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Articles By James Boyne

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Articles By James Boyne

George W. Bush: Would You Hire This Man To Run Your Company? By James Boyne OpEdNews.com

55 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004. by James Boyne

Women Beware:  George Bush Will Strip You Naked of Your Rights By James Boyne

What Will Happen If Bush Wins??? A Satire by James Boyne

Prepare To Live In Terror (A Satire) by James Boyne

Bush's FDA Chief Seeks to Panic America. Warns of Terrorist Drug Tampering.

The W. In George W. Bush Doesn't Stand For "Work".

Bush Seeks to Crush Legal Rights of Patients and Consumers. FDA is Declared Infallible. Millions At Risk of Injury and Death with Nowhere to Turn.

Sex Toys Banned By Federal Court. Another Bush Victory?

12 New Ways Bush Can Protect the Sanctity of Marriage (a satire on the "sanctity of marriage ")

Better Late Than Never ! Pope Apologizes for Sacking Constantinople in 1024 A.D.  

36 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004

Living Sickly, Dying Quickly

I Am A Stem Cell and I 'm Mad As Hell

Whoops ! Billion Dollar Best Selling Cancer Drug Found to Cause Cancer and to Speed Up and Hasten Death

Bush Honors Veterans By Slashing Veteran Affairs Budget by $1 Billion

Bye Bye Canadian Drugs

Bush: The Greatest Liberal of the Century

The War On Drugs (Prescription Drugs for Seniors, That Is ! )

President Bush Awards Saddam Hussein and Iraq Another $120 Billion For A Job Well Done.

2004 ? Bush Will Beat Bush !

The Moon, Mars and Marriage Promotion ???

President Boooosh. We Are "In A Pickle "

The Iraq Exit Strategy! or Why Only Saddam Hussein Can Save Iraq

Better Late Than Never ! Pope Apologizes for Sacking Constantinople in 1204 A.D.

Was I Globalized or Circumcized? (What It 's Really Like To Get Laid Off)

Everything in America To Be Named After Ronald Reagan

A Father 's Day chat between George W. Bush and George HW Bush

Iron Hammer ": Bush and Rumsfeld Attack Targets Department Store By Mistake

So Rush Just Wanted A Rush: Mainstream Media Fail to Challenge Limbaugh Spin on Illegal Drug Buys and Use

President Bush With Lice, Sneaks Out of Sexist Ranch

National Rifle Association Opens Office in Baghdad


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