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Homeland Security Manned and Unmanned Hover Drones?

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Conventional drones now fly over US skies for our protection. Smaller versions are allegedly to be armed to shoot shotgun shells. Did you ever think troops would be running our streets? Do US Troops fight to uphold the US Constitution or are they poised to forever deny us any rights, any property of our own, intact families, or any expectation of liberty in the pursuit of happiness?


Image of what hover drones could look like found on aviationweek.com webpage. Hover type drone were on the drawing boards of the German War Machine from possibly from 1943 and were probably pure imagination and have been on a Police State's wish list since.

Stealth aircraft were a crazy idea until they were flying secretly a number of years. It was crazy to see them. It was crazy to report that you saw them, or even talking about the suspected technology actually existed.

The next generation of craft are to replace helicopters for stealth approach on enemy or civilians. No propulsion system would be seen or heard. Craft would appear out of nowhere like alien flying saucers from a science fiction movie. The desire is to have craft where people can be instantly immobilized both physically and mentally. Victims may not even remember the event of being scooped up if they are to even be left alive. Farfetched, but imagine if they have even close to this.

If the corporate banking elite who finance the war machine, arms corporations, and who steal our money, might think it too big an effort to use atomic bombs to wipe out populations they deem in their way. The new native Americans will get the modern version of Small Pox brought on blankets.

The international banker and corporate organized crime syndicate have unlimited funds to spend on their safety and security, the money they stole from us. The Federal Reserve Bank is not a bank, it is an internationally controlled corporation. If money is devalued to a point where people can't buy food, afford housing, and cannot buy even the basics to survive, the guarantee of civil unrest is 100%.

Word search US military re-education camps. It is allegedly a military document that can be found on official and/or military websites.

What weapons and what manpower is now being readied. Battle zone homeland USA might see weapons that have yet been unseen. The unmanned hover drones might be ready now, they might be in the future. Seeing them, if you see them, it is the end game. No escape for you citizen, kiss your life as you know it good-bye.

What you can't see doesn't exist right? You can't see electricity, why do you pay for it?

Ground penetrating radar had found Egyptian artifacts underneath quite a bit of sand from space. Flocks of birds have fallen out of the sky simultaneously dead over wide areas. Do you find that strange?

Frying people in their homes from satellite, from aircraft, or from the ground is impractical if the elite are to kill us in large numbers in a short span of time.

Does the UN and foreign bankers and corporate pirates own the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, the Grand Canyon, most US land, you, and me? Do some investigating yourself.

Have you heard of Agenda 21? [More information and video, click here]


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Steven G. Erickson is a freelance cameraman, blogger, photographer, documentary producer, screenwriter, sometimes journalist, and can and will travel anywhere if the terms are right. His objective is to reform America's courts, creating a "People's (more...)
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