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Quotation by Robin Lynn Ore:

In the future, we will all die from hearsay

Robin Lynn Ore     (more by this author)

1957 -

Robin L. Ore is a pioneer in HDTV technology and advanced communications systems. She is a former nurse, inventor, researcher, writer, artist, poet and philosopher. She is an expert in brain computer and network interfaces, light sources, biological and geo-sciences. She has lived in the Caribbean, France and has traveled extensively. She currently resides in Colorado.

Country: United States

Type: Prose
Context: Website
Context Details: The quotation is used online wherever brain interfaces are discussed by the author, Robin L. Ore.
Source: Spaces Blog Femtobeam
Uttered: 2008
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I am a middle aged former nurse and 30+ year HDTV and communications technology expert. I am concerned about our times. I am the founder of an advanced technology company, Femtobeam LLC. I write and am currently researching a book on the New World (more...)
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