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The Truth of Genesis: A Challenge Given to the United Methodist Church!

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Earlier last year (2011), after Pope Benedict XVI had given his Easter message,I wrote an article named "A Challenge Given to the Pope". It was a universal challenge given to the leader of the "universal (Catholic) church". The Pope had said to recognize "Creative Reason", but not to take the Genesis text literally. It became clear that the Pope did not understand (nor believe) the scriptures.

I sent the article to the Pope, and to various divisions of the Vatican (the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the Congregation for Religious).   Not  just once, but three times.   I received no response.   Is "his holiness" an unbeliever? The Pope was wrong about Genesis.   He could have learned the truth, corrected himself, and declared to all the people, that God created all, and lead the world unto repentance.   But no, like an unbeliever, he let his false statements stand.

I later wrote "An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster".   I sent the article to the Diocese of Westminster (found at http://www.rcdow.org.uk/contact.asp).   I told him that I had written to the "Pope in Exile", the Greek Orthodox, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York (Anglican Church), but yet still, no response from any of the Clergy.   Are they all hypocrites?   They wear those fancy outfits, making an "outward show", but apparently don't "fancy" the truth of scripture.

Still later, I was reading what is called the "13 Principles of Faith", which you can also read in reference to at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_principles_of_faith.   I took special notice of number seven, which says "I believe with perfect faith that the prophecy of Moses our teacher, peace be upon him, was true, and that he was the chief of the prophets, both those who preceded him and those who followed him".

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I wrote an article last April, named "Who Do You Believe: Moses or Darwin".   I had sent it to more than twenty Jewish synagogues and organizations (I sent it to secular and religious newspapers also, but they wouldn't print it).   I got one reply from a rabbi who said "Take this email off your list".   I wrote back and asked "Why?   Because you don't believe in God?".   I never heard from them again.   I've come to understand that most Jews don't believe that the writings of Moses came from God.   For a while, I was under the impression that after seventeen years, perhaps I just had been contacting the wrong Jews.

So, I wrote a letter (Put Your "Principles of Faith" into Action, Not Just in Words), and sent it to those who are called "Orthodox Jews".   To me, there was only a "believing Jew", or an "unbelieving Jew".   I was willing to take the position that the Orthodox Jews were the only sect that was likely to accept the truth of Genesis.   In the letter, I mentioned that I had written another article named "A Challenge to the Sanhedrin: Who Do You Believe, Moses or Darwin?".   In it I wrote "It is all a big joke if the Sanhedrin tries to make sacrifices to God, yet will not believe what God gave to Moses".

Yes, I wrote to the Sanhedrin, and they saw the PowerPoint presentation called the "Observations of Moses".   It blew them away.   They conceded that "literal interpretation" of scripture was used to reconcile Genesis with scientific reality, but they didn't want to admit that the patriarchic rabbis that wrote the commentaries of the Torah and Talmud were written in ignorance.   So they didn't publically embrace what I gave them as the truth of Bereshit.   That attitude allows the belief of Atheism to spread.

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Continuing, I sent the "Principles" letter to over 72 of the Jewish Orthodoxy.   One wrote back, saying "I believe in Moses - I suggest you read the writings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller.   Only Ultra Orthodox Judaism is authentic Judaism".   That reminds me of the evolutionists, trying to explain the origin of life, but actually ducking the issue.   They can't explain it, so they try to redirect you to the Big Bang Theory, and how life originated somewhere in outer space.  

As far as I can tell, Orthodox Judaism has just as much cowardice, and is as unbelieving, as the other branches of Jewry.   So what is wrong with these "non-Levite" imitation rabbis of Judaism?   Are they more concerned about their standing in the eyes of the people, rather than delivering the truth to the laity?    What is the truth of Genesis?   Why do they insist on only accepting the false teaching of previous rabbis, that didn't understand what Moses was writing about?

So, I issued a challenge to all rabbis of Judaism, even the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks.   I declared that they were misleading the people, and are not teaching the truth of God.   Their rituals and "traditions of men" are meaningless, and only amounted to foolishness, unless they started teaching their children the truth of our Creator, and the prehistoric history of our world.   The truth of Genesis is available for the people to see, which exposes the false teachings of both current Creationism and the conclusions of science.   I asked them to stop hiding in the corner, and to either learn from me what the truth of Genesis is, or meet me on Mt. Carmel and defend what you now think is the truth of what Moses wrote.   Yes, I was "calling them out", in front of all the people, and told them that they were "prophets of Baal".

God revealed Himself to Israel, and they in turn were supposed to convey His truth to the rest of the world.   Sadly, that was not done.   But just look at them now.   How far have they fallen from the Creator?   Do the Jews now even deny the crossing of the Red Sea?   When God told Joshua to march around Jericho for seven days, did God mean something other than 168 hours?   Didn't the walls of Jericho fall (1558 BC)?   Only for the Jews has God stopped the turning of the Earth, and even set it back ten degrees.   If the   evolution theory is true, then the whole heritage of the Jews just a pagan lie!!

Now, I ask the United Methodist Church, "What will you believe? The "Observations of Moses', or the observations of Charles Darwin?"   If you believe Darwin, you don't believe God.   At the last Quadrennial General Conference, the following three motions were passed:

1)       The sentence, "We find that science's descriptions of cosmological, geological, and biological evolution are not in conflict with theology," was added to the section on "Science and Technology" in the Church's Book of Discipline

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The Clergy Letter Project
and Evolution Weekend were explicitly endorsed by the United Methodist Church  

3)      The United Methodist Church goes on record as opposing the introduction of any faith-based theories such as Creationism or Intelligent Design into the science curriculum of our public schools.

Are you infidels, hypocrites, or supposedly saints of God?   You cannot believe the Word of God and the false conclusions of science.   Yes, current creationism is both foolish (young Earth) and false (old Earth), but the written text of Genesis  is completely literally true.   The problem is, that the world of Theology is buried in ignorance concerning the correct interpretation of the first chapter of Genesis. But that is no reason for any "so called" Christian to advocate Atheism to be taught in public schools.   You should be ashamed of yourselves.   But more importantly, is the Lord Jesus ashamed of you?

At your upcoming conference in Tampa, let the people come and see for themselves if what Moses wrote is true or not, and if the conclusions of science (and current creationism) are false.   The 62 minute PowerPoint presentation called the "Observations of Moses" is the ONLY correct rendition of Genesis chapter one.   It proves both Creationism (in all its forms) and evolution to be in error.

There is no longer any excuse for ignorance.   The Word of God is not a joke, nor is it a myth.   Unfortunately, the Jews of today refuse to set aside the false teachings of yesteryear (Old Earth or Young Earth), and learn what Moses was writing about, in order to overcome anti-Semitism and the growing belief system of Atheism.   What is the Methodist Church going to do?   Learn and proclaim the Truth of Genesis, or embrace a lie? 

To compromise with the Evolution Theory is telling the world, is that you are "infidels preaching from the pulpit", who consider the Word of God to be a big joke.  To participate in the "Clergy Letter Project", shows you to be an ungodly organization, that would rather see people die in ignorance, than for you to repent from your position and allow your communities and congregations to learn the correct interpretation of Genesis. Only the children of Satan would be  advocating Atheism to be taught in public schools.

Herman Cummings


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Author of the book, "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!", and promoter of teaching "the Observations of Moses".

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