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Thinking About the Truth

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Thinking About the Truth

by Leutisha Stills


Greetings from the Christian Liberal. Lately, I've been thinking about The Truth. I've been thinking about everything that's being done by the media, the White House, Karl Rove, GeeDubya, Cheney, Ashcroft...all who profess their Christianity and would like everyone else to believe that it's perfectly normal for them to tell us lies and call it the Truth. Does God give the Bush Cartel a free pass to lie to the rest of us, and say that the Good Lord is okay with it? You know, I'm beginning to think that the GOP , in the minds of such, ahem, "Infidels" think that the initials stands for "God's Own Party". Need they be reminded that God is not a Republican or a Democrat?

But, let's get real, okay? The GOP should really stand for "Gangstas Only Party". They spew hatred, venom, disdain, and vile rhetoric in a neat little package with a ribbon that says, "God co-signed on this." What is really scary is that when an individual like a John Kerry, or a Paul O'Neill, or a Joe Wilson, or anyone who dares to speak the real truth to power, they are vilified, subject to character assassinations by the White House, with the media acting as a willing co-conspirator, and at least 50% of the registered voters in this country IS PERFECTLY OKAY WITH IT! This is more than getting drunk on the Kool-Aid, here; we are seeing a total infestation of Orwellian tactics that not even Orwell foresaw when he wrote "1984" and "Animal House".

As the Christian Liberal, I have an obligation to speak the truth, no matter how painful, or how many toes I step on. No matter how much I feel that I am Don Quixote in the wilderness crying out by myself. I cannot and I will not remain silent. I am prepared to suffer whatever adversity that I must, in order to assist the Truth in being heard. She won't be silenced, and if I have anything to say about it, Truth won't be silenced.

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I know of what I speak. I am an individual who chose not to take the easy way out on my job (awarding a $52 million dollar contract to an unscrupulous contractor) and because I knew the truth, and could not live with myself to benefit while others suffered - I was fired from my job from refusing to participate in a fraud to scam federal government money to said contractor. Six years later, I was vindicated (my former boss was indicted), and my former employers offered me a $25,000.00 apology, but nothing could take away the sliming I endured, the damage to my reputation, not to mention the financial devastation I suffered as a result of losing my job. I say all of this to illustrate just how willing I am to speak the truth at every opportunity, and that I'm willing to back up what I say. I can also truthfully say that if I had it to do all over again, I would make the same decision, without hesitation. Though I was sent to the poor house for a few years, I slept like a baby during that time, because in my heart, I knew I did what was the right thing to do.

For far too long, many of us write weblogs like Buzz Flash or Op-Ed News to express the frustration and anger we justifiably feel. However, I did see one letter from a Buzz Flasher who challenged all of us to stop whining about Bush and get actively involved to send him back to that cowpatch that he calls a ranch in Crawford, Texas. I am doing my part, going door to door, educating my neighbors, my Christian friends (who are shaking their heads when I challenge them to match Bush's actions with what does the Bible say); people in airports, on the buses, the BART subway system; anyone I come into contact with. I ask if they are registered to vote. I try to answer their questions when they say they don't understand what's at stake. I ask them if they are better off now than they were four years ago. This election is about more than GeeDubya; it is about restoring the Checks and Balances to our government and the restoration of true democracy. If we can't keep Dubya from stealing the election, at least we should do enough to restore control in the Legislative Branch of government. All 435 members of the House, and at least 34 Senators are up for re-election, and they can aide and abet Dubya in either destroying this country or they can do their jobs as elected officials in saving our country, so remember that on November 2nd.

As I think about The Truth, it occurred to me that we are making the entire election about GeeDubya; self-serving party boy who professes one thing and does the total opposite. The Bible tells us that we are to be consistent; that our Christian walk should match what comes out of our mouths. If Karl Rove thinks that Jesus is okay with him sliming John Kerry, his military record, his wife and children, then I would have to challenge him to justify that God is in total support and agreement with his actions along the lines of his "not bearing false witness" (Matthew 15:19 & 19:18; Mark 10:19; Luke 18:20 and Romans 13:9). THAT is the truth.

The first nine verses of the fifth Chapter of the book of Matthew is totally about how we are to behave as Christians. The real truth is:

GeeDubya hopes and probably prays that no one subjects him to such close scrutiny and compares his walk with his talk because we all know he can't answer questions or respond to any inquiries unless they he's given a script, just like Ronald Reagan. I'm still amazed at how America willingly allows GeeDubya to sequester himself from the Truth to the extent that he lives in a make-believe bubble where he does not have to face the devastation caused by his actions, and where he cannot be touched by them.

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Clinton was vilified for a blow job in the Oval Office, and four years later, despite his heart attack, the Repubuthugs will not allow Clinton to live in peace. Anything they don't want to take responsibility for, Blame Clinton. I suspect that Clinton's heart decided to give him a wake-up call because of the stress of being vilified and blamed for doing what we elected him to do, which was govern the country (the blow job was a perk of the position; not that I condone it, LOL).

Where is GeeDubya's compassion (Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - Matthew 5:3)? It is real compassion when the poor must bear the debt burden of making the rich richer? However, those of us who are mourning what is happening to our country (Matthew 5:4), we are being comforted when media outlets around the world, and journalists like Carole Crawford of the Irish Television Network, or Greg Palast, continue to tell the truth for us when we are silenced.

Where is GeeDubya's meekness? Meekness means "controlled strength"; there is nothing "wimpy" about it. Matthew 5:5 tells us that the meek are blessed and will inherit the earth. I cling to this because someone is going to have to clean up the mess being left by Dubya when the time comes.

Those of us who write the Mailbag, commentaries, opinion pieces; we are blessed because we hunger and thirst for righteousness, and the Bible tells us that we will be filled (Matthew 5:6). So keep it up; someone needs to hear what we have to say; someone needs a kind word, a word of encouragement, and the exhortation that our situation will not always be this jacked up, because sooner or later, the universe will make her demand to get back into balance. Watch the downfall of the televangelists with the hard Right-wing slant (aka Paul Crouch and his male ex-lover now threatening to spill the beans. That's also God's will. You can't pimp God and think a few "Praise the Lord's will set you straight with Him, LOL)

Where's the mercy (Matthew 5:7) from the GOP Party? You got Alan Keyes waging war on Barack Obama, and the House and Senate Majority leaders beat up anyone who's not marching in lockstep with them (trust me, Tom DeLay is not called "The Hammer" for nothing). They slime anyone and subject them to character assassinations for telling the truth, or at the least, offering a difference of opinion. Where does the merciful obtain mercy with this bunch of thugs, hooligans, gangsters and mob boys that operates on a level that would make John Gotti blush?

Let's face it, I've given up looking for the "pure in heart" in this bunch (Matthew 5:8) Tony Soprano probably has a more pure heart than GeeDubya, Rove and Ashcroft combined. The troubling thing is, this bunch of jokers think that after all is said and done, they're going to get a face-to-face with Jesus, and He's going to commend them for their performance down here.

Oh, they may get the face time with the Lord, but not in the way they are thinking.

And let's not talk about GeeDubya and the gang being peace makers (Matthew 5:9). They call themselves the Children of God, but honestly, if peace keeping means starting pre-emptive strikes to war, stirring the pot while you think you're not the kettle; then let's call it what it is: FALSE ADVERTISING FOR THE LORD. The Bible is very clear: only those who try to keep the peace can call themselves children of God. Poor Colin Powell, he knew this, but drank the Kool-Aid and toted water for the Cartel anyway.

Too bad he can't ask for a refund for selling his soul to the spawns of Satan.

I challenge you weblog readers to do everything within your power to make the Truth heard. When we speak the Truth to power, She cannot be denied.

Take care, be encouraged, take charge and may God shower you with His wonderful blessings.

My name is Leutisha Stills. I am a proud Christian Liberal. 

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