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The Truth of Genesis: Why Are Christians and Jews Such Buffoons?

By       Message Herman Cummings     Permalink

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First, we have the Jews (thank the Lord for them).   God called them "a stiff-necked and rebellious people".   If God had hair, I'd think it would have turned gray because of them. They have seen firsthand (in the past) the miraculous works of God.   In 1598 BC, while fleeing the army of Egypt, they walked through a corridor of the Red Sea, about 612 yards wide, with walls of water more than 800 feet high on each side. They walked through that corridor for more than a day, with Pharaoh's army being drowned in the sea a half mile behind them.   (The soldiers were dumb for charging into the sea after them).

The problem is, 12 days after leaving Egypt, they had crossed the Red Sea, and sang the praises of God.   But a little over a month later, they said "Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the flesh pots, and when we did eat bread to the full; for ye have brought us forth into this wilderness, to kill this whole assembly with hunger". 

After what they had seen of God, where was their faith?   Did they think that God was going to let them die, after going through all that trouble to bring them out of Egypt and through the Red Sea?   How quickly they forget!   But that was then.   What about something more recent?

There are two things.   First, why are the Jews as a whole so deeply buried in denial about Jesus?   The Jews are so quick to say that "Jesus wasn't the Messiah", and that "He was just a minor prophet".   Oh really?   How so?   Jesus claimed to be the Messiah that Israel was waiting for, and the Messiah had to come before the Jewish judiciary lost the authority to put criminals to death (in 8 AD), as prophesied by Jacob at his death (in 2011 BC) . Do they believe Jesus was a liar?  The Messiah had to be a Levite priest, and heir to the throne of David.  Only Jesus meets those qualifications.

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Do the Jews deny the virgin birth of Jesus?   If so, who was the father of Jesus?   Was it Joseph?   Many of the circumcision refer to Mary as being a "Jew whore", to explain the birth of Jesus.   But why would John the Baptist go around preaching the coming of Jesus?   Was John (also) a liar?   How many prophets predicted their own death, and their own resurrection?   Didn't Jesus resurrect from the dead?   A platoon of Roman soldiers saw His resurrection.   The heavy boulder was rolled away, and the tomb was found to be empty.   Where did Jesus go?   The High Priests of Israel could never deny that Jesus rose from the dead.   Don't you think that they would have tried?   You would think that the Jews would try to find out who Jesus really was, is, and will be.  Only God can raise someone (or Himself) from the dead.  Is it that they are in denial?   Or is it that they are such dummies? 

How about something even more recent?   How about the failure of the Jews to recognize danger?   In the years before World War II, the rights of the Jews were systematically being taken away in Germany.   The Jews lingered around while they were being accused of being the cause of the defeat of Germany in World War I.   So before embarking upon the Second World War, it was established protocol to get rid of the Jew first.   Why didn't they see that coming, given the long history of excuses gentiles using to persecute the Jews, who are "God's special people"?   Have they learned from that?   Sadly, not so.   It is Satan's mission to destroy the things of God.  But most Jews (as I understand) don't even believe Satan exists.

Let's stop here and parallel this with "so called" Christians.   There is a church in Crystal Springs Mississippi, called First Baptist Church.   That church exposed their dirty laundry for all the world to see.   One day before the announced  wedding, a (supposedly) minority group of members opposed the wedding from being held at the church, because the couple (male and female) were both black.   This is so stupid in several areas.   First, at least one of the couple had been attending the church for more than a year.   I don't know how long the other person had attended.

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Secondly, why would that hypocrite minority wait until after the wedding was announced, arrangements made, invitations printed, written and "sent out", and one day before the wedding make an objection?   That is malice, and those bigots call themselves "Christians"?  It sounds more like "Klansmen" to me.   The pastor was afraid of the threat of being replaced.   So, he didn't have any backbone.   But thirdly, what were the other Christians that attended that church doing?   Just being "the silent majority"?   For what reason do people go to church?  It's supposed to be to obtain and maintain their salvation.   If the rapture of the saints had occurred the night of the wedding, would any of the members of First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs Mississippi have been taken to glory with Jesus?   No.   Not a single one, from the pastor on down.   That whole church is either guilty of the sin of bigotry, or guilty of the sin of omission, by not reproving those ungodly members. By the way, none of those ungodly members "have remission of sins".

Fourthly, who do you think was pulling the puppet springs of those bigots?   It was their father, "old man" Satan.   Not only did those clowns not recognize the malice in their hearts, but failed to see that they were opening "Pandora's box".   What would be the consequences of their actions?   A costly civil law suit, for one.   The puppets couldn't see what Satan's plan would be, because they were too blind.   This cracks the door for foul perversion to attempt to enter churches across the nation.   That couple was wronged, and should win the lawsuit.   But there are (ungodly) same-sex couples, that pervert the institution of marriage, that would then try to use the courts to force churches to allow them to be married "in the church of their choice".   By the way, why is it that same-sex couples want to get married, and opposite sex couples just want to live together?  More ungodliness in our times?  Are "threesomes" next?

See where all of this leads?   All because those dummy "silent majority" members didn't take a stand against bigotry, which leads us to the joint idiocy of both Christians and Jews.   They are both afraid of the truth of Genesis.   Genesis is out of their comfort zone, and the Clergy would rather see their congregations and communities die in ignorance, than to both learn and proclaim the truth of scripture.  

How long has Atheism (evolution) been state sponsored in public schools?   More than 55 years?   What do you expect to be the product of that?   How about elected leaders that are ungodly, and that despise the Bible, and everything associated with it?   Are "God's people" so blind and stupid that they can't see the direction mankind is taking?   The Jews did nothing in 1930's Germany.   What happened to them?   You don't think that can happen in America?   Look around.   The three growing evils are Atheism, homosexuality, and Islam.

Is the "so called" Church teaching the whole truth of the Bible?   No.   They have to first know what the truth is, before they can teach others.   The problem is, that they don't even want to know what the truth is.   They are comfortable with tradition.   I once had to pay an Orthodox rabbi $50.00, just to get him to view the "Observations of Moses" PowerPoint seminar.   It is the ONLY correct presentation of Genesis chapter one.   He didn't see it all (ran out of time), but what he did see proved his beliefs to be false.   Was he willing to change, or to allow others to see the presentation?   No!   He valued tradition over the truth. 

Christians are just as foolish.   When their school aged children come home and reveal that they were taught that Genesis is a fairy tale, what could/should the parents say?   They won't know what to say, nor how to explain Genesis chapter one.   So they will go ask their pastor, who is just as ignorant as they are.   I heard one pastor say "just believe the Bible".   Was that of any help?    No!!   Those same pastors refuse to learn the "Observations of Moses".   They run away and stick their foolish heads in the sand, instead to obtaining meaningful answers for the fossil and geologic records of Earth.

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So why is it that the teaching of evolution has a monopoly in science classes?   It's because Christians and Jews are too dumb to drop their false beliefs and promote the truth of the Bible.  I've contacted thousands of religious institutions over the span of eighteen years, and not one assembly has hosted the PowerPoint presentation.   Not a one.   Not because they condemn it as being false.   You have to first see something to make that determination.   It's because they relegate it as being "unimportant", it being "for the unsaved", and "Jesus will explain it when we get to Heaven".   How dumb can a people get?   Who is going to explain it to the atheist before Jesus comes?   That's what the church is supposed to do!  Even churches that have held (young Earth) creation seminars refuse to host the presentation.  Why?  Is it because they don't want to be embarrassed, or don't want the truth of scripture known?

However, since public schools do not know (or even want to know) of a valid opposing view to evolution, that is all they teach.   Do you expect the secular world to accept something, such as the truth, before the church does?   That would be "cute", and also embarrassing to the church.   But the monopoly of evolution will fall, and it will be the teaching of the truth of Genesis that does it, and not the falsehoods of creationism.

So, I'll end with this thought.   Why are Christians and Jews such fools, that they cannot recognize the "coming danger", brought on by their own stupidity, and their failure to embrace and broadcast the truth of Genesis?  Scripture says that "a fool has said in his heart, there is no God".   Christians and Jews will say "amen" to that.  But scripture also says "my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge", and "fools hate knowledge".

Satan says "amen" to that!

Herman Cummings





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Author of the book, "Moses Didn't Write About Creation!", and promoter of teaching "the Observations of Moses".

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