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Message Amelia Gora
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U.S. President Barack Obama
Governor Neil Abercrombie
Many Interested Others

Re: Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom Document No. 2011 - 2005 Continued Opposition to S.B. No. 1520, Akaka Bill, etc. and More Evidence of Piracies/Fraud/Racketeering/Deceit/Criminal Conversions/Slavery, etc. from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, Royal Families House of Nobles, a living, human being

Greetings President Obama, Neil Abercrombie, and Concerned Others,

The entity State of Hawaii FAILS to Protect the Lives, Safety of all of their own citizens, and all visitors, foreigners, including all Hawaiian Nationals, Hawaiian subjects, sovereigns, Hawaiian Royal families due to the depleted uranium, toxins, experimentation, GMO's, etc., which is why the Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina did return.

As a Royal family member, one of the owners of the Crown Lands, Halawa Ahupuaa, Pearl Harbor etc., I hereby maintain opposition to the Governor Abercrombie, et. als. in all of their acts, deeds against our Sovereigns, Royal families, subjects/citizens, foreign citizens, etc., which includes the S.B.

This is a public record was posted on July 5, 2011 at and now sent to you, and interested others, today July 6, 2011 in continued Opposition to entity State of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie who pursues criminal wrongdoing.

The public record and now the references affecting the existence of a pirate based entity/government known as the Provisional government, turned Republic, then Territory, then State of Hawaii through Executive Order of U.S. President Eisenhower, has had documented oppositions over time by our families, subjects/citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/ Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian Islands/Hawaiian archipelago.

For the public records, I, Amelia Gora am the Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, Royal Families House of Nobles, one of the Crown land owners, including Washington Place - eviction notices were given to the Attorney General for Governor Lingle and now effective on this day for Governor Neil Abercrombie: Be aware that this message is also being sent to the Honolulu Police Department for criminal acts, misdeeds on the premises of Private Properties of our Royal Families; the land which the entity State Capitol sits on, the Palace Grounds/the Iolani/Iolani Palace, Halawa Ahupuaa which includes Pearl Harbor, etc.

I further maintain that our families/ancestors/subjects/citizens and Hawaiian Nationals continued Opposition against the U.S./Americans who did premeditate the criminal dethronement of Hawaii's Queen in 1893.

The following are added evidence of crimes against Queen Liliuokalani, our Royal families, our people/subjects/citizens and citizens of other nations due to the 1884 find that a treasonous person named Charles Reed Bishop and Friends, did make hundreds of people slaves and his acts were supported by the U.S. government based on Premeditation activities uncovered, all against a neutral, friendly, non-violent, non warring nation, etc.:

compiled by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2011)

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1810 Paiea/Kamehameha formed a Monarchy government and was recognized in the Law of Nations.

Paiea/Kamehameha hung a pirate. Other captured pirates were claimed by their governments and removed from the Hawaiian Kingdom.


Honolulu, Oahu Pic

Honolulu, Oahu Pic

Reasons Why the Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Exists
Why the Entity State of Hawaii is Not a State/Is a Fake State/Why They are Truly Bankrupt, Corrupt, and the Criminal Mecca of the U.S.

Compiled by Amelia Gora, etals., Royal persons (2009) rev. 2010

Chronology of Events
c. 750 A.D. Arrival of the Polynesians
c. 1758 Birth of Kamehameha I
c. 1775 Birth of Kaumualii, future King of Kauai
1778 Jan 18 Discovery of Oahu and Kauai by Captain James Cook. On return voyage from the Northwest Passage Captain Cook discovered Island of Maui, November 26, and Hawaii, December 1.
1779 Feb 14 Death of Captain Cook at Kealakekua, Hawaii.
1782 Jan Death of Kalaniopuu, King of Hawaii.
1792 Mar 5 Arrival of Captain Vancouver at Kealakekua, Hawaii.
1794 Feb 25 Cession of Hawaii to Great Britain.
1795 May Battle of Nuuanu and conquest of Oahu.
Kamehameha I, King 1795 - May 8, 1819. Born 1758; died 1819.
1796 Liholiho (Kamehameha II) born in Hilo, Hawaii, of Kepluolani, wife of Kamehameha I.
1810 Cession of Kauai by Kaumualii. Islands became one kingdom under Kamehameha I.

Monarchy government formed. Connection with Aetearoa and Samoan Islands made, formed, recognized as the Pacific Empire.
1813 Mar 17 Birth of Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III) in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.
1819 May 8 Kamehameha I died at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Descendants exist today.

Liholiho (Kamehameha II) assumes sovereignty.
Kamehameha II, King, May 20, 1819 - July 14, 1824. Born 1796; died 1824. Heirs' descendants exist today.
1820 Mar 31 Arrival of first American missionaries in brig "Thaddeus."

1822 Secret Treaty of Verona

- move towards One World Order - comprised of Nations that All Nations should watch out for:

1) Austria
2) France
3) Prussia
4) Russia
5) England
6) U.S.
7) Vatican

1823 Sep 16 Death of Queen Keopuolani, mother of Liholiho (Kamehameha II) and Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III). (born c.1778). Heirs descendants exist today.
1824 May 26 Death of Kaumualii, ex-king of Kauai. (born c.1780) Death of Queen Kamamalu in London. (born c.1803). Descendants and heirs exist today.
1824 Jul 14 Death of Liholiho (Kamehameha II) in London.Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1825 Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli), King, June 6, 1825 - December 15, 1854.
Born 1813; died 1854. Descendants of his heirs, and hanai/adopted children's descendants exist today.
1827 Feb 8 Death of Kalanimoku. (born c.1768). Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1830, Dec 11 Birth of Kamehameha V (Lot). Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1832 Jun 5 Death of Queen Kaahumanu. (observed birth date, March 17, 1768). Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1833 Mar Kamehameha III assumed absolute power of king. Descendants of his heirs and descendants of his hanai/adopted children exists today.
1834 Feb 9 Birth of Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho). Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1835 Jan 31 Birth of King Lunalilo (William C. Lunalilo). Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1836 Jan 2 Birth of Queen Dowager Emma. Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1836 Nov 16 Birth of King Kalakaua (David Kalakaua). Descendants and his heirs descendants exist today, includes his children and adopted children.
1837, Feb 2 Marriage of Kamehameha III to Kalama, Daughter of Kapihe. Descendants of heirs, descendants of Kalama exists today. Descendants of his hanai/adopted children exists today.
1838 Sep 2 Birth of Lydia Liliu Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamakaeha (Queen Lili"uokalani) in Honolulu. Descendants/heirs exist today.
1839 Apr 4 Death of Premier Kinau. (born c.1805). Descendants of her heirs exist today.

KO HAWAII PAE AINA: the legitimate, Constitutional, Sovereign Identity and true name of the Archipelago of Hawaiiloa. The ONLY Authority and Power of that nation, genealogical, cosmos, lineal connection of all Maoli, kanaka a oiwi to that Royal Patented Domain, distinguished June 7, 1839 and founded by Constitution on Oct. 8, 1840, lawful party to 46 treaty, power to issue never extinguished Royal Patents and Certificates of Title; the forerunner of the world in oceanic trade, a Royal Patented Domain, the true identity thereof, possessing anunbroken chain of full sovereign power and authority, un acquired, un assumed, still in existence.

1842 Revised laws published. 1842 Dec 19 Recognition of independence by United States.
1843 Feb 25 Provisional cession of islands to Great Britain demanded by Lord George Paulet. Hawaiian flag taken down and British flags flown.
1843 Jul 31 Restoration of independence by Admiral Thomas.
1845 May 20 First legislature opened under new constitution.
1846 Feb 11 Land commission organized.
1848 Jan 27 Mar 7 Great Mahele or land division. Alodio/Allodio/Allodial titles to kanaka maoli given. Freehold less than Alodio/Allodio/Allodial given to foreigners/non-aboriginal people.
1851 Mar 10 Islands placed provisionally under the protection of the United States.
1852 Jun 14 Constitution of 1852. Legislature and courts as instituted today.

Kamehameha III passed the anti-slavery law.

Note: 13 years later or in 1865, the U.S. passed their anti-slavery law which is worded nearly the same as the Hawaiian Kingdom's law.
1853 Aug Petition to king for annexation to U.S. sponsored by mostly commercial interests.
1854 Jan New petition for king to annexation to U.S. but was never signed. William Lee, American conspirator left for Washington before Kamehameha III died.
1854 Dec 15 Death of Kamehameha III. Descendants of his heirs, including his hanai/adopted children exist today.

Kamehameha IV, (Alexander Liholiho), King, December 16, 1854 November 30, 1863.
Born 1834; died 1863. Descendants of his heirs exists today.
1856 Jun 19 Marriage of Kamehameha IV to Emma Rooke.Descendants of their heirs exist today.
1862 Aug 27 Death of Albert Edward, Prince of Hawaii; 4 years old. (born May 20, 1858). Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1862 Sep 16 Lili"uokalani and John O. Dominis were married at Haleakala and lived with his mother at Washington Place. Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1863 Nov 30
Death of Kamehameha IV.
Kamehameha V (Prince Lot), King, November 30, 1863 - December 11, 1872. Born 1830; died 1872. Descendants of his heirs exist today.

1864 Aug 20

1868 Nov 24

New constitution decreed.

Mataio Kekuanaoa, father of Kamehameha IV, Kamehameha V, etals., died. His descendants/heirs exist today.
1870 Sep 20 Death of Queen Kalama, widow of Kamehameha III. (born c.1820). Her descendants and heirs descendants exist today.
1872 Dec 11 Death of Kamehameha V. No heir named. Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1873 Jan 8 Prince W. C. Lunalilo elected King by special session of the Legislature.
Lunalilo, William Charles, King, January 8, 1873 February 3, 1874. His heirs descendants exist
1874 Feb 3 Death of King Lunalilo in Honolulu. No heir named. Descendants of his heirs exist today.
1874 Feb 12 Election of Hon. David Kalakaua as King of Hawaii by a special session of the Legislature.
Kalakaua, David, King, February 12, 1874 January 20, 1891.
Born 1836; died 1891. His descendants and heirs descendants exist today.
1874 Feb 13 Kalakaua proclaimed King. 1874 Feb 14 Prince W. P. Leleiohoku proclaimed heir-apparent. His heirs descendants exist today.
1875 Oct 16 Birth of Princess Ka"iulani. Her heirs descendants exist today.
1876 Sep Reciprocity treaty with U.S. enacted.

1877 Mar 13

1877 Apr 10

Charles Kanaina, father of King Lunalilo, died. His heirs descendants exist today.

Death of Prince Leleiohoku. (born January 10, 1855). His heirs descendants exist today.

Princess Ka"iulani proclaimed heir-apparent.
1878 Liliuokalani composed "Aloha Oe" after a weekend trip to Maunawili.
1881 Jan 20 King Kalakaua sets out on a tour around the world.
Princess Lili"uokalani appointed regent.
1881 Oct 29 Return of King Kalakaua from world tour.
1882 Nov King Kalakaua moves into Iolani Palace. King Kalakaua had purchased the 1/9 interest of Charles Kanaina from Kaaua. Other heirs existed then and exist now. The land that the Palace sits is owned by the others interest holders. Their descendants/heirs exist.
1883 Feb 12 Coronation of King Kalakaua
1883 May 24 Death of Princess Ruth Keelikolani. (born June 17, 1826) Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1884 Oct 16 Death of Bernice Pauahi Bishop. (born December 19, 1831) Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1885 Apr 24 Death of Queen Emma, widow of Kamehameha IV. (born January 2, 1836) Descendants of her heirs exist today.
1887 Kalola, first cousin and heir of Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates died. Her descendants/heirs exist today.

Reciprocity treaty extended.
1887 Feb 2 Death of Princess Likelike. (born January 12, 1851). Her descendants/heirs exist today.
1887 Jul 7 New constitution proclaimed (Bayonet Constitution). King Kalakaua was under duress, coercion, stress, usurpation due to a gun pointed at his head when he was forced to sign.

1889 Jul 30 Revolt to upset the constitution of 1887, led by Robert Wilcox.
1891 Jan 20 Death of King Kalakaua, in San Francisco.His descendants/ heirs exist today.
1891 Jan 29
Liliuokalani proclaimed Queen of the Hawaiian islands.
Liliuokalani, Lydia K., Queen, January 29, 1891 1893.
Born 1838; died 1917. Her descendants/heirs descendants exist today.

1891 Aug 27 Death of John Owen Dominis. (born March 3, 1832) on August 27, 1891.

Conspirators planned to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani:

- Lorrin Thurston and Benjamin F. Tracy, U.S. Representative met with Thurston in Makua, Oahu on the 'preliminary contemplation of dethroning the Queen'.

- Dr. Mott-Smith, Lorrin Thurston, Thomas Akaka etals. planned to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani in Washington, D.C.

- May 24. Volney V. Ashford and Robert Wilcox with 18 others were "charged with the crime of treason against the Hawaiian Government" and arrested. "Their object was the overthrow of the existing form of government, by deposing Queen Liliuokalani and establishing a Hawaiian republic."

Note: It appears that this was a trial run for the January 1893 premeditated plan to dethrone the Queen seven (7) months later or January 1893. See article "Arrests for Treason in Hawaii" in THE NEW YORK TIMES, published June 1, 1892.

- Masons/Freemasons gathered, paraded by the hundreds and celebrated a new building/a Temple and called Honolulu their "home city". (This happened in December 1892 or a few weeks before dethroning our Queen.)

Note: Masons/Freemasons were set in place to break down Monarchy governments worldwide. Also see the 1822 Secret Treaty of Verona's goals.

1893 Jan 9 - U.S. /Congress gave a standing order for the U.S. citizens in the Hawaiian Islands to assume Hawaii -- which meant to dethrone the Queen. This was a planned/premeditated maneuver to assume land, monies, etc. from a neutral, friendly nation, and an act of war. See New York Times article, "Pearl Harbor Coaling Station, Imperative Necessity that the United States Take Possession" Published on January 9, 1893 - article found by Shane Lee, researcher.

Jan 14 - Queen Liliuokalani announced that she would present a new constitution. This is later withdrawn. Annexation club formed by the Queen's enemies. U.S. diplomat John Stevens threatened the landing of troops from American warships.

1893. Jan 15

Men from the cruiser BOSTON "poured protect American lives and property," according to United States Minister John L. Stevens. The action came a day before the committee of safety took possession of the government office building and abrogated the monarchy, forcing Queen Liliuokalani from her throne."

"The "Committee of Safety" was formed and the conspiracy for the immediate dethronement of the Queen took definite shape and began active operations."

1893 Jan. 16

"Three companies of bluejackets, one of artillery, one of marines, 154 men and 10 officers; with 14,000 cartridges for rifles and the Gatling gun, 1,200 revolver cartridges, and 174 explosive shells for the revolving cannon." came off the Boston.

Queen Liliuokalani destroyed the Constitution, which gave her authority once more unrestricted by a Constitution which her brother had signed under duress, stress, coercion, usurpation which was dubbed "the Bayonnet Constitution".

1893 Jan 17
Queen Liliuokalani was illegally dethroned. "Sanford Dole and his committee declared itself the Provisional Government of the Kingdom of Hawai╩╗i on July 17, 1893, removing only the Queen, her cabinet, and her marshal from office." The entity which was neither de facto nor de jure called themselves the Provisional government which was planned/supported by the U.S. 1893 Feb 1

Jan 31. President Benjamin Harrison used his executive order to deny the passing of the bill into law to prosecute "crimes on the high seas". Congress House and Senate were denied the bill passing into law. Note: Hawaii is "on the high seas".

Provisional protectorate proclaimed. U.S. flag raised on government buildings. Treaty of annexation written and signed by President Benjamin Harris. The new President, Grover Cleveland, had the treaty withdrawn and sent James Blount, investigator, to inquire into the circumstances of the revolution.

Pirates laws passed by the entity Provisional government under Sanford B. Dole etals., which diminished the rights of kanaka maoli in their own lands. Kanaka Maoli became people with lesser status likened to slaves.

1893 Dec 18 Blount's report to Cleveland is submitted. Queen Liliuokalani did not return to the throne. Failed.

1894 Jul 4

Because a Provisional government has only a 2-year life the turn to a Republic discussion was made in the Habeas corpus case of Sheldon, editor of a Hawaiian newspaper who printed the near accurate version of the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.

Establishment of the entity Republic. Sanford B. Dole, first President.

The entity Provisional government operating under the directions of the U.S./Congress, proceeded in making a treaty with their own; yet, calling themselves a separate nation.

They were actually conspirators/pirates, treasonous persons claiming to have a lawful right to dethrone the Queen and subjects numbering 40,000 vs. their 3,000 which included paid off supporters who were given $50-$500 each. Therefore, the Pearl Harbor Treaty was based on multiple frauds. See Pearl Harbor Condemnation Case over Pearl Harbor which included a fraud deed by King Kalakaua deeding land to ancestors who died 8-9 years previously.

Freedom of speech was canceled.

Important note: The Constitution of the United States does not follow the flag in its territories, claimed protectorates. Aside from the legal issue that the President and Congress has no jurisdiction outside of the 3-12 mile zone, according to the Constitution "or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;" is denied to territories, and claimed protectorates. Therefore, the Constitution of the United States does not apply to Hawaii, etc.

1895 Jan 6 Counter-revolution to restore Liliuokalani to throne. Failed.

1895 Jan 6 Counter-revolution to restore Liliuokalani to throne. Failed.

1895 Jan 7 Queen Liliuokalani "was arrested for no specific charged offense, taken by force, and confined alone in the Iolani Palace....She was told that those she dearly loved, personal friends, were awaiting execution, and the only act which would save their lives was an act of abdication to be signed by her...To save those she loved she executed the document you publish. It was an act consummated under the plainest kind of duress, void even had it been legally executed."

Ref: Washington Evening Star article "The Republic of Hawaii" purchased off the internet from a private owner in Greece.

1895 Jan 24 Liliuokalani signs statement of abdication. She remained under duress, stress, coercion, and usurpation. She directed her subjects to maintain a neutral, friendly, non-violent status, even though many were beaten, killed, thrown on Kalaupapa, Molokai and declared lepers. The issues of genocide remain, the issues of piracy(ies) on the high seas remain, along with theft, conspiracies, treasonous activities, etc.

1895 Oct 2 The Queen was tried and convicted of treason. While sentenced to confinement in her room in Iolani Palace, she composed "The Queen's Prayer."

Princess Poomaikelani died. She had called her a daughter. Her descendants/heirs descendants exist today.

8/2010: Princess Poomaikelani's administrator was Queen Kapiolani.

1896 Fall Liliuokalani freed by the entity Republic and remained under duress, coercion, usurpation, and stress.

1898 Jul 8 American claimed annexation claimed disregarding the 40,000 subjects oppositions to Annexation.

The true letter of Opposition to Annexation was found in the Maryland National Archives by researcher Kiliwehi Kekumano.

Note: Since 1929, a fraud/genocide evidence letter of Opposition has been sitting in the Archives, Honolulu, Oahu left for people to believe to be true. A comparative study of both documents shows the lies, deceit, frauds maintained vs. the truth.
1898 Aug 12 U.S. flag raised in Honolulu. Hawaiian flag lowered. Liliuokalani remains secluded at Washington Place. Queen Liliuokalani remained under duress, usurpation, coercion, and usurpation.

"ANNEXATION OF THE HAWAIIAN KINGDOM: a proven myth, double falsehood upon fabricated fundamental myth of an alleged and falsely claimed "overthrow" of a Constitutional Queen and entire Government structure; there is no proof or evidence of an "annexation" taking place, exhibited by a total lack of treaty, lack of identified parties, lack of inherent power and authority, false literary assertion, NO lawful Treaty exists, propagandized during a staged, fabricated "flag raising ceremony" in front of the Iolani palace in July of 1898, unconstitutional, illegal, unlawful, ridiculous, an experiment in mass fraud, invalid and void for lack of lawful basis, the mistaken myth of the alleged" joint resolution treaty" of 1898 by a foreign senate within a foreign country without proof of treaty/ transfer/ lawful basis, is meaningless, void, unautorized, inapplicable for lack of requisite law, concealment myth of an illegal "joint resolution" in the foreign U.S. "congress" without law, without the real-party-in-interest vested with lawful authority; without the owner; without the nationals in whose possession all of the Royal Patented Domain was vested, without one shred of a transfer instrument of any kind whatsoever, without any connection or otherwise to the legitimate nation and nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina; ludicrous assumption, inane presumption; without due process, discriminatory, illegal, excluding law, unacceptable offer, insult, literal disgorgement of myth to conceal reality, illegal attempt to artificially manufacture "ownership",a paper waste, without authority, illegal attempt at excess of jurisdiction, etc."- Mahealani Ventura Oliver

Update 08/2010: Queen Kapiolani gave a deed to Princes Kuhio and Kawananakoa. They were instructed to file it AFTER she died.

Princes Kuhio and Kawananakoa filed the deed right away.

Queen Kapiolani publicly opposed the filed deed. She wanted the deed to be annulled/ nulled and voided.

Prince Kawananakoa and Princess Kaiulani planned to marry after the deed of Queen Kapiolani was cleared up.

Princess Kaiulani was engaged to T.H. Davies son George previously. The NEW YORK TIMES covered the fact that the Princess was planning to marry Prince Kawananakoa.

Princess Kaiulani was on payroll with the PG's, the Provisional Government.

Death of Princess Ka"iulani. (born October 16, 1875). Descendants of her heirs exist.

1899. Queen Kapiolani died. Her heirs descendants exist today.

1900. Organic Act, 'An Act to Provide a Government for the Territory of Hawaii' was passed by the usurpers. Only Republic of Hawaii citizens who were declared to be citizens of the United States and citizens of the Territory of Hawaii were covered. U.S. citizens (relocated) declared to be citizens of the Territory of Hawaii.

All persons/kanaka maoli who signed the Kue Petition opposing Annexation were excluded from the Organic Act.

Note: Alex Luka researcher.

Archibald Cleghorn husband of Princess Likelike died. He was a Mason/Freemason, an organization set in place to break down Monarchy governments worldwide.

Articles favoring Whites documented. Example: "Hawaii Wants the White Man" appeared in the Mid-Pacific Magazine, 1911, see the Main Library, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Charles Reed Bishop, banker, lawyer, sugar plantation owner, investor, pirate, husband of Bernice Pauahi died. He had only a life interest.

Queen Liliuokalani "said to me she did not sign a Trust Deed but had made a will and Mr. Damon and Cecil Brown were the witnesses to it" stated Samuel Parker on oath.

Ref: Archives, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii records: First Circuit Court - Equity Case 2009 Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, Petitioner vs. Liliuokalani, et al.

Update 08/2010: Prince Kuhio attempted to declare Queen Liliuokalani incompetent.

Queen Liliuokalani documented in her will that she did not sign a Trust Deed with Damon, Smith and Iaukea. She documented that her administrator Colburn would be able to make corrections.

1908 - June 2. Prince David Kawananakoa died.

1915 - June 7. Charles Reed Bishop, PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC, banker, plantation owner, Mason/Freemason died.

Charles Reed Bishop, C.F. Pfluger/J.C. Pfluger, and C. H. Lewers were Trustees of Excelsior Lodge No. 1(Masons and Freemasons) in Honolulu 1862 as documented in the Bureau of Conveyances Liber 15 page 188.

This document verifies the direct connection of current U.S. President Obama to the Masons and Freemasons from the Hawaiian Islands because the Pfluger's are listed in Charles Booth's Probate and part of the families which had a connection to the BANK OF HAWAII in the Hawaiian Islands. President Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham, first female Vice President of BANK OF HAWAII.

1920 -

photo by A. Gora (2010)

1959 - "STATEHOOD: a falsehood, illegal, unconstitutional, void for utter displacement and disregard for due process, a over propagandized affair without lawful basis, lacking elements required in laws; an artificial term, label, inapplicable, a null and void allegation for lack of an overthrow, lack of an annexation, lack of a territory, lack of anything resembling lawful due process and lawful treatment of human nationals with constitutional private sovereign rights, 16 % populace present at the time of qualified voters only; if and when used artfully to conceal, defraud and disenfranchise, illegal and inapplicable having novalue; an impossibility, ungratified, contradictory to law, discriminatory, without lawful transfer, witout evidence of proof, no record or lawful document exists, inapplicable, concealment of fraud; unratified by 2/3 of congress in addition, illegal attempt to subject citizens to federal taxation in 1967, etc." - Mahealani Ventura Oliver

"BISHOP ESTATE/ BERNICE PAUAHI PAKI BISHOP TRUST/ BISHOP HOLDINGS, INC. BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP: a falsehood, a double falsification of a natural born sovereign, unlawful alteration of instruments, illegal, identity fraud, fraud, embezzlement, displacement, murder, marriage fraud, conspiracy to conceal evidence of fraud, conspiracy to steal, theft of" - Mahealani Ventura Oliver

Opposition to Statehood was documented by Kamehameha descendant Harold Cathcart, first cousin of my great grandmother Mele Keawe Kauweloa.

'Because Opposition was documented, Sovereignty shall be' - former Paralegal teacher, Randy Lee. Guest speaker at our graduation was current Pirate Mayor Peter Carlisle who was overheard in a bar making bigotted, animosity filled comments about brown people, our kanaka maoli/Hawaiians.

Note: Much criminal activity has occurred in the past, perpetuated today by known individuals/families..

Our true Hawaiian history shows what happened in the past, affecting the present day in our Hawaiian Islands and the World today.

The momentum of the One World Order/New World Order can be seen in the characters from PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends, PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC II: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends (2010), etc.

Criminal maneuvers, frauds perpetuated by racketeering treasonous persons against friendly descendants, true descendants loyal to our Queen Liliuokalani from a neutral, non violent nation are extreme differences of the Wicked, Evil, vs. our good people, and innocent citizens who have done no wrong and represent the truth.

1963 - JFK /John F. Kennedy was assassinated - this is his last speech: "Lee Oswald story is FAKE, it's MADE UP PROPAGANDA, by the NEW WORLD ORDER who ordered the killing of JFK for mainly this speech" - barthoedemaker

2000 - Oppositions documented by Queen Kapiolani's and King Kalakaua's adopted child's descendant :

In truth, the
opposition was greatly voice in 2000.

He further claims there has been a clear record of discussion and debate
to refine and strengthen the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization
Act since its introduction in 2000. I don't recall the title being
that from the onset but renamed after its fiasco
in 2000 with many amendments preceding the renaming of this bill.

Instead of addressing our position against the bill, he decided on how
to circumvent it with manipulations using feel-good semantics along with
self-contradictory statements to diffuse the arguments and dupe the
people into something that was more of a myth
to conform to the U.S. agenda.

Akaka claims to date there have been a total of 12 Congressional
hearings, including 5 joint House and Senate Committee hearings Held in
Hawaii in 2000. He purposely fails to mention that because of his
illness at that time, the hearings on the neighbor islands
were canceled and a five-day hearing was limited to the Island of
O'ahu. This made it impossible for most neighbor island people to
attend and give testimony. Those that did attend, did so at great
expense (airfare, hotel, transportation, and meals).

An overwhelming majority of the native Hawaiians opposed the bill during
that 5-day hearings and refused to be considered as a tribal people.
This the senators insisted that was not the case; thus the renaming of
the bill and a play on semantics to obfuscate
the intention of exercising the WASP racist doctrines of Manifest

Akaka further states that this bill provides a process for the reorganization
of the Native Hawaiian governing entity (whatever that means) for the
purposes of a federally recognized government to government
relationship. Whatever happened to
the government to government relationship with the Hawaiian Kingdom
which still exists albeit under the U.S. belligerent occupation?

The bill authorizes an office in the Department of the Interior instead
of the Department of the State to serve as a liaison between native
Hawaiians and the United States and forms an interagency task force
composed of officials from federal agencies who currently
administer programs and services impacting native Hawaiians to establish
the parameters the Native Hawaiians can work within for

The opening paragraph of the bill tip-toes through the maze of arguments
by side-stepping the issues and facts mentioning the reconciliation of
the wrong committed by the United States against the Native Hawaiians.
At the same time it minimizes the U.S. criminal
involvement by stating that it was done by participation of agents of
the United States.

Let's look at who the agents were:

President Benjamin Harrison who approved the actions and bent on
annexing Hawai'i to the U.S. as previous U.S. presidents had been
attempting to consummate.

Collusion of the U.S. Secretary of State, James L. Blaine, with the
pro-annexationist U.S. minister John L. Stevens and accomplice Lorrin
Thurston (U.S. citizen born and residing in the Kingdom of Hawai'i who
swore allegiance to the Kingdom's government, being
commissioned by the King to serve in his government).

The landing of U.S. military troops to protect the treasonous
conspirators to create the U.S. puppet Provisional Government which
later they renamed itself the republic of Hawaii. Interesting enough is
that the treasonous Committee of Safety had silver coins
melted down to have a silver tea set made to present to U.S. Minister
Stevens for his part in the takeover and protecting them while they were
doing it and after setting up their ipso facto government.

U.S spy General Schofield who surveyed the islands for the ideal
military outposts and others who committed covert and overt actions
against the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The push for takeover and destabilizing the Kingdom's government
executed by U.S. American agents, other U.S. citizens of political,
economical, and military clout.

The immigration of U.S. citizens into the Hawaiian Kingdom to support
the takeover in a U.S. national movement.

This bill, then, creates a redefinition of native Hawaiians to fit an
after-the-fact scenario as Native Americans proscription to fit within
their Native American Policy. It also ignores the Hawaiian Subjects
that are not Native Hawaiian and invalidates their
existence. The imposition of blood quantum furthers the alienation of
the subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom; the bona fide citizens and
nationals of our Kingdom.

This bill makes you jump through the U.S. hoops to prove who you are;
while it gives proxy to an unlawful entity to usurp the sovereign
jurisdiction and recognized status of an international nation-state.
Compliance to this bill means to surrender one's citizenship
of the Hawaiian Kingdom and to validate the U.S. citizenship.

It also prohibits one from suing the U.S. military for accountability.
U.S. Congress will possess and exercise, under the plenary authority of
the Constitution to legislate on behalf of the indigenous people
including native Hawaiians; including but not limited
to Property, Treaty, Supremacy clauses, War powers, 14th Amendment,
which it relies on those powers in enacting this legislation.

This means Congress has the power to recognize the Native Hawaiian tribe
and to un-recognize the Hawaiian tribe at its whim. It's interesting
to note the repetition of providing notice to and consult with and
negotiate with this entity regarding the resources,
rights, and lands.

In the end, this bill promotes the U.S. WASP racist Manifest Destiny
Doctrines that professes they are ordained by God (Divine Providence) to
rule over non-whites as a superior race that can do anything they want
to do.

What Akaka has stated will not change with the proponents of the bill
who will continue to parrot his same rhetoric. The idea of this bill
being better than nothing and the U.S. won't give up Hawai'i is fatuous
and being a defeatist. They are being disingenuous
in defending it as U.S. Americans rather than Hawaiian nationals looking
for justice and freedom from the suppressor.

There should be a debate or symposium to address the legitimacy of the
proposed bill and the proper process of addressing the U.S. belligerent
occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Read the bill; I did. Let's have another public debate since there have been many amendments to kowtow to the wishes of U.S. government except for the Hawaii Nationals, subjects/citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom that exist today. What are they afraid of?


Researcher Lee with the Famous Rooster whose picture has been taken by
most visitors to the Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Oahu by A. Gora (2010) Researchers: Santos Brothers by A. Gora (2010)

Hawaiian Snapshots

More Aboriginal Hawaiians Researching their Ancestors by A. Gora (2010)

Kupuna Koko Konnecting Kanaka Maoli/Aboriginal Hawaiians by A. Gora (2010)

2010 -

The Kawananakoa's are simply not part of King Kalakaua's bloodlines...........connected thru the brotherhood of Masons/Freemasons.

The hanai situation was challenged even by the KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates attorneys in the past...........

Kamehameha had 10+ documented wives.
Kamehameha II had 8 documented wives.
Kamehameha III had 4 documented wives. He had several hanai children and several stepchildren documented. Recently someone claimed direct, yet, no documentation proves it.
Kamehameha IV had 1 documented wife.
Kamehameha V was unmarried.
King Lunalilo was unmarried.
King David Kalakaua had 2 documented wives. He had 2 documented children and 3 adopted children, of which the Kawananakoa's are NOT a part of.
Queen Liliuokalani had 4 documented husbands.
Princess Likelike had 1 documented husband and 1 documented child. The claimed descendants of Cleghorn are NOT related to the Kalakaua, Liliuokalani lines. They are called the ILLEGITIMATE children of Cleghorn, a Mason/Freemason. They have ties to Treasonous person Sanford B. Dole, one of the many genocide activists of the period.
Princess Poomaikelani has descendants, which is where our families come in. There are documented others.
Princess Kinoiki a sibling of Queen Kapiolani, wife of King Kalakaua; sibling of Princess Poomaikelani had three children. Her husband Iona Piikoi was married previously and there are other children who were defrauded by the Kuhio, Kawananakoa families.
Prince Edward lived with Princess Poomaikelani and mysteriously died at age 18.
Prince Kuhio, a treasonous person was another who married a Kahanu (w) who married into the Woods family. Descendants of Kahanu (w) exist in Aetearoa.
Prince Kawanankoa, another treasonous person has a questionnable lineage who continues genocide activities, claiming lands that they have no rights to........they have changed their names from Ellerbrock to Kawananakoa; Lambert to Kawananakoa, etc.

There are many unresolved issues, ramifications are ongoing.

The point is that they are treasonous persons.


- The genocide that my great grandparents experienced caused their move for the Ku'e petition.

My grand parents experienced their genocide in the ww I II which led to their not ever voting and concern for our people

My parents born into such autrocities led me to where we are today.

Back to space one Ku'e petition, nuclear wars and Pacific Atmosphere testing our downwinders case 'to be' because of Waianae and the corporate Waste Streaming with out consent of the people is the latest and past facts.

Pulled out things that I found interesting:

Harold Abel Cathcart, Kamehameha descendant, filed opposition to Statehood and recorded it with Judge Samuel King.

Note: Samuel King is a descendant of treasonous, conspirator James King. The Cathcart opposition was filed by researcher Toni Auld Yardley in the First Circuit Court case. The information was also filed in the Kingdom of Hawaii records and the entity State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances Notice/file no. 96-177455 (281 pages) filed on 12/17/1996.

The true letter of Opposition to Annexation was found in the Maryland National Archives by researcher Kiliwehi Kekumano.

Note: Since 1929, a fraud/genocide evidence letter of Opposition has been sitting in the Archives, Honolulu, Oahu left for people to believe to be true. A comparative study of both documents shows the lies, deceit, frauds maintained vs. the truth.
1898 Aug 12 U.S. flag raised in Honolulu. Hawaiian flag lowered. Liliuokalani remains secluded at Washington Place. Queen Liliuokalani remained under duress, usurpation, coercion, and usurpation.

1993. Joint Resolution filed under Public Law 103-150 - Nov. 23, 1993 103d Congress "apology law" signed by U.S. President William Clinton.

Note: The Akaka Bill is intended to squelch this apology but the value is that it is an admission of some of the crimes.

Oppositions to the U.S. President Clinton claim that the coral reefs of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands would receive a broad protection and a long-term program to protect coastal areas around the country was made, and oppositions were documented in a letter dated December 11, 2000.

Note: 1822. The coral seas were claimed by our alii and the rights of "piscary" was assigned to konohiki. See Native Testimonies/ Registers at the Archives, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Also, our Kingdom of Hawaii did receive revenue from ships who fished/whaled in our Hawaiian archipelago. See government records.

1) Opposition to Annexation - the true letter was found which maintains that the rights of the Ruling Chiefs -includes descendants/heirs of aboriginal Chiefs based on the Royal Patents, alodio/allodial system, etc. and maintains the Crown Lands belonging to the Royal families, etals.

2) Queen Liliuokalani did not sign a Trust Deed with the conspirators/treasonous persons; however, she did do a Trust with her families which has only been found recently.

The use of the word indigenous with the meaning "uncivil" likened to uncivilized, barbaric, the person viewed as having no lands, resources, etc. due to their being incapable of handling such as the American Indians and others who have been defined and accepting of the use of "indigenous" term to label them, which is what the United Nations does, created by the U.S., England, and the bankers (Morgan and the Bank of England) through the CFR/Council on Foreign Relations the builders on the New World Order/ One World Order Warlords who departed from the Law of Nations through breach documented by Queen Liliuokalani in 1893.

The meaning of the word "indigenous" was given to Keoni Choy, and others, in a meeting with the United Nations Representative, after several of the Hawaiian groups leaders stormed out of the meeting, including well known activist Mililani Trask.

If an "indigenous" is utilized by anyone, that means that they basically agree that they own nothing, have nothing, and equate to nothing and continue under the definitions of "useless" and "needless eaters" set up for extermination by the New World Order/ One World Order goals by the U.S., England, and the bankers who set up the United Nations.

The U.S. Claim to PEARL HARBOR is a Fraud....Halawa Ahupuaa belongs to the John Young, Isaac Davis descendants... in the 1930's a condemnation by a criminal, belligerent nation U.S. claimed Pearl Harbor, then Court documents 966 showed a disclaimer by the U.S., then in a condemnation case, the U.S. once again claimed Pearl Harbor through Condemnation, and recently claimed the waters of the ahupuaa....Oppositions were, the PEARL HARBOR claims are based on FRAUD (King Kalakaua 1876 deed to two (2) deceased ancestors Kekuanaoa (died in 1868) and Grace Kamaikui (died in 1866) was documented in Judge Chang's court as a Fraud Deed......) which means hundreds of thousands died needlessly.......again see how Millions have died to date and more due to depleted uranium use on the "NEW PEARL HARBOR" claim by the same criminal deviants.....who are also trying to claim our good people as "terrorists".

Jack De Feo sent:

True Americans will not surrender or forget the crime of the century.
What The NeoCons Laid Out In Their PNAC Report June 3, 1997;
"New Pearl Harbor"
Section V of Rebuilding America's Defenses, entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force", includes the sentence: "Further, the process of transformation, even if
it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some
catastrophic and catalyzing event----like a new Pearl Harbor" (51). [ 13 ]
Though not arguing that Bush administration PNAC members were complicit in those attacks, other social critics such as commentator Manuel Valenzuela and
journalist Mark Danner, [ 37 ] [ 38 ] [ 39 ] investigative journalist John Pilger, in New
, [ 40 ] and
former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle Weiner" targ..., in CounterPunch, [ 41 ] all
argue that PNAC members used the events of 9/11 as the "Pearl Harbor"
that they needed----that is, as an "opportunity" to "capitalize on" (in
Pilger's words), in order to enact long-desired plans. [ 42 ]

2010 - Researchers/Finds Affecting All In the Hawaiian Islands - Important links:

2011 - Tane Inciong:

Reasons Why We Are Not Part of the United States of America...
Using their own U.S. and fake-State of Hawaii constitutions and laws and their Apology Bill, we can see where they "shoot themselves in their feet". Add to that the much discounted and over-looked Ku'e Petitions against annexation (Sept. 1897) whereby approximately 96% of the bona fide subjects of the Kingdom of Hawai'i responded against it which can be considered a plebiscite of its citizens. This Ku'e Petitions answers the Turpie Resolution of 31 May 1894.
The fact that U.S. Secretary James L. Blaine's advice, supported later by then U.S. President Benjamin Harrison and others within the U.S. government and community, was to destabilize the Kingdom of Hawaii without setting international precedent culminated in 1887 and conspired to overthrow and take control of the Kingdom of Hawaii for the purpose of annexing its territory to the United States of America for dominance within the Pacific Ocean for its Imperialism and Expansionism. This led to the active invasion and belligerent occupation unlawfully executed in 1893 by settting up a puppet "Provisional Government"/Republic of Hawai'i.

After the Treaty of Annexation was twice rejected, first withdrawn by newly-elected President Cleveland from U.S.. Congress and Executive Agreement established; then another treaty that was rejected by U.S. Congress, The Presidential-successor, McKinley allowed Congress to internally create the unlawful Newlands Resolution to annex Hawaii on 12 August 1898. This blatantly ignored the Presidential Agreement and the contested Ku'e Petitions of September 1897 and continued setting precedence in the international arena and double-standard justice.

It is noteworthy to review the Organic Act of 30 April 1900:
Section 4. Citizenship. That all persons who were citizens of the Republic of Hawaii on August 12 , 1898 are hereby declared (!) to be citizens of the U.S. and citizens of the Territory of Hawai'i. -U.S. citizens that reside in Territory of Hawaii for one year on or since 12 August 1898 shall be citizens of the Territory of Hawaii. (This secured U.S. citizens who came to tip the population count for U.S. control to remain as permanent residence without losing their nationality and freedom to travel between the U.S. and Hawaii without a passport. The Ku'e Petitions of 1897 confirms that the bona fide subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii did not support the Republic of Hawaii and therefore not citizens of the ipso facto government.)

- Chinese Ban was applied.
- Puerto Rican did not lose political status by removing to Hawaii in 1901 but became U.S. citizens, hence, entitled to vote in Hawaii.
-24 March 1934 - Filipino placed on quota basis as aliens. Specifically inapplicable in Hawaii and immigration is determined by the Department of the Interior on basis of industrial needs. Filipino national in Hawaii became alien by proclamation of Philippine Independence.
- A person born in the Kingdom of Hawaii of British parents domiciled there was held to be a citizen of the Republic of Hawaii although he was registered at birth at the British consulate and had never renounced allegiance to the British Crown nor sworn allegiance to the Hawaiian government. (you can see U.S. preference for caucasians.)

The Admission Act (18 March 1959):
Section 19. Nothing contained in this Act shall operate to confer United States nationality nor to terminate nationality heretofore lawfully acquired, or restore nationality heretofore lost under any law of the (U.S.) or under any treaty to which the (U.S.) is or was a party.

(Since we were never lawfully citizens of the Republic of Hawaii as deemed by the Ku'e Petitions, U.S. belligerent occupation and never relinquished our rights as Hawaiian subjects, the U.S. breaches of the treaties, the U.S. violation of the law of occupation, law of neutrality, violations of the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment , the Constitution and Laws of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the treaties between both countries; we are still Hawaiian subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii.)

A Hawaii patriot,


1993 - Admission of some of the criminal acts were made and signed into law by U.S. President William Clinton as P.L. 103-150.

International Attorneys documented the wrongs:

1. Dr. Boyle

The United States of America is "...admitting that the invasion, overthrow, occupation, annexation, starting in 1893, on up, violated all the treaties, violated basic norms of international law, and the United States Constitution... the overthrow of a lawful government... Under international law when you have a violation of treaties of this magnitude, the World Court has ruled that the only appropriate remedy is restitution."

" the United States government, after one hundred years, has finally and officially conceded, as a matter of United States law, that Native Hawaiian people have the right to restore the Independent Nation State that you had in 1893 when the United States government came and destroyed it. And also then that as a matter of international law the Native Hawaiian people have the right to go out now and certainly proclaim the restoration of that State... this resolution clears up all these matters... You don't need to petition Congress to do it. Congress has given you everything you need right here to do it, if that's what you want to do. The United Nations Charter provides the rest of the authority to do it."

"Congress is effectively conceding now that the (1959 statehood) vote is meaningless, as a matter of international law and United States domestic law. So you're not bound by it. Rather I'm suggesting you're now free to determine your own fate pursuant to the principal of self-determination."

"The State of Hawai'i, the federal government, are... the civilian arms of the military occupation authority, and... do not have sovereign powers. The sovereignty resides in the people."

"Who's land is it? Well, from what Congress seems to be saying, it's the land of the Native Hawaiians. The Native Hawaiian people still have sovereignty... You can't trespass on your own land. The trespassers then become the State of Hawai'i, and the land developers, and the golf courses, and the resorts. You are simply the Native Hawaiians asserting your rights under international law... this reversal of positions, between who is the criminal and who is the victim, who is asserting their rights and who is violating their rights, has been effectively conceded by Congress."

"... these are official findings of fact and law, by the Congress of the United States. These findings bind all state and federal courts here in Hawai'i."

"As a litigator before the International Court of Justice, I would be able to take this law to the World Court, and say, 'The United States government has now officially conceded that it illegally invaded and occupied the Kingdom of Hawai'i, and for this reason the native people of Hawai'i would be entitled to a restoration of their independent status as a sovereign nation state.'"

"I could not predict how long this would take, what would be the consequences, how many states will recognize you, but I take it that the plight of the Hawaiian people is generally well known in the world, and there's a great deal sympathy might be that you would be able to obtain recognition quickly. And especially if you pursue this process in accordance with principals of peaceful, non-violent struggle. And I submit that's the most effective technique you have today... Gandhi threw the mighty British Empire out of India without using force. People power, what we call it today. And I submit that the Native Hawaiian people would be able to do the same thing, moving in this direction and adopting the techniques of peaceful, non-violent action, which is what Gandhi called for."

"I would certainly caution you against trying to seek the same type of treatment that the federal government has doled out to the Native Americans. Moreover, on the basis of this statute, you're entitled to a lot more..."

" Independent Sovereign Nation State is one way a people who are threatened with extermination by means of genocide can attempt to protect themselves... What is the best way to protect the existence of your people, as a people? proclaim your own State, and then ultimately seek international recognition and finally UN membership..."

"'s your future and that of your children and your children's children that is at stake."

What are the Criteria ... How can it be done?

"First, a fixed territory, and clearly we have the Hawaiian Archipelago... Who's land is it? Well, from what congress seems to be saying, it's the land of the Native Hawaiians. The Native Hawaiian people still have sovereignty. The sovereignty inheres in you. And now it is for you to decide what to do with this sovereignty... the title to the land rested and still rests, under international law, with the Native Hawaiian people."

"Second, a population, a distinguishable population of people, the Native Hawaiians, those who would trace their ancestry back before the appearance of Europeans on these lands... Certainly the Hawaiian state could take the position that you'll set up a procedure to provide citizenship to all people who are habitual residents of the new State of Hawaii as of a certain date... on a level of equality with everyone else."

"Third, a government, and here you have ... the Kupuna (Elders) Council, that you've traditionally had. You don't need a government along the lines of the federal government of the United States or the State of Hawai'i to have a government. Rather what you need is a way to organize your people to govern your relations among each other, and clearly you have that."

International Relations
"And fourth, the capacity to enter into international relations, to deal with other states, and to keep your commitments. As I understand it, there are already states in the Western Pacific region that support the Native Hawaiian people and probably would be prepared to give you diplomatic recognition as an independent state... You would probably obtain recognition in that capacity from a fairly large number of states."

See Full text of Boyle's testimony

2. Dr. Matthew Craven

1998 - In Williamson B. C. Chang's brief in Civ. No. 98-0559-02 (Condemnation) dated July 29, 1998 on page 2 with Affidavit:
" Hawaii and the United States were separate and independent nations prior to July 7 , 1898. This Court may take judicial notice of that fact. No act of Congress, no Act of the Congress of the United States, no act of any Congress in the world can, without more, result in the incorporation of the territory of another nation." 1
1 See Exchange of remarks, Senators Allen and Stewart, 55th Cong. 2 d Session. 31 Cong. Rec. 6369 (Senator Stewart taking the position that the resolution was mere "puffing," in that the United States can "annex the world" if Congress so chose.) No nation has that power and not nation ever will have that power. Equally true, no nation can suffer the loss of its lands by " joint resolution ." It is not simply an illegal act - it is an impossible act. See Statement of Senator Foraker admitting Joint Resolution cannot annex Hawaii. 55th Cong. 2d Sess. 31 Cong. Rec. 6585.
Page 5: "No one claimed that Congress had power beyond the boundaries of the United States".
The following is regarding "The legislative history is more than clear: Congress deliberately sought to deny the Courts of the State of hawaii in rem jurisdiction."3 " Public Law 86-3 is the sole basis by which this Court derives its very existence, let alone its powers."
"3 Leaders of both the Republic of Hawaii and the United States were well aware of this fact. See Correspondence of Sanford Dole, President of Hawaii to A. Hartwell, dated November 15 , 1899 from the State Archives of Hawaii ("A reference to the joint resolution of annexation and th


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