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The Day America Died, The Mugging of Democracy, and John, You Let Us Down: Forget words like “healing” and “uniting”. They are rhetoric designed to make us all weak, so we will not have sufficient mobilization to address the challenge of rescuing America


The Day America Died, The Mugging of Democracy, and John, You Let Us Down: Forget words like "healing" and "uniting". They are rhetoric designed to make us all weak, so we will not have sufficient mobilization to truly address the challenge of rescuing a failed system. Comparing exit polls in non-electronic voting states with exit polls in electronic voting areas, the difference is massive, just about proving that election vote count corruption took place. 


By Anthony Wade


It is time to move forward. It is time however to understand the lessons we all need to learn from what just transpired. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its failures. Forget words like "healing" and "uniting". They are rhetoric designed to make us all weak for the next three years, so we will not have sufficient mobilization to truly address the underpinnings of what is now beyond doubt, a failed system. America died today.


This is not about bitterness. This is not about denial. This is not, and never has been about me. This is about believing in the country you grew up in, and then watching it hijacked and stolen before your eyes while we all stand by in seeming helplessness. I am tired of feigning helplessness. It is time for action. Before that, a moment of retrospection.


If you think this election was won fairly, you either did not pay attention, or you are lying. People were made to wait in line to vote in Ohio for upwards of nine hours. A fair portion I assume went home, disenfranchised. Some that were in line were allowed to write in their vote to avoid having to continue to wait. Those write-ins, provisional ballots, now will never even get counted. I read a report today that said some college students were still voting at 3 AM . How is this possible in America today, especially after we were supposed to learn so much from the debacle in 2000? Because that was how it was designed. Ken Blackwell, the abhorrent Secretary of State from Ohio tried his best to make voting in democratic areas as difficult as humanly possible. Why you ask? Because an angry voter eventually becomes a disaffected voter if you make them wait in the rain for enough hours. Combine this with the seemingly impossible math trick that was pulled at 1 AM last night and it is clear that something stinks in the Buckeye State . At 1 AM Bush had a lead of 100,000 votes. I know, I saw it on three websites and two TV stations. It was then announced that the precinct that houses Cleveland had not reported yet and that Kerry had won that precinct by 195,000 votes. This was reported on MSNBC, Air America and multiple websites. It was a direct quote from who was in charge of the counting in that county. Within ten minutes, that county had fully reported and Bush gained 30,000 votes! The lead stabilized at that point, an amount Kerry decided was too vast to overcome. Here is the big picture though, Ohio was the red herring. The real theft appears to have happened in Florida .


You cannot convince me that a state that voted for Gore in 2000 (sorry but they did), shifted allegiance by over 400,000 votes in four years, with all of the brewing resentment that stayed with that state. I have heard the nonsense about how they like Jeb because he knows how to stand on a pile of rubble after a hurricane, but please, that does not translate into 400,000 people voting for Bush. What happened in Florida is that Bush always seemed to have a comfortable lead. Heading into the late hours, Bush still had a 225,000 vote lead but the heaviest counties, which were democratic counties, had not reported yet. If they simply voted the way they did in 2000, Kerry would pick up more than enough to easily surpass Bush. Lo and behold though, a scant few minutes later Bush actually gained 175,000 votes with Broward and Miami-Dade reporting. C'mon, who really believes that? But how was it possible? The answer came from a graph shown on CNN. It showed where the computer-touch-screen machines were in place in Florida . Guess where? All the democratic areas in the south and along the corridor. You remember these machines don't you? They are made by companies with sworn allegiances to Bush. Additionally, they were the machines that Jeb Bush and the Florida GOP made sure would have no paper trail, just for this purpose I presume. Conspiracy theory you say? Let's see how quickly the republicans answer the Freedom of Information lawsuits filed today by Bev Harris of blackbox voting. If they have nothing to hide they will turn over the hard drives of these machines immediately. If they do not, FOR ANY REASON, then we will have no choice but to conclude that they are hiding the fact that they stole this election yet again.


More proof? How about the exit polling? I find it odd that we never had any problem with the accuracy of this procedure until Bush ran in 2000, now all of a sudden it is unreliable? I heard republican pundits pontificate that people lie to the exit pollsters because they are "embarrassed" to say they voted for Bush. Please, stop the insanity. The exit polls in Florida and Ohio all had clear victories for Kerry, then the votes are "counted" and suddenly that lead evaporates? The media failed us again by lending credibility to the notion that the exit polling was not reliable instead of asking the journalistic question of what happened? I will show you what happened. In the two states that required paper trails for their computer machines the margin of error on exit polling was within 0.1 percent. In Florida , with more than 3 million polled, Bush had a lead of only 5,355, yet he ended up winning by 326,000 votes. In Wisconsin there was an 8 point swing in Bush's favor. In New Mexico a 7 point swing. In Minnesota , a 5 point swing. Exit polling accurately predicted the results in most states with very little error. Where there were discrepancies, they were significant in the +5 percent range, always favored Bush and always when there was no paper trail to check the veracity of the votes. We have a word for this where I come from, it is called a mugging.

If you think I am over dramatizing this, see the following two links. One has 222 separate complaints of fraud from yesterday and the other is a collection of articles about fraud leading up to and including Election Day.


Make no mistake about it America ; our democracy was just mugged again. John Kerry just confirmed our collective victim mentality by conceding. I am sorry John, but you just let us all down. More importantly for us though, is that we don't concede. Kerry did the fair thing in his mind, the civilized thing. What he forgot is that the other side has proven that they do not play fair and are not civilized. The Swiftboat Veterans for Lies should have proven that. If that didn't work then he should have remembered the Sinclair Slime. The bottom line is that they mugged us again because we are a good victim. They will mug us again in four years of we do not do something about our victim mentality. Four years ago we were all told to get over it, and we tried. This time we will not get over it, and we will not forget. We must use the next three years to make sure that any voting machine that does not have a verifiable paper trail will be discarded. We will use the next three years to make sure that integrity is returned to the media, through organized boycotts. Often time we in the reality based world call the other people sheep. I have seen the sheep and the sheep is us. We might be angry or self-righteous but eventually, we all just move on with the flock and wait for next year. While we are doing that we are being led to slaughter and I refuse to blame the folks in the red states because they got what they wanted. You and I know that we won this election but we didn't do enough to protect us from getting mugged again, period.


For the rest of America remember to not wish too hard for what you think you want because you just got it. Four more years of secrecy and police states. Four more years of record deficits that could cause a run on the dollar. Four more years of evaporating healthcare and the possibility of you LOSING your right to sue if you are harmed. Four more years of Ashcroft and the obliteration of the bill of rights. Four more years of the rich getting richer while you get the best jobs Wal-Mart can offer. Four more years of being hated in the world. Four more years of war without end and the specter of the draft hanging over the lives of your kids. Four more years of fear, terror, and exciting new Middle Eastern boogeymen that had nothing to do with 9-11. No offense, but you asked for it.


One day, a few years from now, some of you will look at the state of affairs and realize the country you live in is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. Maybe it will take the loss of your job. For some it will be the loss of your child, in the sands of a desert we had no business being in. Your president will console you about your loss and throw empty words at your pain. He will not allow your child's casket to be photographed and will not be there at the funeral. His words will start to ring hollow when you see the billions of dollars being made off of the blood of your child.


You will realize that this country is no longer the country you grew up in and, like a coma victim awakening from a mugging; you will start to ask the human question. How did we get here? When did all of this happen? You will then remember this article, November 3, 2004 , the day America died.

  Anthony Wade is co-administrator of a website devoted to educating the populace to the ongoing lies of President George W. Bush and seeking his removal from office. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple websites.  A Christian progressive and professional Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled, Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected officials accountable for lies and excess.

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