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Stories written about live events in and around DC and Beltway politics

(image by Marta Steele)

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# Type Date Content
1 Diary 12/11/2011 On the Genius of the Occupation  (View Stats)
2 Article 07/22/2008 "Peace Economy"--workshop held at Peace Action congress  (View Stats)
3 Article 07/24/2008 Around the Capital Hilton: Thousands Line Up to Save Their Lives  (View Stats) 3 
4 Article 09/05/2008 No, They Can't!! Random Thoughts on the RNC  (View Stats) 2 
5 Article 09/12/2008 "Uncounted" Counts 400 Viewers at Silver Spring Theatre  (View Stats) 2 
6 Article 10/13/2008 The Most Endangered Species of Them All  (View Stats)
7 Article 10/27/2008 Canvassing by Phone and Other Hang-ups  (View Stats)
8 Article 02/04/2009 Taxation with Representation Finally? If Not Now, When?  (View Stats) 11 
9 Article 10/21/2009 Spirit of Mahatma Gandhi Comes to DC  (View Stats)
10 Article 11/08/2009 We're Not There Yet, But Health-Care Legislation Takes Giant Step Forward  (View Stats) 30 
11 Article 12/12/2009 Health Care or Wealth Care: Another Deadline Looms  (View Stats)
12 Article 07/08/2010 Congress vs. SCOTUS: Let Democracy Prevail  (View Stats) 1 
13 Article 07/11/2010 Dr. Akbar Ahmed's Journey into America  (View Stats) 2 
14 Article 07/18/2010 An Evening with Damali Ayo: The New Erewhon  (View Stats) 1 
15 Article 09/22/2010 "Listen to the Wind": Greg Mortenson Visits DC with a "Great Conversation"  (View Stats) 2 
16 Article 10/23/2010 Climbing Toward D (Democratic)-Day: One Phone Call at a Time  (View Stats) 3 
17 Article 10/30/2010 Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: Colbert, Stewart,, and Audience Sober Up  (View Stats) 5 
18 Article 02/28/2011 Building Bridges of Understanding: A Visit from Imam Feisal  (View Stats)
19 Article 05/20/2011 Brzezinski and Woodward Speak at Inaugural Al Jazeera U.S. Forum  (View Stats)
20 Article 06/17/2011 If a House Fell on the House (the HR) . . . ?  (View Stats)
21 Article 07/18/2011 The Arab Spring--Where to Now? Ask Robin Wright  (View Stats) 1 
22 Article 07/26/2011 What Sharia Is and Isn't--Panel at Center for American Progress  (View Stats) 6 
23 Article 09/11/2011 Seventh Annual Unity Walk, Washington, DC  (View Stats)
24 Article 10/03/2011 Take Back the American Dream, Washington, DC  (View Stats)
25 Article 10/05/2011 Take Back the American Dream: Yesterday's (10/4) Press Conference  (View Stats)
26 Article 10/05/2011 Take Back the American Dream: Day 3  (View Stats)
27 Article 10/06/2011 The Rally: Taking Back the Dream: A Photographic Essay  (View Stats) 2 
28 Article 10/12/2011 Occupy DC, Day 7: Dreary But Defiant  (View Stats)
29 Article 10/16/2011 "Beyond the Dream": MLK Memorial Dedication  (View Stats) 2 
30 Article 10/24/2011 10,000 Black Men Named George And The March For Jobs And Freedom  (View Stats) 3 
31 Article 10/30/2011 Quick Message From OccupyDC:  (View Stats)
32 Article 11/08/2011 Mayor Disses DC; Or, Bloomberg on Gloom-Day or Doomsday?  (View Stats)
33 Article 12/15/2011 Palast Back in DC to Sign Vultures' Picnic  (View Stats) 1 
34 Article 01/04/2012 From Dearborn to DC: "All-American Muslim" Cast Members' Forum  (View Stats) 2 
35 Article 01/24/2012 O's SOTU, ANNOTATED: BIDEN AND A SLICE OF FACE  (View Stats)
36 Article 02/04/2012 The Way It Was: McPherson Square (Photo Essay)  (View Stats) 2 
37 Article 02/15/2012 "Reset" or "Strategic Pause": Pakistan's New Ambassador's First Remarks to U.S. Public  (View Stats)
38 Article 02/21/2012 News from Occupy DC: "We've Got a Broken System!"  (View Stats) 6 
39 Article 02/24/2012 Apologies to Afghans Continue in Wake of Recent Burning of Religious Materials  (View Stats)
40 Article 02/29/2012 Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on His "Paying a Fair Share" Act  (View Stats)
41 Article 03/01/2012 Senate Resolution 380: Advise Your Senator Not to Consent  (View Stats)
42 Article 03/19/2012 Waxman: Clean Energy Solution to Federal Deficit  (View Stats)
43 Article 03/27/2012 Day 2: Some SCOTUS Photos  (View Stats) 2 
44 Article 05/01/2012 Occupy Rallies and Mayday March Peaceful in DC: A Journalist's Journal  (View Stats) 1 
45 Article 06/19/2012 Take Back America 2012: Despair and Yet Feathered Hope  (View Stats)
46 Article 06/19/2012 Take Back the American Dream II: Congress Comes to Take Back Progressives  (View Stats) 2 
47 Article 06/28/2012 "Welcome to Cuba," Says the Disgruntled Right: Roberts Saves the Day(s) for Obamacare  (View Stats)
48 Article 10/23/2012 10/22: Palast at DC's BB&P on $$$ vs. VOTES  (View Stats)
49 Article 11/06/2012 Fitrakis-Wasserman Announce Filing of Restraining Order at D.C. Press Conference  (View Stats) 1 
50 Article 11/28/2012 SCOTUS Is Not Us: The DC Debut of "Unequal Justice"  (View Stats) 3 
51 Article 01/26/2013 March on Washington for Gun Control, 26 January 2013  (View Stats) 13 
52 Article 02/17/2013 "Forward on Climate" Rally and March, 17 January 2013  (View Stats) 3 
53 Article 02/27/2013 Supreme Court Rally to Protect Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act  (View Stats) 1 
54 Article 03/13/2013 "Is Texas Turning Blue?" Asks Center for American Progress, 3/13/13  (View Stats) 7 
55 Article 04/30/2013 Judge Sandra "Summons Up Remembrance of Things Past"  (View Stats) 16 
56 Article 06/25/2013 VRA Section 4 Struck Down: What Happens Next?  (View Stats) 4 
57 Article 07/20/2013 Dinner with Helen Thomas: A Reminiscence  (View Stats)
58 Article 08/22/2013 Coalition in DC Fracks Fracking Today  (View Stats) 1 
59 Article 10/01/2013 The Capitol Beat: Two Hundred Some Cups of Tea and Still Brewing  (View Stats)
60 Article 10/03/2013 Around Capitol Hill the day it was closed (10/1): photo essay  (View Stats) 6 
61 Article 10/24/2013 Two Repining Justices but No Justice? But the People Spoke!  (View Stats) 2 
62 Article 11/10/2013 Review: Andrew Kreig, "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters"  (View Stats) 2 
63 Article 05/10/2015 How?  (View Stats)