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Diary (Diaries are not moderated)

To the Obamapologists

By       Message Don Caldarazzo     Permalink
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In the know meets the robotic armies of Corporate News-tainted zombies.


This diaries' text is taken mostly from the text of a comment to a certain person who has been following me around and interjecting the party-line-spin lies of the Democrats as refutations of my points. Some of these points were about Obama's total shilly-ness, his generally being the embodiment of evil, the tool of the Fascist Plutocrats who actually rule the world, the tool of those that are cashing out their interests in America and abandoning the rest of us to damnation, as we the damned (most of us, anyway) scream our approval at this process in various and motley shades of sheer idiocy. In this particular instance, the point she used to refute my point, and call me a liar in the process, was (of all things!) that incredible debacle of a bill, The Homeowner Relief bill. Remember, the one that was supposed to help millions and millions of hard-working Americans who were legitimately working hard to keep their homes? The bill that, instead, ended in being so incredibly useless that it was able to be completely ignored or bypassed by the big banks, the most striking case being that of Bank of America? The bill that's fallout was in the news for years, the papers being flooded with the tragic stories of homeowners who jumped through every hoop required of them only to learn that they were never taken off of their original timetable of foreclosure, while the banks hired temps to robo-sign the documents robbing people of their homes without ever even reading them? Yes, that bill. That is the one she is using to "refute" me. I'm pretty sure the Obama administration even apologized for the way that whole situation turned out, acknowledging that no good came of it, and this person is using it as an example of the man's beneficence, of all things.

What is really sad is that these types of people... Their greatest sin is that they still want to believe, sometimes still wholeheartedly do believe, in everything the Democratic party tells them, though what they are actually doing, meanwhile, is almost always the exact opposite, and can only be considered a "lesser evil" if what they pretend to run against in Duopolitical fashion is an actual Vulture Capitalist who has no plan other than fondling the nether-parts of Netanyahu's Israel and making rich people richer, while publicly denouncing and humiliating the poor he helped to fashion out of fine middle-class cloth. Oh, wait. Yeah, that is what is happening. Huh. Weird.

The well where these people dip their buckets for information is poisoned at the source, but unfortunately they haven't personally noticed the symptoms of the illnesses that surely result in their own selves from such a state of affairs. Nonetheless, to make sure that we, those who have managed to get at truth, to get at the actual information of what is going on, we have to fight against this "impulse to ignorance" that is becoming as American as apple pie. We do this as Obama shows his bare behind as a total shill for those multinational super-rich (would-be) Plutocratic Overlords, the ones who have no real interest in fixing this crumbling, rotting country, but are instead cashing out everything they can while there is anything still left! This year, millions of more people came on to the food stamp program that were never on it before, and there will be millions and millions more.

People remember when this country went through problems in years past, and they also remember the country making a comeback, and they think the same thing will happen again. What they don't realize is that when those comebacks happened in the past, we were still, without a doubt, the number one power in the world. Not so anymore folks, and we likely never will be again, notwithstanding our strutting efforts to maintain control by deploying a ridiculously huge military presence, everywhere. If you read History, this military farce is usually one of the last things an empire in declination does before it winks out of existence forever. This is not going to get better by itself. The jobs are gone, folks, gone, and we, the American people, or most of us anyway, are screaming our approval of what is going on, in various colorful tints of stupid.

Hardly anyone is talking about what is really going on, and most of them are right here on Op-ed News. Unfortunately, we are oftentimes assailed by the aforesaid screaming idiots who want to show everyone everywhere how smart they are by repeating what their particular brand of Cable News Opinion has programmed them to... think, I believe they call it.

We have to make sure that we do not become complacent and attribute any kind of validity to these poor, lost compatriots of ours when they do their "mechanical-snigger" (term coined by Orwell to describe this very phenomenon). Strong, compasionate but firm, leadership folks, leadership is the order of the day.

So without further ado, the reply.

I don't personally know any homeowners Obama has helped, and neither does anyone else I know. I do know that the legislation put in place to help homeowners was ignored at least by Bank of America, by the hundreds of articles and stories about how the banks foreclosed upon people everywhere despite what Obama promised and you mindlessly repeat as if it actually happened.

Everyone KNOWS he filled his cabinet with CORPORATE SHILLS when he didn't have to; everyone KNOWS he bailed out the banks to the tune of $26 TRILLION DOLLARS, enough to give every man woman and child in this country THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, but INSTEAD, he gave the money to the banks, and there are no jobs.

So about fifty to a hundred despicably rich people could make a hundred times the profits in future, MOST OF OUR JOBS IN THIS COUNTRY WERE SHIPPED OVERSEAS.


That finance reform bill that came across his hallowed desk of which you so proudly speak was a living, breathing turd. Show me ONE story about a person that was helped by it, and I will link you to a HUNDRED people who did everything they were supposed to do and still lost their homes.

These things like Obama being a shill are common knowledge, they are hardly up for debate. What you just wrote shows that you are so incredibly biased in the information you take in that you believe only what beatifies your Saint Obama, the Democrat to the Right of Bush.

Just because the Republican press says he is a socialist and the Democrats pretend he is a champion of the people, does not stop the rest of us who do not take political-spin-corporate-owned styrofoam information as "News."

You are horribly lost. Here there be educated, informed people. Every minute you watch of television News disinforms you that much further away from those of us who are in the actual know. Please stop referring to the garbage put out by the people disinforming YOU as canon. Please. You know that feeling, that vicarious shame you feel when you are embarrassed for somebody who is acting out, sillily? My face is beet red!

You can see a lot of people are fed up, and you flipping things and calling us liars when we are staring right at the reality of the results of a world in a Duopoly where every politician is a shill as A RULE, is petty and low and I don't know what other kinds of ugly, only that it is very, very ugly. Wake up.


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