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Articles by Norma Sherry

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Articles by Norma Sherry

Truth vs. Lies by Norma Sherry

Girls of the Olympics by Norma Sherry  

Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm No More

By Norma Sherry

Michael Badnarik; The Libertarian Candidate for President by Norma Sherry

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Sugar-Free Confections of a Democratic Convention by Norma Sherry


Skewed Vision by Norma Sherry


Eyes Wide Shut; by Norma Sherry if this president has his way, in four more years the America of our youth will be unrecognizable. You know it, I know it, and so does every freedom-loving citizen of the world. For if we do nothing, if all we do is lament what we have lost and what is yet to come, then in the words of George W. Bush himself, "The evil-doers will have won. "

HIPAA Perverted Privacy And Other Assaults Upon Our Civil Liberties by Norma Sherry


Marlon Brando, A Man of Our Times  by Norma Sherry

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One for the Gipper

...And God Said Norma Sherry

Is There Life After Death? by Norma Sherry

Never Again...According to the Gospels by Norma Sherry

Not So Gay Times Norma Sherry

Greenspan's Solution; Cut From Those Who Need It the Most. By Norma Sherry

Where, Oh Where Have All The Jobs Gone? Norma Sherry  

Time is Running Out Norma Sherry

Want a New President in the White House? Six Steps to Help it Happen by Norma Sherry

I Believe Norma Sherry

Watching the HORROR of the Patriot Act: How we Can Make a Difference Norma Sherry

Once Upon a Time in America (Not a Fable) by Norma Sherry

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie;  Outsourcing is Tantamount to Slavery by Norma Sherry


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