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Oklahoma City Bombing: What the Mainstream News Left Out

Local reports in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing


April 19, 1995. Multiple bombs ripped through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. As usual, Federal fingerprints were all over this tragic event.

President Bill Clinton, taking his orders from the New World Order chieftains, needed a crisis to get his plans for a socialized America and gun control agenda through. Taking a page out of history’s handbook, Bill Clinton knew that a crisis of this magnitude, including endless images of mangled children would pull on the heartstrings of Americans. They would beg for the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (S.735) that he had failed to pass just a year before. The bill absolutely eviscerated massive sections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We have been investigating the Oklahoma City tragedy for over six years and the amount of evidence is staggering. Let’s just hit some of the key points:

Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate, KFOR, in a live broadcast immediately after the bombing, reported:

“. . . devastation that that one explosion caused, because here is now what we are starting to learn about the succession, or what someone obviously hoped would be a succession of explosions. The first bomb that was in the Federal Building did go off. It did the damage that you see right there. The second explosive was found and defused. The third explosive that was found—and they are working on right now as we speak, I understand—both the second and third explosives—if you can imagine this—were larger than the first. So try to imagine two or threefold happening what we’ve already seen there. It is just incredible to think that there was that much heavy artillery that was somehow moved into the downtown Oklahoma City Federal Building.”

A few minutes later, Oklahoma City CBS affiliate KWTV’s Jennifer Reynolds had the following to add:

“We just saw, if you were watching, there was a white pickup truck backing a trailer into the scene. They are trying to move people out of the way so they can get it in. It appears to be the Oklahoma City bomb squad—their bomb disposal unit essentially is what it is—and it is what they would use if the report that we gave you just a few moments ago turns out to be correct, that they have found a second explosive device of some kind inside that building. They will back that trailer down there, and the bomb squad folks will go in and they will use that trailer. . . . This is how they would transport the explosive device away from this populated area to try to do something with it.”

At the same time, CNN reported:

“The Justice Department is reporting that a second explosive device has been found in the A.P. Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma City. Mike, you’re still with us aren’t you?”
[Mike Arnett, an attorney in downtown Oklahoma City, on phone with CNN] “Yes, and in addition to that, what we were told at the scene a few minutes ago was that in fact two different explosive devices were found in addition to the one that went off, for a total of three.”

Another reporter for KWTV stated:

“It has now been confirmed through federal authorities that a second bomb has been found inside that federal building in Oklahoma City. It was an explosion at 9:00 this morning that did that damage you’re look at right there—blowing off the entire north face of that building. Again, you’re looking at the north face. A second bomb was found on the east side of that building. A bomb squad is on the scene. That second bomb has not exploded. We don’t know quite the status yet—if they have managed to defuse it—but it has been confirmed that a second bomb has been found on the east side.”

Oklahoma governor Frank Keating, on the telephone with reporters, said:

“The report that I have is that one device was deactivated. Apparently there is another device, and obviously whatever did the damage to the Murrah Building was a tremendous, very sophisticated explosive device.”

KFOR also reported:

“President Clinton just called Governor Frank Keating. He says that three FBI anti-terrorist teams are en route to Oklahoma City right now. They are saying that this is the work of a sophisticated group. This is a very sophisticated device and it has to have been done by an explosives expert, obviously with this type of explosion.”

A doctor on the street outside the carnage told reporters:

“The medical teams downtown are unable to get into the wreckage to retrieve more of the injured because of the presence of other bombs in the area.”

KWTV reported:

“I just took a look down the street at the Murrah Building again. I see another bomb truck going, so apparently they are going to try to get out that third bomb that’s been talked about. Still a lot of activity around the Murrah Building . . . security concerns that another one could go off.”

KFOR also reported:

“Fortunately, it didn’t, because the second device that they found, we understand, was even more powerful than the first. They then found a third device. You can see the look on this woman’s face—the fear that she might have to go through the same thing again. They then found a third device, which was also larger than the first. Hard to feel lucky at this point, but certainly through some good work by some munitions experts and the explosive sniffing dogs, further tragedy has certainly been averted here.”

Terrorism expert Dr. Randall Hearther had this to say:

“It was a great stroke of luck that we have actually got defused bombs. It’s through the bomb material that we will be able to track down who committed this atrocity.”

It would have been an incredible help to have been able get a hold of those unexploded bombs. Unfortunately the BATF agents, according to police and firefighter testimony, were inside removing them and spiriting them away, because they had to keep their story straight (that there was only one bomb, a truck bomb). Out of hundreds of people we interviewed, we couldn’t find a single person who said they’d only heard one explosion. One witness, Charles Williams, who worked in downtown Oklahoma City at the time of the bombing, said unequivocally that he felt two blasts very close together.

It is historical fact, part of the public record, that there were multiple devices inside the Oklahoma City building and that there were at least two explosions. The emergency radio transmission transcripts show clearly that the police and firefighters witnessed the BATF removing unexploded devices.

We also have the scientific evidence. The University of Oklahoma’s own seismographic reports, as well as the U.S. Geological Survey reports—two different scientific institutions—show multiple explosions. But for there to have been multiple explosions, Timothy McVeigh would have had to have accomplices . . . and that didn’t fit in with the federal story, especially if the reality showed that it had to be a group that had access to a federal building for long, extended periods of time, like the BATF and the FBI.

General Benton K. Partin, former head of Air Force Weapons Development with thirty-plus years running the Air Force Weapons Development Program, has multiple engineering degrees. General Partin was amazed by press reports claiming that the building had been blown in and that a truck bomb could cause that damage, when even a basic understanding of explosive signatures shows that the building was blown not from the outside in, but from the inside out.

Within days of the blast, General Partin was on the scene. He was, of course, barred access. Thankfully, from video as well as photographs of the columns, it was obvious to his trained eye that the columns had been blown off by shaped charges. In a detailed report, the former head of Air Force Weapons Development laid out the physics, the mathematics of this truth. In his report, he stated that it was a physical impossibility that a truck bomb—even made with military-grade explosives—could even begin to generate the explosive force that was brought against the Oklahoma City Federal Building.

Now the seismographs come in. The seismographs first registered one distinct explosion, and then a group of explosions so close to each other that they could not be separated. You see, the Feds had to have a diversionary blast. They had to be able to tell the world that it was one lone nut—Timothy McVeigh—out front. They needed McVeigh’s truck bomb outside so that they could cover the fact that there were actually explosives inside the structure. If you look at the actual crater that the supposed truck bomb generated, it was so small that it could hardly be measured. However,in later media reports that explosion grew bigger and bigger and bigger (Newsweek, May 1, 1995).

Another key piece of evidence that General Partin raised was that a single bomb explosion could not account for the failure of columns that were farther away at the back of the building compared to the non-failure of columns that were much closer to the supposed truck bomb blast. He concluded that the asymmetrical nature of the damage to the Murrah Building was one indication that shaped demolition charges were used in the bombing.

In modern history, thousands of buildings of every type and design have been destroyed commercially to make way for new structures. But that didn’t matter to the BATF, the federal government, or the media. They turned structural engineering on its head, demanding and telling the world that a single truck bomb actually did this damage, even though the blast’s signature clearly showed that the building had been blown out, not in. Not only was the scientific and engineering world shocked with disbelief, but the general public wasn’t buying the story either. They had seen what had happened. Read this news report from Channel Four that aired live on the day of the tragedy:

“Some of the floors have just crashed together. I mean, there are some points where you just literally can’t get in at all. And then from Chopper 4, at some particular points we could see all the way through the building. That’s the force of the explosion. It just blew out the walls and everything inside.”

Outraged by the federal cover-up, leaders from across Oklahoma, led by State Representative Charles Key, banded together to write The Final Report—550 pages detailing this criminal federal operation.

Now let’s look at the cowardice of the BATF agents. You see, they received a warning . . . but they didn’t pass it on to the children in the daycare center.

On KFOR, the Oklahoma City NBC affiliate, a reporter speaks with eyewitnesses who were working inside the Federal building with agents of the BATF. Their faces were blacked out to protect their identities:

Witness’ Employer Speaks: ‘What he told him is that he thought they had received a tip that morning of the bomb.’

Reporter: Yet another witness, a rescue worker, says after she talked with an agent at the bombing scene she also suspected the ATF was warned and agents stayed away from their office.

Witness: ‘I asked him if his office was in the building, and he said yes. And I asked if there were any ATF agents still in the building and he said, “No we weren’t here.”

Reporter: Witness #1 approached an ATF agent nearby. He claims he asked the agent what had happened and Witness #1 said this is what the agent told him:

Witness: ‘He started getting a little bit nervous. He tried reaching someone on a two-way radio. Couldn’t get anybody. I told him I wanted an answer right then. He said they were in the briefing. None of the agents had been in there. They had been tipped by their pagers not to come into work that day. Plain as day out of his mouth—they were tipped. Why wasn’t anybody else? There was a lot of people, good people, died down there, and if they knew, they should have let everybody else know.’”

Oklahoma City paramedic Tiffany Bible, who heroically responded with her unit just minutes after the blast on April 19, 1995, swore in an affidavit that when she arrived the BATF was in full mock gear. Bomb gear takes at least thirty minutes to put on. When she asked them, “Oh my goodness, were you guys hurt inside the blast?” they said, “No, we got tipped off by our pagers not to come in today.”

Linda Cavanaugh, a reporter for KFOR News, reported:

“Were agents forewarned about a bomb in Oklahoma City? Did they know the Murrah Building was a target? The ATF says no, absolutely not. But tonight in a story you will see only on the NewsChannel, you are about hear otherwise from people who were at the Murrah Building that morning.

Woman Speaks: ‘We’re asking simple questions and we can’t get any answers, so it makes us that much more curious, you know. Where the hell were they?’

Linda Cavanaugh: The NewsChannel did ask for a private meeting with ATF officials to discuss the credibility of these witness reports, but the ATF refused saying they had no more to say on the subject.”

Spin doctors say Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, and so did Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City. And we’re told to believe it,but hundreds of eyewitnesses reported seeing Middle Eastern men crawling all over this operation. Let’s look at John Doe #2.

KFOR Interview:

“As I sat there, I seen that McVeigh was with another person.”

Interviewer: “Do you have any doubt in your mind that there was a passenger in the Ryder truck?”
Witness: “Even more, I have no doubt there was. There was definitely a second person, no matter what. There was two people in this vehicle.”

Representative Charles Key stated: “John Doe #2—there was a $2 million price put on his head. And now they are saying there was no John Doe #2.”

KFOR showed surveillance video of a man running away from the Ryder truck and reported the following:

“Our witnesses picked out a photo line-up. The NewsChannel shared the information and surveillance tapes of this man with FBI. They have had some of that material long before our reports went on the air.

Witness: ‘I was standing in the building and I looked out the window and seen the Ryder truck and I seen a man get out the Ryder truck.’

Reporter: She was just ten feet away from the man depicted in this sketch when he stepped out of the Ryder truck.

Witness: ‘He was olive complexion and he was . . . he had black curly hair. He was wearing a baseball cap but his curls were sticking out of his hat. It was short in the back but you could still the curls in his hair. He was not American. He was foreign. You can tell by his skin, his face, the way his face was.’


We asked FBI spokesman Dan Vogel, ‘Is John Doe #2 still part of the investigation? Does he exist?’ The answer: ‘Yes, we are still trying to locate and identify John Doe #2.’ The man in our reports is Iraqi. Today the FBI says they ‘are not pursing a Middle Eastern connection. This doesn’t mean it has been ruled out. That could change tomorrow.’”

State, local, and federal police around the country actually detained dozens of Middle Eastern men trying to exit the country, many of whom were former Iraqi Republican Guard officers like Al-Hussaini Hussain, who worked at the Boston airport. Despite all this evidence, the Clinton Justice Department said to release them, that they did not want to talk to them, and that there was no Middle Eastern connection.

In the making of this book, our team has interviewed scores of former and current FBI agents, police officers, and detectives who were on the scene and worked the case. They confirmed that they detained members of the Iraqi Republic Guard who were trying to flee the United States. They would search their bags and find blue jogging suits and bomb making materials. They would try to hold them, try to charge them. According to my sources, they could have convicted these men in front of a jury. Still Bill Clinton demanded their release.

Later I interviewed David Schippers, the man that impeached Bill Clinton, the man that brought down the mob in Chicago. Mr. Schippers stated that the Oklahoma City bombing team was made up of the same people involved in the World Trade Center attack on September 11. The grand plan of the Feds begins to unfold.

The evidence shows that the Iraqis were brought to the United States after the Gulf War, that they had previously been trained in the 1980’s for the war with Iran, and that they are now working for the shadow government, i.e. the national security dictatorship. So when the Feds need a crisis to distract the public we all better look out.

Local television stations raised the obvious question: If McVeigh acted alone, why was the Federal Government refusing steadfastly to release the surveillance tapes?

KFOR’s Kevin Ogle reported:

“The details are chilling. We’ll also focus on surveillance cameras —cameras that caught the bombing on tape . . . and maybe the men behind the bombing. The NewsChannel has new information tonight that there’s a chance that surveillance tapes could be the smoking gun evidence. We asked candid questions in a rare face-to-face meeting with ATF officials close to the investigation. We learned that video collected from downtown businesses the morning of April 19 may someday be played before a jury. Officials won’t say who or what exactly is on the tape. However, numerous sources have confirmed the tapes exist and that they reveal more than one bomber.”

Jayna Davis, another reporter for KFOR, reported:

“This is a question we have all been asking. We’ve been asking that question since we first broke the story that surveillance cameras aimed at the Federal Building could have captured all those involved on tape. Sources have confirmed those tapes exist, and that they show more than one bomber. The FBI also confirmed those tapes exist when they refused to release them, claiming the video is part of a criminal investigation. Now for the first time, we get an on-the-record response from the head of the Dallas office, ATF. We learned that video could be unveiled as part of the prosecution’s case. No officials will discuss specifically what is on the video, but we have been able to recreate some of what may have been captured by downtown surveillance cameras through the eyes of the witnesses. You are looking at a computer recreation of the final movements of the Ryder truck according to the people who crossed its path at 5th and Harvey moments before the explosion. Tonight at 10:00 the witnesses will detail their memories of how they believe the suspects carried out the crime and made their getaway. All these accounts share a common and unsettling similarity. The witnesses say they saw several accomplices, including the infamous John Doe Number 2. ATF officials tell us the elusive John Doe is still part of this case, but will not comment any further. However, they did tell us there is a lot about this case we don’t know yet—information you can’t find in the indictment against Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and Michael Fortier.”

Another report on KFOR said this:

Kelly Ogle: “It was just hours after the bombing when the NewsChannel first told you about the possibility that surveillance cameras may have captured the explosion—and the killers—on tape. Our sources and sources for the LA Times describe what is actually on those tapes. The information shows some huge surprises. The biggest: that it may have been John Doe Number 2, not Timothy McVeigh, who detonated the bomb. Brad Edwards has the latest in this exclusive NewsChannel report.
Brad Edwards: “Our new information comes directly from a source that has seen parts of those surveillance tapes. It also comes from reports now in the Los Angeles Times. But perhaps the biggest surprise is contained in the NewsChannel’s own information. Timothy McVeigh was not the last person to leave the Ryder truck. In fact, another person sat inside the cab of the truck after McVeigh got out. We believe that man is John Doe Number 2, a man who, for all we know, is still on the loose, leaving open a vital question: Was it John Doe Number 2 who actually set off the bomb, not Timothy McVeigh as we’ve all been led to believe? NewsChannel 4 has for weeks been demanding copies of the surveillance tapes from the FBI. The federal government so far is dragging its feet, but many people in the investigation have seen the tapes, and now so has a source willing to describe to the NewsChannel what the tapes show. The LA Times report shows there was a surveillance camera near the corner of 5th and Harvey, and another near the corner of 5th and Robinson. Federal investigators recreated the time sequence leading up to the bombing by matching the video and still photos from the surveillance cameras. Since we can’t show you the tapes ourselves, we’re reenacting what our source says he saw on those tapes. As witnesses told the NewsChannel before, the tapes show the Ryder truck parked in front of the Murrah Building where we now know the blast went off. As witnesses also told us, the tapes showed two men sitting inside the Ryder truck. A man strongly resembling Timothy McVeigh gets out of the driver’s side, steps down. He then appears to have dropped something on the step up into the truck. He bends down and appears to pick something up off the step. Then, he turns and walks directly across 5th Street through the Journal Record building. All this time, John Doe Number 2 is still inside the Ryder truck sitting on the passenger side. Time passes. The surveillance tape is time-lapsed photography. Without knowing exactly the time interval between shots our source can’t be sure how long John Doe Number 2 sat in that cab. What was he doing all of that time? Then the tape shows John Doe Number 2 getting out of the passenger side of the Ryder truck. Again, the tape shows that a bombing witness accurately described what happened next to NewsChannel 4: ‘I was standing in the building and I looked out the window and I seen the Ryder truck and I seen a man get in the Ryder truck.’ The tape shows John Doe Number 2 getting out, shutting the passenger side door. He steps toward the front of the truck and is momentarily out of the frame of the surveillance camera. But shortly he appears back in frame walking toward the rear of the truck, still on the sidewalk in front of the Murrah Building. Again he turns east toward the front of the truck, looking toward the street. John Doe Number 2 then walks diagonally across 5th Street toward the east, as if heading toward the YMCA or the intersection of 5th and Robinson. He again leaves the frame of the camera. Another camera shooting from another angle clearly shows the actual explosion that destroyed the Federal Building and killed 169 people. So what does the mysterious John Doe Number 2 look like in the tapes? The man who stayed inside the Ryder truck, possibly triggering the bomb? His features are obscured by a baseball cap on the portion of tape seen by our source, the same kind of cap shown on the composite drawing first released of John Doe Number 2. The cap was a sports cap, flame style. The man himself was taller than the man resembling McVeigh, and much thicker in build. He appears to have a dark or olive complexion. Our source saw only a few minutes of tape. He didn’t see all of the almost twenty minutes of surveillance tapes that reportedly were distributed to FBI agents around the country to help in their investigation. But they do show enough to raise some crucial questions: Who actually set off the bomb? What was John Doe Number 2 doing in the cab of the truck after the McVeigh lookalike got out? And, how did John Doe Number 2 get away from the Murrah Building? [Rep. Charles Key says] ‘My understanding is there was a video of McVeigh getting out of the Ryder truck, jumping into this other pickup with John Doe Number 2. Where is that video? Are we ever going to get to see it?’

Do you realize what you have just read? The government had multiple surveillance camera tapes. In fact, it finally came out in court (when the federal government declared in 2001 that they wouldn’t release the videotapes because of national security implications) that there were actually twelve surveillance cameras tapes showing different Islamic individuals, Arabic men in company with McVeigh and others. The cameras also show the BATF agents hiding out right down the street, preparing to pounce on the operation and declare themselves the heroes, the saviors, and the victims. Think about it. In 2001 and into 2002, the federal government has claimed national security and refused to release twelve-plus surveillance camera tapes. What have they been hiding?

The Feds never tried to use these tapes in court. If the tapes showed Timothy McVeigh pulling up alone and bombing the building, and if it were just a truck bomb, why not use these tapes to prove McVeigh’s guilt as the sole perpetrator? Why didn’t they use the tapes? What’s on them? After you have seen all this evidence, it is clear: federal involvement. They are ratcheting up the police state right here in America, and they are using manufactured terrorist events to get the job done.

According to an article run on January 19, 2002 in WorldNetDaily entitled “Was FBI early arrival in Oklahoma City? —Hotel receipt shows top terror man showed up 9 hours before blast,” Danny Culson, the FBI’s top counter-terrorism agent, checked into an Oklahoma City hotel nine hours before multiple blasts tore through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The Embassy Suites Hotel receipt for Danny Culson, the director of the FBI’s Terrorist Task Force and founding commander of the Bureau’s Hostage Team, was dated April 19, 1995, with a check-in time of 0020. That’s military time for 12:20 a.m.—almost nine hours before the blast. But Chief Agent Culson lied to the America. He told a Time magazine reporter in 1999 the harrowing tale of how he sped at over a hundred miles an hour from his home in Dallas to get there after the bombing to save people and conduct an investigation. Coincidentally, the FBI won’t release any of the credit card statements and records for any of their agents. What are they trying to hide?

“The system wasn’t working. Going through the system didn’t work. I did everything they advised me to do. It didn’t do any good.”
—Hoppy Heidelberg, dismissed grand juror

Hoppy Heidelberg was an upstanding member of the community with no criminal record. He had been a grand juror for years, but when he started asking questions about the Middle Eastern connection, FBI prior knowledge, and BATF involvement, the FBI had the bravado to come to his house brandishing firearms and to tell him to shut his mouth if he knew what was good for him. When he refused to be part of the cover-up and demanded that he be able to call witnesses as was his right as a grand juror, the judge kicked him off the case.

In another bizarre twist, Martin Keating, Governor Frank Keating’s brother, wrote a novel entitled The Final Jihad. In the book, a Tom McVeigh masterminds the bombing of an Oklahoma City Federal building. Keating’s brother dedicated the book to the Knights of the Secret Circle, a term used by members of the Illuminati when they talk about their organization. Martin Keating wrote the book two years before the bombing.

KFOR’s Linda Cavanaugh made this report, which pertains to this novel:

“The NewsChannel has learned of another strange development. Apparently, before the bombing, Governor Frank Keating’s brother, Martin, had been working on a novel about terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City. Stranger still, one of the characters in the novel was named Thomas McVeigh.

Excerpt from 9/11: The Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones


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