Three things happen when you stand up to a bully: you gain confidence, the bully loses some, and those who watch become more likely to follow suit. This series of short stories explores how all of that happens through the eyes of Occupy Wall Street.

P. Orin Zack
(image by P. Orin Zack)

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 09/26/2012 Short Story: "Crossing the Line" 3 
2 Article 10/05/2012 Short Story: "Making it Count" (Part 2 of a series) 1 
3 Article 12/24/2012 Short Story: "Scaling K2" (part 3 of a series) 1 
4 Article 05/23/2013 Short Story: "Representation" (4th in a series) 3 
5 Article 05/31/2013 Short Story: "Kendrik House" (5th in a series) 1 
6 Article 06/18/2013 Short Story: "Authenticity" (6th of a series) 1 
7 Article 07/23/2013 Short Story: "Engaging Constituency" (7th/Last of a series) 1