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The KU Continuum: Beyond the Presidential Election; Like the irrepressible Star Trek traveler whose appearance on the Enterprise always heralded an abrupt change of plans, Dennis Kucinich treads an intrepid path.



The KU Continuum: Beyond the Presidential Election; Like the irrepressible Star Trek traveler whose appearance on the Enterprise always heralded an abrupt change of plans, Dennis Kucinich treads an intrepid path.


by Amara Rose



            On the groundbreaking television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, a character known simply as Q would periodically materialize on the Enterprise, and we knew we were in for a wild ride. A member of a race called The Q Continuum, Q operated outside ordinary human boundaries and laws, but with a degree of panache that was oddly appealing. While flouting Captain Picard's and the crew's efforts to stay whatever course they were currently on, Q repeatedly brought the intrepid explorers face to face with aspects of themselves they might otherwise have refused to see.

            U.S. presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich shares some of Q's more engaging qualities. He espouses a personal ethic and a political agenda that shake the complacent to their core. Fearless in the face of media retaliation, he speaks his truth, using language uncommon to the political arena, yet dazzlingly familiar to the disenfranchised, who have long been seeking someone to give their vision a voice.

            Kucinich is Captain on our uncharted cultural voyage into a sea change in consciousness, mapping a course for quantum evolution as we boldly sail where no one has gone before. Whether or not he receives the Democratic nod and goes on to become president in 2005, it's clear that at this level, we've already elected him. In our desire to stoke the alchemical fires of transformation, we have voted for Kucinich as the pilot light for torchbearers everywhere.

            The signs of our craving for a new cultural steward are inescapable. Ralph Cole, of, suggests creating "Kucinich coupons" that could be distributed in public and via the Internet. His idea? "Kucinich Coupon: Good for Free Healthcare with the Physician of Your Choice. To activate, elect Dennis Kucinich." Intriguingly, this is already happening: Kucinich supporter Diane Eardley took her car in for repair, and the garage owner, noticing her Kucinich bumper sticker, spontaneously said, "For having that sticker, I'm giving you $15 off!" Eardley calls it her "Kucinich discount."


When the U.S. attacked Iraq, northern California businessman Jeffrey Vance knew he couldn't go on with "business as usual." The moment to heed the call had arrived--in force. He says, "It was the actual event, the actual going to war in the face of tens of millions of worldwide protestors, against the advice of all the world's religious leaders, which caused me to sell my business and run for Congress."


Vance modeled his campaign on Dennis's as a Kucinich "franchise" politician, embracing the Kucinich platform: peace and diplomacy as key operating principles, universal health care, guaranteed quality education through college, environmental restoration, clean energy, and oh, yes, jobs, with full Social Security benefits at age 65. Kucinich is creating a template for emerging conscious politicians, and planetary players everywhere, to follow as they find their "sea legs."

            This is what a Kucinich economy really means: a framework for the future, built on light, which is information and ideas brought into form. Once we have a shape, a context, then we're able to create our lives from an in-formed perspective. This creation is love in action. So, a "Kucinich franchise" might bear the slogan, "Home of the lighted arches--over six billion served!"

            Dennis Kucinich's role in the U.S., and in the world community, extends far beyond his current political campaign. As a clear, focused voice for our collective potential, what he offers humanity is bigger than an election, which is just another construct, like the map lines drawn on Earth to delineate national boundaries. He is the foundation stone for tomorrow, as we segue from one cultural paradigm to the next.

It is the moment of the Great Turning, as futurist Joanna Macy has termed the times we're living in. We stand poised on the threshold of immeasurable possibility: to unite as a people and as a planet, or to continue on as we are, crying in the wilderness of our own ignorance and ennui.

The writer Edith Wharton once observed, "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." Kucinich is a candle for America, and for our global community. It's up to each of us to now choose to reflect this luminosity to one another, and to take the steps necessary to shine on, in all our social, environmental, economic, and spiritual radiance, for millennia to come.

            The KU Continuum is waiting for you.




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As a "midwife for the soul," Amara Rose offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes, e-courses, playshops, retreats, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, "What Shines." Please visit Contact Amara at, or call 1-800-862-0157.


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