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Should We Care if Everyone has Health Care?
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1 Article 12/13/2013 Why Are There Homeless Veterans in America?  (View Article Stats) 6 
2 Article 04/03/2014 Can Charles Darwin be Trusted?  (View Article Stats) 34 
3 Article 07/22/2014 Is Atheism Scientific?  (View Article Stats) 304 
4 Article 11/15/2013 Does the NRA Really Support the 2nd Amendment?  (View Article Stats) 14 
5 Article 12/23/2013 Should We Boycott Walmart & Exxon/Mobile?  (View Article Stats) 7 
6 Article 11/11/2013 Are People Really Sheep?  (View Article Stats) 5 
7 Article 11/25/2013 Does Science Really Know What is True?  (View Article Stats) 36 
8 Article 01/10/2014 Can We Afford to House the Homeless?  (View Article Stats) 3 
9 Article 11/04/2013 Should We Care if Everyone Has Health Care?  (View Article Stats) 11 
10 Article 10/29/2013 Do Americans Really Believe in the Constitution?  (View Article Stats) 29 
11 Article 11/18/2013 Is There Really Life in the Future?  (View Article Stats) 4 
12 Article 11/07/2013 What is the Real Right Wing Agenda?  (View Article Stats) 4 
13 Article 08/23/2013 Is Music City Becoming the Meanest City in America?  (View Article Stats) 1 
14 Article 05/26/2014 Where is the Great American Dream?  (View Article Stats) 12 
15 Article 01/20/2014 Does the ACLU Really Support the 1st Amendment?  (View Article Stats) 6 
16 Article 12/08/2013 Can Congress Be Reformed?  (View Article Stats) 6 
17 Article 05/25/2014 Is Obama Any Smarter Than Bush?  (View Article Stats)
18 Article 05/07/2014 How Appalling Can American City Leaders Be?  (View Article Stats) 1