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Declaration For a New 9/11 Investigation

Author 42182
Message Saman Mohammadi
This article is a challenge to global peace, freedom, and justice activists.

The official government version of the 9/11 attacks breaks down when pressed with elementary questions. Without official media censorship, the story given by the Bush administration would've been deconstructed in a matter of days, and support for the War on Terror would've collapsed upon its first public announcement by the President. Our nine years of darkness and tragedy would've only lasted nine days.

Writers like Glen Allport, Jon Gold,
David Ray Griffin, and others have already provided well-written reasons for why a new 9/11 investigation is necessary. I did not write this article to list in another fashion the evidence of an official 9/11 cover-up, but to confront those that are numbly accepting the government's tale, and challenge them to withdraw their approval of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. There is no justifiable reason to go on believing that Al Qaeda was responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The events of that tragic day still shock today, but for reasons that are more terrifying than watching two iconic buildings with people trapped inside demolish into total dust on television. Looking back now, we can say with absolute certainty that they were not just acts of destruction by terrorists, they were also acts of treason, and of war, by state and corporate criminals who are still free today to commit more crimes, and atrocities. The longer we stay silent about the depressing facts, the more innocent people suffer. We can hold our nose but that will not make the rotten smell go away.
Denial only produces further death and destruction. It is high time that we all grow up, and accept the most difficult truth of our age. It is partly our fault that we are led by the worst among us. By not speaking up, we are betraying freedom and truth even more scandalously than our government leaders. Our slavery is justified because of our timidness in the face of petty tyrants, and self-obsessed thugs. But if we stand in defiance, then the days of tyranny will grow shorter, and the size of tyrants smaller. History shows that the day of judgment is marked longer on the calendar of cowardice than of bravery. That is because the bold triumph quickly, whether they commit good or evil deeds, while the fearful unnecessarily suffer, and eventually die a regretful death.

The 9/11 truth movement spans political affiliations, race, generation, religion, and country. It is not a movement of extremism, quackery, or hate. It is a movement dedicated to justice, truth, and freedom. We are all in this together, but, it is also true that we all have individual decisions to make. Where do you stand on 9/11? What do you defend - scientific truths, or political lies? Who do you believe in - your own eyes, or government authority? Your answers to these questions will make a difference in the course of history. You are not a speck of dust in this universe. What you decide to believe matters. The evidence of a massive 9/11 cover-up demands your critical, and unbiased attention.
We are at an unparalleled moment in history. Great psychological changes are happening in the minds of men and women across the world. The power of knowledge is slowly catching up to the power of secrecy. The truth, whatever it is, will help us recover our humanity, embolden us to radically reform our so-called democratic governments, and bring justice to the fallen, and their families.
"The great march of mental destruction will go on. Everything will be denied. Everything will become a creed. It is a reasonable position to deny the stones in the street; it will be a religious dogma to assert them. It is a rational thesis that we are all in a dream; it will be a mystical sanity to say that we are all awake. Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer. We shall be left defending, not only the incredible virtues and sanities of human life, but something more incredible still, this huge impossible universe which stares us in the face. We shall fight for visible prodigies as if they were invisible. We shall look on the impossible grass and the skies with a strange courage. We shall be of those who have seen and yet have believed." - G.K. Chesterton (from pg. 305 of his book Heretics).
More than six years have passed since I first became aware that the U.S. government lied about 9/11, so it is hard for me to think like a person that cannot see what is self-evident. After some study of history, and human nature, I am still dumbfounded at why so many people are adamant about the validity of the official story. Answering this question is a task that I am not qualified for. Neuroscientists, psychologists, anthropologists, scientists, and others who have an in-depth knowledge of human nature are better equipped to answer this all-important question.

Psychologist Gregory W. Lester's article from the November 2000 edition of the magazine The Skeptical Inqurier called, "Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die," helped me understand why some people are more hesitant to accept anti-establishment views than others. Lester says that some people are natural skeptics, while most people are not. He says that scientific proof is not enough to destroy false beliefs because people's beliefs are biologically connected to their sense of survival, their place in the world, and their personal well-being.

After reading Lester's article, it made perfect sense to me why the thought that government and corporate conspirators secretly plotted to bring down the World Trade Center towers is so threatening to a person that he/she does not even entertain it in his/her mind for longer than two seconds. Simply put, it is life-threatening to believe that such a horrific thing could be true. The survival mechanism in the brain is automatically activated when a person comes across dangerous information about his/her existence, which is what happens when you first read the frightening facts about 9/11. And the revelations go
beyond what is regularly described as disturbing, they point to the truth that the U.S. government is controlled by evil and manipulative people who don't care about the freedom, or safety of the American people. The implications are grave because this truth literally signals feelings of death in a person, but as more time passes, a person gains greater familiarity with the facts, allowing his/her to psyche settle down, and to accept the new haunting reality as a fact of life. The next stage involves fighting to change that reality in whatever way one can, like spreading information about it so that more people wake up, and join the fight.

II. The Resistance To 9/11 Facts

There are three basic arguments made against the fact-based beliefs of the 9/11 truth movement. The first relies on authority, it is the "government is my daddy" argument. People of this mindset firmly believe that the government could not lie to them about an event of such great importance to their lives. Their worldview forces them to reject all factual evidence, and they lash out against anybody that breaks their imagined protective bubble. They naively think that because government authorities are equipped to investigate crimes, and answer puzzling scientific questions, it naturally follows that they will honestly present their findings to the public. They never stop to think that maybe the current leaders of the United States don't have the public's interest in mind.

The second argument rests on willful ignorance, and it is voiced by people who are too afraid to even take a look at the evidence. They say, "I'm just a layman. I don't know how buildings are constructed so I wouldn't know how they could be destroyed. I saw the plane hit the tower, and then I saw the tower fell. Boom. End of story." Unlike the authoritarian types, they don't fully trust the government, but they also don't trust their own judgment about such an important matter. They don't know what to think about 9/11, they just know that they don't want to think that government insiders did it. In reality, the official story is so obviously a lie that a simple layman can single-handedly defeat the government's "Al Qaeda" case in court.

The third argument is my favorite. We have all encountered it. It goes; "The Bush administration was too incompetent to pull-off such a big crime, look at Katrina, look at Iraq, all they do is screw up." The people who make the incompetence argument are well-educated, and tend to be liberals, they have the idea that the Republican party are a wrecking crew because they don't know how to govern. It probably never occurs to them that the reason the Republicans are so catastrophic for America is because they all want to do is loot the country, not govern it, and the same is true for high-powered Democrats. America's political class are self-serving opportunists, not incompetent buffoons. The Bush administration was filled with manipulative sociopaths, criminal corporate insiders, and twisted political minds. If they cared about New Orleans they would've prepared for Katrina. But they prepare because they didn't care. They didn't care about the people in New Orleans who suffered during Katrina, and they didn't care about the people in New York who died on 9/11.

Leftist critics claim that the 9/11 truth movement is committing a great disservice to the anti-war movement by highlighting the evidence for controlled demolition of the World Trade Towers. There are more "legitimate" reasons, they say, to resist America's imperial policies in the Middle East. But they are forgetting one important thing: the 9/11 truth movement doesn't exist to resist the wars, it exists to find the truth. That is a big difference. I am not anti-war. I am pro-truth. The truth trumps all political calculations. If Muslim extremists really did attack America on 9/11, and if Islamic fundamentalism really is a threat to Western civilization, then let's institute a draft in America, Canada, England, and other countries, and let's all do our part. I think it is shameful to avoid a real war for civilization and freedom while other men and women are fighting and dying. But the problem is that America is not fighting a real war in the Middle East. It is not fighting for freedom and democracy. It is fighting a manufactured war based on lies. In the quest for the riches of Central Asia, it is killing innocent human beings in their homes, and hunting down resistance fighters in mountains and back-alleys as if they were terrorists.

The lie about
9/11 is a focal point. Revelations of direct government involvement, or government complicity in the attacks have the power to transform how government intelligence agencies operate, and change our world for the better.

Behind-the-scenes manipulations of our democratic governments have went unchecked for so long that large and organized sociopathic corporations along with secret intelligence agencies with unaccountable political power represent the greatest danger to self-government since the idea first came into being in the Greek world more than two thousands years ago. What further marks the severity of the crisis is that it is in its late stage. The American government was hijacked in 1913 by a private banking establishment. What must be done at this late hour, beyond the education of all the people, is to somehow address the psychological inability of otherwise normal human beings to face up to the haunting realization that high treason, and horrific atrocities have been committed in America's name for the last forty-seven years, and especially since 9/11 under the umbrella of death that is called the "War on Terror." 9/11 truth seminars should include mental-health education so that people don't get sucked into a perilous depression.

Like nothing else, 9/11 truth demands the conscience of our generation. If the 9/11 lie is not countered by citizens, then the controllers of the U.S. National Security State may commit even more egregious crimes against humanity, and our dark night will steadily get more terrible.

A new, honest, and criminal investigation of the 9/11 attacks is an issue of human survival. It does not make any sense to live this century through the eyes of war. We have done exactly that for nine years of total blindness, but there is no reason to do so anymore. The West is not at war with Islam, or with Al Qaeda. The West is at war with itself. And the fighters for human enlightenment, and human liberty must win this war.

Finding out the truth about 9/11 is key to winning the war for the mind of the West. One of the many smoking guns of the official 9/11 story is the controlled implosion of building 7. Visit the website Building What?, watch the 30 second television ad, and learn about the collapse of building 7. To be part of the effort to raise public awareness about the building, which was intentionally not included in the official 9/11 narrative, donate as much as you can to the website so that the ad reaches all homes in New York City.


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