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ABC News and FBI considers Informed Citizens to be Terrorists?

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Citizens who study the law, and aren't lawyers, and who inform others can be considered terrorists by police and the FBI. We'll see how Dan Harris and ABC News Nightline producers paint those who gathered and are labeled "The Sovereign Citizens Movement". Listen to the comments Dan Harris makes to try and bait those at the meeting.

I have included the long version, raw video, because I bet that if this piece airs, or has aired, on Nightline, the participants will be made to look foolish. It is just my opinion of what I noticed watching the long version and assume to be true about the international corporate banker owned, and run, media.

It must be dangerous for international corporations and bankers if US citizens are informed, and inform each other.

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A US Citizen can be dragged out of his, or her car, beaten, then arrested, to face years, or decades in prison for the offense of having a taillight out or for driving while Black, especially in States like Florida and Connecticut.

The corporate and banker run US Government seems to be out to abuse citizens as much as possible, terrorizing us into submission. We the people need to hold them accountable to their oaths, to rules, and to laws. No one should be above the law. No one should be in a privileged elite class. That is not what America was founded on.

Florida Police Brutality, Court Rigging

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Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 4, 2012

More info:

This is the last 45 minutes of a special meeting of what is considered the Sovereign Citizens movement. The FBI and Police, and ABC News Nightline host may consider these people criminals, a threat, and terrorists. An informed public is dangers to an international corporate banker occupied US.

Let's see how the mainstream media spins this story.

A man is beaten and gets brain damage for having a taillight out. He is arrested and faces years, if not decades in prison for driving while Black. If the police can be this brutal, and if courts are rigged there is no justice for the rest of us either. No mainstream media outlet or newspaper picked up this mans story. I, Steven G. Erickson did, edited the video and uploaded it. Documentary producer Francis C. P. Knize, the high definition cameraman made the footage available to me. Click link for full video:

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Political Activists vs. ABC Nightline


Text with video:
More info: [click here] Will what maybe airs, or has aired on the ABC news magazine, Nightline, going to show the political activists as having a point, or will the clips shown, be edited to make them look like a bunch of crazies? There are some pretty compelling stories from the 2 hours of raw footage. More clips will probably be put in above link.

I, Steven G. Erickson, wanted to know more about the scourge of organized crime, the international corporate and banking cartel. Without word searching the ADL, Anti-Defamation League or the Jewish Mafia, I found a youtube clip here on Liveleak by chance. It was uploaded near this upload date. It was from White Supremest, author, and former California federal legislator, David Duke. Keep an open mind, if you can, ignore all the racist stuff, and listen to the names, organizations, and the points made in video [embedded here]. No one else involved with this video asked me to include this link. I do so on my own. It gives an idea of the corporate/bankster scourge we all face, even outside the US. These people profit on suffering, White Sexual Slavery, Drug Trafficking, war, money laundering, gambling, murder-for-hire, circumventing government, intimidation, spying, official terrorism, prostitution, stealing assets, cash, and property etc.

Text embedded in video clip:
ABC Nightline shows up, days, or weeks before video post date

Documentary Producer Francis C. P. Knize, High Definition Cameraman

Video edited and uploaded by Steven G. Erickson

Clip was taken from 2 hr 4 min raw footage, [click on link with video for full video]

Firearms, Arrests, Infiltrators


Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 4, 2012

More info:

The Sovereign Citizens movement is considered a terrorist organization by Florida police and the FBI according to ABC News host Dan Harris from my perception of the matter.

Hold a meeting, talk about laws, rights, legally have guns, and complain about government, police, and the courts trampling your rights, and infiltrators can set you up for an arrest and gun confiscation.

The international corporate and banker run America does not want citizens to know the laws or complain about the rule and law breaking of officials, police, and members of the judiciary.

Political Activists vs. Nightline (Raw 2 hour video)


Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 4, 2012

More info:

Bob Hurt and others talk with a Nightline host. Will the mainstream media paint these activists as crazies?

Shorter clips of this video to be posted here:

Documentary Producer Francis C. P. Knize shot footage. Steven G. Erickson edited video and uploaded. More of this theme:

Bob Hurt, Exposing Judicial & IRS Criminality?


Text with video:

Uploaded by on Feb 3, 2012

More info:

Bob Hurt may have uncovered some pretty important legal stuff. He is Clearwater, Florida, and what he has found out might apply to all, most, or some other US states. The IRS is an organized crime scam according to Bob and he says why in below video. Francis C. P. Knize is the cameraman and interviewer in below video and was shot during his recent drive down to Florida from Connecticut.

Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, may have not legally drawn pay as Governor for not having completed the proper oaths, and procedures, to draw pay as a public employee. If he was not legally illegible to be governor, while governor, are his decisions, signings, and plans as Governor now invalid? Are all elections held in Florida, including the 2000 US Presidential debacle, George W. Bush vs. Al Gore, invalid? Is every court case invalid in Florida, prior to 2007, and should all the criminals in prisons convicted in bogus criminal court cases, have verdicts eliminated because the court cases were illegally presided upon by judges who were not qualified to be judges?

Are all civil cases held in Florida, and possibly in other states invalid if judges were not qualified to be judges in the cases they have presided over? In Connecticut all cases from about 1980 were in violation of Federal ADA laws until somewhat recently. Should the Police Brutality, Public Corruption, and Judicial Misconduct State of Connecticut have to eliminate all decisions, and convictions from about 1980 to somewhat recently? Should state government, police, and the courts be an organized crime, drug trafficking, pimping, and citizen abusing banking and international corporate criminal cartel?

Police Scamming Property furthering Prostitution, Arresting Honest Citizens

Text with video:
Police are responsible for policing themselves in the US, mostly. They get perks from offshore corporations, banks, and since they are already turned by organized crime they further the aims of pimps for prostitution, can act as look outs during robberies, rape women with immunity, beat people up, have police informants kill citizens who complain about police brutality and misconduct especially in the State of Connecticut, but also in Florida and many other states. [click here] for the full interview, more information, and links.

Rental properties, hotels, and motels, and be scammed away from their rightful owners by organized crime police, kangaroo courts, and elected officials who are bribed by all the outside criminals, organized crime, drug cartels, their banker friends, and the offshore corporate owners who want to enslave, abuse, rip us all off, and confine, torture, or kill us if we get in the way.

Francis C. P. Knize interviews Bob Bertrand, a well known judicial reform advocate. Video clip edited and uploaded by Steven G. Erickson. [The mission]


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