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The Obama Conundrum And The Impossible Task of Trying To Exact Truth And Clarity From A Professional Politician

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Finally, if President Obama is reelected to office, are we to believe that the depth and viciousness of the GOP against the 99% will somehow evaporate just because Obama was reelected to the Presidency? If the same pattern again shows its ugly head, which we know it will, newly elected President Obama will be able to claim that the Democratic Agenda is being sabotaged by GOP Obstructionism and I fear he will begin capitulating to the GOP again as a Lame Duck President that has never, except in campaigning, shown the American people that he is willing to fight for the common man rather than the 1% he represented during his first three years in office.


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Please excuse our silence and failure to post any meaningful political commentary for over a month. We haven't forgotten how to read and write and there are issues galore, but until I figure out how to solve the "Obama Conundrum" -- it's hard to concentrate and delve into the web to research and substantiate whatever gem of news or politics we're attempting to cover. In short, if we don't have something to offer that affects or has the ability to alter the body politic, I'd prefer to remain silent until our commentary matches the complexity of the situation. We have not been easy on President Obama and have been outspoken in our condemnation of a President that constantly capitulated to the GOP -- even when a compromise wasn't necessary. Liberals, Progressives and Independents throughout the nation have been shaking their heads in disbelief as President Obama tramples through our civil liberties as if he was merely scheduling the weekly trash pick-ups for Washington, D.C.

I felt like Obama's first three years in office was wasted and an exercise in the futility of attempting to negotiate and show a spirit of bipartisanship when history has demonstrated that attempting to make common-sense talking points backed-up by data and facts does not affect the "Party of No's" philosophy to re-take the White House by stonewalling the Democrats and refusing to pass legislation that our nation needs to weather the coming storm(s). The GOP campaigned on Job Creation (How many jobs has the GOP created?) and making government smaller; instead, across the nation, all we have witnessed is a relentless attack on women, their most private reproductive rights, Union Busting legislation partially paid for by the seditious Koch Brothers and supported by their phony "Think Tanks" whom have been responsible for helping to mold our foreign policy for decades, all the while using assumptions and intelligence that has been suspect at best and downright lies and deceit liberally sprinkled throughout their report mechanism to benefit the 1% while casting blame and failure on the 99% who have no voice in their own government. As a nation, we have sunk to a low that refuses to tackle our most obvious and pressing issues while the GOP and phony Democrats waste the Congresses time with bills that usually seek to further minimize the civil liberties of the average American. We see it, we know it's happening, and we're taking notes on just how little regard our government places in our own Constitution and Bill of Rights.

On the positive side, watching Candidate Obama motivate his constituents with his oratory skills brings back memories of Candidate Obama from the last election; you remember -- that was the one that promised "Change we could believe in," and what weighs extremely heavy on the President's shoulders is his broken campaign promise that he would attempt to protect and support our Unions that represent teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and a host of other trades -- and if they were threatened and in need of assistance, Barack Obama stated that he would be on the protest lines himself -- perhaps the biggest whopper in a litany of promises that "we the people" knew were gross exaggerations and "Pie in the Sky" for those who believed that President Obama would find the moral turpitude and courage to stand-up for Main Street as he promised; the moment that he announced his Cabinet/Advisers and we learned that Goldman Sachs and General Electric were well represented in the White House while the common man was forgotten and cast aside, Obama's Progressive/Liberal Base sighed and knew they had been had, hook, line and sinker. It appears that Obama has no talent other than being a great orator, and to make matters worse, he revealed himself to be nothing more than an empty suit that caved-in to the GOP even when he held the upper hand.

I had made up my mind not to listen to another lie our President was attempting to communicate to the American people, because even though I and other writers I know are affected by Obama's speeches whether they contain even an iota of truth or are representative of nothing more than rank propaganda, and listening to what you know is nothing more than rhetoric does absolutely nothing to solve issues or the other hundreds of problems that we are in dire need to evaluate but refuse to tackle because of a Congress that is hopelessly dedicated to telling the American people that they could care less whether we live or die; Congress has made it abundantly clear they believe the people are unable to understand the complexities of government and instead of standing in solidarity with the people who elected them to Congress -- they constantly make decisions that are directly against the majority of public opinion and or Congressmen hold Press Conferences attempting to explain why the people are always wrong and Congress is right, notwithstanding our Congresses total inability to make decisions based on the rule of law rather than bribes and "Campaign Contributions" from Lobbyists that because of their unscrupulous methods and "bending the rules," make AIPAC and The Chamber of Commerce the real political/elitists who have been are now running our entire nation through their "Shadow Government." If we have more than ten (10) completely honest Congressional Representatives in our government I'd be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, but as it pertains to Congress, those of you whom believe that Millionaires and Billionaires who are making government policy somehow know "what" we need to survive is like asking an accountant to prescribe your medications -- an extremely foolish endeavor.

What is the "Obama Conundrum" and what -- if anything -- can we do to ascertain whether or not we are witnessing a President campaigning for his second term in office or just "Candidate Obama" saying whatever he believes that the people want to hear -- which based on the historical outcome of the last election would tend to show that when Candidate Obama is running for office, whatever he states to the people via campaign promises should be completely ignored as hyperbole and rhetoric. If it doesn't crystallize into policy, it was nothing more than rhetoric and more campaign promises that President Obama will likely break almost as soon as the election is over. Remember folks, this crisis is partially aided by a Democratic Majority in Congress that was constantly derailed by GOP obstructionism and Economic Terrorism. Here's the $64,000 Dollar Question: Is Barack Obama lying through his teeth again with plans to capitulate to the GOP when a Democratic Congress takes-up the President's agenda after the election, or is Obama acting "Presidential" and actually cares about the future and well-being of the United States as it concerns both segments of our population -- the 1% and the 99%? Does President Obama deserve a second chance, and what is stopping him from film-flamming the nation into electing a President that is too frightened or cares too little to actually stand-up for the Average American, especially when attempting to do so could impact his personal finances and actually present a serious security risk for the President's life. Those who really dictate policy and run this country view life and families as a means to an end -- and nothing more. It's unfortunate, but our nation is currently being governed by sociopaths and psychopaths that dominate Wall Street and our political infrastructure with no end in sight" How could we allow mentally deficit individuals to hold the reigns of financial power when in reality, if they worked anywhere else, a long prison term would easily be in their immediate future. A huge swath of "Wall Street Guru's" who make millions/billions of dollars per year couldn't get hired for many of the positions that average Americans hold -- they don't have the ethics or ability to pass the rigorous psychological testing that millions of other job seekers are being subjected to in order to "prove" they are trustworthy. In Wall Street jargon, "trustworthy" is not a desirable trait and is only applied as it pertains to advertising, not running their respective businesses. The past few years have demonstrated that to succeed on Wall Street you need to be a Con-Man and a thief, and only then will an individual be acceptable to several of our major financial and investment institutions. There has never been an example in recent memory where the Inmates were charged with running the Asylum to this degree, and the result is destroying a nation financially so they can come in after the collapse and purchase any and all assets, including State facilities and services at mere pennies on the dollar. We are witnessing financial fraud and corporate warfare on a scale that encompasses the majority of the 1% whom are self-assured that the Middle-Class, Disabled, Poor, and even those physically disadvantaged and in other dire predicaments all pay their fair share to pay for Wall Street's folly and fraud.

Now that we've covered our suspicions in regard "Candidate Obama," it's only fair to cite recent Presidential decisions and Executive Orders that President Obama is responsible for in his latest measures to combat GOP Obstructionism and present a platform where it appears that he is standing-up for the 99% rather than his usual list of friends and cronies that are attempting to rob and steal anything and everything that isn't tied-down or against Federal Statutes to sell to foreign interests at bargain prices while they earn "finder's fees" for selling-out the United States. With our economy still vastly under-performing individual States are attempting to close gaps in their budgets by selling-off American property, Toll Roads, and other segments of our infrastructure. The wholesale sale of American property, including vital infrastructure, presents a clear and present danger to National Security to all but those who are too busy counting their money rather than witnessing the sale and control of vital parts of our infrastructure and the very homes that to many are part of the American experience and some represent different eras of our history. Many rich Chinese are purchasing American homes at an alarming rate and attempting to leave China and migrate to the United States to enjoy what little remains of our "representative democracy" and freedom.

We've watched Candidate Obama make a vital "recess appointment" to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau when he chose Richard Cordray as head of the Bureau much to the displeasure of our too-big-to-fail financial institutions and Wall Street itself. . We're finally beginning to see prosecutions emerge from the Justice Department in regard the Wall Street crooks who stole much of our future, and for the destruction their greed brought upon this nation they all deserve to rot in one of America's worst prisons instead of the low-security Federal "retreats" they call prisons that most of the financial elite find to be their new homes. Their brand of theft amounted to terrorizing an entire nation and much of the global community with their flagrant schemes that almost destroyed the global economy, and if you can't call that "Economic Terrorism," then I don't know what more could be stated to simply state the enormity of their crimes against humanity which easily substantiate their status as terrorists working on a global scale in this class-war that is increasing in severity with one scheme after another throughout the free (SIC) world.

Simply stated, I'm not sure what President/Candidate Obama is up to, and while he has taken steps to nullify some of the GOP obstructionism through Executive Orders, we still see the influence of the financial sector on his decisions when we examine the flawed Mortgage Fraud Settlement Agreement. To make matters worse, President Obama signed what is in reality a Martial Law Bill, the NDAA - and as public outcry rose, Obama used a Signing Statement to state that Americans on American soil would be exempt from this legislation. Keep in mind that he can reverse that decision with another signing statement, and as a "matter of National Security," the general public would likely be unaware that Obama had changed his mind in deference to his Corporate Masters. Furthermore, Obama's Signing Statement could be overturned by a new President that had no qualms in enslaving and incarcerating Americans on a massive scale, i.e., a "Party of No" candidate (GOP) winning the Presidential election.

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We have also watched with awe as President Obama has admonished Israel on several occasions and is attempting to reign-in the War Mongers that currently control Israel's politics. (And ours, via the enormous influence of AIPAC and Mossad Agents whom are attempting to draw the United States into this war whether we want it or not using subterfuge and treachery to make it appear as if the United States was behind one of their many assassinations and covert activity within Iran itself.) On the other hand, are we witnessing President Obama attempting to use Plausible Deniability when Israel does attack Iran all the while secretly supporting and supplying Israel with the military hardware to effectuate a devastating attack against Iran's Nuclear Facilities.

This is the "Obama Conundrum" as I see it:

Who are we to believe, Candidate Obama based on his Campaign promises and some amount of positive actions he has made that may help to protect the American consumer, or should we judge President Obama on his past broken campaign promises and simply view his campaign promises this time as more "change we wanted to believe in but never materialized?" One of the most disturbing trends we are witnessing across our nation is individual states and the District of Columbia enacting legislation that penalizes Free Speech. After all of the rhetoric we heard from President Obama in regard the Arab Spring and the fundamental right of free speech on a global basis, we sit in bewilderment as he allows our ability to protest and exercise Free Speech as the founders intended, not as a fascist leaning government is attempting to legislate at an astounding pace.

Who is Candidate/President Obama? A Centrist, A rank and file Corporatist/Fascist who once elected again will immediately begin capitulating to the obvious GOP obstructionism that paralyzed Congress for much of the past year and almost brought the world economy to its final crash as we again witnessed Economic Terrorism perpetrated against the American people by the Tea Party and the GOP in their efforts to serve the 1% while pissing on our legs and telling us it's raining. They came into power promising jobs and cutting government spending, and once they got into Congress, they reversed course, demanded austerity even when Europe's woes have proven it doesn't work, effectively blackmailed the entire Congress by threatening to crash the economy -- and instead of being incarcerated for gross misrepresentations, fraud and Economic Terrorism, they still sit in Congress busy attacking women's rights, unions, and even demanded that their Tea Party cronies refuse to hire anyone until President Obama was ousted from office; sedition and treason are the only words that truly express the intent of the GOP to damage our economy for political and personal gain -- and somehow we label this attack on our own nation by the GOP as "Politics as Usual?"

Finally, if President Obama is reelected to office, are we to believe that the depth and viciousness of the GOP against the 99% will somehow evaporate just because Obama was reelected to the Presidency? If the same pattern again shows its ugly head, which we know it will, newly elected President Obama will be able to claim that the Democratic Agenda is being sabotaged by GOP Obstructionism and I fear he will begin capitulating to the GOP again as a Lame Duck President that has never, except in campaigning, shown the American people that he is willing to fight for the common man rather than the 1% he represented during his first three years in office.

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Here's the final conundrum as I envision it:

Unless President Obama acts to halt GOP obstructionism in Congress that on its face is detrimental to the American people and our National Security, how will President Obama's second term be any different than his first term? What will we accomplish by reelecting a President that the GOP is attacking mainly because they can't bear the thought that the American Public chose a Black Man rather than their shiny white GOP contender that is now beginning to show signs of senility? The GOP's sense of entitlement is showing cracks and desperation, so what's the answer to this obvious conundrum? Winning back the House and Senate are hollow victories to me as long as the filibuster remains intact in its present form, and as history has shown us, when we did hold the majority in both chambers, our Democratic House and Senate Members refused to use their majority to do anything meaningful for the people and squandered their majority as the treacherous "Blue Dog Democrats," who are nothing but stealth Republicans stood with their backs against the wall attempting to represent the 1% rather than their own constituents. Again, what will change in Congress if President Obama is reelected to office?

President Obama, I believe that these are questions you need to answer clearly to the American people and without all of the political mumble-jumble that usually accompanies your campaign(s) speeches. We need answers and a plan of action, not a false sense of "hope we could never believe in." You refuse to answer questions regarding marijuana during question and answer sessions where you personally asked the public to submit some of our most important concerns and seem to have reversed course once it was obvious that Big Pharma was getting ready to begin testing and marketing their own "marijuana in a pill" that will make Big Phama billions of dollars in profit -- and b*tch-slapped the public by refusing to even answer a question that a majority of Americans want answers for but somehow you feel that our concerns should not be addressed by you -- whom we elected to represent the people, not the 1% whom your actions, not rhetoric, always seem to favor.

This is the Obama conundrum, and whether he's just a professional politician whose rhetoric and campaign promises mean nothing or simply an inexperienced President that screwed-up his first term by refusing to listen to his base, there is no concrete evidence that anything has changed since the last election cycle. Until President Obama answers these questions in public and provides answers that are true, factually correct and a plan to combat the inevitable GOP Obstructionism that we know will instantly materialize once the election is over, notwithstanding GOP threats of Economic Terrorism and their war on working-class America -- I can't see where reelecting President Obama makes any sense what-so-ever.


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