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green new deal

Series Created By Jack Lindblad (6 articles.)

First Nations Peoples Wisdom considers "green new deal" as colonizing capitalist opportunism


Ten years ago, the term "green new deal" was coined by myself in my oped news article. Indigenous First Nations Peoples took exception and expressed contempt for the term, rightfully so, since inferred was an imposition of a new deal with First Nations Peoples supposed inability to shepard their flora and fauna. That point was not considered in my coinage though it is my belief that we must learn from First Nations Peoples if there is a scintilla of hope to avoid #neartermhumanextinction.

My coinage was intended to take after FDR's new deal to emphasize the world war ii level of effort needed, ten years ago. Arguably, it's too late now to sustain a resilient civilization in this 6th Great Extinction of all life as we know it.

My urging of obama to move on transforming the oil based economy to a circular steady state economy, in a world war ii level effort fell on deaf ears, outside of token lipservice paid immediately prior to leaving office in 2016.

Current scientific consensus is too cautious in stating the inexorably coming extinction. It's much sooner than 10 years out.

A needed now system change to collectivism, cooperative groupings, and communalism stands in polar opposition to current governance by nazis, simply an advanced state of uber capitalism that brought us to unstoppable extinction and complete destruction of inhabitablity on this planet.

Capitalism and its tools of societal conformance and order, being democracy and voting representative governance has failed. Unless we make a system chance and attempt to address #neartermhumanextinction, we will all go, subservient and obedient to the ism that extinguished all life on earrh.

Running repeatedly as a registered and endorsed green found no real assistance from the green apparatchik, my 2010 campaign for California assembly ran up to 22% with significant support from Fernando Espueles.

It was my realization in 2015 that running national green campaigns was a conscious act of enabling nazism. Four states that tipped the election to drumpf would not have, if greens did not run a presidential candidate as it became obvious nazi drumpf would snag the rethuglicon nomination.

System change to collectivism Sorry to say, the capitalist system that we vote and layer over with pretensions of democracy with representative goverance is the ism that led us to #neartermhumanextinction. Nazism, that is uber capitalism, is the nail in the coffin of planetary habitability. A system change is needed for a scintilla of hope. The blue wave, as expansive as it is becoming with every new flip from red to blue, means simply we have only entertained a not yet crystallized glimpse of the enormity of the system change that urgently requires the First Nations Peoples guidance to survive as a species.

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