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Mr George W. Bush's cruel god

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Mr George W. Bush's cruel god


by Robert Thompson

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On looking at the latest OpEdNews, I note the very proper adjunction to voters to get rid of Mr George W. Bush and his cruel god.   As a Catholic Christian, I am totally in agreement, and we have traditionally known his god as Mammon, as opposed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, revered by Jews, Christians and Muslim (the only deity for whom I can use a capital initial "G").


Our God is described variously as being the loving Lord, the Compassionate and the Merciful, who made a covenant with Abraham and Moses, whereas Mr Bush's god is indeed cruel and takes no interest in the poor or in any other excluded persons.   We can see that Mr Bush's god is also worshipped by such persons as Mr Oussama bin Laden and other cruel men totally bereft of conscience.   They deride or misuse the most wonderful texts of the Bible and/or of the Qur'an, and refuse the most elementary rights to those who try their best to live according to the teachings of our faiths based on love for one's fellow human beings.


By all means reject Mr Bush's cruel god, but please do not make the mistake of thinking that this concept has any connection with our God who remains the fount of love, compassion and mercy, caring for the weakest members of society throughout the world.


The whole world will be affected by your choice, and this makes me feel that I have the right to beg all citizens of the U.S.A. to put an end to the present hypocrisy incarnated by Mr Bush, and to vote as honest folk to end his (apparently unelected) hold on office.   I address my request particularly to those who, as spiritual descendants of Abraham, believe in our God and in his essential goodness.


None of us is going to live for ever on this earth, as my present fight with cancer has made it crystal-clear to me, but we all have a duty to our successors to leave the earth a better place for our passing.   In my view this excludes failing to vote on such a vital occasion. 


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