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Little Monsters

By       Message Kevin Tully     Permalink
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"How twisted is a country founded by radicals and revolutionaries that disdains radicals and revolutionaries? Just thinking about what a Republican dude said to me regarding the kids involved in the Occupy Movement, " Those worthless wannabe hippies need to get jobs and start being somebody." I guess He would rather they flip burgers, park his car or massage the last couple a thousand out of their Daddy's gig rather than think and live lives they can be proud of." Franklin Cincinnatus


A couple of days ago I posted a quote on face book (above) and it lit up my typically soggy page. These folks, who I know intimately, were slobbering mad -- I could tell they were slobbering -- even through the World Wide Web. There was slobber all over my computer keyboard. Thankfully it was a sanguine slobber. Below are a few of the responses:

If they were flipping burgers, parking cars or giving massages, at least they would be contributing to society. The fact that they are camping in a park without a job should speak volumes.

You're damn right they need to get a job and at least attempt to make a difference in society.

As Americans, we have the right to oppose anything that the government puts forward. However, as a person that is a drain on the resources of the working class (I.e. the occupy movent) what gives them the right to speak? Oh, I know, it is the rest of...

Well said, I am just gonna be honest, who likes a lazy person? What would happen if everyone chose not to work? Why would someone not want to work and be the best they can be?

Ok changed my mind I will say something. I have worked since I was 14. Get off ur asses and work. Sometimes in life you have to do what you don't want to do. Damnit everyone needs to quit bitching and expect entitlement

And on and on...

Most of the slobberers were in their early thirties and younger. They work hard. They are productive Americans. However they have been propagandized into becoming little monsters.

They're angry and they show no hesitation in displaying it.

Unfortunately, part of what really came through was that they resented having to work. They were projecting hostilities generated in their own homes not in Zuccotti Park or Oakland.

The Right Wing media propaganda machine has miraculously absolved them of their choices -- they are the "working" angry Conservative army that has been, unconsciously, conscripted and now that they find themselves in the trenches -- they can't remember that their lives are all about their choices and, in the case of these folks, they all have had tremendous advantages in their lives, which steered their choices -- they are living the American Dream. They chose to live the way they live and should be so happy to have made a good choice that you would think that they would have a live and let live attitude. However, as you can tell from above -- they are angry.

Interestingly, the Occupy Movements core issues address precisely the reasons that these guys are so angry, in my opinion, of course. Although the movement has no set agenda or manifesto, here is what it is basically all about:

"The main issues are social and economic inequality , greed, corruption and the perceived undue influence of corporations on government--particularly from the financial services sector. The OWS slogan, We are the 99% , addresses the growing income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of the population. To achieve their goals, protesters act on consensus-based decisions made in general assemblies which emphasize direct action over petitioning authorities for redress ." Wikipedia

Which in specific terms demands:

The reduction of the influence of corporations

More and better jobs

Curtail speculative trading by banks

Forgiveness of student loan debt

Alleviation of the foreclosure situation

Boy, sure doesn't sound like a bunch of Hippie Socialist Bums talking to me. It sounds like a bunch of thoughtful folks trying to reform Capitalism here in America. These aren't anarchists; these are Americans wanting to retool the American Dream so that more Americans can live it. However, they have stepped on big toes ( the reduction of the influence of corporations).

Getting back to my facebook friends; messing with Corporate America is the ugly, unforgivable transgression of the Occupy Movement. My facebook friends are the branded, smoozed corporate generation. They are unwitting footsoldiers for Corporate America. They have so absolutely and unconsciously taken the bait that it would require a massive intervention and years of therapy to get them to remove their monster suits. When they look down on Zuccotti Park all they can see is a bunch of people milling around, not working.

I'm reading "Collapse" by Jared diamond. It's a survey of societies past and present and why they succeed or fail. In his chapter on the ancient Maya he writes the following ,"....we have to wonder why the kings and nobles failed to recognize and solve these seemingly obvious problems undermining their society (drought, over population, continuous warfare, deforestation, and failure of agriculture). Their attention was evidently focused on their short-term concerns of enriching themselves, waging wars, erecting monuments, competing with each other, and extracting enough food from the peasants to support all those activities. Like most leaders throughout human history, the Maya kings and nobles did not heed long-term problems, insofar as they perceived them..." Chapter five, page 177

So, if things were getting or got so bad that these societies failed -- how did the Kings and Nobles keep the poulation in line? With monsters of course. The Maya, etc, pantheon of gods, godesses and demi-gods kept the lower folks scared to death. Until they didn't. I believe we are in, hopefully, the until they didn't phase. The occupy movement is proof that folks are waking up and are no longer intimidated by monsters.

In the past when this happened the awakened populace typically overthrew the Kings and Nobles, moved, or it was to late when they awoke and they simply perished. Corporate America is counting on the "little monsters" to keep the rest of us in line in the face of climate change, economic inequality, environmental degredation, interminable war, and dependence on a destructive petroleum based economy. I love these little monsters.



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Kevin is (writing about yourself in the third person (illeism) is a trip) an artist/writer/carpenter and frustrated songwriter living in Johnson City, Texas. His latest frustrating songwriting attempt is titled, "I Touched the Hand That Touched (more...)

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