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Pyrrhic type victories can be of major value to humanity ...

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"How would we be living today (if at all) I wonder, were it not for the Pyrrhic type victory of the Russian people who first proved to the world that the armies of Hitler were NOT invincible: at a cost to themselves of (among many other things) the loss of millions of their own people fighting it out, street by street, in places like Stalingrad and other such cities?"



Item #1 of 2 ...

It's mostly a question of standing up for core-issue human rights principles with me ...
by W. Finnerty Mon May 28, 2012 14:17

Reply to Sean Crudden at Mon May 28, 2012 08:19

I note all of what you say.

The main point for me is that some things -- but by no means all of course -- are well worth fighting for, even if there is a high risk of just a Pyrrhic type victory , or even of no victory of any kind at all perhaps. For some it is preferable to die fighting against something they intensely dislike, than to give in and submit to it.

How would we be living today (if at all) I wonder, were it not for the Pyrrhic type victory of the Russian people who first proved to the world that the armies of Hitler were NOT invincible: at a cost to themselves of (among many other things) the loss of millions of their own people fighting it out, street by street, in places like Leningrad and other such cities.

Put another way, I believe there are some very basic human rights types of wrongdoing -- such as (for example) the wilful creation and sustenance of unconstitutional legislation by our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) -- which cannot sensibly be compromised over by any responsible citizen of voting age in the Republic of Ireland; or, in any other republic similarly constituted to ours: such as the Republic of the United States of America in particular: where " constitutional violation issues " get REALLY serious for the whole of humanity, when account is taken of the fact that the United States probably has the world's largest stocks -- by far -- of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons: many of them now deployed (and all ready for firing at literally any moment) in places like the Eastern Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, and the coastal waters of Northern Australia.

Bunreacht na hEireann (the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland) is the SUPREME law of the Republic of Ireland, and when Local and/or Central Government violate it they need to be peacefully and lawfully challenged without delay (in my view).

Failure to do so results in our Local and/or Central Government committing serious human rights crime, with impunity , against their own citizens; and, the longer that kind of government criminal abuse is allowed to continue, the worse things are likely to get for the vast majority of the people of the Republic of Ireland (in my opinion).

There should (in my view) be straightforward and GENUINE facilities in place for all Republic of Ireland citizens to SAFELY challenge what they suspect are unconstitutional activities (including unconstitutional legislation) by our Government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial).

As my case clearly shows however, when I tried to challenge unconstitutional legislation connected with the "Superdump" issues in East Galway in 2002 -- by peaceful and lawful means using the road sign shown at -- the response of Local and Central Government was to try their best to CRIMINALISE me: and not just once, but TWICE. And, although they failed in both of their attempts to criminalise me, they did succeed in forcing me to spend two lengthy periods living in "forced exile" outside of the Republic of Ireland jurisdiction, which totalled somewhere in the region of around four and a half years. A Pyrrhic type victory some might think, but not myself: because despite all the difficulties (and losses) I encountered, I still think it was worth it: especially when I remind myself of all the many sacrifices that 30 or so generations of our forbears made between 1169 AD and 1937 AD to get to the point where Bunreacht na hEireann (the Basic/Supreme Law of the Republic of Ireland) could became a reality for the people of the Republic of Ireland.

Criminal abuse of the kind Mr Enda Hoey and his colleagues at Galway County Council initiated against me in 2002, and which was followed up and vigorously supported by Central Government, regarding the " Article 28 A Constitutional " issue, is completely unacceptable to me; and I don't believe I would ever compromise or kowtow to such criminal abuse: even if it means I have to face starvation as a result of Central Government blocking my old age pension .

Related Link: GalwayCountyCouncillors /6November2011/Email.htm


The above excerpt has been taken from the Mon May 28, 2012 comment at the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:
http:// /article/101884&comment_limit=0&condense_comments=false# comment290024

Related E-mail to British Monarchy Web Site (dated May 29th 2012): BritishMonarchy /29May2012/Email.htm


Item #2 of 2 ...

The EXTREMELY IMPORTANT subject of the Republic of Ireland's MONEY-SUPPLY SYSTEM ...

Bill Still's Referendum Video for Republic of Ireland's May 31st 2012 Voters
by W. Finnerty Wed May 30, 2012 12:56

I received an e-mail about an hour ago from Bill Still, who as some readers will already know is an American documentary film producer and author of several non-fiction books on the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT subject of national money-supply systems; and, who has just completed a short video for Republic of Ireland voters to consider -- should they wish to do so of course -- before they vote in tomorrow's "ESM Treaty" Referendum.

In part, this morning's e-mail from Bill Still reads as shown in the section immediately below:


If you approve, please pass around quickly. My latest (short video) on Ireland:
http:// /watch?v=aQwBvtLpFec

Bill Still.

On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 7:43 AM, William Finnerty wrote:

"Why is monetary reform so critically important? Because the money power has more impact on citizens day to day lives than the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. It's really a fourth branch of government - or should be - and leaving it in private hands is dangerous and unacceptable -- it negates the balancing of powers principle of our constitution and creates an aristocracy - a plutocracy -- the rule by wealth." Stephen Zarlenga


Closely related information ...

"Real Democracy" and the pressing need for monetary reform ... CelticParty /15June2011/Email.htm


The excerpt in the section immediately above has been taken from the Wed May 30, 2012 12:56 comment at the following Indymedia (Ireland) location:
http:// /article/101884&comment_limit=0&condense_comments=false# comment290024


Human Rights Ireland:
http://www. h uman r ights i



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