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Call to All - It's Now or Never!

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Author 3404
It's time to take it to the next level. A call to enter the fight of our lives.


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They know we know. They know we know they're lying. They know we know that they're trying everything they can to hang-on to the status-quo.

They know that if their crimes start coming to light that they'll lead to the grand-daddy of them all - 9/11, and when that happens a sea-change will sweep across this planet that would uncover not just corrupt politicians, but the mega-corporations and financial institutions behind them.

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This is why we're not going to see movement on impeachment. We're not going to see accountability on anything until we the people make it happen.

We know this - our phone calls, emails, letters and protests are not working. We know this. We can see it.

The last time we were faced with a challenge of this magnitude was 40-odd years ago. It took more than the aforementioned. It took people placing themselves in harms way. It took people getting arrested, beaten, fire-hosed, Monks burning themselves alive in front of the White House and some of us getting murdered before we were able to stop a war and end segregation and slow the Globalists from implementing their hellish One World Vision.

We've lost ground since. Their weapons are stronger. The media more controlled. We're running out of time, and so are we. We need to take it to the next level.

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Everyone of us need to do more than what we're doing. We need to start massive peaceful civil disobedience on every level! We need to clog-up the halls, malls and streets. We need to make it impossible for business as usual to continue. We need to surround those that are not doing their jobs and chain ourselves to them so when authorities turn their new weapons upon us they suffer also. We need to lay our bodies in front of the trucks, trains and planes that carry weapons of war. It's no more business as usual.

Understand this - people capable of murdering thousands of people in broad daylight and using that murder as a pretext to murder a million-plus more are capable of anything. And when I say "anything" I mean anything! Including poisoning our food, water and medicine - which they are doing!

We're one "false-flag" attack away from Martial Law, hell, we're just bush claiming a "National Emergency" away for any reason he deems fit from being rounded-up and placed in the FEMA camps they have waiting for us - we're that close!

We can't wait for another phony election placing another agent for a One World Government at our head. Obama just gave a speech calling for a World Government - he's not going to save us - he's one of those that will fall when these crimes are uncovered. It will be too late by then.

All of us need to come to this conclusion - we have nothing to lose. They powers-that-be are doing everything in their power to kill us. This is not paranoid delusion - it's a fact. Eugenics is real. 9/11 was real. The fact that these degenerates dance a round in robes in the middle of the woods worshipping some devil looking idol practicing human sacrifice and having homo-sexual orgies at a place called Bohemia Grove is real! Again, I'm not making this up - while we still have an Internet you can find this out. Nearly every single person in high office, or leaders in industry are Satanists. This is a fact! Groups like the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Freemasons, Counsel on Foreign Relations, WTO, World Bank exist, and they if you check them out they're all the same people and they have one agenda spelled out in granite in the Georgia Guidestones, and if you're not one of the lucky 500,000,000 - you're dead. So it's either us or them -6,500,000,000 against 500,000,000 million - we win ... if we wake-up.

This country was taken over in 1913 with enactment of Federal Reserve Bank and it's been a fight for our lives ever since, and most of us aren't even aware of this fight. Most of us are still trapped into that Boob-tube paradox and still waving the flag believing that we can work within this corrupt system to fix it, and indeed it's where we start, but not where we end - this time the fight is for all the marbles!

This is a call for all of us to do whatever we can - to go beyond what we ever thought possible, because what's going to happen is going to be beyond anything you've ever could imagine and we're going to have one chance to stop them, and if wait to do it on their time-table - we're dead. All of us.

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I don't mean to sound melodramatic, I wish I was making these threats up - I'm not. But we can win! We have a shot. We vastly outnumber these bastards, and while we have this window of opportunity, still have some semblance of freedom, we need to act - and act big now!

So please, whether it's an individual act, a group act, or a massive protest, we need to take this to the next level now! This is a call for peaceful civil disobedience on every level, in any way and in every way!


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Currently I'm a cartoonist and contributing writer for The New Orleans Levee. For those wishing to view my work you can see my latest at:
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