Economic Reform

Major economic reforms to produce a saner, sustainable world.

The Money Tree
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# Type Date Content
1 Quicklink 05/18/2015 A Blueprint for Greece's Recovery within a Consolidating Europe -- Brussels Keynote  (View Stats)
2 Article 05/13/2015 Asking "How to pay for Social Security" is Asking the Wrong Question  (View Stats) 18 
3 Quicklink 05/12/2015 Why Billionaires Don't Pay Property Taxes in New York  (View Stats)
4 Article 05/04/2015 Discussing the views of Piketty on inequality, with an eye towards Henry George  (View Stats) 2 
5 Article 04/21/2015 Land Tax Justice at last in NYC?; My new Book  (View Stats) 4 
6 Diary 04/07/2015 Public Banking Presentation at Goshen, NY  (View Stats) 1 
7 Quicklink 03/27/2015 There Are Nearly 200 Americans Already Running for President. We Talked to a Few of Them.  (View Stats) 1 
8 Article 03/23/2015 As goes Greece, so goes the world  (View Stats) 6 
9 Article 03/02/2015 Who owns American Debt?  (View Stats) 56 
10 Article 02/27/2015 10 Reasons why the Federal Reserve is not a Government Agency  (View Stats) 57 
11 Diary 02/09/2015 '421a should go away' say housing advocates; Monetary Reform news in Canada  (View Stats)
12 Article 02/08/2015 Will Greece or the EU Blink first?  (View Stats) 18 
13 Quicklink 12/20/2014 Historical Echoes: Santa Claus as Legal Tender  (View Stats)
14 Article 12/12/2014 The Obama Spending Bill compromise: a Portent of the Future  (View Stats) 4 
15 Diary 12/05/2014 Smart Talk Interview on Economics With Andrew Mazzone and Scott Baker  (View Stats) 1 
16 Article 11/15/2014 Is this the end of debt-money at last?  (View Stats) 46 
17 Diary 10/24/2014 Case Studies in New York City Property Development Presented to the Henry George School  (View Stats)
18 Diary 10/12/2014 Interview on Awake Radio about Public Banking Sovereign Money, Georgism  (View Stats)
19 Article 10/07/2014 Pension Fund Giant Calpers divests itself of Hedge Funds, citing underperformance and opacity  (View Stats) 3 
20 Article 09/27/2014 China shifts taxes to Land  (View Stats) 4 
21 Diary 09/18/2014 Sex and Politics Radio Interview on Georgism, Public Banking and Public Funds  (View Stats)
22 Diary 09/09/2014 My interview by Jim Hogue, host of House on Pooh Corner, on Georgism, CAFRs, Sovereign Money, Public Banking  (View Stats)
23 Article 09/04/2014 A Fish Rots from the Head  (View Stats) 12 
24 Article 07/29/2014 Have Conditions in the Laboring Class improved from Henry George's Time to our Own?  (View Stats) 1 
25 Article 07/29/2014 What is an American Corporation and does it Matter?  (View Stats) 53 
26 Article 07/15/2014 The Flip Side of Debt Free Money  (View Stats) 74 
27 Article 06/27/2014 Who should profit from the Commons?  (View Stats) 19 
28 Article 06/24/2014 The EU Center-Right and Ultra-Right's Continuing War on the People of the EU  (View Stats) 6 
29 Diary 06/05/2014 Examining the Billions in the nation's CAFRs (Radio Broadcast)  (View Stats)
30 Article 05/18/2014 What Made America Famous  (View Stats) 8 
31 Diary 04/10/2014 Occupy For Public Banking  (View Stats)
32 Article 03/30/2014 Asking "How to pay for Social Security" is Asking the Wrong Question  (View Stats) 3 
33 Article 03/26/2014 New Report Reveals How Wall Street Impoverishes Los Angeles  (View Stats) 3 
34 Article 03/25/2014 The new Neo-Slavery  (View Stats) 61 
35 Article 03/15/2014 Big Men - Film Review  (View Stats)
36 Diary 02/28/2014 From the Henry George School: Debating Economics  (View Stats)
37 Article 02/13/2014 Debating the Anarcho-Capitalists  (View Stats) 2 
38 Article 02/10/2014 Fairness, Sustainability, & Growth are not contradictions! (Video)  (View Stats) 4 
39 Article 01/28/2014 Detroit is Not Broke!  (View Stats) 4 
40 Article 01/24/2014 Talking about Geoism with RT TV's Abby Martin on "Breaking the Set"  (View Stats) 3 
41 Article 01/12/2014 Still Report # 162 - Ellen Brown for Treasurer in California (video)  (View Stats) 2 
42 Article 01/04/2014 The Tax on Land and the National Diet  (View Stats) 2 
43 Article 11/26/2013 The Pope's Economic Plan  (View Stats) 41 
44 Article 11/24/2013 Cheating and the Corporate Cannibals  (View Stats) 11 
45 Article 10/26/2013 700,000 viewers prove economics doesn't have to be dull  (View Stats) 2 
46 Article 10/24/2013 Public banking advocate takes on Vermont State Treasurer  (View Stats) 2 
47 Article 10/18/2013 Debt No More! How Obama can defeat Austerity Thugs by Using the Constitution and Debt-Free Money  (View Stats) 52 
48 Event 10/12/2013 No More Detroits: The Philadelphia Public Bank Solution  (View Stats)
49 Article 10/03/2013 The Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Plays on  (View Stats) 19 
50 Article 09/27/2013 Inequality for All: A Review of the new Robert Reich film  (View Stats) 4 
51 Article 09/17/2013 Still Report 97 - Turkey's Monetary Reform (vidoes)  (View Stats) 2 
52 Article 08/26/2013 Cutting Loose: Hungary pays off IMF debt, may eye EU exit - Russia Today news  (View Stats) 11 
53 Article 08/18/2013 Still Report #90 - Iceland: No EU - YouTube Video  (View Stats)
54 Article 08/05/2013 Detroit is Not Broke!  (View Stats) 7 
55 Article 08/04/2013 Why does Congress Nickel and Dime the Debt when it could just Dollarize it?  (View Stats) 39 
56 Article 08/02/2013 USBIG NewsFlash Vol. 14, No. 69, Summer 2013 (B.I.G. = Basic Income Guarantee)  (View Stats) 1 
57 Article 07/28/2013 The Land Cycle and the Stock Market  (View Stats) 2 
58 Article 07/07/2013 The Pace University Left Forum Panel Reconvenes and Henry George is Rebranded  (View Stats)
59 Article 06/26/2013 Countering Disaster Porn  (View Stats) 5 
60 Article 06/16/2013 Review of Bill Still's Jekyll Island movie  (View Stats) 8 
61 Article 03/12/2013 Are Community Banks Too Small to Survive?  (View Stats) 2 
62 Article 03/07/2013 Sequester this!  (View Stats) 1 
63 Article 02/10/2013 A Mainstream Economist goes off the reservation and calls for direct money issuance into the real economy  (View Stats) 4 
64 Article 01/22/2013 Debt No More! How Obama can defeat Austerity Thugs by Using the Constitution and Debt-Free Money  (View Stats) 12 
65 Article 11/18/2012 Thousands of Spanish police officers march against austerity (PHOTOS)  (View Stats) 4 
66 Article 11/17/2012 The Cure for Europe: A Public option for Money and A public Bank  (View Stats) 1 
67 Article 11/13/2012 Economic Reform Newsletter: Ellen Brown for Council of Economic Advisers  (View Stats)
68 Article 09/26/2012 Fantasy Fed Speech  (View Stats) 2 
69 Article 08/14/2012 America is Not Broke!  (View Stats) 12 
70 Article 06/13/2012 Economic Reform Newsletter: Are we lurching towards a one-world government?  (View Stats) 6 
71 Article 06/13/2012 Geoism explained on Public Access TV  (View Stats) 1 
72 Article 06/06/2012 A necessary addendum to Paul Craig Roberts' Article: Financial Collapse At Hand  (View Stats) 9 
73 Article 03/28/2012 Conversing with the Lefties at the Left Forum: Panel With speakers Andy Mazzone, Dr. Michael Hudson, and Dave Kelley  (View Stats)
74 Article 01/01/2012 Economic Reform Newsletter: The Biggest bailout in history just got bigger; The People vs. Geithner (lawsuit)  (View Stats) 3 
75 Article 11/11/2011 Economic Reform Newsletter: Derivatives; A Call to Professors!; New Videos; pres. cand. Bill Still; Bombs away in USA  (View Stats) 2 
76 Article 09/19/2011 The UMKC Buckaroo- A Currency Model for World Prosperity  (View Stats)
77 Article 08/14/2011 Talking to Regular People Regarding Economic Reform  (View Stats) 5 
78 Article 08/09/2011 U.S. Notes: The debt-free, no tax, no borrow, no inflation, jobs program  (View Stats) 9 
79 Article 07/29/2011 Economic Reform Newsletter: Ways Forward Against the Opposition  (View Stats) 6 
80 Article 07/16/2011 Economic Reform Newsletter: A Way out of the Debt-Ceiling Default?  (View Stats) 1 
81 Article 06/30/2011 Economic Reform Newsletter: Is the Debt Ceiling Constitutional?  (View Stats)
82 Article 06/16/2011 Will India Lead the Way in Urban Land Tax Reform? A Mission Director from the Ministry of Housing provides some Answers  (View Stats) 1 
83 Article 04/18/2011 Solving the debt crisis without raising taxes or cutting spending: U.S. Notes  (View Stats) 32 
84 Article 04/01/2011 Banking on the Poor  (View Stats) 1 
85 Article 02/20/2011 Zero Reserve Banking?  (View Stats) 6 
86 Article 12/20/2010 Stephen Zarlenga's American Monetary Act: A Review  (View Stats) 3 
87 Article 11/16/2010 Honey, I balanced the Federal Budget! (and you can too)  (View Stats) 2 
88 Article 11/04/2010 We have to Rescue our own Darn Economy, because Obama and the Party of No won't  (View Stats) 3 
89 Article 10/13/2010 Denying Inflation: Who, Why, and How  (View Stats)
90 Article 10/13/2010 My Presentation to the New York Trilevel Task Force on Jobs  (View Stats) 1 
91 Article 09/20/2010 Newsletter Writer Larry Edelson's plan for America's Economy based on natural resources  (View Stats) 3 
92 Article 08/18/2010 The myth of a bankrupt Social Security Trust Fund  (View Stats) 10 
93 Article 07/20/2010 The Political Math Of The Geoist California Tax Reform Initiative  (View Stats) 4 
94 Article 06/16/2010 Let the Empire State Finance its own budget Gap!  (View Stats)
95 Article 05/21/2010 The fate of the EU  (View Stats) 6 
96 Article 03/19/2010 Have Conditions in the Laboring Class improved from Henry George's Time to our Own?  (View Stats) 2 
97 Article 03/02/2010 Let the Sun Shine on a State Bank in Florida  (View Stats)
98 Article 02/20/2010 The Least Productive People in the World  (View Stats) 34