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It's Time to Stop Being Nice About This!

By       Message Rafe Pilgrim     Permalink
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The treachery proceeds supported by the forces of both major political perversions aided and abetted by the dimwits of the "lesser-evil" dementia.


Another local youngster slaughtered, reports my today's Tampa Bay Times' headlines, slaughtered for no defensible purpose by Commander-in-Chief Obama, a.k.a. George Bush in tap shoes. The Brooksville (FL) youngster and the other five young Americans killed with him weren't defending America in Afghanistan -- they were killed by Afghanis defending their country in Afghanistan. It's time to wake up to reality. It's time to stop being nice about this!
OK, you were perhaps fooled by Mr. Hopey-Changey in 2008, then betrayed when the war was never stopped, our Bill of Rights never resurrected, our homes never spared by Greed Inc. Bushco marches on, smirk replaced by pompous upraised finger. The styles are different -- the lies essentially the same. It's about time you got smart about this. It's time to stop being nice about this!
No, you partisan ninnies, this is not a pitch for Romney. No, he's not likely a better hope (oops!) than Obomber, but appears to be working for the same now constitutionally shielded subversives -- and hey, partisan ninnies -- that aint for us, i.e. the people, no, not even for you who in utter delusion imagine your selves to be the party of FDR -- which is just about as moronic as to suggest that Mittens represents Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. It's time you woke up to the treachery. It's time to stop being nice about this!
"Oh yeah, bhut our'in can'dit is lezzer-evil thin ther'in can'dit." Well that moronic illusion hasn't turned out very well for the last three and a half years of slaughter in desert 7000 miles from our coastline to the disgrace of our future history, and no, the lumphead McCain would likely have been no better nor could have been much worse. Y'know whut Ah'm sayin', dummies? Y'all bin took in a con game ya cain't win. Tha greater-evil house wins either wayz! Y'all needa stop bein stoopid! It's time to stop being nice about this!
OK, let's face the very sad music: it's probably too late to do anything about the next four years; one or the other of the current two backed by their respective dumb-ass partisan masochists and goonies of the lesser-evil dementia will become the most powerful one person in the world for the next four years. Make no mistake about this: the Constitution we've allowed to be trashed no longer prevents el Presidente, drunk or sober, to pick up the red phone at Three a.m. and give the terse order to slaughter HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE before the sun rises. You need to know that the rest of the world already fully comprehends this -- and as a matter of fact, if we don't come to grips with this reality, they very well might by deciding that the leader of the lesser-evil demented can no longer be trusted with the fate of humanity but needs to be taken down, along with his supportive enthusiasts -- they being us -- to spare the rest of the world the prospect of annihilation. Summation: Goodbye America! With no distinction being made between Democrats and Republicans, and no exclusions for the Lesser-Evil nitwits. It's time to stop being nice about this!
So, barring the descent of another compelling message from Mt. Sinai, the treachery will proceed for the next four years as endorsed by the greater number of vested greed interests but mostly by los estupidos of one or the other of the partisan perversions hunkered down in their cozy self-congratulatory "meet-up" sessions. But, Hillary or the next Ms. Repukian be damned, let's start now to stop the mission to serve greed and treachery by slaughterous government under any excuse. We need to talk this up, march this up, teach this up, insist this up: No more treacherous government under Dem or Repuke clothing or the dimwitted transparency of lesser-evil cloth! No more slaughter of humanity in distant deserts to "defend America." No more dumping families from their homes onto the street for the greed meisters. No more morning newspapers on my doorstep and yours with headlines that another kid from Brooksville or Crystal River or Ocala or Elsewhere has been slaughtered "defending America" from people actually defending their own land, homes and families.
Wake up partisans of whatever persuasion! Wake up lesser-evil murderers! You need to get smart, for Christ's sake, humanity's sake, and you own ass sake. Then you need to get decent. You've quite likely already mined the field for 2012. Now get spading for 2016. We need to redeem ourselves before forces from elsewhere decide to tackle the mission -- that being us -- to spare humanity. It's time to stop being nice about this!


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Leaving behind a treacherous government now addicted to perpetual war, its limitlessly greedy and power-lusting masters, as well as the retarded albeit smirky Republicans and their evermore clonish Democrat colleagues, a braindead electorate (more...)
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