans and American workers in further impoverishment with NAFTA, subjugating Haitians to famine producing American "investments' overseeing the economic and CIA pressure to breakup what had been for nearly a half century a pleasant, easy going, non-alined and only lightly and peacefully communist Yugoslavia.[6]

- George Walker Bush ordered what would be a genocidal crime against humanity in bombing, invading, occupying, and destroying whole cities in this oldest of civilizations. He did not even bother to get the okay from the colonial powers subservient UN Security Council, not that that would have affected it being a Nuremberg Principles punishable crime.
- Bush II ordered or okayed a CIA sponsored invasion of Haiti and the kidnapping of its popular priest president, cause many deaths and a chaos that would cost thousands of lives continuing on even today.
-  When, within few weeks after the 9/11 attack, the leaders of the two Pakistani Islamist parties negotiated with Mullah Omar and bin Laden for the latter's extradition to Pakistan to stand trial for the 11 September attacks, Bush let it be known that he refuse the offer himself, on his own, and proceeded to bomb, invade and attempt to occupy and govern the whole nation of Afghanistan under the lie that Afghanis had some thing to do with the Saudi Arabians who had trained in American and suicide themselves flying US captured airliners into the Trade Towers in New York. Saudi Arabians in Afghanistan, including the accused Osama bin Laden, had been brought in, armed and funded by the US. All this is beside the point of any possible justification for an attack on any nation. Bush is guilty of the death of tens thousands of entirely innocent Afghanis.
- Bush II is prosecutable for the great theft of natural resources by US corporations, the imposing phony elections under occupation and protecting a drug lord invested administration by murdering the fighters of the formally de facto recognized Taliban government that defeated the US funded war lords engaged in a cataclysmic civil war after the final defeat of the Kabul government two years after withdrawal of its Soviet ally.

- Barack Obama ordered the destruction of the government of Libya's defense forces as he continued to fund a CIA program, which in coordination with its several branches in European and Middle Eastern nations, was running a phony show of rebellion in the prospering citizenry of the 53rd highest quality of life of all nations on Earth using hired known and experienced terrorists. Obama sought to justify his crimes with the most easily disproven statements and absurd lies, e.g. "Libya has been suffering under Gaddafi for forty years," continuing absurd lies right up to the British and French warplane assisted primitive assassination of the Libya's revolutionary hero and Chairman of the African Union.[7] [8](Obama being so young, it does not seem possible that Obama will escape prosecution and conviction under Nuremberg Principles law.)

- For two bloody years, Obama has mercilessly been having CIA do, with allied secret services in a dozen countries of the Colonial-Neo-colonial powers, the same as it in Syria as it did in Libya, namely funding massacres and even more devastation in Syria. He will soon be unmasked

- If Obama should try to defend record in his Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libyan drone murders of his chosen suspected terrorist besides common law, US laws, the US Constitution and Nuremberg Principle international law the video recording of a presidential candidates debate in which he eagerly was the first to quickly raise his hand in assenting that as President he would not be dismayed from ordering a assassination strike on an important enemy leader even if he knew innocent bystanders would be killed as well. Needless to point out that no one is entitled to murder other, let alone on the pretext that that person might be intending harm to Americans. Obama has fingered for death, even an American religious  minister and his son, not even accused of committing a crime.

- Obama's egotistical use of the first person pronoun in crediting himself with ordering crimes will facilitate his being tried for multiple mass murders and murdering collaterally with undeniable foreknowledge. 

- It seems redundant to list the crimes against peace each of his treats to nuclear bomb Iran, or bomb Korea or Syria.

In addition, most of these presidents have maintained a criminal and life endangering embargoes and crippling sanctions on North Korea, Cuba and Iran. Principle Six of the Nuremberg Principles in describing crimes against humanity includes: "inhumane acts done against any civilian population."
And all twelve presidents it would seem, for one directive or many, must have been involved in the genocide US foreign policy has brought to Somalia, first during the Cold War and thereafter supporting with constant military intervention various war lord governments causing more than a million Somalis to die of starvation in addition to those that died in US backed violence.[9]

Lastly, it best be noted that there are no war crimes involved, since there has not been a war declared since the Second World War. By definition, you can't have a war crime without a war. As Ron Paul has told the nation over and over again on network news programs, all the illegal use of US military in police actions or humanitarian intervention since and including Korea have been unconstitutional and therefor criminal. Martin Luther King said US atrocity wars and covert genocide on three continents since 1945 were meant to maintain unjust predatory investments. Former US Attorney General under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson calls US foreign policy the greatest crime against humanity since those of the Nazis, Japanese and other fascists during World War II, and that justice must eventually be served, punishments allotted, compensation and reparations paid for massive wrongful death, injury, destruction of property and theft of natural resources. And this will make further investment in wars unprofitable and wars inoperable. [10] [11]

So much for honoring war criminals instead of restricting a celebration of Presidents Washington and Lincoln until 1971. As for Americans who carried out the criminal orders of US presidents since 1945, Principle IV states: "The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him".
This principle could be paraphrased as follows: "It is not an acceptable excuse to say 'I was just following my superior's orders'". After the prominent, high profile event of the Nuremberg Trials, that excuse is now referred to by many as "Nuremberg Defense"
As to Americans who did not follow any of these presidents orders,

Principle VII states, "Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law."

Yours truly leaves it un to the reader to decide if he has complicity, he,  being an American citizen has no doubt of his.
End Notes:

1945, September 8 -- US State Department officials, arrive in Korea with the US Army, disband the government of the Korean People's Republic created September 6, in Seoul, by delegates from local peoples' offices from all provinces throughout the peninsula formed when Japan announced intention to surrender (August 10), proceed without any Korean authorization whatsoever, to immediately cut Korea into two parts to be occupied by US and Soviet troops and establishing a military government, flying in from Washington DC (in General MacArthur's private plane), Singman Rhee, to head it; eventually installing him as president of a separate South Korea Government that will include collaborators, and will outlaw all strikes, declare the KPR and all its activities illegal and begin a deadly terror of persecution  of members of the disallowed Korean Peoples Republic, communists, socialists, unionists and anyone against the the partition and demanding an independent Korea.
1946-1949 -- The US in effect declares war on the popular movement of Korea south of the 38th Parallel and sets in motion a repressive campaign dismantling the Peoples' Committees and their supporters throughout the south, becoming massively homicidal as Rhee's special forces and secret police take the lives of some 200,000 men, women and children as documented recently by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up by the National Assembly of the Republic of (South) Korea; on the Island of Cheju alone, within a year, as many as 60,000 of its 300,000 residents are murdered, while another 40,000 fled by sea to nearby Japan some two years before the Koreans from the north invade the South. [Wikipedia]
1950, June 28 -- The US attacks by, air, sea and land, aiming at the southward invading army of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North), which nevertheless unifies the peninsula in five short weeks (except for the US defended port city of Pusan); with little resistance from South Korea's ROK military as most of its soldiers either defect or go home; over the next three years US will commit dozens of high death toll documented atrocities (some recently apologized for) as American planes level to the ground almost every city and town of any appreciable size in the entire peninsula, north and south, in the end threatening to drop the atomic bomb, and be charged with germ warfare by some not easily dismissed sources.
Prosecutable US Crimes against Humanity in Korea | Dissident Voice"
Mar 30, 2013 -

U.S. Nuremberg Trials Prosecutor Would Have Proudly Prosecuted McCain as a War Criminal

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