Michelle with grandchild
Michelle with grandchild
(image by Michelle Friedman)

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 08/10/2015 "The Impossible Will Take a Little While" Updated: Why Bother?  (View Stats)
2 Article 07/26/2015 US-Cuba Tug of War Over Elite Athletes, Part Two  (View Stats) 2 
3 Article 07/25/2015 US-Cuba Tug of War Over Elite Athletes, Part One  (View Stats)
4 Article 07/12/2015 Exhausted? Read Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time [Part 2]  (View Stats)
5 Article 07/11/2015 Exhausted? Read "Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time" [Part 1]  (View Stats) 3 
6 Article 07/06/2015 "No! Maybe? Yes!" - Not Just a Transgender Memoir  (View Stats) 2 
7 Article 07/05/2015 Prof. Recovers From Debilitating Concussion 10 Years Later [Part 2]  (View Stats)
8 Article 07/04/2015 Prof. Recovers From Debilitating Concussion 10 Years Later [Part 1]  (View Stats) 2 
9 Article 06/30/2015 Part two: Edu-tainer Elizabeth Rose - Wacky Teachable Moments in NYC Schools  (View Stats) 1 
10 Article 06/29/2015 Edu-tainer Elizabeth Rose: Wacky Teachable Moments in NYC Schools [Part One]  (View Stats) 3 
11 Article 05/15/2015 Getting to the Bottom of Depression with Andrew Solomon  (View Stats) 30 
12 Article 05/08/2015 Martha Woodroof Knocks "Small Blessings" Out of the Ballpark  (View Stats) 2 
13 Article 05/01/2015 Matthew Drayton: On "Succeeding While Black", Freddie Gray and More  (View Stats) 5 
14 Article 04/12/2015 CODE RED: Jonathan Simon's Hail-Mary for Democracy  (View Stats) 28 
15 Article 03/26/2015 Poles Apart: Adventures of a Nat Geo Cover Photographer  (View Stats) 2 
16 Article 03/14/2015 "Making Manna" - A Novel about Incarceration and Baking Bread  (View Stats) 4 
17 Article 03/09/2015 "Getting Things Off My Chest" About Breast Cancer  (View Stats) 4 
18 Article 12/20/2014 Public Radio's "A Way with Words": Not Just for Word Nerds and Language Lovers  (View Stats) 6 
19 Article 11/13/2014 Russ Baker on "The 'Double Government' Secret Gets Out", the Bush Dynasty and More  (View Stats) 9 
20 Article 10/23/2014 Underdog with a Heart of Gold Leaves Lasting Legacy  (View Stats) 4 
21 Article 09/19/2014 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor on FIVE Earthquake Fault Lines! How Can We Shut It Down?  (View Stats) 36 
22 Article 07/16/2014 "The Meryl Streep of Audiobooks" is Also Miss Rosa on Netflix's 'Orange Is The New Black'  (View Stats)
23 Article 06/13/2014 Best-Selling Author John Lescroart Talks About Latest Book, Prisons, Writing & Friendship  (View Stats)
24 Article 05/22/2014 Interview: Whistleblower Don Soeken, author, "Don't Kill the Messenger!"  (View Stats) 4 
25 Article 04/28/2014 Opened Vatican Archives Reveal Church Aided and Abetted Mussolini  (View Stats) 16 
26 Article 04/11/2014 Music + Love + Ghosts = "Bellweather Rhapsody"  (View Stats)
27 Article 03/17/2014 Robert Reich Warns: Millions of Voters Could Be Turned Away in November  (View Stats)
28 Article 03/16/2014 Meet Michelle Friedman: Always on the Lookout for New Challenges  (View Stats) 2