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OpEdNews is a Failure

By       Message Dom Jermano     Permalink
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How is it that the Left and Right can justify destroying America? How is it that OpEDNews gets away with it?


OpEdNews is a Failure

So do we connote that the military is an extension of hate in action? If America was founded upon the guise of military action, then isn't America founded upon hate? So much for thinking George Washington our first leader was a nice guy right?

So we have airliners crashing into the WTC, and the Pentagon. Some will blame Bush for that, some don't know. What do you think? Did Bush crash planes into the Pentagon, and if he did why?

If he didn't doesn't it make sense that we should go to War against all terrorists in the world? Perhaps I missed something about what was the lie! WMD not found? Where did they go? They are probably in Iran. Can anyone here say they couldn't be there? How do you know?

All I know is that there is an aweful lot of terror being committed across the world stage and somehow Democrats think doing nothing is going to stop it? Kind of like stopping those murderers who killed the Pastor and his wife. And yet the murderers were caught right? I bet force was used to arrest them...right?

I think Bush is reacting as any normal American would, and he is sticking to his decision, that somewhere in the world there needs to someone fighting for justice and put an end to violence and terror. People who do not support Bush and detest him, I would relish to think they have a better plan, than to sit back and let terrorists control the world outside of American shores.

Of course I was antiBush for awhile until I left America to see what really goes on in the world. The rule of law is not the same as in America. There is alot of bad things going on, and to think we have a President who is willing to do something about it and stop it, and everyone says no way...I find now quite astonishing. As if you want the terror to continue, because who cares who they are, we are OK and snug as bugs in America right?

If anyone is trashing the constitution it is people who will not support the real need in how to stop terrorism.
How many wars did Jesus stop? Funny I can't seem to find one in the Bible; although he was an example to how we should be doing good things on earth.

If politics means we never have the right to change our opinions in the face of being wrong, I think politics is a manifestation of ignorance. In order to maintain the middle you need to be hanging on with both hands on either side the Right and the Left perspectives. What I want to know is why far left NewsOps like OpEdNews thinks it can get anything done, without pulling the Right hand to create balance in our opinions and views.

This is my idea of democracy. I oppose drastic Right and Left, because if we do not treat our Nation as a scale of balance, we lose our ability to govern and determine justice.

America needs to be on the forefront to stop terror. Right thinks military action is the answer, and left is for diplomatic solutions. I personally think both should work together, because you are after the same goals, in supporting democracy.

I only know that if we both do not change our tunes in bringing back the balance, we can only blame ourselves if things do not get better. I am doing my share, of trying to reach the balance. I have been antiBush, and now I am trying to also support our President. Those of you who point the finger of damnation be warned. You are not supporters of democracy, in fact you are the liars you so testly claim Bush to be.

I am disapointed in OpedNews, and Rob wonders why he does not get the contributions he wants. It is because you are not broadminded enough to realize that it is the individual who is supporting the middle that creates cohesion and proper governance. OpEdNews does not convey the thought or has the writers that are willing to support that option. I know; my recent articles that would support Bush are denied publishing here. You all madly hold to the opinion you are right and blast forward your rants, while the people suck it up believing it. I have had my opinions and made remarks about the direction of the country. Yet I have come to understand what I am after. I want a balance. Why don't we honor Native American Indians, and Black Americans more? What is the problem? Why doesn't America admit it's mistakes?

Perhaps someday you will see the light. All I know is with this type of Left leaning writing all the time OpEd in my opinion is a failure.


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American against War and Violence. Writer, English Teacher, Inventor, Creator of the First Manmade Floating Farm On The Ocean.... My companies name is ACET: Algae Charcoal Ethanol Technicorp. We grow Algae for Oil.
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