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Hillary Clinton WINS as the Superdelgates read the Poles

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Prepare for a plot twist.


Hillary Clinton is about to make a prophet out of Yogi Berra -- "It ain't over till it's over" and "Throw me a curve now Whitey Ford." They don't call Lazarus and the Clintons the comeback kids for nothing and with Russia and the United States threatening to nuclear obliterate each other and Barack Obama sliding into the ditch in the latest Zogby Poll, it may have dawned upon the Democratic Superdelegates that the people of the United States, now ruled by intense fear, will never elect a green black candidate with a Muslim father and the middle name of Hussein to lead them into war against Russia and Al Qaeda, when they have a seasoned white war hero who is now wiping the floor with the PRESUMPTIVE Democratic nominee. No Joe Biden is about to rescue Mr. Obama now.

It has been agreed that Hillary Clinton's name will be put into nomination and the delegates will vote in a roll call. My how times have changed since the primary season. At that time the United States was not in a proxy war with Russia in Georgia and Russia wasn't threatening to nuke the U.S. forces and missiles in Poland leading to Armageddon. Now that all Hell is about to break loose, the Clintons realize that there may be no world left in 2012, as the Mayans predicted, so they need to go for it right now. After all, how did the Mayans know that in 2012 the sun would be at the center of the galaxy for the first time in 26,000 years?

Barack Obama was just slaughtered at the Saddleback Church. Hillary Clinton would be chosen to be head of the choir at the Saddleback Church. Hillary Clinton is just dying to be the leader of the free world to greet Jesus Christ in New Jerusalem during the Apocalypse. Picture choirs of angels singing and strumming their harps as Jesus Christ descends from Heaven on his flying horse to save the world from Satan, and embrace Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama, to quote from Vince Van Patten, is already circling the drain and Karl Rove is still in the bullpen warming up. John McCain is now 5 points up and here is the breakdown according to the latest Zogby Poll lifted from the latest article by Rob Kall, the editor of , one of the few sites in the media where you can read the truth. Why is it that opednews is filling the void of truth and struggling to make ends meet, as the major networks like the fox in the hen house bombard us with Corsian like lies and make a fortune doing it? Is it because it makes people feel better to be told that it's O.K. to hate and kill and vote against Muslims and Russians and Commies and Reds and colored people? Jesus Christ said, "I am the life and the truth and the way" but he was never good at making money. He told his followers to sell all of their worldly possessions and give all of the money to the poor.

Attention Democratic Superdelegates, here is the latest Zogby Poll, with John McCain up by 5:

Obama SupportJulyAugustDifference
Ages <3559%47%-12
College Grads51%40%-11
Live in Cities54%43%-11
Income <$50,00053%46%-7

26% of Democrats are voting for John McCain, and this is is you believe white poll participants who say they will vote Obama but never will, as Rob Kall defines the Bradley effect. What does "Many are called but few are chosen" mean?

You may have noticed that Hillary Clinton "lost" the nomination because nobody told Mark Penn that the caucuses counted. The Caucuses have now tilted the Presidential election to John McCain. When John McCain shouted out, "We all are Georgians" he basically wrapped up the Southern vote. Is Dick Cheney smart enough to have armed and trained Georgia, and then while George Bush had his alibi in Beijing patting the behind of Misty May-Treanor, Cheney ordered his puppet Michael Sacks Valley to invade South Ossetia, triggering the obvious Russian move to protect their citizens in South Ossetia? Is Dick Cheney smart enough to then pour gasoline on the fire by signing the deal to put US missiles in Poland the next day, deliberately starting a cold war, the way he deliberately started the war on terror by a controlled demolition of building 7, which was never even hit? Did Dick Cheney know that if he reignited the Cold War John McCain would beat Barack Hussein Obama in a landslide?

How does "God Damn America" running in loops in October beat Mister Serge War Hero? Perhaps in Kenya but in Middle Red America? Did anyone notice that Hillary Clinton won the last 10 primaries before the resurgent Cold War reheated? When Russia threatened to nuke the U.S. Dick Cheney must have had secretions in his pants. Has anyone noticed that Bill Clinton is still trashing Barack Obama's ability to be President? With the economy number one on people's minds, who better than Bill Clinton to clean up the Bush financial mess? Bill Clinton had a surplus, not a 10 trillion dollar deficit, a tax on the children in plain English.

Barack Obama now has 42% of the female vote. Which female is going to vote for Grandpa John McCain over our first chance ever to put a woman in the white house? All Hillary has to do is run ads with Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher and Benazir Bhutto in the background as she shows video of John McCain calling Chelsea Clinton so ugly because her real father is Janet Reno. John McCain is an adulterous misogynist who stood last out of 900 people in his naval academy class. He passed because he had pull. He won the golden dunce cap then got caught in a war we lost, and he is qualified to do what?

Who did Chelsea Clinton ever hurt? Chelsea is a beautiful, charming devoted daughter. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea guarantee the female vote, the southern vote, the white vote, the Hispanic vote, and Bill Clinton has always been a favorite of black voters, with an office in Harlem, and Barack, or Condi, or Colin as V.P. If this doesn't happen, Hillary Clinton, a teen Republican, could pull a Joe Lieberman. Who could beat John McCain and V.P. Hillary Clinton; Joe Biden and Dennis Kucinich?

Anything is possible here. We're talking intense raw fear and boiling up patriotism and killer instinct among the voters. Why did Bill and Hillary Clinton constantly praise John McCain during the primaries? Hillary Clinton is calling for a catharsis at the Convention and her name will be placed in nomination. John McCain uses fibre for his catharses. Aristotle invented the catharthis, the relieving of emotional tensions by tragic drama. What if Hillary Clinton has told the Democratic Superdelegates, "Nominate me or I'm McCain's V.P.!" Today Hillary Clinton's spokesperson Kathleen Strand said that the Clinton team on the floor of the convention in Denver would not seek to convince the delegates to vote for Hillary Clinton, but they will hand out Hillary Clinton signs to Hillary Clinton supporters who request them. Read that again. The Hillary Team will not seek to convince delegates and superdelegates to vote for Hillary Clinton?

All of this will be better for Senator Obama in the long run. How is he going to solve our root problem, overpopulation, with Saddlebackers lynching pro choicers? How is he going to stop climate change when people like the commander in chief are still driving around in SUV's? How is he going to erase a 10 trillion deficit with big oil in charge? I know that the election gives us all the illusion that a new leader will be able to wave a magic wand and and make things better, but really it's our own stupidity, our own greed, our own killer instinct, our own superior intelligence which invented cars and nuclear bombs that has us on the brink of extinction. We are all victims of our own superior intelligence and infinite stupidity, our most powerful human drives, and hopefully our creator understands this. In any event, the political drama will give us all something to talk about between the Olympics and the Ryder Cup. Ryder to victory superdelegates, it's your only chance. Dedicated in loving memory to Stephanie Tubbs Jones.


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Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion makes peace among and unites Christianity Islam Judaism and Everyone else and the Countries they all live in as the first step towards world peace, by tying everyone together with their common threads and resolving all of their differences once and for all.

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