Psychopaths and Sociopaths

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1 Podcast 04/21/2010 Mikhail Lyubansky Varieties of Evil, Varieties of Justice  (View Article Stats) 31 
2 Podcast 05/06/2013 Sociopaths, Anti-Social Disorder-- The Guy Who Wrote the Book  (View Article Stats) 33 
3 Podcast 06/21/2013 Clive Boddy, Author, Corporate Psychopaths  (View Article Stats)
4 Podcast 06/28/2013 Interview with a Sociopath  (View Article Stats) 9 
5 Podcast 07/08/2013 Part 2 Interview With a Sociopath  (View Article Stats) 1 
6 Podcast 07/18/2013 The Power of the Herd; Non-Predatory Power and Horse Sense; Intvw With Linda Kohanov  (View Article Stats)
7 Podcast 09/09/2013 Pamela Jaye Smith; Mythic, Archetypal & Symbolic Aspects of Evil, Bad Guys, Sociopaths and the Dark Side  (View Article Stats) 1 
8 Podcast 09/17/2013 Ian Hughes-- A World Damaged by Psychopaths. We have the Answer  (View Article Stats) 1 
9 Podcast 12/19/2013 interview With FBI Profiler of Psychopaths, Mary Ellen O'Toole  (View Article Stats) 4 
10 Podcast 01/07/2014 James Fallon, Psychopath Neuroscientist  (View Article Stats)
11 Podcast 03/30/2014 11 Years After THE CORPORATION-- In Depth with Author/Producer Joel Bakan  (View Article Stats) 1 
12 Podcast 04/16/2014 Gary Null on Psychopaths, Sociopaths-- In Corporations and Government  (View Article Stats) 6 
13 Podcast 04/16/2014 David Swanson-- We debate and discuss How to Handle Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Predators  (View Article Stats) 4 
14 Article 05/14/2013 Tamerlan-- Namesake for a Sociopathic Narcissist Mass Murder?  (View Article Stats) 43 
15 Article 05/15/2013 Patterns of Psychopaths/Sociopaths; The "Psychopathic Bond"  (View Article Stats) 24 
16 Article 05/18/2013 One Terrorist, A Million Psychopaths, Eight Million Sociopaths  (View Article Stats) 149 
17 Article 05/20/2013 Attacking Psychopaths and Sociopaths from The Bottom and the Bottom-Line Up  (View Article Stats) 16 
18 Article 05/22/2013 Advertisers Encouraging Lying, Deception  (View Article Stats) 15 
19 Article 06/08/2013 Transcript: Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Anti-Social Personalities-- interview with Psychiatrist Donald Black  (View Article Stats) 27 
20 Article 06/08/2013 Transcript II: 8.5 Million Sociopaths: interview with Psychiatrist Donald Black  (View Article Stats) 5 
21 Article 07/24/2013 Hell Has Arrived, With the Help of Sociopaths and the Eleven Percent  (View Article Stats) 42 
22 Article 07/28/2013 Corporate Psychopaths, Transcript of Interview with Clive Boddy, Author, part 1  (View Article Stats) 8 
23 Article 07/29/2013 Corporate Psychopaths and Bullies, Transcript of Interview with Clive Boddy, Author, part 2  (View Article Stats) 2 
24 Article 08/14/2013 Who's a Psychopath? Walt on Breaking Bad? Obama? Politicians? Corporate Execs?  (View Article Stats) 21 
25 Article 02/02/2014 A World Damaged by Psychopaths and Narcissists-- Ian Hughes Interview Transcript Part 1  (View Article Stats) 8 
26 Article 02/04/2014 Psychopaths and Narcissists-- Overcoming the Inhuman Minority; Ian Hughes Interview Transcript, Part 2  (View Article Stats) 1 
27 Article 02/09/2014 Monuments Men, Gestapo Generals and Billionaires  (View Article Stats) 67 
28 Article 02/15/2014 Chomsky Talks about Psychopaths and Sociopaths  (View Article Stats) 35 
29 Article 03/12/2014 Why People Love Hit TV Series Featuring Psychopaths, like Breaking Bad and House of Cards  (View Article Stats) 34 
30 Article 04/04/2014 A Bottom-up Exercise in Understanding Top-Down, Hierarchy. Domination and Predators  (View Article Stats) 36