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99 Facts That Illustrate Why The Republican Party Is Moot

By       Message Kevin Tully     Permalink
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A friend asked me why I thought the Republican party was irrelevant and ridiculous? I said that I could come up with 99 reasons.


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These are personal observations of course. See if you can come up with 99 of your own.

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Communism has been discredited and is not really a popular alternative for certain Americans.

Ronald Reagan is dead.

Clint Eastwood is an old actor and has broken my heart. Boy, last night was really ugly -- that was supposed to be Eli Wallach.

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Thomas Jefferson was smart.

Mike Huckabee and many other Republicans want us to be incinerated on the plains of Megiddo. Consequently, Israel is cool. This is nuts.

Critical thinking is important, ex: The Declaration of Independence and NASA.

Obamacare looks a whole lot like something Mitt Romney once championed.

Truth does mean truth.

Jesus Christ preached love and compassion.

Sara Palin has made a lot of money.

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Soldiers die.

Cuba will not invade Florida.

Jesus did not look like Robert Plant.

Hispanics can also be Americans.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not like Jesus.

Za Za Gabor and Johnny Carson both wore turbans.

John McCain chose Sara Palin.

Ronald Reagan was an actor.

President Obama was born in America.

Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico.

The United Nations is not a viable alternative to traditional American governance.

Bill O'Reilly is tall.

Ayn Rand would have hated Glenn Beck and Paul Ryan.

Women can vote.

African Americans can vote.

Jesus Christ championed Socialism.

Abortion is legal.

Men don't have vaginas.

Chik-fil-A is a sandwich.

Islam is a religion like Christianity.

Newt Gingrich is a serial adulterer.

Pat Robertson is crazy.

Richard Nixon was a Republican.

Most Christian Fundamentalists don't consider Mormonism to be a "Christian" religion.

Native Americans were here before General Motors, Ronald Reagan or Grover Norquist.

Grover Norquist is a weird guy.

Facts Matter.

Guns don't kill people, crazy people with easily obtained assault weapons kill people.

Hank Williams Jr. and Ted Nugent own guns.

Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower were Republicans.

Franklin Roosevelt was once President of the United States and dealt with economic depression and Fascism.

The earth is not a convenience store.

The Supreme Court should not be compromised by politics.

Fox News does not hire journalists.

Rupert Murdoch is a business man.

Glenn Beck is a fool.

Rush Limbaugh is a bigger fool.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are very rich.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh can afford to buy very expensive health insurance.

War is not a game.

George W. Bush gave Osama Bin Laden the greatest compliment and gift imaginable -- War In Iraq.

Donald Trump is very rich and ridiculous.

Fracking fouls the earth.

It is necessary to have a Federally funded highway to get to work.

I took advantage of Pell grants to obtain an education.

My wife and daughter and nephews took advantage of Pell Grants to obtain an education.

My Grandfather built a small business with a lot of help.

Baptists have a thing about dancing.

Rick Perry was considered a serious Presidential Candidate.

Ted Nugent is a really good guitar player.

The last time a state secceded from the Union it was in defense of Slavery.

Bernie Madoff was an unrestrained Capitalist.

Hitler was a Christian.

Dinosaurs were not petted or hunted by early humans.

Mike Huckabee works for Fox News.

Poverty is not a convenient choice made to access entitlements.

Hate has never been a particularly effective or attractive emotion.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

I had a friend once who thought his "Religion" had something to do with cats.

George W. Bush was President four years ago.

Boycotting French fries is not good foreign policy.

President Obama does not hate white people.

President Obama is not The National Weather Service.

The word "community" was not invented to describe the word "gated."

Franklin Graham is not as decent a human being as his father.

Illegal aliens are human.

Social Security and Medicaire are actually used by most eligible Americans.

George W. Bush is considered a war criminal by many outside of the U.S.

Black people are not more monkey-like than white people.

Ayn Rand slept with her friend's husband.

Our rights may come from "God and Nature" not government, however this begs the question as to where "God and Nature" are in China, South Korea, Myanmar, Syria, Iran, The Congo, etc. Where were God and Nature in apartheid South Africa or in the Antebellum South?

Elephants are smart.

Hank Williams Jr. is a singer with issues.

Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell are not talking.

Texas does have thoughtful compassionate people outside of Austin.

John Wayne was an actor.

The battle of The Alamo was fought under two Mexican Flags.

People enjoy sex.

The "American Dream" is not intended to be someone else's nightmare.

Libraries and the Arts change lives.

A homeless person is not lazy.

Christine O'Donnell is a celibate witch.

Molly Ivins didn't like Republicans.

George Carlin has become a prophet.

The "Marx" and "Lennon" on the lips of many liberals are Groucho and John.

Michele Bachman is in the House of Representatives.

Ayn Rand thought Jesus to be a fool.

Solar Power is not just for Hippies.

Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen are Patriots.

The kids in the Occupy Movement bathe.

The Earth is warming.

I have a Daughter.


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Kevin is (writing about yourself in the third person (illeism) is a trip) an artist/writer/carpenter and frustrated songwriter living in Johnson City, Texas. His latest frustrating songwriting attempt is titled, "I Touched the Hand That Touched (more...)

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