What is Social Bookmarking?

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Social bookmarking is a great way to go from passive to active. You can influence others by bookmarking your favorite pages and adding descriptive tags. Many of these social bookmarking websites make your "favorites" available to the public. The result is that surfers will be able to see what websites are currently popular among other users.

For instance, by visiting Del.icio.us, you can see social bookmarking in practice. Under the "Popular" page at http://del.icio.us/popular/ you can view websites that are currently receiving a lot of attention from users who are tagging specific keywords and phrases.

Why Should I Care?

Social Bookmarking websites represent an opportunity to get involved in promoting what you believe. Sites like Del.icio.us and Digg give OpEdNews the best type of web traffic: viral traffic. Your referral is powerful. So get active and start bookmarking!

Social Bookmarking - The Future of Search?

Unlike search engines (like Google), social bookmarking websites rely on people, instead of computers, to pick the best content on the web. Social bookmarking is rapidly becoming a very effective means for experienced web surfers to find the latest information on a particular subject. Granted, social bookmarking will probably never replace search completely, but as it grows in popularity, web users are quickly discovering a whole new way to locate web pages that they would never discover otherwise.

Social technologies are here to stay, and they are only going to grow in popularity. Right now you have a golden opportunity to help promote OpEdNews and gain great exposure for websites like ours that make a difference.

Please note: you will have to register on most social bookmarking sites before you're able to bookmark content.