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Global "Shocks" leading to Global Recognition of Global Empire

By       Message Alan MacDonald     Permalink

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Currently a number of protest movements, concerns, and actions are all occurring at the same time, because a number of dangerous and painful 'shocks' are occurring at the same time on multiple levels and in multiple places in our fragile world.

These "Shocks" as Naomi Wolff presciently warned are being applied in the areas of financial shocks in the US and Europe, war shocks in the Middle East, and environmental shocks throughout our world.

In the first case, threats of a shocking 'Fiscal Cliff' in the US and the shock of increasing 'Austerity' in Europe are seeding fears --- and are driving multiple articles in the progressive media and protests in the Western world.

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However, such multiple protest movements focused against specific 'point issues', 'point problems', with separate 'point protests' tend to divide, dissipate, and distract focus from any single point and cause of the problems.

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For example, any movement "Against Austerity", which Amy Goodman has recently written about, would be a pointless point protest (PPP) movement against the single 'symptom' of austerity and not the real cause --- which is EMPIRE.

Likewise, point protest movements against the false fear of the so-called 'Fiscal Cliff', and progressive articles trying to educate people about the propaganda regarding the 'Fiscal Cliff', will only divide, dissipate, and distract different people into focusing on this specific and single 'point issue', thus taking focus off the unifying question of what is actually causing the fear of a so-called 'Fiscal Cliff' --- which is also the same EMPIRE.

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Additionally, the recent shock and fear of a possible outbreak of broadening war in the Middle East, because of the increased military attacks on Gaza by the Israel, also engenders anti-war protests on the very important, but specific 'point issue' and 'point problem', of war will tend to take focus off of other 'point problems' like the above 'point issues' of 'austerity' and the supposedly looming 'Fiscal Cliff'.

In fact, as we speak, it looks like the 'Fiscal Cliff' is being overwhelmed by the 'Physical Cliff' that Netanyahu seems to have decided to jump off ---- by jumping into a broadening Middle East war.

Hopefully, this insane jump will not take the whole world with him in global war.

But these are the dangers in having a Global Empire in charge of decision making in any country that the Empire has taken over, be it Israel, the US, the UK, or the EU oppressing all of Eurpoe with "Austerity".

Of course, at the very same time, several natural disasters --- which are made worse by Global Warming --- also precipitate 'point problems' of human suffering in the US (like 'Sandy'), and this also divides, dissipates, and distracts people and progressive attention, efforts, articles, and protests to fix this particular, and very serious problem of Global Warming. But the broader question of what causes Global Warming, beyond specific chemical and corporate polluters is not addressed, despite the fact that the overarching cause is also EMPIRE.

If doctors still dealt with 'symptom problems' this way rather than first diagnosing the CAUSE, we would still being going to the doctor for a leach treatment or 'bleeding'.

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, "In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis"is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease."13

[Source, Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.]

The only global movement that will actually help and do anything is one targeted at the disease, the cause, the singular cancerous tumor that creates all these 'symptoms' that you, the anti-war, the global warming movements, the women's movements, the inequality movements, the civil rights movements, .... all the way down to the save the whales movements, are dividing, diverting energy, and unknowingly helping to distract and further camouflage the only real CAUSE ---- Global Empire.

This is why it is essential for the US to wake-up to the DGE (Disguised Global Empire), the corporate/financial/militarist (and media) EMPIRE, that now controls our former country.

OWS is evolving (and always was in DC) toward a movement focused "Against Empire" as Michael Parenti writes.

The fast evolving  'Occupy Empire' movement is becoming more overtly anti-imperialist, and anti-Empire, with specific focus against this guileful and Disguised Global Empire, this corporate/financial/militarist (and media) Empire, which has 'captured' and now fully "Occupies" our former country by hiding behind the facade of its modernized and TWO-Party 'Vichy' sham of faux-democracy and totally illegitimate government.

As Obama (along with Netanyahu, Cameron, Merkel, etc.) is more clearly viewed by all as a useful idiot part of the Empire, and the political part of its disguise, he will be excoriated by a growing percentage of Americans, not only within the movement, but who become educated to the need to "excise the Empire itself".

While today it may seem that this 'faux-democracy' has become the "opiate of the masses", the Occupy Empire educational and revolutionary movement will vastly widen the awareness, exposure, and confrontation with both Empire and its pastr and present US puppets like, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama --- (and with the Global Empire's European and Israeli political puppets).

By OWS overtly and very clearly evolving to the "Occupy Empire" movement after this totally disgusting and unproductive re-(s)election of Obama (vs. the only slightly worse Mittens), the die is cast and any perceived wiggle-room is closed.

Anyone claiming to be "working for the people, and working for the interests of the 99%", will now have to come-out publicly Against EMPIRE --- which no lying slug from either of these DUAL 'Vichy' Parties covering-up for EMPIRE will ever be able to do.

Once the issue and campaign question of "where do you stand on the Disguised Global Empire (the DGE), and where do you stand on this corporate/financial/militarist (and media) Empire, that has 'captured' and now fully "Occupies" our former country?" becomes the litmus test of any candidate, any organization, and any person who claims to be for the 99%, then all the lying bastards have their heads in a noose ----- because just as Franklin said when the founders pledges their lives and their treasure to the new American country, "if we lose this revolution we will all hang", and "if we don't hang together then we will hang separately".

To make it short and sweet --- any who pledge to the Occupy Empire movement will have their lives on the line.  Any who pledge to the Occupy Empire movement will first have to admit that Empire is the central cancerous CAUSE of all our problems, foreign and domestic, will have to overtly expose and speak publicly against the recognized Empire, will have to expose and excoriate Empire in all their private and public discourse, will have to COMMIT to confronting, attacking, expunging, and excising EMPIRE as their blood pledge for any involvement in this Second American Revolution against Empire --- just as the founders did in the first American Revolution against Empire (the only difference being that the Second is against internal and Global Empire).

No smooth talking rhetoric, lip-biting insincerity, crocodile-tears, or other such Bull sh*t will be sufficient to allow a phony like Obama, Romney, Bush, McCain, Clinton,  or any other gutless and complicit prostitute 'OF THE EMPIRE' to pose as being "Against the EMPIRE" ---- all involved will have to 'burn their bridges' and future lives in commitment to the Occupy Empire movement.

Best luck and love to the fast expanding 'Occupy Empire' educational and revolutionary movement against this deceitful, guileful, disguised EMPIRE, which doesn't wear Red Coats, Red Stars, nor funny looking Nazi helmets ---- yet.

Liberty, democracy, justice, and equality
Violent/Vichy II

Alan MacDonald
Sanford, Maine


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Retired Director of Product Strategy NEC now teaching HS part time.

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