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Geroge Gerbner Quotations

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Geroge Gerbner
8/1919-12/2005 (Age at death: 86)

After [serving in WW2] he worked as a freelance writer and publicist and taught journalism at El Camino College while earning a master's (1951) and doctorate (1955) in communications at the University of Southern California. His dissertation, "Toward a General Theory of Communication," won USC's award for "best dissertation."

He had been Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania (1964–1989), and presided over the school's growth and influence in Communication Theory in academia. After leaving Annenberg, he became the Bell Atlantic Professor of Telecommunication at Temple University in 1997. - Wikipedia

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"We experience the world through stories. Whoever tells the stories of a culture defines the terms, the agenda, and the common issues we face."

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Geroge Gerbner

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