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Right Wing Rampage Going on Across the Land

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A week ago it was the right wing nut who went into a church and cold bloodedly murdered Dr. Tiller, the abortion doctor. Now it is a lifelong right wing white supremacist that goes in and shoots up the Holocaust Memorial. I begin to see a pattern from all this and from the right wing bloggers I see everyday on the network news sites' message boards.

I see a lot of right wingers expressing varying degrees of a similarly bigoted and hateful attitude, whether it is veiled or not. I see it also in their hatred towards Barack Obama.

You have the Republican Party putting forward their radical right spokespeople (Republican Senators and Congressmen as well as Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh) who come out of the woodwork with their nasty anti-hispanic, antii-gay bigotry and obstructionist attitudes, sneering, belittling, slandering and lying about Barack Obama and the Democrats.

So, hey folks, in case you didn't notice, there is a right wing rampage going on across the land. These despicable, sore losers are angry that their heroes like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush and Karl Rove (white racist old men) are no longer in charge of the national trends, much less the Federal Government.

The right is mad because it wants to steal elections and put in anti-American policies, but their dirty tricks won't work now and they can't prevail, and they're angry over the vote of the majority of American people in the last presidential election.

They want power back and they're enraged that they can't have their way and they direct their rage at the very minorities and young people and poor people they hate so much.

Progressive and/or moderate politics is on the ascendancy. And they hate it with every mean fiber of their bodies. They resent it highly that a majority of Americans aren't listening to them anymore.

So, this deranged old n@zi who started shooting at the Holocaust Memorial is actually not that different from most adherents of the far right. The only difference is that he acted out what most reactionaries only dream of doing. I would bet that a lot of really conservative Republicans secretly would like to do what this 88 year old hate monger did if they could do so without getting in trouble for it.

Consumed by hatred of blacks, Jews and hispanics....how is this man's attitude that different from Rush Limbaugh's, except that this man put his beliefs into hateful action?

This kind of nutjob is what right wing hate radio jocks like Michael Savage and Limbaugh and others cater to and encourage with their rants on the air every day.

Right wing bloggers have mentioned getting ready for civil war. I think these fanatics just might be capable of wanting to foment it.


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