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The 9/11 Truth Movement Is The Conscience of The World

Author 42182
Message Saman Mohammadi
"Every society is dominated by an ideology. When Marxism began, it professed to be something of an escape from ideology and said it would not set up a structure of authority. It would be something in which the state would wither away. But that didn't happen, because all ideologies are contained within a mythological framework. As long as people don't realize that, they will simply shift the emphasis without actually getting anywhere. Ideology is militant and builds up empires and class structures. It's an ideological concern that sends the Russian
tanks into Czechoslovakia and the American troops into Vietnam." - Northrop Frye (Northrop Frye in Conversation by David Cayley; Pg. 114).
The predatory ruling elite of America, England, Israel, and the West are hungry for more wars in the Middle East. The EU is imposing economic sanctions on Syria; the U.S. military and NATO are preparing for a ground invasion of Libya; and Israel is getting ready to attack Lebanon and Iran. In short, hell is about to be unleashed on the Middle East and the world. Speak up now or forever hold your peace.

If you are a liberal who protested the Iraq war and hate Bush, speak up now. Wake up and join the 9/11 truth and accountability movement. It is the civil rights movement of this generation. Don't be a late comer. Don't be a wuss. Embrace the truth now, stare at the dark heart of Washington D.C., and help pull it out. End the US/Israeli manufactured wars in the Middle East
by facing the truth about the 9/11 attacks and the war on terror. Rethink 9/11, start from the ground up, and be a part of the real global anti-war movement.

If you are a conservative who loves Jesus and hate the devil, speak up now. Help save the soul of America. The devil has America by the throat. Are you too spiritually dead to recognize this
obvious fact? The U.S. military is being exploited and deceived to make a few political families more rich and powerful. Good soldiers are needlessly dying in profit-driven wars. If you support the troops then you must support 9/11 truth and stop the exploitation of the troops. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite.

And finally, if you transcend the childish and outdated liberal and conservative labels, speak up now. Fellow soldiers of the infowar, man your positions! Let the new world order death cult see
what they're facing. We The People outnumber the corrupt traitors behind the construction of a dictatorial world government by ten million to one. We will make the private banking cartel, the parasitic elite, and the neocons tremble and pay severely for staging the 9/11 attacks, starting
criminal wars, and committing treason against humanity.

The murderers and blood-sucking sociopaths responsible for the planning, execution and cover-up of the 9/11 attacks must be brought to justice in an American court. Here are some of their names: Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Douglas Feith, Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, Philip D. Zelikow, George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Elliot Abrams, Larry Silverstein, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and many more.

If you don't think 9/11 is a litmus test then you are wrong. Sorry to break the news to you. 9/11 means everything in our age. It has changed our perceptions of the world, of state security, of government power, of Islam, of everything. The 9/11 lie created a global war. Recognition of 9/11 truth will lead to global peace.

You are either a moron, a mindless zombie, or a coward if you still believe the official version of the 9/11 attacks is true. You were lied to. Put that through your head and stop repeating government propaganda. The entire world was lied to about 9/11. Grow up and face the truth. Osama Bin Laden was a fall guy. Al-Qaeda is a geopolitical and propaganda tool of the CIA and Western/Israeli/Saudi intelligence agencies.

The basic institutions of a free and democratic society in the West are under siege by the power elite who control Washington and London. America and other Western nations have been economically enslaved, psychologically manipulated, and politically conquered. All the while, the people have been distracted from the treason with the baseless threat of terrorism, a left-right political carnival show, and stupid entertainment programs.

We must put a stop to this cultural and societal madness. The corrupt Western oligarchy and selfish Western political elite want us all enslaved, fearful, stupid, and if all goes according to plan, dead.

The world is not safe as long as America is tricked and dominated by a bunch of chicken sh*t war hawks in Washington who were missing in action when it was their time to fight. Washington's dark wizards of war have done away with the rule of law and totally embraced global anarchy. These madmen must be destroyed.

9/11 was only the beginning. More false flag terrorist attacks are being drawn up by the dark overlords of the American empire in the shadowy offices in Washington in order to create a pretext to attack Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.

Bush, Cheney, Biden, and Obama are not the leaders of the American people. They are traitors who have deceived and betrayed the American people. These diabolical men have aided private banksters and traitorous corporations in the destruction of America, committed crimes against humanity, and duped other nations into fighting evil wars to enslave innocent countries.

"World war three is here," says Alex Jones in a video released on June 17, "the whole world is going into crisis, the domestic police state is unfolding against the people of our republic.
We must take back Washington. We must take back our states. We must identify the fact that off-shore private corporations have now hijacked our government and are using it as an instrument of global destabilization to bring in their world government on the ashes of our
once free society."


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Saman Mohammadi is a soldier of the infowar, and a full-time university student in Toronto, Canada. His blog is The Excavator -
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