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The "Roman Lawyers" are worse than the Banksters ...

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In connection with our "Bankster Bailouts" situation in particular, and with the very recent developments in Cyprus in mind, it seems to me that our Chief Justice Susan Denham (Republic of Ireland) now has some VERY serious explaining to do: to "the people" of the Republic of Ireland that is; and, that the sooner she does so the better (in my opinion).



The "Roman Lawyers" are worse than the Banksters ...
by W. Finnerty Sun Mar 24, 2013 16:26

An e-mail update (of sorts) sent yesterday to Chief Justice Susan Denham (and several of her legal profession colleagues) included the piece of text in the section just below:


"For example, today is the 'Spring Equinox Day' (on the 'top' half of the world), and there are some very clear, important, and powerful links between it and Cairn T, King Ollamh Fodhla, and Brehon Law: the very advanced and highly successful legal system which the people of Ireland appear to have (very happily) lived under for some 2,500 years or so (up to around the mid 1600s), and which was completely different in most respects to our present legal system of 'justice' (or 'injustice' as many see it)."


The full text of yesterday's e-mail to Chief Justice Susan Denham, which was titled -- "Balance and Justice: Equinox Day (March 21st 2013) Update for United Nations" -- can be viewed at:

To date, I have not received any reply of ANY kind whatsoever from Chief Justice Susan Denham to the registered letter I sent to her on March 4th 2013. A scanned copy of the registered letter in question, together with scanned copies of the associated Post Office receipts and delivery-note can be viewed at:

All things considered, and allowing for my efforts to keep her regularly informed about government wrongdoing since she took on the job of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Ireland, on July 25th 2011, I am very rapidly moving towards the firm conclusion that, in reality, Chief Justice Susan Denham is far, far more interested in supporting government crime than she is in using Bunreacht na hEireann (the Supreme Law of the Republic of Ireland) to protect "the people" of the Republic of Ireland from, for example, the growing set of outrageous criminal abuses and crimes that the banksters are imposing on us via our corrupt Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial), and our corrupt legal profession: who continue, with impunity, to refuse me legal representation for ANY of the several extremely serious criminal legal issues I have raised since 1998, such as -- for example -- the unconstitutional legislation connected with Waste Management Amendment Act 2001 referred to in my "An Bord Pleanala Appeal" (Republic of Ireland Government Planning Authority) dated February 21st 2004 referred to at:

To the best of my knowledge, blatant, barefaced, and obvious unconstitutional legislation of the kind outlined in my February 21st 2004 "An Bord Pleanala Appeal" at the www address immediately above, is not just criminally unlawful, but criminally unlawful in a way that is treasonously criminal for all of those people primarily responsible for producing and sustaining such legislation. With a grossly corrupt legal profession such as ours, it is little wonder the Banksters can do whatever they like in the line of looting and bullying "the people" of the Republic of Ireland: and do so with total impunity.

Our present, and relatively recent, "Roman Law" System of Justice may be okay on paper, but in practice it is being corruptly operated for the past several years (in the Republic of Ireland) to support and uphold extremely serious Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) and Bankster crime in a growing range of ways that is proving more and more disastrous by the day for "the people" of the Republic of Ireland, and which "the people" of the Republic of Ireland are at present completely powerless to stop: because our corrupt legal profession continues to refuse to provide legal representation for members of the public (such as myself) who wish to lawfully challenge any one (or more) of the major parts of the despicable array of government crime in question.

Similarly for "the people" of several other nations who rely for their protection on the very heavily flawed Roman Law System of "Justice" (so called); and, its EXTREMELY "lite" (i.e. non-existent) set of criminally corrupt attitudes and actions (and inactions) for stopping government crime.

The shocking reality seem to be this: the "Roman Lawyers", and the Banksters, have sneakily and secretly joined forces in many parts of the world in order to rob and exploit "the living bejaysus" out of "the people"; and, of the pair, I now see the "Roman Lawyers" as being by far the worst and most threatening of the two: and consequently the group which now is most in need of being vigorously challenged in public by "the people" of the world.

Roman Law, and the way it has usually been operated throughout human history so far, seems to me to be far better suited for running "Master/slave type Empires" run by arrogant, corruption-ridden despots and psychopaths of various kinds, that it is for running democratic republics like the Republic of Ireland: which has the powerfully democratic text of Article 6.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann at the very heart of its SUPREME LAW:

Article 6.1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland:

"All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good."

Allowing for Article 6.1 (just above), why have our legal profession -- especially the members of the Judicial Branch of our Government, who are VERY CLEARLY REQUIRED BY LAW, under the terms of Article 34.5.1 of Bunreacht na hEireann, to "uphold the Constitution", not made it their business to make absolutely sure that "the people" of the Republic of Ireland are allowed to have the "final" say (using a national referendum) regarding the bailouts for the Banksters, and their hundreds, and many believe thousands of trillions of Euros/US Dollars of "derivatives" (and such like) of gambling debts: which the Banksters continue to significantly add to, by the week, in a still totally UNREGULATED way (as far as I know)?

So much for the IMF (International Monitory Fund), and their crime and corruption-ridden and supporting ECB (European Central Bank) and EU (European Union) "Troika" partners, who are supposedly "keeping an eye" on things? This exceptionally dangerous "Troika", backed up by an army of corruption-ridden "Roman Lawyers" acting from closely behind the scenes all over the world (including the Republic of Ireland), is "keeping an eye on things" all right, but not in the way it is slyly hoodwinking "the people" of the world into believing; and it is doing its socially-destructive hoodwinking with enormous amounts of help from the similarly corruption-ridden MSM (Main Stream Media): with our own RTE very high on the local list, if not right at the top of it.

For those who might not know, the 2,500 (or so) year old "Doctrine of the Tripartite Separation of Powers of Government", was NEVER intended to be operated in a manner which NEVER allowed any overlap between the day-to-day workings of the three main branches of our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial). How could it?

In connection with our "Bankster Bailouts" situation in particular, and with the very recent money-grabbing developments by the "Troika" in Cyprus in mind, it seems to me that our Chief Justice Susan Denham now has some VERY serious explaining to do: to "the people" of the Republic of the Ireland that is; and, that the sooner she now does so the better (in my opinion). Who does our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) think it is? And from where where does it think (imagine or whatever?) it gets ANY lawful right to usurp the Article 6.1 right of "the people" to have the "final" say regarding major issues of "national policy" such as "bailing out the Banksters" to the tune of billions of Euros, with the possibility of trillions more such bailouts to follow (by the strictest DEMANDS of the unelected "Troika"!!): which, if the Banksters are given the criminally corrupt opportunity, working in very friendly and supportive partnership with our own corruption-ridden "Roman Lawyers", will have to be paid for using our untapped oil and gas resources possibly: and because we, as a Nation, have no other assets potentially large enough to pay such big sums.

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The text in the section above is based on a comment dated March 24th 2013 at the following Indymedia (Ireland)



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