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Why I quit posting to Opednews and am so mad at those posting here:

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Please friends let's be aware of the demotivation factor. Let's select our time when to say what, understanding that the masses are "lying down" out of depression. This must be key to any proactive work we do. If we encourage the masses, we will have proactivity.


Dear friends

The time has come for a wooden spoon to wag. Only our good friends tell us the truth, and only our good friends offer us corrective guidance. Those who are "Fakes" and "saccharin" pretend all is fine. I am no such friend. Neither am I a fair-weather friend. I stuck it out for a long time, and may eventually even be back posting articles here to Opednews. I think this is a very good site with well-informed people who truly care. I appreciate that.

But there is one thing that disturbs me. One or two things, actually.

Having logged on today to see the pre-election articles, what do we find? "Discouragement, discouragement, discouragement" is the sub-text. Our votes will not count. OBama should not concede (good point). If there has been no October surprise, there will be a November surprise.

True, all this could happen. All this *is* going on or being planned. I don't deny it.

However, can we please pick and choose our timing? Is our mission to discourage and dissuade people from voting today, on Election Day? Is our mission to scare people half to death about FEMA camps et al, or is it to do something about them?

Please friends let's be aware of the demotivation factor. Let's select our time when to say what, understanding that the masses are "lying down" out of depression. This must be key to any proactive work we do. If we encourage the masses, we will have proactivity. If we discourage the masses, we will have just what we've got: A lying-down mentality and "let it all happen, I can't do anything about it anyway".


For the sake of stressing the hope, let's point out that showing video footage of the FEMA camps will be the one thing that was missing during the Nazi regime: Publicity. Therefore, to show the video footage is to do preventive coverage. To see is to believe, and it is also to prevent. Because criminality does not like to see the light of day. THat's the hope! The FEMA camps can't come to full flower like the Nazi concentration camps did, just because of the Web. Thank you all for your help to promote this, but please stress the hope!

For another thing, hope means to brainstorm about where our strength *Does* lie and what we *Can* do, and to come up with proactive suggestions.

And here is where I am just furious with many (not all) Here on Opednews. (Infiltrators?) among you continually harp on why something will *not* work and why it should *not* be done, you refuse to write letters to the editor, you refuse to post to other blogs or to local newspapers even if that really would work, you refuse to contact the increasingly powerful Grassroots, you refuse, refuse, refuse...then you harp continually about The Problems.

No wonder we have such problems! We all get the America which we work for. Or better said, which we don't work for. And I will blame every one of you who refuses to do your proactive part, should the time come that our worst nightmares really come true.

But here's the rub. Our worst nightmares only very rarely come true, if they ever do.

Rob Kall, I commend you for your free-speech and full-disclosure site. I would never want you to do anything differently in this regard. But there also is a difference between imparting the truth and spreading the seeds of fear and discouragement. Why on earth do you allow this to continue in this rampant way, Rob? Isn't there a way to draw this fine line? Can't you ask that bloggers and journalists tout the hope and the solution as part of their work of doing exposees?

Here is a decision for my own self: NO MORE FEAR IN MY LIFE! I will have no part in it. I will do my part to effect whatever change is necessary. I will do what is moral and right. Then I can rest easy. But I will not play the fear game as I do so.

That's why I have quit posting to Opednews, at least for a while. I resent the fear-mongering (sound familiar?) and the lack of proactivity. Use your brains, folks, where timing is concerned! Today, Election Day, 's articles seem to be pitched at discouraging votes rather than to encourage them. I doubt that this is the real motive, by the way. I recognize and understand that people are simply doing their work of exposing the truth. But timing is everything. Duh!

That's my part and I've said it. I hope those among you who have a heart will listen and give a care. For those of you who don't, I can't change you. We can only change ourselves. Good or evil is a conscious choice we make in this life. I hope you will choose to do good. If not you live with the consequences, either to your own self (is your conscience harping on you?) or to everyone else around you. Times right now are not a joke, I agree whole-heartedly. Let's take it seriously and do good instead of evil. Thank you all.


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This quote summarizes the nature of my concerns and the content of personal experiences which stir my activism: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement on human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves". --Paul (more...)
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