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If McCarthy Were Alive Today

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If McCarthy Were Alive Today, He'd Put Most of The Bush Administration on His List; For being a Red, a Communist of a former one.

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If the man who fed on the red menace fever of the fifties were alive today, he'd be going after an incredible number of the men who are running our  country and advising President Bush on policy.

From the right and left, the neoconservatives who are in control of the pentagon and the White House-- who describe themselves as a cabal, and who have been described as executing a Coup d'etat-- are described as "Post Marxist Trostkyites."   In plain english, communists. Of course they are also described as rabid war mongers who want the US to create an empire that secures oil and Israel.

But it's the communist aspect that seems to have gone ignored by all but a handful of intellectuals. This is not rocket science. The people George Bush has put into control of the Pentagon, the White House, people high up in the cabinet and the diplomatic corps are at heart, communists. I want to know why the rabid right pundits and radio morons aren't freaking out about commies in high government. If any Democratic president appointed high officials who were even the slightest bit tainted by the label of communist, they'd be tarred and feathered, pilloried, and savaged in all the right wing media-- Fox, CNN, Washington Times, Reuters, Clear Channel Stations, the tabloid dailies, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Novak.... as well by the Christian far right.

But we have..... silence. Not a word. This is a a nasty secret that needs to be pried open and let out of the box.

Here's a recent article that spells out where they are.

Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network by Jim Lobe

Remember, there are conservatives calling these neocons who have taken over the government, names that sure sound like communist to me. For example, in this article, On War #28: The Errors Of The Neo-Cons By William S. Lind, of the Free Congress Foundation says,

"I refuse to call them "neo-conservatives" for the simple reason that there is nothing conservative about them; the neo-cons are really post-Marxist Trotskyites"

One a rticle, by Canadian Michael Taub, describes right wing "neoconservative culture critic"  David Horowitz as an "ex-Marxist."

Some articles like this one by Paul Gottfried describe the Neocons as being anti modern communism "opposing the Communists for betraying the revolutionary vision."  Gottfried, professor of history at Elizabethtown College, says, "Today 's "conservatives" shout Trotskyist slogans that they mistake for patriotism and religion.

IN a talk to an America's Future Foundation symposium of "mostly young conservatives" John Zmirak gave atalk, in which he said, "I would argue that since the end of the Cold War, neocons have accomplished almost nothing, except to liquidate key conservative principles, and marginalize valuable conservative thinkers, in return for a crack at administering Leftist policies a little more efficiently."

Clearly, this is not a simple case of neocons like Wolfowitz and Perle, Feith and the others being "pure" "red" "commies."

But that was certainly also true for all the actors, artists, creatives, and liberals whose lives were assaulted by the McCarthy hearings. Through the use of hearsay, gossip, innuendo and worse, McCarthy and his government, Ashcroft-like thugs tore up people's lives. They used their Communist witch hunt to attack liberals, to sabotage the left... and it was very effective.

The goal of this article isn't too tear up the lives of Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, etc..... The goal is to get the US public to develop a healthy sense of outrage for the kinds of people president bush gets his advice from, his policies from. The goal is to get the people who still support Bush to see what a fake he is, that these ivory tower theoreticians have Trotskyite revolutionary ideas at their core, that their belief in the US as an ever expanding. militarily globe straddling empire that is constantly at war died with the cold war.

I think the families of the GIs stuck for seemingly forever in the quicksand of Iraq would like to know WHY president Bush sent them there. It wasn't about democracy. It was about oil and hegemony, and I don't think those families give a flying duck about hegemony or imperium.

Those GI's families, like the rest of us in America want and expect the truth from the president. We need to be able to trust him, especially when he is taking us to war. The problem is, the truth is a cheap commodity, easily negotiated, among the neocons. What's good for the Military and the Government, is good for the masses, who don't know or understand.

So, when you're in a conversation with a person who supports Bush, talk about those neo-marxist, Trotskyite advisors of his. Ask him or her if he knew that the US government is in their hands. Ask him how it make him feel to have voted in the man who put them in office. Or, better yet, as how he'd feel if a president appointed communists to run the military and the administration. Let him assume you're talking about democrats. Then hit him with a jolt of reality.

A jolt of reality. That's what this country needs.... to jolt Bush and his neocons right out of Washington.



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