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Transforming the Middle East

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An Open Letter to Colin Powell and John McCain By Ernest Partridge OpEdNews.com

The as Conceived by Karl Rove by Edith Fletcher OpEdNews.com

Kerry offers hope for an Israel made more dangerous by Bush by Dahlia Scheindlin

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Preemptive, Pie-Hole Policy Not and Option by Sheila Samples OpEdNews.com

Kerry offers hope for an Israel made more dangerous by Bush by Dahlia Scheindlin OpEdNews.com

Bush pre-election October Surprise Strike on Iran 'imminent' By Wayne Madsen

Halloween Bush Bash Mock the soon-to-be-Ex-president with your own Halloween Bush Bash article and photos by Rob Kall

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The Scariest Halloween Ever by Nate House OpEdNews.com

Blaze, America; Igniting a week of truth and healing by Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.com

Demand the Release of the CIA 's 9-11 Report! Bush 's Appointee Porter Goss is Suppressing The Truth to Protect the President. Tell the mainstream media they should be covering this! OpEdNews.com

Bush for Dummies by James Boyne OpEdNews.com

Why Change Horsemen in Mid-Apocalypse? By Anthony Wade Dick Cheney can feign being indignant all he likes. He can sit on his stool in swing states for the next two weeks and pretend that he represents anything other than utter fear and contempt for the intelligence of the American people. At the end of the day, the people are seeing through the lies OpEdNews.com

The Making of the Marlboro Man, 2004 By Robert S. McElvaine OpEdNews.com One presidential candidate was a hockey player; the other was a cheerleader.  One is a combat veteran from a war he tried to stop; the other avoided combat in that same war while being a vigorous cheerleader for it.  Yet it is the cheerleader who is seen by many as the "real man. "    A remarkably similar gender change was performed on Marlboro cigarettes a half century ago; the same marketing techniques have fooled millions of Americans about their president.

Why I Voted for John Kerry by Daniel Alegi Today I voted for John Kerry. By absentee ballot, from Sweden. Here is why.

A Morphogenic Field/ Hundredth Monkey Internet Experiment for Kerry by Sergio D. Caplan OpEdNews.com

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A Gleeful Shallow Throat Reveals  "Rehnquist's Defeat-Bush Memo" (Fantasy) By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.com

527 Groups vs. Republican Radio by Jeffrey Thomas Boutin OpEdNews.com

Bush's "Big Picture" and Baby Poop; by Dr. Gerry Lower seeing Bush's "big picture" only requires looking at the world through eyes that have never had much interest in human rights because of a preoccupation with religion-based political violence in the name of occupation and dominion OpEdNews.com

When the Fiends Cry "Kill" by Sheila Samples OpEdNews.com


News reports, public record contradict 'Willie Horton' ad by right-wing 'move on' group By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

The Truth is Crying... as the media fail America by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

$226 Million in Govt Ads Helped Pave the Way for War by Daniel Forbes OpEdNews.com

Dear Ahnold, You're a Diplomatic Dunce, Not Ready for Primetime by Evan Augustine Peterson III, J.D. OpEdNews.com

Cheney, a "Girlie Man " On Defense by Lonna Gooden Van Horn OpEdNews.com

God Save the Endangered Species Act By KARYN STRICKLER OpEdNews.com

Dangerous Errors SO SAID ATTORNEY General John D. Ashcroft on June 3, 2003, the day Karim Koubriti, Ahmed Hannan and Abdel-Ilah Elmardoudi were convicted in Detroit in the first major terrorism prosecution to follow the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Barely a year later, the department's work on the case looks far from diligent, and it is by no means clear that the government disrupted a terrorist cell Washington Post

Warlords Attacking America: Tom Delay, Karl Rove and Grover Norquist By Sandi Magathan Droubay OpEdNews.com

Border Security by Mary Pitt OpEdNews.com

Is Florida's Mandatory Evacuation a Boiled Frog Step Towards Police State Actions? by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Bush's "nothing" WILL Hold Us Back; By Rob Kall Bill Clinton's signature word, the word that he gave special meaning to, was "is," as in his famous quote, "It depends on the meaning of 'is' is" Perhaps George Bush's signature word will be 'nothing,' as in his re-nomination acceptance speech line that appears to be turning into a stump speech slogan, "Nothing will hold us back." OpEdNews.com

The Reincarnation of Mad King George (the one who fought against the American revolution, and against Democracy.) And king george is still  working on his karma-- though not very successfully by Pam Ladds OpEdNews.com

The Fortunate Son, Day Four of the Republican National Convention by Anthony Wade tearing apart lie after lie, setting the record straight. You need to read this article and forward it to everyone you know OpEdNews.com

New Jersey and Terrorism ... Perfect Together; terrorism is operating in NJ unchecked, and Bush's Justice Dept knows about it. a four part series by Allan Duncan OpEdNews.com

Of Fairy Tale Economics, Hypocrites and Chickenhawk War Profiteers, Day Three of the Republican National Convention by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Ten Nobel Prize Winning Economists Slam Bush 's Policies, Endorse Kerry Lonna Gooden Van Horn OpEdNews.com

Gott Mit Uns: On Bush and Hitler's Rhetoric by Bob Fitrakis OpEdNews.com

Republicans against Liberty by Robert Thompson  OpEdNews.com

Lies: Arnold's Pro-Immigration Speech Did Not Reflect The View Of GOP Conservatives In Power

Bush Wants To Put YOU In Charge by Mary Pitt OpEdNews.com

Bush 's "War on Terror ": No Lack of Imagination by Ivan Eland OpEdNews.com

Swift Boat Veterans for (un) "Truth " have broken the faith and shown themselves to be men of no honor with the distortions and lies they have perpetrated. by Viet Nam Veteran Jack Dalton OpEdNews.com

Prepare To Live In Terror (A Satire) by James Boyne OpEdNews.com

Anthony Wade Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies, Day Two of the Republican National Convention OpEdNews.com

Recent Articles in The Wall Street Journal  Reveal Who the Real "Class Warfarers" Are Charles M. Kelly OpEdNews.com

Republican Priorities- Wal-Mart Reveals, New York Conceals by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.com

Progressivism: Transcending Liberalism and Conservatism by Gerry Lower OpEdNews.com

Voice For Change Tour Won 't Let Bush Boss Them Around by Larry Atkins OpEdNews.com

GWB's Speech, Sorta; A preview of George W. Bush's acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. by Stan Sinberg

Senator Kerry, Prepare for your Moment of Truth by Roger Smith OpEdNews.com

Day One at the Republican National Convention: Rhetoric, Lies, and Videotape,  by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Bush 's "War on Terror ": No Lack of Imagination by Ivan Eland OpEdNews.com

Standing up to Grand Oil Party in Historic March was the Right Thing to Do by Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

A SELF-TERRORIZING COUNTRY by Patrick Gunkel OpEdNews.com

Building on Fear and Hatred by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.com

Rob Kall: Keeping Truth Alive: Preventing Voluntary Ignorance and Brainwashed Minds OpEdNews.com

Healthcare Ownership: BushWorld's Delusion to Curb Healthcare Costs by Terry B. Brauer OpEdNews.com

Kerry is Correct, Bush Campaign is Lying about 'Swift Boat' Vets by Mike Hersh OpEdNews.com

Bush's real life game of risk. By Michael St. Jacques OpEdNews.com

Is the Swift Boat Hoax Backfire Beginning? By Jules Siegel OpEdNews.com


Truth vs. Lies by Norma Sherry  OpEdNews.com

The Calm Before the Storm; the NYC Republican Convention By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com Devolve This! by Joel Rogers Progressives urgently need a strategy to take back the states from the GOP.

"The Deafening Silence of the Religious Right" by Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.com

Real Democracy is coming soon to a country near you By Bill Conroy OpEdNews.com

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Etc.

By James Boyne OpEdNews.com

What Would Machiavelli Do? The Big Lie Lives On by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.com

Fellow swift-boat captain recounts events that led to Kerry 's Silver Star

Is Bush Decisive or an Impulsive, Dysfunctional ADDer? by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Whining Republicans Out Fund-Raised By 527 Orgs, are Using their Old Barb-- Emotional Instability Accusations By Rob Kall

The "G" Word. Right Wingers Bash "Big Government" Because They don't Get the idea of Good Government. Matter of fact, they not only don't get it, they can't do it. by Jesse Lee OpEdNews.com

How The Media Failed the People in the Run-Up to War Lonna Gooden VanHorn

The Fiscal Shilling of America; By Alex Hamilton The Bush campaign phrase "Strong and Getting Stronger " seems more and more like a proper description of the suction of the staggering national debt rather than a sunny description of an improving economy.  OpEdNews.com

A Bush "Ask the President," Stump "show" Annotated and Analyzed  By Anthony Wade At his scripted Events where Only card carrying fascists and the brainwashed may attend, Bush does not deal in the details because the details are against him. I used to think that George Bush didn 't get it. When you look at the disconnect, the arrogance and the lies, you just feel that he does not get it. After this piece, I realized that he does get it, he just can 't sell it. When your entire presidency is a scam you are in a tough spot. When you have gutted the environment, education, and our respect in this world, you honestly do not have much to run on. OpEdNews.com

To Judy Woodruff, CNN, and all other broadcast news outlets; As a group today 's journalists are either woefully ignorant, or they have become incredibly lazy. by Lonna Gooden VanHorn OpEdNews.com

Girls of the Olympics by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

'When ya gettin' rid of him?' by Mark Seddon Tony Blair has become an embarrassment to Labour's natural allies across the Atlantic - the Democrats.

Republicans, You're Not Welcome In New York by Sandra Nicholas...beware, you delegates of the neofascist junta...   Ask me for help and I'll take enormous pleasure in misdirecting you.    Go back home. We don 't want you here. Get your circus over with quickly and get the hell out. OpEdNews.com

 How Dick Cheney Got Away With $35 Million Right Before the Govt Launched a Probe into Halliburton by Jason Leopold OpEdNews.com

More Random Observations By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn Are Big Fat Stinking Media Whores; They Try to Make Good Kerry News Look Weak Becky Burgwin

Seeing the Olympians Through the Political Haze By Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Boots and Flags, by Randolph T. Holhut
Cheney Speaks to the Reptile Brain
by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.com

Will Bob Dylan Portend the Election of 2004 By Steve Consilvio

The W. in George W. Doesn 't Stand for "Work "... By James Boyne OpEdNews.com

Suckers for Jesus by Ernest Partridge OpEdNews.com

The Olympics as Nationalist Theater By Isaac Souweine  The Olympics pitches itself as a two-week suspension of politics in the name of "universal morality". In truth, the Olympics have been since their inception a crucial arena for the contestation and consolidation of nationalist politics in all of its many forms.

Beat the Press; by Air America co-founder Sheldon Drobny American is being terrorized everyday by the corporate media... .  People who are upset with these media giants have to stop watching them until they change. ...  Let 's organize and pick a week to stop watching the networks. OpEdNews.com

DiCK CHENEY, HUGO CHAVEZ AND BILL CLINTON'S BAND Why Venezuela has Voted Again for Their 'Negro e Indio' President by Greg Palast OpEdNews.com

The Military Criminal Revealed.

Michael St. Jacques OpEdNews.com

Revolt of the Press Corps Bush 's Bogus "Ask the President" events draw press scorn.

The Sinking Value of the Wal-Mart  Experience by Stephen Crockett 


How Can Right Wingers Destroy the US Economy? Let Me Count the Ways.  by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Different Limbaugh, Same Hypocrisy In His Attack on John Kerry With the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Jim McGreevy; America's First Governor To Come Out of the Closet by Constance Lavender OpEdNews.com

Blaming the Victim (satire) By Stan Sinberg OpEdNews.com

Interview with Greg Palast: Don't Depend on Politicians to Defend Democracy: The biggest threats to the vote, what Greg is doing and what needs to be done in every state, and in the high risk states he identifies. Interview by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

What Do You Mean We Need a Movement? by David Swanson OpEdNews.com

Michael Badnarik; The Libertarian Candidate for President by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

The World Is Waiting For Americans to Take Back America, To Rescue Her. Rob Kall (an OpEdNews.com classic)

Does America Deserve to Be Hated?
By Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.com

Bush 's FDA Chief Seeks to Panic America . Warnings of Terrorist Drug Tampering By James Boyne OpEdNews.com

The Fruit Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree when It comes to GeeDubya Leutisha Stills, The Christian Liberal OpEdNews.com

Republicans and Racism in Tennessee by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.com

Lawful Resistance to Occupation in Najaf by Marjorie Cohn OpEdNews.com

Worry About Tort Reform, Not Trial Lawyers by Larry Atkins OpEdNews.com

Ending Terror: A Policy for the Middle East by Peter Cohen OpEdNews.com

With Bush, Perception is Everything by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Media Failure 101; By Rob Kall Start Flunking Network "journalists" who Give Right Wingers who lie and distort a pass. OpEdNews.com

Bush breaks environmental promise Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

An Open Letter of Conscience and Choice To All Spiritual, Metaphysical, Yoga, and Meditation Communities by Robert Rabbin, Stephen Mitchell, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Dan Millman, Riane Eisler, Tom Hayden, et al. OpEdNews.com

VENEZUELA FLORIDATED; Will The Gang That Fixed Florida Fix the Vote in Caracas this Sunday? by Greg Palast OpEdNews.com

The American Media is a Disgrace ...With One Notable Exception by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com

The Tyrannous Whims of Government By Elaine Cassel OpEdNews.com

Cue the Fear by Patricia Ernest, OpEdNews.com

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots by Ray McGovern OpEdNews.com

Ralph Nader: Let The Voter Beware by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.com

Democracy, Torture, Politicizing Terror,  Tears for an Emblematic GI Tragedy... a Day in the Life of a Caring American by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Did they send a wagon for the bodies? by Steve Consilvio OpEdNews.com

Bush's AWOL Scandal: Let's Break Through the Media Barrier By Bernie Weiner OpEdNews.com

An Open Letter to CNN by Sheila Samples OpEdNews.com

Richard Nixon & Those SmearBoatWeaselsforLies (swift boat veterans for truth) - And an open letter to the President by Keith Krebs OpEdNews.com

Five Tough Questions for Mr. Bush by Alex Hamilton OpEdNews.com

When Silence is Torture; By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com If there was ever an example of a complicit media, we need to look no further than the ongoing, yet dreadfully silent subject of the torture scandal.

Our Bards Are Back by Cathy Pagano & Jonathan Shippee OpEdNews.com

Who is the best flip-flopper? It's not Kerry, it's Bush' By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

What If We Practiced What They Preached and Made the Golden Rule the Golden Ruler? By Swami Beyondananda OpEdNews.com

The Ultimate Answer to "Security" Problems, by Mary Pitt


Kerry's Post War Conduct is a Perfect Model of American Values By Vivek Thuppil OpEdNews.com

Talking Politics with People Unlike Ourselves by Wade Hudson OpEdNews.com

Protect Sharon From the Right Extremist Israeli Fundamentalists would kill Sharon if he Tore Down Settlements OpEdNews.com

Reaching Beyond the Choir; Progressives Connecting with the Mainstream By Wade Hudson OpEdNews.com

Covering the Campaign as a Religion Writer; No one wants to ask "What would Jesus Do?" on the campaign trail... By Bob Smietana OpEdNews.com

It's the Snicker, Stupid by Will Declan when George Bush directs his derisive laugh at you, his audience is left with no choice but to believe that "his opponent " is a loser. OpEdNews.com The 9/11 Commission & Civil Liberties: "We Need an American Secret Police" By Mike Whitney OpEdNews.com  

Bush Ignites Fear. Osama Bin Laden Yawns. "Fresh " Intelligence Is Three Years Old. By James Boyne OpEdNews.com  

To Win, Democrats Must Be Bold and Think Big By Randolph T. Holhut OpEdNews.com  

Bush's Cruel God Re-visited by Robert Thompson  

Signature Achievements of George W. Bush; a presidency that will go down in infamy by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com  

Playing Russian Roulette With American's Emotions by Patricia Ernest

The Fight Against Despair by Robert Thompson  

Republicans Sabotaged Clinton's Anti-Terror Efforts by Mike Hersh OpEdNews.com 

 9/11 Commission Chimera; by Ray McGovern Warning: Intelligence and politics do not mix well. Congressionally mandated commissions often do more harm-- serious harm-- than good. OpEdNews.com  

Sugar-Free Confections of a Democratic Convention by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com

Letter From Sibel Edmonds to the 9/11 Commission OpEdNews.Com I find your report seriously flawed in its failure to address serious intelligence issues that I am aware of, which have been confirmed, and which as a witness to the commission, I made you aware of. Thus, I must assume that other serious issues that I am not aware of were in the same manner omitted from your report. These omissions cast doubt on the validity of your report and therefore on its conclusions and recommendations

The Resurrection of The Archangel of Darkness; Richard Mellon Scaife. Tales from the Twilight Zone-August  by Becky Burgwin

Terrorist Warnings Just Another Way Bush Will Steal Election by Jason Leopold OpEdNews.com

Who Was Responsible for 9/11 by Mary Pitt OpEdNews.com

The O'Reilly Sphincter Factor; We Deride, You Decide by Stan Sinberg OpEdNews.com

Back to Mr Bush's "Crusade" by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.com

Bush 's True Aim On Guns by Stephen Young OpEdNews.com

Bush Seeks to Crush Legal Rights of Patients and Consumers. FDA is Declared Infallible. Millions At Risk of Injury and Death with Nowhere to Turn.By James Boyne OpEdNews.com

Learn from my mistake: Don't throw your vote away by supporting Nader By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

All Bush Has to Sell, Is Fear Itself By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com Strength and Wisdom are Not Opposing Values By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Random Thoughts from the Democratic National Convention Week By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com   

My Plea to John Kerry: Stand Up for the Progressive Agenda that the Majority of America Already Agrees With By Michael Moore, at the Take Back America Rally, during the Democratic Convention OpEdNews.com

FEEL-GOOD SPEAK; Cheney this BY Congressman Barney Frank, 4th District, Massachusetts OpEdNews.com

Victory in Iraq/Victory at Home: the September Surprise Philip Akre OpEdNews.com

Can Kerry Handle the 'God Gap'? by Eleanor Clift

Cuckolded by Bush by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com 

Skewed Vision by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

I Know You Are But What Am I? The Right Wing Media By Sheila Samples OpEdNews.com


Some Thoughts On Our Bush-Induced Nightmare Allen Snyder OpEdNews.com

AP Story Giving Bush Electoral Lead Is Faulty Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Junk Journalism, The Case Against Sean Hannity By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com I Have Two Words for the American Media-SHOVE IT Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com

Be Nice to the Bushies? Surely the DNC Jests by Patricia Foster OpEdNews.com

Fear of Fraud by Paul Krugman Without independent audits of voting-machine results, this election could be a worse fiasco than the last.

Sudan & a Silent Genocide -- the case for immediate intervention. by Richard Sloane The failure of the west & the international community as a whole to intervene to stop the killing Sudan speaks volumes about our compassion for and willingness to assist others. OpEdNews.Com

Sorry Ralph, I'll Follow Kucinich to Kerry By David Swanson OpEdNews.com

When the Law Goes Flat by Ernest Partridge OpEdNews.com  

Fahrenheit 9/11: Take It Or Leave It  by Jeff B. Flinn OpEdNews.com

A Little Perspective By Michael Moore OpEdNews.com

Why Aren't Americans Happy? By David Swanson OpEdNews.com

Osama Endorses Bush! By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

How to Handle Nader By Steven Hill and Rob Richie OpEdNews.com

Terrorists Attacks in October; Bush Can't Wait and the spinmeisters have already started by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Granny's Political Facts of Life by Mary Pitt OpEdNews.com

SE PA Incumbent Congressional Slot May Be Vacated, Leaving it Highly Vulnerable to Democratic Win by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

The 21st Century White Man 's Burden
By Pete Rottier

Learning from George & Martha: The Art of Slip-Sliding By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

Open Letter to my fellow Catholics in the U.S.A. from Robert Thompson OpEdNews.Com

Black Americans Discovered By Democratic Party Kerry Mentions the 'D' Word by Greg Palast www.OpEdNews.com

Two of The Largest Unions Support Immediate Iraq Troop Withdrawal and Mainstream Media Blackout the News By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

The Bush Administration 's War on Women & Children by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

Apocalypse Now; Why the Book of Revelations is Must Reading by Gary Leupp OpEdNews.Com

Election Season Terror Alert Chart by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

Bush's Politics of Fear by Allen Roland, Ph.D. OpEdNews.com

What's With McCain, and What Job Has Bush Offered Him? By Sandi Magathan Droubay OpEdNews.Com

Cheney's Gonna Go by Patricia Foster OpEdNews.Com

Does The Truth Matter To You Any More? Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

State Law:  Killed-- For Turning 21 and Being Disabled by Nick Dupree OpEdNews.Com

Outfoxed, The Movie; Showing FOX for the Extreme Right Wing Propaganda Arm of the Bush White House that it is By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

Eyes Wide Shut; by Norma Sherry if this president has his way, in four more years the America of our youth will be unrecognizable. You know it, I know it, and so does every freedom-loving citizen of the world. For if we do nothing, if all we do is lament what we have lost and what is yet to come, then in the words of George W. Bush himself, "The evil-doers will have won. " OpEdNews.Com

Sept 6 2004 archived

12 New Ways Bush Can Protect the Sanctity of Marriage (a satire on the "sanctity of marriage ") by James Boyne OpEdNews.Com

Who is Mr George W. Bush? by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.com

Fasting to Atone for Abu Ghraib; We Must Be the Change We Wish to See. " Mahatma Gandhi. By Becky Burgwin  Attorney with MS fasts outside of the Pittsburgh Federal Building to share responsibility for atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib prison in the name of all Americans.

Bush the Pimp, and his Whores. By Rob Kall

Yo, George W. Bush and your sleazy, divisive, prostitute mouthpieces and strategists... you want to talk about character and integrity, about values... We're ready. Bring it on! OpEdNews.Com


Suspending, Not Postponing Elections;  It COULD Happen Here; Over My Dead Body by Rob Kall  OpEdNews.Com

Fox Doesn't Want You To See This Movie; a review of OutFoxed (part one)by Anthony Wade This is a MUST-SEE movie. OpEdNews.Com

Even Republicans and military members applaud 'Fahrenheit 9/11 ' By Kevin J. Shay OpEdNews.Com

Radiation in Iraq equals 250,000 Nagasaki bombs By Bob Nichols OpEdNews.Com

The Pledge, Part II: Time For It To Go by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Outfoxed at the News Conference  

By Anthony Wade  OpEdNews.Com

Guess Who's Going to Dinner with Diebold, Sequoia, and Electronic ES&S? The Groups Responsible for Insuring Electronic Votes Are Secure. by Amanda Lang OpEdNews.Com

Machine at Work by Paul Krugman The collapse of Enron has revealed how strong the ties are between corporations and the Republican hard-liners.

How the Press Betrays People, Betrays America By Mike Hersh OpEdNews.Com

Most Serious Warning Ever by Richard Maybury, Publisher, Early Warning Report  Nearly everyone in history who has seen his country slide into oppression tells essentially the same story about how he ended up in chains. He saw the warning signs, but did not speak out when he could, and then it was too late.  Clearly, the warning signs are here. Each of us has three choices. OpEdNews.Com

HIPAA Perverted Privacy And Other Assaults Upon Our Civil Liberties by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com

Shame on McCain, He's Sold His Soul by Thomas F. Schaller OpEdNews.Com

Dick-less Bush Could Fare Better without his Big Dick by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

How many Neocons does it take to replace Blondes, rednecks or ethnics in a joke, to screw in a lightbulb, or screw up a country? By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com



Another Bush Lie About Iraq: Saddam Didn't Mass Murder His People with Gas. But is it Worse than that? How Deep Does the Republican-Iran Connection Go? by Rob Kall Did republicans use their Iran connection to manipulate the 2002 election and are they using it now, to influence the 2004 presidential contest?  OpEdNews.Com


How To Respond to Victims of Anti-Fahrenheit 9/11 Propaganda by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Talking To Veterans About Kerry OpEdNews.Com

So this is what they call the new, 'free' Iraq by Robert Fisk In his last hours as US proconsul in Baghdad, Paul Bremer decided to tighten up some of the laws that his occupation authority had placed across the land of Iraq.

GAO: Iraq Worse Off Now Than Before U.S. Invasion Electricity, country-wide security and the legal/judicial system were among the key areas cited by the bi-partisan investigative arm of Congress.

The New Veep? Surprise Us, Senator! By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

AND THE FEAR SHALL SET YOU FREE; Bush's use of fear and the big lie stands on the shoulders of Goebels and other fascists By Frank Pitz OpEdNews.Com  

Are we the land of the free, or the land of the apathetic?  by Michael Allen OpEdNews.Com

How Many Lies Can Christopher Hitchens Tell? By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

Better Late Than Never ! Pope Apologizes for Sacking Constantinople in 1024 A.D.   By James Boyne OpEdNews.Com

Good for Each, Bad for All; That's reality. Good for each, good for all is a bogus right wing fraud Ernest Partridge OpEdNews.Com

Marlon Brando, A Man of Our Times  by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com

Democrats Not As Alone As They Think; But Fear of Bush Revenge Runs Deep By David Swanson OpEdNews.com

THE TELEPATH, RE: "Saddam's 'defeated' body language" by Patrick Gunkel OpEdNews.Com

United States Cuba Policy; Time For A Reality Check; Republicans Sell Out Cuban Family Values to Placate Extreme Right-Wingers By Tony Martinez, Esq. OpEdNews.com

"The Dumbest People on the Planet"
Dr. Gerry Lower, Keystone, South Dakota OpEdNews.com

"Baghdad Bug Out" Sort of Dien Bien Phu with sand.....  It will not be pretty. Conquest in reverse never is. by Douglas O'Rourke OpEdNews.com Like a thief in the night, Bush proconsul L. Paul Bremer disappeared from Baghdad two days early. Mr. Bremer, who used to work for Henry Kissinger's lies-for-hire firm, was very upbeat to the end. Iraqi Democracy was going so well this week, Mr. Bremer only needed four armored SUV's, two Bradley fighting vehicles, a dozen heavily armed body guards, fifty troops, and two helicopter gunships overhead to drive out to the airport. At some point, just like Mr. Bremer, all the Americans will have to retreat from Iraq.

A Reporter Finally Stands Up To Bush... No, sorry, not an American; So he files a complaint with her embassy and cancels another, already scheduled interview with Laura Bush... What a surprise! By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.com

Ashcroft: The Boy Who Cried "Terrorist! "  Greg Weiher OpEdNews.com

Moore and More is Needed; What to Do, What to Read AFTER You've Seen the Movie Fahrenheit 9/11 By David Swanson OpEdNews.com

Bush 's Heavy Burden of Lies by D.A. Blyler  OpEdNews.com

Evidence of rightwing mass media bias abounds. The media almost universally endorsed Bush's rush to war, and every rush to war, by echoing lies to rally public support for war - and demonizing or ignoring opponents. This applies to every important political and economic issue. by Mike Hersh OpEdNews.com

Cheney 's Foul Mouth and Republican Values by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.com

Missing the Direction By Anthony Wade


Fahrenheit 9/11: Why the Far Right is Trying to Keep Americans From Seeing It and the Lies, Frauds and Deceptions They're Using By Anthony Wade  OpEdNews.com

F___ YOU, Dick! by Frank Pitz


America is Alive and Well (Thanks to Michael Moore.) by Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.com

Meria Heller: Farenheit 911 Proves ALL my Guests right!  by Meria Heller OpEdNews.com

Fahrenheit 9-11: The Temperature at Which Freedom Burns Meryl Ann Butler OpEdNews.com

Cheney & Bush hypocritically and regularly cuss up a storm as they pretend to be angelic Christians to grab Religious Right vote; Green Party speakers make sense By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

Mr George W. Bush's Cruel God by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.com

The Bishops vs. the Bible By GARRY WILLS
Bishops have no special mandate from their office to supplant the individual conscience with some divine imperative. And the bible does not, anywhere specifically prohibit abortion. It's a papal political thing.

Rousing the US public Out of Paralysis with Fahrenheit 9/11 by Daniel Patrick Welch


ENOUGH , NO MORE ! by Allen Roland, Ph.D. (warning photo of decapitation) OpEdNews.com

Politics Is Not A Spectator Sport  By Randolph T. Holhut OpEdNews.com

Are You Safer Today Than You Were Four Years Ago? by Pete Rottier OpEdNews.com

You Will Burn in Hell Forever, Unless....  By Sandi Magathan Droubay OpEdNews.com

Do You Feel Safer Than You Did Four Years Ago? Under Bush, and the Republican Party,  Your Security is the Worse it's Been In  a Generation. Could This Phrase Be Kerry's Bush-Toppler? by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Presidential Elections Should Be for All of Us By Rob Richie and Steven Hill OpEdNews.Com

A Progressive Declaration Against Terror by Mark Engler  OpEdNews.com

Mid July Archive 2004

Lying About Lay; Bush's Chronic Lying is Becoming his Signature Trait by Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

Senate "Report" White-Washes "Bad Intelligence" Story for the White House; Former CIA Director Tenet Set Up as "Patsy" as Media Ignore Real Culprits. By Mike Hersh OpEdNews.Com

Christians, Capitalism, and Corruption; The Religious Right, Multinationals and the Bush/Cheney Administration are all in bed together, but who 's getting screwed ... .... By Sandi Magathan Droubay OpEdNews.Com

GIVE IT BACK, GEORGE: THE LAY LOOT THAT BOUGHT WHITE HOUSE Bush and Republicans Should Give Up Ill-Gotten Gains by Greg Palast OpEdNews.Com

Deception; Desperate Right Wing Attacks on Fahrenheit 9/11; by Anthony Wade If you pile up enough excrement in front of something, you may block the view, but the fact is it's still just sh*t blocking the view. OpEdNews.Com

Tales from the Twilight Zone-July by Becky Burgwin adding Edwards, Scooter's Escapades, media malfeasance, the elephant in the living room...

Dear America Where is our next great president? by A.J. Ward OpEdNews.Com

Michael Moore, and the Need for More Subjectivity in Journalism By Randolph T. Holhut OpEdNews.Com

Fahrenheit 9/11 Turns Up The Heat on Bush, but Can it Sway Swing Voters? Larry Atkins OpEdNews.Com


Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Great Asymmetry

by Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D. OpEdNews.com

The Vatican 's Condemnation of Gay Marriage: Another Galileo Case in the Making? by Dr. Matthew Fox OpEdNews.Com

Scrooge & Marley, Inc. -- The True Conservative Agenda by Thom Hartmann


I Am A Stem Cell and I 'm Mad As Hell By James Boyne OpEdNews.Com




No Other Way To Say This: Torture Memos Reveal Fascist Mentality By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com


Tell Me More about the Workers of Nasiriyah Who Refused to Make Way for War

By Greg Moses  OpEdNews.Com


Shut the Hell Up by Anthony Wade George, Dick, if all you're going to do is lie, we don't want to hear it anymore. OpEdNews.Com

Archived July 16

A Father 's Day chat  between George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush By James Boyne  OpEdNews.Com

Kerry Must Stress American Ideals Over Bush's Vision of a Cruel God by David Rozelle OpEdNews.Com "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man," Paine reminds us. It also makes for a cruel nation. To defeat George W. Bush, we must defeat his god as well.


Collective Amnesia or Collective Alzheimer's: America 'Remembers' Ronald Reagan by Paul Douglas Newman OpEdNews.Com

ASHES TO ASHES DUST TO DUST; In death, the mem or y of Ronald Reagan was exploited by a media anxious to sc or e Republican points against the sagging image of George W. Bush in the polls By Teresa Simon-Noble OpEdNews.Com


REAGAN REFLUX;  Are You Suffering from a Gagging, Burning Sensation in the Back of Your Throat? Take some Prilosec and Read On!!!! By Sandi Magathan  Droubay OpEdNews.Com


Brother Ronnie, Can You Spare A Dime? by Frank Pitz OpEdNews.Com


Christians are in Denial about GeeDubya While Trying to Deify Reagan by Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com


Lemmings to the Front! by Jon Faulkner OpEdNews.Com Bush and Co have no intention of giving up power just because a few voters want them to. There were millions of protesters against the invasion of Iraq and he dismissed them as "focus groups. "


The Latest Report of WMDs; A SOP TO IGNORANCE AND MALFEASANCE by Patrick Gunkel OpEdNews.Com

The Reagan Penny by Gerry Lower

Tell Me More about the Workers of Nasiriyah Who Refused to Make Way for War

By Greg Moses OpEdNews.Com

Everything in America To Be Named After Ronald Reagan By James Boyne



Henry and George; Shakespeare and Bush By Ernest Partridge OpEdNews.Com



Impeaching Unstable Presidents? by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Bush's 2004 Scandals for Dummies By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

Republican Leadership Ready to Attack Our Civil Liberties Again by Wayne A Lewis OpEdNews.Com

The Betrayal of Smarty Jones Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

Deadly Sinful Bush Is No Christian  

by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Looking for heroes; Why There's No Liberal Ronald Reagan by Paul Waldman OpEdNews.Com


One for the Gipper by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com


The Vulnerable Giant By Ernest Partridge


Jobs, Jobs Everywhere and Not a Job to Find

by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com


Tales from the Twilight Zone-June Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.Com (I don 't know about you but I think Bush could behead John Kerry on TV and still get elected.)


Take Back America Conference provides another glimmer of hope against GilLIESpie and other Republican propagandists Reagan should NOT be on Mount Rushmore By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

Reagan Redux By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

Killer, Coward, ConMan- Good Riddance Ronnie Reagan; More Proof Only the Good Die Young by Greg Palast OpEdNews.Com

Fried Rice; Condoleeza, That is By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com What in the world has Condoleezza Rice been putting in her kool-aid? Today she has stated that President Bush will one day be considered in the same breath as the largest diplomatic figures of the last 100 years, including Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.... With all due respect Ms. Rice, this may very well be one the worst Presidencies in the history of America. This President has ruined our economy, destroyed the environment, and led us down the deadly path to war, for profiteering. If he was Democratic, the Republican Congress would have impeached him already.

Shortchanging Our Nations Brave: Bush's Empty Handshake to Veterans for Services Rendered By Vincent L. Guarisco OpEdNews.Com Our heroes, both dead and alive, deserve more than a commander-in-chief who is little more than a village idiot swaggering up to arrogantly lecture them about courage, honor and sacrifice! Empty words spoken without substance, uttered by a foolish coward who never risked anything a single day in his entire pampered life.

Bush Honors Veterans By Slashing Veteran Affairs Budget by $1 Billion by James Boyne OpEdNews.Com

George Cannot Tell the Truth Bush-- The Whitehouse's Worst Liar Ever By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

The Choice This Year Is Between Empire and Democracy by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.Com

Dennis Was Right, Is Right, and Shall Be Right; Shouldn't have gone in, gotta get out of Iraq By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

The Christian Assault on Freedom and Christianity By Steve Consilvio OpEdNews.Com

WHO BUSH ANSWERS TO; He answers to a 'higher authority' and the millions of Americans who believe he is the 'annointed one' or  the long awaited 'divine Warrior' Allen L Roland , Ph.D OpEdNews.com

In Line for the Rapture; By Rick Perlstein we're not supposed to know the National Security Council's top Middle East aide consults with apocalyptic Christians eager to ensure American policy on Israel conforms with their sectarian doomsday scenarios. OpEdNews.com


Thirty Minutes of Dead Air Time: Bush's Five Point Plan Speech by Wayne A Lewis OpEdNews.Com


The Real WMD ™:  Willful Mass Denial

by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Bush and the Oil Industry Traitors  by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

If The Votes Had Been Counted Correctly in 2000 Mike Curtis Buzzflash

The Bush Orthodoxy Neocon Cabal is in Shreds by Sidney Blumenthal Guardian

No, The President 's War College Speech was Not More of the Same; And His Pledge to Destroy Abu Ghraib Prison was a Filthy Mislead  By Greg Moses OpEdNews.Com 

Be All You Can Be and Other Great American Slogans by Frank Ahearn OpEdNews.Com

Al Gore  Finally Talks Tought Truth: "How dare the incompetent and willful members of this Bush/Cheney Administration humiliate our nation and our people in the eyes of the world and in the conscience of our own people. How dare they subject us to such dishonor and disgrace. How dare they drag the good name of the United States of America through the mud of Saddam Hussein's torture prison.

The Dark Art of Interrogation by Mark Bowden The Atlantic  The most effective way to gather intelligence and thwart terrorism can also be a direct route into morally repugnant terrain. A survey of the landscape of persuasion

Blow Up That Damn Prison! Arthur Ruger OpEdNews.Com

Bush News Du Jour; America is Committing War Crimes in Iraq By Brian Cloughley OpEdNews.Com

BUSH and company:  Incompetent Incompetent, Incompetent..... by Jesse Lee OpEdNews.Com


It 's Armageddon time; Bush and his loyal Christian fundamentalists want you to have a front row seat! (Whether you want one or not).  By Sandi Magathan Droubay M.A  




Enough Already; Of Right Wing Cowardly Vultures Hiding Behind American Soldiers By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

Bush doesn 't play fair; His tactics are not consistent with democracy. by Paul Willett OpEdNews.Com

The Iraq Exit Strategy! or Why Only Saddam  Hussein Can Save Iraq and the USA ! A Satire (or is it?) by James Boyne OpEdNews.Com

HOW TO BEAT BUSH; A 10 Point Plan by Stan Sinberg OpEdNews.Com

Where are all our Artists? Their Stories, Music, Visions that speak to our times?  Where is the music of protest?  Where are the stories of hope?  Who or what has silenced our artists at this time in our history?  By Cathy Pagano OpEdNews.Com


The Liberal Media; Communist News Networks by Michael Arvey, OpEdNews.Com


Using  the Patriotism Reflex to Keep the "War on Terror" Alive by Jonathan Light OpEdNews.Com


Right Wing Values by Jon Faulkner; In a consumer based, material society, the end always justifies the means. It 's O.K. to lie, cheat, steal and kill because material accumulation and possession become indistinguishable from virtue. OpEdNews.Com

State Dept. Report: We're Losing the War on Terrorism

Impeach the SOB; Damn the Republicans-Full Speed Ahead! by Daniel Welch OpEdNews.Com

Liberal Talk Radio - Let The Water Cooler Wars Begin by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.Com

The Last Holdout by Allen L. Roland, Ph.D. OpEdNews.Com We are the last holdout . The world is making a shift in consciousness and we resist it at our peril. Spain has embraced the power of the people and thrown out a government that purposely mislead them. India, the world's largest democracy, has thrown the governing party out of office because they ignored the poor and destitute in their race towards wealth.
Is there a lesson here ?


ABDICATED RESPONSIBILITY  by Frank Pitz OpEdNews.Com Just when was it that we abandoned our collective and individual responsibility?


Letting Go of America by Gregory Stephens OpEdNews.Com there is not much of America left to take back. It has been paved over, sold out, and put on mood-control drugs. There are still brave citizens slowing the wave of Wal-Mart culture. There are progressive enclaves at the corners, and political mavericks on the margins of the nation.

Another Reason For Donald Rumsfeld to Resign: Nondisclosure of Crucial Information Harms the First Amendment By JULIE HILDEN OpEdNews.Com

WE are the Prisoners of War By Anthony Wade OpEdNews.Com

A Sorry Bunch: No Apology Necessary--Off to the Hague! Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde and Daniel Patrick Welch OpEdNews.Com

The Only Thing Left To Say Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.Com---

Faith in Politics by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.COM

Hooks. Lines and Sinkers by Michael Arvey  OpEdNews.Com 

A Sorry Bunch: No Apology Necessary--Off to the Hague! by Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde and Daniel Patrick Welch OpEdNews.Com

Becoming Intimate with War
by Robert Rabbin OpEdNews.Com

Censorship Adds to Outrage Over Torture By Martin Fishgold and David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

More Troops? A March of Folly by Ray McGovern  OpEdNews.Com

archived June 17

A Progressive Response to the Nader Campaign by Jeff Cohen OpEdNews.Com

Corporate Political Censorship Runs Wild by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Liberated to Death By David Swanson


Time To Reconsider Jefferson's Call For Universal Service; by Thom Hartmann
OpEdNews.Com instituting a draft for the sake of democracy

American Atrocities Due To Rapacious Privatization and Asymmetric Military Tactical Failure;  The Solution; Patriotic Republicans must cut from Corporatist Sellouts and Rescue America. Blaming a handful of soldiers is a red herring. By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Bush is the Most Hated Man in the History of the World  By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Bush 's Re-election Is A Terrorists ' Best Friend by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com Rumsfield admits, President was blindsided.

Mother 's Day Mourning; To wake up to our individual complicity in global tragedy we must overwhelm ourselves with tenderness by Janet Thomas OpEdNews.Com

This War is Toast by Clay Evans OpEdNews.Com

Bush Flunks as a Christian By Leutisha Stills OpEdNews.Com

Prayer; Source of Time and Space by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi offered in Vancouver on the occasion of the recent Visit by the Dalai Lama OpEdNews.Com

Silence about 700+ Deaths; The Rule, Until There's a Propaganda Opportunity for the Obscenely Rich who Have Sent the young to die by Frank Pitz OpEdNews.Com

THE PRESENT CHRISTIAN DELUSION: a doctrine our founders never knew; Dispensationalism by Dorothy Seese OpEdNews.Com

The KU Continuum: Beyond the Presidential Election; Like the irrepressible Star Trek traveler whose appearance on the Enterprise always heralded an abrupt change of plans, Dennis Kucinich treads an intrepid path. By Amara Rose OpEdNews.Com

Our Counterfeit President George W. Bush isn 't really a President, but he plays one on television. From his "top gun " landing on an aircraft carrier to his "turkey toting " in Baghdad , everything about the Counterfeit President is staged and fake.  By Mick Youther OpEdNews.Com

Kerry, Win By Following Bush's Victory Path; after all, it's leaves a slime trail after all it leaves a slime trail Satire By Allan P. Duncan OpEdNews.Com

Tales from the Twilight Zone May 4 The Elephant in the Room by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

Horrid Thoughts About Horrid Leaders By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

It 's Time to Face the "Not-See" Menace

By Steve Bhaerman cartoon by Brian Narelle OpEdNews.Com


Bush Torture Chamber Court-Martials Are Distractions From What They Want You to Ignore by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

How Dumb Can A President Get? Responding "... so I didn't like it one bit." just doesn't cut it as a response to the Iraqi prison atrocities done under his watch.  by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Bush Republican Image Control: New Lows by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Koppel's Cajones By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

The Pledge, Part I: What The Court Will Decide And Why They 'll Be Wrong by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Corporate America 's CEO Pay Heist The U.S. economy lost jobs again last year--even though it entered the third year of a "recovery" from recession. But  Corporate America 's biggest bosses couldn 't resist giving themselves a big fat raise anyway. by Nicole Colson and Alan Maass OpEdNews.Com

"We'll All Be Dead" by Dr. Gerry Lower Bush bases his view of history on the Teachings of a Drug crazed resentful  Christian Wannabe whose writings, having nothing to do with Jesus' Original ideas, were incorporated into the New Testament by Roman tyrants who proceeded to introduce the western world to self-righteous imperial conquest in the name of compassion and peace.

Health Care in France vs Bush's Very Un-Christian Health Care in the USA by Robert Thompson OpEdNews.Com

Things Just Happen... by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.Com The Bush admin's explanation of the universe

The Best Investigative Journalist Money Can't Buy; Greg Palast By Mike Hersh OpEdNews.Com

Bush Administration desperately Trying to Contain Burgeoning Firestorm; Hidden Coffins, wounded, failed Iraq non-plans unveiled,  add up to growing chinks in the Armor by Frank Pitz OpEdNews.Com

Bush Fails History...Jefferson Predicted Iraq by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.Com

Letters From Saddam By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Theocratic Dreams: The Emergence of Christian Fascism in America by Kimberly Blaker OpEdNews.Com

Bush Behavior Sets Bad Example for Children by Megan Bronson OpEdNews.Com

Bush: The Ultimate Failure by Michael Shannon OpEdNews.Com

His Masters House; Colin Powell, the Soldier Sell-out By Sheila Samples OpEdNews.Com

Iraq: Staying an Insane Course by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.Com

From Right to Left: the adventures of a liberal veteran By Scott C. Smith OpEdNews.Com

Protecting George W. Bush By  Scott C. Smith OpEdNews.Com

Matriotic Musings on Jefferson, Kucinich and the Divine Feminine by Meryl Ann Butler OpEdNews

HOWARD STERN: Road-Kill on Bush Crusade To Christianize America? by Frank Pitz Or Will Stern Be the tipping point that sends Bush slithering back to Crawford OpEdNews.Com

Bush Knew and Failed to Protect the Nation from Attack within our Continental Borders, as Clinton Had Done, As Every President Has done in close to Two Hundred Years by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Conservatives, Republicans, and BushCo All Share Blame For 9/11 by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Republicans, Learning from Terrorists, Use Political Asymmetric War Strategies; Bush's "Stay the Course," meaning  "Re-Elect Me" is a Psycholinguistic meme By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Conservatives, Republicans, and BushCo All Share Blame For 9/11 by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Tales from the Twilight Zone by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

Heads Up... From Michael Moore; on Bush's Press Conference, Falluja, Mercenaries...  OpEdNews.Com

Finding A Way Around Right-wing News Control by Marc Cherbonnier OpEdNews.Com

Summing up The Bush Faux Press Conference; By Rob Kall  Bush's Subliminal Tie, Signs of Journalist Testicles and Morning After Ozzian Fields as Bush fails to apologize, admit error or answer questions OpEdNews.Com

Bush Was "Comfortable" So Were Many Failed Leaders. Questions Bush Should Have Asked By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Ending The "War On Terror " Myth by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Ensuring a Fair Presidential Election By Steven Hill and Rob Richie OpEdNews.Com

E-voting; Un-recountable Votes Shouldn't Count By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Coaching Condi and George on Testifying before the 911 Commission by Rob Kall A guide to testifying under oath and not-under-oath OpEdNews.Com

Exposing the Conservative Straw Man - "Productivity" by Thom Hartmann  OpEdNews.Com

Up, Up and "B.S. Away!" By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

Who's 'out of the loop'? In Bush White House, leadership style works against communication by  Dr. Charles M. Kelly OpEdNews.Com

Today's Special: Chicken Hawk w. Side of Condi Rice by Douglas O'Rourke OpEdNews.Com

History vs. Threat; Unanswered Questions about The August 6th Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) By Allan P. Duncan OpEdNews.Com

Condoleezza Rice Testifies:


by Michael C. Ruppert OpEdNews.Com

Evaluation of George Bush 's First 1000 Days by Becky Burgwin It has been a little over 1000 days since George W. Bush was appointed to lead the most powerful nation on the planet. We 'd like to take this time to evaluate his performance. OpEdNews.Com

Double  Taxation of Dividends - A Long-Running Republican Scam Carl A. Group OpEdNews.Com

Rice's Appearance before 911 Panel; Pathetic, Childish and Outrageous By Michael Leon OpEdNews.Com

George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism by Rev. Rich Lang OpEdNews.Com

Ending Corporate Welfare by Rep. Bernie Sanders OpEdNews.com

Outsourcing helps no worker; Can you say 1929? Charles M. Kelly OpEdNews.com

The Bush White House; Screwing Up and The Press Is Finally Reporting it; Blood on the Tracks, Part Deux By Allan P. Duncan


Interview with Veteran activist Tariq Ali on: What 's next in Iraq? Interview by Eric Ruder OpEdNews.Com

Radio Activist; Thom Hartmann by Ken Picard OpEdNews.Com

Mopery and Dopery in the Bush White House; Blood on the Tracks: Part Deux By Allan P. Duncan OpEdNews.Com

2,000 Volunteers for Clean Voting Crew for fall elections by  Bev Harris & Andy Stephenson OpEdNews.Com

Bushco Has a "Tell" Alan Snyder  OpEdNews.Com Bush Scandals Are Roiling: Turn Up the Heat! By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

The Beginning of the End? Michael Shannon OpEdNews.Com

The Long, Ignominious Slide to Defeat in Iraq by Ivan Eland OpEdNews.Com

The Misconceptions of the "No Vote" Movement: And the Importance of Voting in 2004! By Vincent L Guarisco OpEdNews.Com

archived june 15

The Weakness of Internet Politics By David Swanson OpEdNews.Com

The World of Privacy Does Not Exist Frank M. Ahearn OpEdNews.Com The Wall Street Journal Unintentionally Exposes the Real Intent of Globalization; It's All about Creating Aristocracy in the U.S. By Charles M. Kelly OpEdNews.Com

Richard Clarke vs. The Spin Masters by Ken Olufs OpEdNews.Com

The Bush Administration and 9-11: Open Eyes Required Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Liberal Talk Radio is Busting out all over  by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com  

Operation Desert Badger; Bush's Failed Plan to Instigate  an Early Iraq War by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

A Candid Interview With President Bush -- No, Not That One By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

The Right Wing has Declared War; An Emergency Call-to-Arms: A Five-Step Battle Plan for YOUR Future By Eric A. Smith OpEdNews.Com

CLARKE AND THE MEDIA FAILURES OF 9-11 By Danny Schechter As Richard Clarke points to intelligence failures and apologizes to 9-11 families for the government's inability to prevent the attack, who was going to raise the issue of the media's failure to discuss these issues in detail before this past week? OpEdNews.Com

        When Good Men Don't Do Nothing
by Daniel Patrick Welch OpEdNews.Com

How To Disappear by Frank M. Ahearn OpEdNews.Com

Blood on the Tracks By Allan P. Duncan OpEdNews.Com

The Case of the Hindu Pledge by Mister Thorne OpEdNews.Com

A Paper Ballot, a Newspaper, and a Polaroid Camera by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Tom Cole Opens the Door on Hitler

By Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.Com

To Anyone Considering Voting For A Third Party Presidential Candidate In 2004. by Kayla Michaels OpEdNews.Com

Shame on You Mr President. Again! by Michael Shannon OpEdNews.Com

Biological Democracy Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.Com

Noam Chomsky: Bush/Kerry Difference Is 'Large ';  Chomsky's Right, Bush Has to Go by Michael Leon OpEdNews.Com

A Constitutional Amendment to Ban Sweatshop Imports Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.Com

Marching for Peace Is Good, Getting Rid of Bush Is Better By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.Com

Why are we in Iraq? Stupidity? Bad Judgement, Lies? Deceptions? OpEdNews.Com

The Cowardice of King George  by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Is There Life After Death? by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com

Why are we in Iraq? Stupidity? Bad Judgement, Lies? Deceptions? OpEdNews.Com

Putting the Truth on Right Wing Radio; My two-minute debate with Watergate crook G. Gordon Liddy By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

High Treason by Robert Thompson   OpEdNews.Com


Can't They See? When are we going to realize that we are under the control of a bunch of lying, greedy thugs who believe that they are getting their marching orders from God? by Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.Com

Silkwood Redux?  Electronic Voting Whistle-Blower Killed in "Accident " by Bob Fitrakis OpEdNews.Com

Onward Deaniacs; Life After the Primaries by Roger Hickey OpEdNews.Com


Right Wingers Want Spain to Make Decision Based on Al Qaeda, Not Democracy By Michael Leon OpEdNews.Com

VIVA ZAPATERO! by John Chuckman OpEdNews.Com There are a few special moments now and then in world affairs that lift your spirit.

Terrorist Success in Spain? No! Just Bush "terminological inexactitudes" by Robert Thompson The Bush Campaign is trying to Spin Zapateria's election win as a Victory for the Terrorists, but Spanish Troop Withdrawal Was a Major Campaign Plank Long Before the Terrorist Attack.  OpEdNews.Com 

Supreme Court to Hear Newdow Pledge of Allegiance Suit Next Week By Larry Atkins OpEdNews.Com

Tokyo: Bush and US Found Guilty of War Crimes by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.Com

Stealing From Your Children by Jesse Lee OpEdNews.Com

Mayhem in Madrid by Ivan Eland

Right Wing Hate Machine Continues To Spread Disinformation About 9-11 Families Critical Of Bush Ads By Allan P. Duncan

Tokyo: Bush and U.S.A. Found Guilty of War Crimes by International Tribunal by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.Com

Supreme Court to Hear Newdow Pledge of Allegiance Suit Next Week By Larry Atkins OpEdNews.Com

Mayhem in Madrid By Ivan Eland It appears that the Spanish people can thank the Bush administration for the horrendous bombing of four commuter trains in Madrid that killed 200 people and injured 1,500. Spain was not attacked randomly. It was apparently attacked for being one of the few nations in the world to support the unnecessary U.S. invasion of Iraq. OpEdNews.Com

Bush and Religion: Anti Christian, Polarizing and Ugly Dr. Gerry Lower The Bush administration has coerced virtually every branch of western Christendom in America back into the fold of Old Testament fundamentalism, the entirety of which is pre-Christian in origin, largely anti-Christian in content and historically anti-Christian in practice. Bush's polarization has driven American Christendom into two diametrically-opposed camps. These two camps are separated entirely by moral ground, those preferring a conservative Old Testament vengeance-based morality and those preferring a liberal New Testament compassion-based ethical morality. OpEdNews.Com

A Fistful of Kryptonite By Thom Hartmann, OpEdNews.com

You Can't B.S. Jesus by Patricia Ernest OpEdNews.com

Ken Mehlman's Strategies to Get a Win for George Bush; and a Strange Blind Spot; If you Don't Know Who Ken Mehlman is, you should. By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Archived April 12, 2004

Dumb and Dumber Medicare Overhaul Could Make Things Much Worse by Roman Bystrianyk OpEdNews.Com

Membrane Economic Globalism; A Biotech Concept May Provide the Solution to the Middle Class Disaster Unrestrained Globalism is producing. by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Democracy - Not "The Free Market" - Will Save America's Middle Class By Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.Com

Banning Same-Sex Marriage Violates Church-State Separation By Allen Snyder  


They Can Already Taste blood and They are  Ready to Kill... Our America by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com Democrats Should Lead On Electoral Reform By Steven Hill and Rob Richie OpEdNews.Com   Senator Kerry, Let's Go Take Back Our Flag! by Patricia Ernest OpEdNews.Com




"Fear Channel " and the FCC Silence Howard Stern 's Anti-Bush Speech by Roman Bystrianyk and Meryl Barr OpEdNews.Com  The FCC move will send a chill through the industry and more people will think twice before speaking in opposition to President Bush and any of his policies.  Those that continue in some measure will be targeted and systematically removed from the airwaves and from other media including the Internet using "decency " as a pretext for such a removal

You 're Messing With the Wrong Generation Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

New Ad Blitz Says Bush is Steady. So is the course of Gonorrhea,  But they Can Both be Cured. by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Creating an Open Electoral Process by John B. Anderson OpEdNews.Com Instant Runoff voting is the solution for third party candidates

Gay Marriage? Blame It On Jefferson... by Thom Hartmann  OpEdNews.com

Archived April 9, 2004

George Bush's Credibility Problem: The Truth Behind his Attack Ad OpEdNews.Com

Bush's Iraqi Terrorism Laboratory; Was it Worth it? By Rob Kall Ask the Spaniards, Phillipinos, Moroccans, Saudis, Turks and the rest of the nations that have been victims of explosion in terrorism since the Iraq Invasion if the world is a safer place thanks to George Bush. OpEdNews.Com

Stenographers to Power; US Press Torpedoes Aristide By Mike Whitney OpEdNews.Com Hillary Clinton Weighs In on Electronic Voting with the "Protecting American Democracy Act of 2003." OpEdNews.Com

A Not-So-Might Wind: Limbaugh Blows It Again; attacks 911 Widows with bogus accusations by Allan P. Duncan, OpEdNews.Com

"These Guys Are the Most Crooked, Lying Group I've Ever Seen" says John Kerry        And the Bush Team's Lying Spin-- They say Kerry's  harsh, angry. Hey. It worked on Dean, why not try it on Kerry too? Bottom line, Kerry was.... By Rob Kall

'Why we need Dennis Kuncinich to stay in the race' By Randolph T. Holhut OpEdNews.Com

What about the obscenities of our schlock jock in chief and his Sept. 11 grave-robbing? by Pierre Tristam OpEdNews.Com

9/11, Bush's Only Hope by Sacha A. Boegem OpEdNews.Com

The Body Bag Song  by Edward Blomdahl OpEdNews.Com

Democrats Must Take Aggressive Offensive Till November by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Payback: The Bush Connection to Clear Channel Firing  Howard  Stern; It's Worse than You Thought By Dean Creekmore OpEdNews.Com

Local Terrorist Responds To Secretary Paige By Tony Crawford, Teacher OpEdNews.Com

The Forgotten Soldiers of Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' By Greg Palast OpEdNews.Com

The FCC's Indecency Witch Hunt; A Dangerous Threat to Free Speech by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

VP Cheney Helped Cover-Up Pakistani Nuclear Proliferation In '89 So US Could Sell Country Fighter Jets By Jason Leopold OpEdNews.Com

Who would you rather have Coming to Rescue You, George Bush or John Kerry? by the Daily Brew OpEdNews.Com

No President Who Misleads the Country on the Need for War Deserves to be Reelected SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDY Speech to the Council on Foreign Relations OpEdNews.Com

One Woman's Lament for Haiti By Teresa Simon-Noble OpEdNews.Com In cutting sh or t Haiti 's Democracy ... the caravan of Pinocchio characters which has seated itself at the White House plans to make out like bandits while exploiting an untold number of Haitians... by offering them outsourced jobs f or which they will be paid only pennies a day and offered no health benefits and no education plans.

Kerry's Won, Now Send  A Money Message to Him, To America by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

Democrat Not Spoken Here By Kevin Griffis OpEdNews.Com Why have traditionally Democratic rural whites so solidly embraced a Republican Party whose economic program runs directly counter to their own interests?

Our 'Too Angry ' Image: No Problem, An Opportunity!                    By Marc Grobman OpEdNews.Com

The Absence of John Lennon and Other Spiritual Dilemmas

by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

Faith is a Function of Knowledge Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.Com

...And God Said  by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com

Grave and Gathering Dangers: The War President's Threat to National and Global Security, Part II of III: Riled Hornet's Nest of Hatred By Manuel Valenzuela OpEdNews.Com

Kucinich the Kulturbärer By Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.Com

Why they had to crush Aristide by Peter Hallward: Haiti's elected leader was regarded as a threat by France and the US.

Superiority complex by John Gray: Despite the view of pro-vivisectionists, there is no rational basis for always putting humans' interests first.

Bush Stonewalls  9/11 Commission, Leaving the Families to Wonder Why By Bill Gallagher OpEdNews.Com

The America I Live In: Notes for the Campaign By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers OpEdNews.Com

Progressive Chess; Kucinich and Sharpton and Nader play Key Roles in the Game By Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.Com

Frankly, My Dears, Bush Doesn 't Give A Damn... About the South by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

A Budget of Gimmicks, False Promises, And Unrealistic Expectations by Senator Robert C. Byrd OpEdNews.Com

Grave and Gathering Dangers: The War President's Threat to National and Global Security: Part I of III: War Against Science, Health and the Environment By Manuel Valenzuela OpEdNews.Com


Never Again... Not Hitler, Not Mel Gibson by Norma  Sherry OpEdNews.Com

The Rise and Fall and Rise (?) of Howard Dean by Sandy Jewell OpEdNews.Com

George W. Bush is Not the Problem, Ralph Nader is Not the Problem,  John Kerry is Not the Solution  by Jonathan McIntosh OpEdNews.Com Bush is is simply the symptom of a systemic bipartisan disease.

27 Year CIA Analyst Ray McGovern, on George Tenet, Neocons, 911 by Nathan Callahan OpEdNews.Com

Rocking Politics; The Music World Explodes in Anger By Shadi Hamid OpEdNews.Com

Bush Admin Pushes Grabbing Babies From Poor Women So Wealthy Can Adopt by Linda Webber, OpEdNews.com

States Often Kill Their Own Citizens for Irrational Reasons by Richard L. Franklin OpEdNews.com

Kerry, Edwards & Kucinich On Jobs by Thomas McCullock OpEdNews.com

UN Spying and Evasions of American Journalism by Norman Solomon OpEdNews.com

Metaphor Madness; Saddam's Sex Therapist & the Rape of Free Speech By Dr. Susan Block OpEdNews.com

Not So Gay Times by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

Outsourcing the American Dream By George J. Bryjak OpEdNews.com

Texas Governor's Gay Sex Scandal Covered in Austin paper, the  First Non-Internet Media Outlet to Report On It. By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

Will the Real Terrorist Please Raise Your Hand by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.com

Greenspan's Solution To Bush Economic Disaster; Cut From Those Who Need It the Most  By Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

Cayce, Kucinich and Spiritual Politics: The Search for the Missing Peace by Meryl Ann Butler OpEdNews.com

Bush Calls for an Amendment to Ban Democrats (a satire) by Patricia Ernest  OpEdNews.com

It 's the Electoral System, Stupid! by Blair Bobier OpEdNews.com

Here comes the liberal media by Larry Atkins Finally. The liberal media will soon become a reality.

Where, Oh Where Have All The Jobs Gone? Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

Cheney's Shame; Halliburton Faces New Criminal Probe By Jason Leopold OpEdNews.com

The Man Who Would Be King by Jim Smith OpEdNews.com

Pundits don't grasp how presidential system works By Steven Hill and Rob Richie OpEdNews.com

Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers? Daniel Ellsberg Boston Globe

Is Presidential Candidate Nader an egomaniac, a Fool, a Funded-by- Republicans-Sell-out... or Could He Actually Help Beat Bush? By Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

A Bush in the Bird;  by Patricia Ernest OpEdNews.com Is a bush flying a jet in the Guard is much more important than someone serving in the war in Viet Nam? 

Sending a Progressive Message to the Democratic Convention By Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.com if your main focus is beating Bush, the game has now shifted.  Either of the two leading candidates are fine.  The MAIN danger now is if the progressive wing decides that the two-party system is actually a rigged, one-party system and that the game is stacked against candidates who advocate for peace, sustainability, justice and against the Iraq war, NAFTA and corporate domination of politics.  If cynicism builds, feeding on the disillusionment of Dean backers, it could cost Democrats the election. So your challenge in voting strategically now is NOT to decide between Kerry and Edwards. The challenge in voting strategically is to keep the progressive wing of the party fully engaged.  This is true even if you belong to the Lieberman camp: without the more radical wing of the party, you lose the election.

We Are the Majority By Bernie Sanders

The Miracle: A Tribute to Howard Dean By Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.com

Once Again: The Top Ten Responses To - "I Love Kucinich But He Can't Win"   by Tad Daley OpEdNews.com

Time For The Buck To Stop By Sheila Samples OpEdNews.com  

The Real Scandals by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.com

Same Sex Marriage is about Love and Equal Rights. What do Right Wingers Have Against Love? (We know they'd rather there not be equal rights.) Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

And now... the gay-bashing Federal Marriage Amendment author wants to make it illegal to be left-handed By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

Barron's tells it like it is: Republicans want to transform the income tax into a pure tax on wages. Democrats think investors should also pay taxes. By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com

The Other Superpower: Fraternity, Solidarity and the World's People By Manuel Valenzuela

Isn 't it Great that We Got Saddam Hussein?  Greg Weiher OpEdNews.com

"B.S. Away!" -- The Miracle Truth-Spray By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.com

Democrats need to stop being so nice and give Republicans doses of their own medicine By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

Gay Marriages and the Meaning of the Constitution by Richard L. Franklin OpEdNews.com

Kooky Right Wing Uses Cultural  Issues to Distract From BushCo 's Failures by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.com

White House Needs a Cleansing by Michael Arvey  OpEdNews.com ...the president of the United States can't keep his story straight, and he exhibits the behavior of someone who is far less than a skilled liar.

Traditional Evolutionists and Creationists Are Both Wrong by Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.com

Georgia's "Faith-Based " Electronic Voting System: Something's Rotten in the State by Heather Gray OpEdNews.com

AWOL Bush: An Encyclopedic Compendium of Information; Was George Bush AWOL from the Texas and Alabama National Guards? by Mark Levine OpEdNews.com

Our Objective US Press; Protecting the American People from the Truth Dr. Gerry Lower  OpEdNews.Com

The Texan in the White Hat; an interview with Jim Hightower  

By Steve Brown OpEdNews.com

Right Wing Sleaze Attack Moves from Dean to Kerry: Right Wing Echo Chamber Sexes Up Kerry, accuses by innuendo of infidelity. by  Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Mobile, Global Citizens Say Dennis Makes the Difference by Amara Rose They can't vote, but internationals love Dennis Kucinich for U.S. president OpEdNews.com The Wall Street Journal reports what the last stages of "Globalization" will look like;      It's not pretty By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com

If Your Heart Isn't Broken, Check Your Pocketbook  Patricia Ernest OpEdNews.com

Is It Passion or Common Sense?
Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com Lately I have had a lot of people pat me on the head and say, 'Don't lose your passion, Becky. Your country needs you.' This is happening because for the last year I have done nothing but try to get Howard Dean's name and message
out to as many people as humanly possible. 

Summary Report; What a Presidential Commission hand Picked by Bush to Investigate Intelligence Failures Will Look Like by Doug Giebel OpEdNews.com Here's what a whitewashed Report by a commission hand-picked by Bush will look like.

Bush Budget First Review: Bad Math, Worse Health, Environment and Poverty by Paul Stenbjorn OpEdNews.com

The Sooner Democrats Disassociate Themselves From Clinton 's Trade Policies, the Better; Otherwise, Republicans Will Turn Their Best Economic Argument Against Them By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com

Can You Hear Us Now? Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com We knew that it was not Iraq who flew the planes on September 11, 2003.  We saw no connection between that event and Saddam.  We saw none, and if you had bothered to think and look, you would have seen no connection either.  Iraq had never issued a threat to the United States but Osama Bin Laden  had.  We kept telling you this but I guess you just weren't listening. 

Whitewash! Bush's WMD Intelligence Probe Designed to Hide, Not Reveal Truth By Rob Kall   OpEdNews.com

No Iraq Intelligence Investigation Needed Sources Have Already Spoken by Erik P Sorensen  OpEdNews.COM The Bush administration today is expected to announce its reluctant endorsement of an "independent " commission to investigate the intelligence flaws that led the US to believe that Iraq possessed large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and an advanced nuclear capacity. However, in the period before the war many intelligence experts had warned that Iraq did not possess an active weapons ' program and that the Bush administration was operating on spurious evidence.

Will We Never Learn? by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com Giving BushCo the benefit of the doubt on Iraq was the single biggest abrogation of moral and legal responsibility by Congress and the press I 've seen in my lifetime. Why, when it 's painfully clear Bush isn 't pulling any of the strings, would anyone glom onto a plan concocted and forwarded by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearle and all the other neocon creeps who have infected the body politic?

archived March 19, 2004

What's Love Got to Do With It? Frank Rich, ...it could be harder to restore the sanctity of marriage than to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  

A Stealth Tax on Wages
Eric Laursen, The Nation
The Administration is pressing forward with a series of initiatives that would eliminate much taxation of savings and investment, and instead aim the tax collector's net squarely at workers' wages.

The Blogosphere; Progressive Echo Chamber? by  Jesse Lee OpEdNews.Com ...it should have always been clear that a progressive echo chamber would not resemble its conservative counterpart...  the progressives' best hope has probably always been something very close to the blogosphere: individual citizens taking it upon themselves to utilize all tools and time at their disposal to make their voices heard.

 If Words Could Talk... By Sheila Samples, OpEdNews.Com

Want a New President in the White House?  Six Steps to Help it Happen by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com 

Too Little, Too Late by Becky Burgwin  OpEdNews.Com The press did its job of destroying the most innovative and gutsy candidate in the race with its usual skill and aplomb and a bunch of mea culpas aren't going to change that. Here's what they did. They brought down the candidate who's done more for the Democratic Party and politics in general than anyone in recent history, at a time when our country was in desperate need of a shot in the arm. They beat him to death for 6 months and then they kicked him when he was down. I know, I know this is how they operate...

Republicans are Still Outspinning Democrats on Iraq: It's way past time to rephrase the question. by Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.Com

How campaign Coverage Undermines Democracy By Danny Schechter
All too often, the way our democracy is "covered" covers up the real forces that shape it. Once again, the long slog of primary coverage has been packaged as Electotainment.

Will Dubya Dump Dick? by Jim Lobe- AlterNet Is Cheney history, wanted out by Bush Sr's old buddies?

Psst.... The Press is a Player By Jay Rosen OpEdNews.Com It is an open secret in political journalism that the press is a player. But by not developing that thought, journalists maintain the "view from nowhere." This helps explain some of the familiar rituals in campaign coverage.

The Dead Center Robert Reich

Media Owes Howard Dean An Apology Dave Lieber Truthout

Dishonor Guard: The press is lining up to defend George W. Bush 's National Guard record -- by stubbornly refusing to discuss the facts. Paul Waldman explains The American Prospect

Disapproval Ratings: Bush is down in the polls and showing signs of vulnerability. Now 's the time, Mary Lynn F. Jones says, for Democrats to take advantage of the trend The American Prospect

This Country Was Misled Into War Senator Ted Kennedy:

In full voice against Bush by Sidney Blumenthal: The remaining Democratic hopefuls are all singing from the same hymn sheet to defeat the president.

U.S. Controlled By Extremists George Soros

Raging Against the Machine: Computers Haven't Smashed Big Brother; They've Given Him More Control Theodore Roszak

Dennis Kucinich and the Question
  By William Rivers Pitt OpEdNews.Com This run for the White House is about far more than winning that office. If you think the end of the primaries will spell the end of his run, think again. If the Democratic Party should win the White House in 2004, a powerful progressive network will have to be in place to push the new administration in the right direction, and against the tide that has been unleashed.

Baghdad is Bush's Blue Dress! Now, Can we Talk Impeachment? Robert Scheer

Leak against this war US and British officials must expose their leaders' lies about Iraq - as I did over Vietnam Daniel Ellsberg Guardian

Red Ink Realities Paul Krugman Even conservatives are starting to admit that George Bush isn't serious when he claims to be doing something about the exploding budget deficit. At best -- to borrow the already classic language of the State of the Union address -- his administration is engaged in deficit reduction-related program activities.

Cheney's favorite leak By Eric Boehlert Salon The vice president hails an "inaccurate" leak and provokes a new battle in the White House war with the intelligence community.

Does Howard Dean's Third-Place Finish in Iowa Rebut the "Internet Election" Concept?
Don't Count on It.
FindLaw Lauren Gelman  "in the future, election-related websites will innovate with many-to-many communication, and that, in turn, will cause the real revolution in the role the Internet plays in elections."

Propaganda by numbers The Bush team will be watching the Democratic primaries with keen interest as they prepare sophisticated data analysis for the presidential campaign, by Albert Scardino and John Scardino Guardian Instead of becoming the president of all the people, seeking to overcome the bitter aftertaste of the supreme court's intervention in the election, he applied the sophisticated tools of modern political propaganda to maintain the divisions, exacerbate them, and then rule a fractured country. Numerous public opinion surveys have shown this Bush to be the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln.

Bush's Deadly Deception In Our Name; "Oops", is no excuse for war. Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

Against All Odds By Adam Hochschild
The first great human-rights campaign -- the movement to end slavery in the British Empire -- had no business succeeding. But the legacy of its extraordinary achievement lives on today.

Bush Will Skate from Iraq WMD and 9-11 Scandals Too! By Allan P. Duncan opednews.com

Dennis Kucinich and the Question
By William Rivers Pitt OpEdNews.Com  Dennis Kucinich reminds people why they are Democrats, why they are progressives, in the first place. He is the soul and the spirit of those beliefs personified, he is Franklin Delano Roosevelt returned, walking and talking and preaching in the 21st century. Anyone who doubts this has not seen the man in action, has not met the people who surround him and support him. It comes down to this. Dennis Kucinich is running for President, but he is also formulating a national movement that will be in place long after the race is run. This movement, in all 50 states, will stand ready to defend the most basic American principles that have been lost for years.

Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?
by Harley Sorenson

Big Business Using Digital "Illegal Immigrants"  to Smuggle out Millions of  US Jobs, Calling it Outsourcing By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com It used to be, if you wanted to hire a foreign worker, you had to apply to the immigration department. Digital outsourcing has become a way that big business routine evades this process, so they can smuggle foreign labor (not laborers) into the US.

Education Is No Protection Bob Herbert
The offshore outsourcing of white-collar jobs is a big long-term threat to the U.S. economy. NY Times

Bush thinks he knows what's good for you, and he'll spend money to prove it
By ANDREW SULLIVAN Within the U.S., the Bush Administration has shown an unusually hostile attitude toward the exercise of personal freedom. When your individual choices conflict with what the Bush people think is good for you, they have been only too happy to intervene.

Right Wingers Are Scared to Death of Dean and his Real Feelings; Bush can Smirk but Dean Can't Whoop. By Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Democracy at Risk: Electronic, Paperless Voting by Paul Krugman

Staged & Scripted terror to come from Bush Regime by Michael Kane I am convinced that as Bush's numbers sink in the poles, we are going to see another staged terror attack like 9-11 before the election. OpEdNews.Com 

"The Greatest Country in the World"
by Dr. Gerry Lower America has diverged so far from its chosen values, conservatives have difficulty making a distinction between the values of Democracy and the values of crony capitalism. OpEdNews.Com

Is There a Doctor in the House? by Becky Burgwin The press is running this country right now. They decide who will win and who will lose from the start, and they have been at it for years. Only now it 's getting dangerous because they are being ever-so-secretly manipulated by the right wing. OpEdNews.Com

'The states of Iowa and the union agree: Bush can be beaten' By Harvey Wasserman OpEdNews.Com

War on Terrorism Gibberish by Chris England OpEdNews.Com this "War on Terrorism " has, in some sense, already been won, just well, quite frankly, not by us.

Words must be credible "No one can now doubt the word of America" By Tom Engelhardt OpEdNews.Com

Bush helps CBS, CBS helps Bush by John Nichols

Iowa Results; Ain't Democracy Grand? Molly Ivins

The Phoney Dean Meltdown by Russ Baker

Bush 's Halliburton Job Creation Model by Erik P Sorensen OpEdNews.COM The Bush/Halliburton Iraqi motto has been "we rebuild what we 've destroyed ". And now Bush 's trying this strategy for job creation.

Dancing with Dean, Coming Home to Kucinich by Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.Com

Democrats Send Mixed Signals in Voting Technology Debate by Lynn Landes                                                                        OpEdNews.COM

Time is Running Out  by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.COM  

WMD is All We Found in Bush's State of The Union Address Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

9-11 Lawsuit Will Not Be Televised by Michael Arvey  OpEdNews.COM Considering how this administration cheated its way into the White House, how it planned invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq prior to 9-11, and how it has barefacedly lied to the American public regarding Iraq and Hussein, how could its possible dark complicity in 9-11 not draw suspicions? As the old saying goes, if it looks, quacks and walks like a duck, then it probably is one.

Liberal Talk Radio Explodes On To Clear Channel; Enough Talk about making Liberal Talk Radio Happen. This Liberal Talk Show 's on Fire, Already by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com The ice has been broken. A Clear Channel station has put a strong, real liberal on the air, going up against Rush Limbaugh's time slot.

The G.O.P, Inc.; How a Theology of "Free Markets" Destroyed the Party and Brought Calamity to the Nation By Richard W. Behan OpEdNews.com the G.O.P. has withdrawn from serving the nation at large...  and today it promotes not the general welfare but the commercial interests of corporate enterprise... is a self-serving and socially malevolent cabal of mega-corporations, right-wing think tanks in Washington, their archconservative foundation benefactors, and an intricate nationwide network of linkages in the communications media, religion, higher education, and law.

Bush Blows! Is It Holy Smoke or Wholly Smoke and Mirrors? Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

Beating The BushCo Blues   by Allen Snyder  OpEdNews.Com  Despite his being a miserable failure at everything he 's ever done, the Good Witch of Texas is looking after George W. Bush.  No matter what he ruins or what criminal stupidity he commits, he comes out smellin ' dandy.  It 's enough to make a lefty reach for the Proz ...the Xan ...no, make that the Hydros (I 'll bum a few thousand from Rush).  Top this off with an annual bout of good ol ' seasonal depression and it 's a wonder the suicide statistics for leftists aren 't spiking like they are among the soldiers stationed in Iraq .

To Vote or Not to Vote by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.com

The Divide Between "Getting It" and "Saying It"   by Sajeela Moskowitz Ramsey, Ph. D.  OpEdNews.Com

Choosing Your Candidate. Are you A Strategic Compromiser or a Burning Flame? by Stephen Dinan A single flame, with patience, can light a million candles. OpEdNews.Com  Strategic compromise often puts different parts of ourselves at odds with each other, which diminishes the amount of life energy we can utilize.  When our heart battles our mind or our soul conflicts with our will, much of our creative magic is locked up rather than extended to the world via our mission.  Strategic compromise leads people to burn out over time because of the lack of alignment. The mentality of strategic compromise contrasts sharply with the mindset that leads to "burning flames."  A burning flame is someone whose body, emotions, heart, mind, and soul are lit up with a purpose, someone who is on fire with a calling.  A burning flame is passionate and purposeful.  A burning flame is love with a mission.

Thoughts on the Coming "Discovery" of Bin Laden --The Best Propaganda Money can Buy by Eric A. Smith OpEdNews.Com Unless preparations are made for its eventuality, the announcement of Bin Laden's capture will be the death-knell for the 2004 Democratic campaign. And, like the "heroic rescue" of Jessica Lynch or the toppling of Hussein's statue by "jubilant throngs" of Iraqis, it needn't even be real:

Biased Mainstream Media Bash Dean, Going After Bush's Leading Opponent;  Sacrifice the Dreamer to Dream Another Day Michael Allen  OpEdNews.com

The Moon, Mars and Marriage Promotion ???   "Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive For Promotion of Marriage " New York Times Reports  By James Boyne  OpEdNews.Com

High Noon in America by Philip J. Rappa  There is no time left for those with unexamined lives. It is our responsibility not to make a de-mockery of our democracy. We must understand we must not idly watch this bloodless assassination of our ideals as if it were just entertainment. OpEdNews.Com

Still Talking: Kucinich Supporters are Mad as hell and they won't take it anymore
by Daniel Patrick Welch OpEdNews.Com

The Good-Paying Jobs Have Gone Bye-Bye, Get Used To It By Bev Conover OpEdNews.Com  Remember the phrase "eating your own?" Well, that is what brainless Corporate America is doing to its US consumers by shipping out the decent paying jobs that allowed people to buy all those products --needed or not --constantly pushed in advertisements on TV, radio and plastered to any horizontal or vertical surface.

Dr. Judith Steinberg Is In! Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off  Patricia) OpEdNews.Com Howard Dean's Wife-- Leave Her Alone. She's Doing Great

Et tu, Maureen? by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com re.; Dowd's comments on Howard Dean's Wife, Judith Steinberg

Bush and his Congress are so Far Right, Look Who They Make Seem Lefty. Charles Degelman OpEdNews.Com In the execution of its duties, the Bush administration (and Congress) has gnawed, clawed, slithered, and sidestepped so far to the Right that a number of mainstream bedfellows are passing (vociferously) to its Left.

Hack Attack: The GOP journalist gunning for Bush in New Hampshire. By Paul Krassner OpEdNews.com

Dean And Kucinich by Paul Rogat Loeb  Like many progressives, I've felt torn between Howard Dean's and Dennis Kucinich's respective strengths.  OpEdNews.com

Raping the Moon, Mars and the Stars; How does Walmartian sound? Hallunaburton? By Rob Kall Is Bush Aiming to Privatize them and Establish Lunar and Martian Corporate Territories as Independent Nations? OpEdNews.com

Misinformed Consent; The number of people who supported the war was actually less than the number who had "foxed up, un-true beliefs. by Jesse Lee OpEdNews.com Two Waves of Change; Dean AND Kucinich by Stephen Dinan OpEdNews.Com

The Republicans Know How to Frame Issues and Keep the Democrats on the Defensive by Buzzflash      OpEdNews.com

Republicans Incredulous at Democrat 's Truth Telling by:   Paul Stenbjorn OpEdNews.Com

Watching  the HORROR of the Patriot Act: How we Can  Make a Difference  Norma Sherry OpEdNews.com

The Iraqi War; Bush's Gift to Osama was launched based on Saddam's Thoughts? Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

Ted Kennedy: America, Iraq and Presidential Leadership OpEdNews.com Ted Kicks butt in this tough talking, truth telling speech

George Soros: The Bubble of American Supremacy OpEdNews.Com I consider it crucial that the policies of the Bush administration be rejected in the forthcoming elections. Let me explain why.

Threats to a Free Press and Free Speech in Emerging Democracies Jane Novak


How Low Can The Right Wing Media Go? By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com Far right wingers don't want facts, don't want unbiased news. They want bullshit that feeds into their existing, deformed beliefs. They want snide, smarmy reporting that supports their biased, partisan perspectives. They Want Fox and Limbaugh and his copycats.

Who's Winning the War on Civil Liberties? by Elaine Cassel

Trails of God's Thought; Jesus was a Scientist in the Greek Tradition Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.Com

Shutting Up Saddam to Save Bush's Ass Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com It was very predictable that the Bush  administration would do everything they could to shut Saddam up. Categorizing him as a prisoner of war allows them to say that he has the right to remain silent. And that's exactly how they want him

Wounded "Held Captive" at Walter Reed; Disabled Vets Fire Back at Rumsfeld By David Vest OpEdNews.Com

Five impolite questions for the president  By Don Wiliams OpEdNews.Com

I Believe by Norma Sherry OpEdNews.Com I want to believe that we are not heading towards the slippery slope of fascism. I want to believe that our elections are not rigged; that our voting machines are not suspect. Oh, I so want to believe that our government didn 't lie to us, but I heard the lies with my own ears. ...

Archived March 1, 2004

Clark or Dean? How about both? By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

Bush 's Education Policies Aim To Undermine Democracy and Dumb Students Down by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Doubts will Persist until Secure, Accurate Elections Become a National Priority by Steven Hill and Rob Richie OpEdNews.COM

Villainy as a Pretext for Being Presidential by Thom Hartmann OpEdNews.Com  George W. desperately needed his own Lex Luthor if he was to reinvent himself as Superman.  Rove and Bush realized that if they simply branded Osama as the criminal thug that he was - the leader of an obscure Islamic mafia with fewer than 20,000 serious members - they wouldn't have the super-villain they needed for George W. Bush to be seen as a super-hero.....We must remind the people that George The Good is battling the One True Dragon, so they will renew his Sacred Mission for another four years. ...To the extent Democrats can de-mythologize bin Laden, they will deprive Bush of his superhero costume. Bin Laden-as-wretched-criminal must become part of the lexicon of the Democratic worldview.

A Case Study in How an Entire Industry Becomes Corrupt: John Bogle: the Classic Leader in an Industry of Destructive Achievers by Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.Com


Inconvenient Facts and "Conspiracy Theories" by Jeremy R. Hammond A second glimpse at the neocons and the case for war OpEdNews.Com

Letter to Al From: Founder and CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.Com

 The Nodding Heads (reflections from 2003) by Mark Sashine OpEdNews.com

Saddam in the Slammer, so why are we on Orange? David Hackworth "since George W. Bush unleashed the dogs of war, our armed forces have taken 14,000 casualties in Iraq "

Bush Derangement Syndrome; Brilliant The or y, Faulty Premise By: Teresa Simon-Noble  OpEdNews.Com An answer to Charles Krauthammer 's recently uncovered Bush Derangement Syndrome.


Code Orange: Al-manacs Alert  

by Michael Arvey    OpEdNews.Com

Was Wellstone Assassinated With EMF? Latest government report on Wellstone 'accident' finds its scapegoats, many questions remain. By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.Com

Bush's New Year's Wish: Another Attack?  by Michael Arvey OpEdNews.com

THIS CHRISTMAS ... NEXT  CHRISTMAS Another Interpretation on the Coming of the Rapture   by Dr. Gerry Lower "For all his meritless pomp and power, George is nothing but a puppet "anti-Christ" in the strings of right wing religious fundamentalists...."  and biblical prophecy IS being fulfilled, but not in any way like the fundamentalists think. "There will be global singing and dancing. It will be calmly rapturous. It will be honestly glorious. ... The next millennia of cultural evolution will be the flip-side of past millennia. It will involve turning the traditional world upside down, so it is finally pointing up. With that accomplished, cultural evolution will be in our own hands and dedicated to the emergence of a global human village, a global earth garden and a global embrace of deity on earth." OpEdNews.Com

What If We Had A Progressive Vision That Offered Corporations Big Profits? By Rob Kall One clear reason the right wing think tanks that have been at the root of the right wing 's success in politics have received so much money from wealthy businessmen is these think tanks have envisioned national policies that will make megacorporations megabucks. The Here are 17 "what ifs " that are very do-able.  OpEdNews.Com

Why Can 't Bubba Vote Democrat? by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com

Letters the Troops Have Sent Me by Michael Moore OpEdNews.com

Dean is Thinking Outside the Box  by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com


Forget about Saddam, let 's focus on Al-Qaeda By Larry Atkins OpEdNews.com

Did Kurds Dupe Bush's Brass; or Did Bush Sell Out Iraqis to Kurds as Part of Saddam Handover Deal? By Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Two Lives Too Many; AIDS epidemic, the true weapon of mass destruction Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog )  OpEdNews.com


We had it First

1) Saddam Was Captured by others and handed over to US Military

2) Saddam Was Drugged

Iraq Has Made us Safer From Terrorism My Ass By  Doug Basham OpEdNews.com 

Trading Soldiers for Contracts, Such a Deal! Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

A PAC Ad Suggestion Targeted at Right-Winger-Supporting Bubbas;  By Rob Kall message: dumb losers vote for rich guys who are happy to screw you and your family OpEdNews.com

Thom Hartmann 'Rush and Rove's Phallic Fixation'  Tapping Blue Collar Worker Anger is "part of a sophisticated psychological operations program by conservatives that explicitly targets working men in America, and dates back to research first done for Richard Nixon." OpEdNews.com

Even The Wall Street Journal now admits that NAFTA cost us more jobs than we gained. by Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com

The Law of Political Diversion By Michael Arvey OpEdNews.com

Bush Rates an "F " on Security Issues by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence OpEdNews.com

Was Saddam Drugged; Is Osama Already Captured?  And the real issue is.... by Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com 

Bush Awards Saddam $120 Billion. by James Boyne OpEdNews.Com  One wonders what James Baker 's "marching orders " or rather "bribing orders " were from President Bush to extract $120 billion in concessions, when we couldn 't even get them to support us in the war effort itself.

It's Time to Go for Broke by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com

High-Ranking Officials Admit 9/11 Could've Been Prevented

Scathing New Report on White House Secrecy By Christopher H. Schmitt and Edward T. Pound The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why

"Why are 50% of Blue Collar White Males Planning to Vote for Bush in 2004, Even When He is Picking Their Pockets and Stealing the Futures of Their Children?" Buzzflash Interview with Arlie Hochschild

We Finally Got Our Frankenstein... and He Was In a Spider Hole! --  by Michael Moore OpEdNews.com

Did Bush's Inept Press Conference Performance Two Days Before Saddam 'Capture' Trigger the Event?  Capture of Saddam is just more staged political propaganda by the Bushites By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com

Shattered Bush; Proof that a Liar Can Be Exposed and Held Accountable By Michael Leon OpEdNews.com A movie review and OpEd

Saddam Military Capture A Fraud? Israelis Suggest Saddam was Already a Prisoner of $25 Million Reward Seekers If It Doesn't Work with Jessica Lynch, Try it With Saddam. By Rob Kall OpEdNews.Com

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When will they stop betraying this country? by Steve Gilliard OpEdNews.Com


archived Jan 14, 2004

Jessica Lynch Captures Saddam; Ex-Dictator Demands Back Pay from Baker  by Greg Palast One Down in Iraq One To Go in America by Doug Basham

Saddam Be gone: Guaranteed! by Thomas McCullock OpEdNews.Com

Why Not Afghanistan?  Becky Burgwin Afghanistan would have been a perfect location for the stabilizing democracy in the Middle East our government claims to want. The Afghanis really did welcome us OpEdNews.com

The Lost Mystery; What the hell was Saddam thinking? Jesse Lee

Mickey Mouse-ing the Vote
Daniel Patrick Welch OpEdNews.com

Why isn't John Kerry getting some love from the Democratic party? by Larry Atkins

Saddam Would Have Been Free if Bush Got His Way (a short and sweet response to a sure thing) Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

Sit this one out, Ralph by Larry Atkins OpEdNews.com On behalf of most people on the liberal and moderate left, I beg you Mr. Nader--don't do it.

Bush Gloats over Saddam, Like Salome  over John The Baptist  By Teresa Simon-Noble OpEdNews.Com

Why The American Press Abides Bush's Lies Dr. Gerry Lower OpEdNews.com Increasingly, the press abides the Bush administration, not because of its belief in the right wing agenda, but because its very self-concept is at stake, as a friend of the people in a nation birthed from the concepts of honesty, fairness and equality. If Bush is wrong, then America and the American right wing are wrong, and the mainstream press was wrong in supporting it all.

It's Time for Plame-Case Reporters to Out the Administration Leakers
By Bernard Weiner OpEdNews.com

The Right-Wing Conspiracy and Class Warfare Come Out of the Closet by James Pyland Strategy and History Described by Executive Editor of Governing Magazine  During Speech at Neoconservative American Enterprise Institute Think Tank OpEdNews.com

It's Time to Overrule the Supreme Court by Jeff Milchen OpEdNews.com

Observe right to unionize by making it reality by Pat Youngblood and Robert Jensen

BushCo Slowly Destroying Bill of Rights by Allen Snyder BushCo has battered, bludgeoned, and brutalized our Bill of Rights. They 're in the ICU with tubes sticking out of them desperately in need of medical attention before the Neocons at BushCo end their suffering by pulling the plug or giving them a lethal injection. OpEdNews.com

BAKER TAKES THE LOAF The President's Business Partner Slices Up Iraq by Greg Palast

Surprise! Bush, the fake moderate, lies again about the economy  By Jackson Thoreau OpEdNews.com Those glowing economic reports are election propaganda China: An object lesson of where globalization is leading us. Is this really the kind of world we want? By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com

The Democrats are Scared- A Letter to the DNC by Becky Burgwin OpEdNews.com

How the behavior of the Democratic party could prevent Howard Dean from winning the general election, thus reinstating a regime that should make us all afraid ...very afraid.

King of Mean Prince of Darkness

By Teresa Simon-Noble OpEdNews.Com  ...soon, if not already, it will be a crime against the constitution to speak the truth about a dishonest, power-and-control obsessed man named Ge or ge W. Bush who sits at the Oval Office because his father 's friends put him there. 

The Echo Chamber as a Political Weapon by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

Shut Up, Don't Think, Don't Learn From Others or You're Fired  By Starr Kelso OpEdNews.com

Let's Hit the Brakes on This NASCAR Foolishness! Patricia Ernest (Pissed Off Patricia's Blog ) OpEdNews.com

Our Railroads: A Classic Example of How Greed is Destroying our Economy and the Incomes of Working Americans By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.Com

Think Southern and Red... Already. By Rob Kall OpEdNews.com 

2004 ?  Bush Will Beat Bush ! By James Boyne  OpEdNews.com  The truth of the matter is that in 2004 President Bush will defeat himself.

A Coward Goes to Baghdad by Doug Basham OpEdNews.com

"President Bush With Lice, Sneaks Out of Sexist Ranch " (a satire by James Boyne) OpEdNews.com

Two Million Customers = Good Business = Two Million Kids Drugged on Stimulant Medications by Rob Kall OpEdNews.com

The Spinners Are Coming! The Spinners Are Coming! America's right-wing- crackpots are already blaming liberals for the next worldwide recession (depression?) By Chuck Kelly OpEdNews.com The War On Drugs (Prescription Drugs for Seniors, That Is ! ) This is business Lunacy. By James Boyne  OpEdNews.com

On the 40th Anniversary of the Death of President Kennedy and a Look at Mind-Control Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D. OpEdNews.com

Has Bush Administration Become A Victim Of It 's Own Fear Factory? By Allan P. Duncan W is acting more like the cowardly preppy who used his fathers influence to avoid the Vietnam War than the Top Gun fighter pilot he pretended to be aboard the Lincoln. In fact, he seems to be reverting to the same fear paralyzed little boy we saw sitting on a tiny chair in a classroom while he fogged out during a story about a goat while 3,000 of our citizens were being murdered on 9-11. opednews.com  

Isn 't Ignorance Bliss?  Or is it Manipulation Sometimes? By Teresa Simon-Noble opednews.com Isn 't ignorance bliss?  What could possibly have motivated Laura Bush to say, "We haven 't seen that many protests. But we have seen many American flags and people welcoming us "?

Bye Bye Canadian Drugs and AARP

By James Boyne OpEdNews.com If you haven 't called your Senator you better do it quick and demand that he vote against this selling out of the Medicare system to the pharmaceutical and health insurance industry by President Bush.

Handling the Bullies by Sam Smith OpEdNews.com For many years now, the Republican right has engaged in a politics of cultural bullying that is the direct descendent of the southern segregationists. It is based on anathematizing a minority in order to solidify its own political base around false assumptions of purity and superiority.

Storm and Strife By Philip Rappa OpEdNews.com  The human spirit overcomes obstacles, shining its light...

Sharonism In the Iron Hammer  Sharon 's antiterrorism strategies haven 't stopped terrorism in Israel, the Sharon inspired Iron Hammer, won 't work in Iraq by Jesse Lee OpEdNews.com

Once Upon a Time in America (Not a Fable) by Norma Sherry It is the accumulation of disgust for the corporate mentality that prompted Thomas Jefferson to proclaim, "I hope we shall take warning from the example of England and crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our Government to trial, and bid defiance to the laws of our country " OpEdNews.com


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